Friday, July 10

BREAKING: Buhari, Osinbajo Take 50% Salary Cut

President Muhammadu Buhari says he will only receive 50 percent of the salary paid to his predecessor, Goodluck Jonathan. The president’s decision to take a 50 percent pay cut was conveyed to the office of the secretary to the government of the federation on Friday by the permanent secretary of the state house, Nebolisa Emodi.
“I write to forward the completed IPPIS registration form of Mr President and to draw your kind attention to Mr President’s directive that only 50 percent of his salary be paid to him,” Mr. Emodi wrote in the letter with reference number PRES/81/SGF/17.
Yemi Osinbajo, vice-president, has similarly given up half of his official remuneration. The current annual remuneration of the president of Nigeria, as published by the Revenue Mobilisation

How Do You Say This in Your Language?

lmaoo. Shout out to all the real Igbo girls in this house!

Nono Blessedm, You There? Come Get Your N5k Free Money for the Weekend

Your money was actually paid in yesterday cos our 'Angel' had to travel. Big, big congrats to you dear. Send me your account number immediately. Waiting..

Guys, Its Friday And It's Time for Anything Goes

Sweet Friday how I love you. when I first part my eyes this morning,I smiled because I know ' you're finally here. Oh dearest Friday, how I truly do adore thee! Guys, Hope you'all had a great week,You know how we do it - What amazing things happened to you this week, sweethearts - escapades, sexcapades? Which interesting news headlines did you come across, anywhere on the internet, that so blew your mind? What happened on the streets, in your neighbourhood that caught your attention? How was your week? What are you up to tonight?

Unforgiveable error... Imagine a school that pays N1,401, 522

The father actually uploaded this online and a mean fellow spotted the mistake in spelling. But why would someone post their children's school fees online?

What Type of Church is This?

Does any one have any idea? Mean while "OKU" mean fire in Igbo. I hope its not another Rev, Dr. King

This Ensured Between MI Abaga, a loyal fan and the Current State of Choc City

Most fans who follow MI Abaga on Instagram were stunned when the rapper dedicated a post to one of his fans who chose the social media platform to tell him what he felt about the state of Choc Boys Nation. The pained fan who goes by the handle “iamking_el” decided to write him a very long, emotional note about the state of the Chocolate City record label, their artists and the quality of works they produce; how much they have fallen off the radar. 

From Iamking_el:
Please before anyone starts judging . i swear I am the greatest@mi_abaga fan ever. BUT as a true fan I must express my discontent at the way things are going …CBN [Choc Boy Nation] isn’t in control anymore..CBN is more about the administrative aspect of music industry than pleasing the fans. I don’t know any major track from CBN on air currently

See The Report That Led To The Removal Of Stephen Keshi As Coach

Stephen Keshi was sacked as Nigeria coach on Saturday after a committee of the Nigeria Football Committee put together a damning report that recommended his sacking. was able to obtain the report. Its quite lengthy so read, read, read...

The President of the Nigeria Football Federation, representing the Executive Committee and Management referred to the Disciplinary Committee for investigation and adjudication an allegation reported widely and in particular in the official website of the Ivorian Football Federation that Mr Stephen Keshi applied and sought employment in the vacant position of Head Coach of the Les Elephants of Ivory Coast and was consequently shortlisted among 58 others that did apply for the job while he is still an employee of the Nigeria Football Federation having a two year unexpired contract as Head Coach of the Super Eagles.

Is This President Buhari's PA?

According to Kabir Daura, this very young man, Sabi'u Yusuf has been appointed Pres. Buhari's Personal Assistant.

If it's true, then all the prayers for a young blood in there is being answered.

Condoms, Libido-enhancers found in Boko Haram's arms depot (photos)

 Oh! So they know the use of condoms and they say they're against western stuff? This guys need to have several seats. Chadian military recently uncovered a Boko Haram Arms Depot where among the items found were condoms, and Libido Enhancing Tablets.

Wetin man never see before?

Blog Reader Scared of Doing HIV Test Needs Help

Hello Laila, My name is Bode. I have been feeling sick for almost 4 months now. its always comes with malaria symptoms. I usually visit the pharmacy to get artesunate and amodoquin with pain killers and then after drinking it, the symptoms will subside and then within 2 or 3 weeks it will begin again.
My sister told me yesterday to go and do HIV test but i am scared. I have had a lot of unprotected sex in school and i dont know if i am safe.

#IfStatesWereWomen; The funny Hashtag that's trending today.

 This is really funny. Nigerians and the hashtags they come up with. Biko let me and find anambra state. Anambra should be the woman who is very rich and own too many motorcycles.

Meet the Fatimah Ibrahim , The Professional Painter, Tiler, and Plumber

 Fatimah Ibrahim is a 39 year old widow, a mother of two, from Borno state. A chance encounter with her on the street would most certainly portray her as just one of the thousands of ordinary women walking the streets of Lagos. But meeting her at a building site would startlingly reveal the other side of her! This woman is a professional painter, tiler, and plumber! When asked how and why she entered into professions dominated by men, she had this to say,
“I have always loved painting .My friend’s husband who is a painter taught me how to paint, and I started painting even when my husband was alive. Later, I picked interest in tiling and plumbing profession, and I went for the training. Right now, after my husband’s death, I am proud to say I am a professional painter, tiler, and plumber. To me being a woman doesn’t really matter”

Kanye West Styles Kim Kardashian "Nude" In Potentially Her Worst Photoshoot Ever (PHOTOS)

That is Kim Kardashian in a nude bodysuit under a champagne bustier bra and with thigh-high stockings sporting blonde hair on a heap of dirt, and the look you see is styled by no other person than her husband, Kanye West.

See full story + more pictures after the jump:

OMG! Did This Really Happen?

What is this! Is he wearing Kanye West's nude body stockings too?

Hot Mama! Ibinabo Fiberesima Shows off Bikini Bod

43 year old mother of 5 shared displayed her sexy bikini body as she enjoys her summer vacation with her children. Her son is like her photocopy. so much resemblance. 

Ladies; 5 Types Of Men You Should Avoid If You Don’t Want To End Up Miserable

1. He’s dashingly handsome but not very smart

Sometimes those good looks can be deceiving. Handsome doesn’t go very far when it comes to having to pay the rent, unless he lands the lead in a hit movie, but if he’s not too smart he won’t be able to learn the lines so don’t count on that. However, if you find a guy who is both handsome and smart, then grab him quick and consider yourself a lucky girl. But wait, how can you tell if he’s smart? Here are a few clues:

BBA Winner, Dillish Mathews Posts Sexy Picture + Message To Her Future Son (PHOTO)

Dillish has still got it! For all of you that were crushing on the Namibian beauty while she was in the BBA house, you would be very happy to see that your girl still got it and is putting on display with this outfit.

She took to her Instagram to post this very beautiful picture above and captioned it: 
"Future Son : " mom what were you like at age 24?
Me: "a bad A$$ and your father's dream girl  
#TGIF time to unwind.....

You like?

OBO! Davido Gets His Little Daughter A Customised OBO Neck Piece

Well, she's an OBO.

Heartless: A Mother Dumps Her 2 Months Old Baby In Abuja Dump Site (PHOTO)

Just close to the Local Education Authority (LEA) Primary School at the Old Kutunku village in Gwagwalada area of Abuja, a baby no more than 2 months old was found dumped there by a very heartless mother.

So cute! Prince Eke shares adorable photo with his twins

They're so grown now. The boy is so cute.

Crushing - 40% loading.

See What Sule Lamido Said Yesterday When The Judge Asked Him To Be Remanded In Prison

Former Governor of Jigawa State was extremely shocked yesterday when a Federal High court sitting in Kano asked that the former Governor and his two sons who were accused of fraud be remanded in prison till the next court sitting which will come up on September 28 which will automatically make him spend two months and a half in prison without bail.
As the court rose, the Deputy Chief Registrar of the Federal High Court, Mr Solomon Akpedah ushered him and his two sons into a waiting van which will take them to the Kano central prison, the former Governor exclaimed: “You mean I am now a prisoner”?
The Deputy Chief Registrar, however tried to calm him down saying “No Sir, you are not a prisoner”, as they were all made to enter the van.

TOO CUTE !!! 2nd Laila's Cupid Lovers Went on a Date Last Night at Ilorin (Photos)

Lailalistic laila,  Jude came over yesterday afternoon. he has been asking of my address which i gave him. i never knew he had plans. Imagine my shock when my mum called me yesterday and told me to get permission from the office to come that a man named Jude is at our house waiting to see me. I called his line and he didnt pick up. I rushed home in slight confusion only to see him balancing on our sofa like he was the landlord.  he is so fearless, Imagine he came to my house and was chatting my daddy up like they were mates.

So This Lady Claims Her B**bs Are Bigger Than Cossy Orjiakor's Own

 All this ladies must have been on the front line when God was sharing the endowments. What do you think? big or unbig?

Lawd! What kind Of Peircing Is This?!

Guess what i found? this had better be photoshop.

Girlsss, the Hair Game is Evolving! Who Wants One of These?


What are Your Thoughts on This Story?

Was the man wrong?

If You See These 13 Symptoms, Do A HIV Test Immediately.

Here are 13 of the signs and symptoms that may come with HIV infection:

1. Fever:

If you have practiced unprotected sex, watch out for fevers as a symptom of HIV. Early after being infected by HIV, you may experience flu like symptoms. This can include a low grade fever that does not respond to medication.
You may experience night sweats as a response to the fever. The fever is an inflammatory reaction to the virus entering your blood stream.

2. Sore Throat:

Sore throat may be an early indicator of HIV infection. This may be an early symptom as the body reacts to the viral infection.
It can also occur later in the disease as the infected individuals immune system becomes compromised. Sore throat may be caused by thrush in the mouth or esophagus, and ulcers.
Chronic throat problems should be checked out by your family doctor.

ATTENTION: Queen of Aso Nigeria Beauty Pageant Holds Final Audition This Saturday

Following successful Audition exercises in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Owerri and Benin, The Queen of Aso Nigeria train moves to ABUJA this Saturday 11th July 2015 at Maitama Amusement Park, Maitama Abuja, for their final audition of this year edition.

Villagers Slice Open Swollen Belly of Dead Anaconda and What They Find is Terrible!

Anacondas are known for snacking on wild pigs, deer and caiman.

So when some local villagers found the distorted swollen belly of a dead anaconda, it caught their attention. They decided to cut it open only for their curiosity to end in a rather shocking experience. The dead anaconda had feasted on another anaconda in what was its fatal last meal.

The body of the anaconda was opened up by a man who unloaded the contents of the dead snake's

Please what is Donjazzy eating?

There's nothing we won't see. Which combination is this biko?

Thugs Attack Readers at Newsstand for Criticizing Gov. Aregbesola

Some hoodlums on Thursday invaded a newsstand in Osogbo, the Osun State capital, and beat up readers found there for criticizing Governor Rauf Aregbesola over his inability to pay workers in the state.

Punch reports that the readers were at a newsstand opposite the old Governor’s Office and were discussing the issue when the hoodlums stormed the place and attacked them. The owner of the stand, who identified himself as Sherif, said that the hoodlums came in a large number.

He added that they descended on everybody, destroyed his stand and tore newspapers found there

FREE N5000 UBER Credit Up for Grabs.. courtesy (Read Details), the premiere online movie ticketing platform in Nigeria, has partnered with Uber, the smartphone technology that connects riders to drivers in the area. And together they want to take your movie experience to a whole new and exciting level.

Uber is giving all new users ₦5000 off their first ride when they buy movie tickets on The idea is to simplify the transportation challenge often encountered en route to cinemas as Uber connects you with a safe, reliable ride at the touch of a button. So when next you’re going out to see a movie with friends, colleagues and loved ones after buying your tickets on, simply download UBER App from Google play store and punch in the Coupon code TRIPICAN.

To get a free Uber ride;

President Buhari Rejects N400m Armoured Cars

President Muhammadu Buhari has turned down an offer by the Federal Government to procure five new armoured Mercedes Benz S-600 (V222) cars for his use.

The cars which total cost is put at about N400m were planned to be purchased by the State House.

A Presidency source told journalists on Thursday that Buhari got to know of the plan when the Permanent Secretary, State House, Mr. Nebolisa Emodi, was briefing him of his ministry’s activities on Wednesday.

Miffed by the revelation, the President was said to have told Emodi that the purchase was

OMG! Lady Narrates How her Parents Horribly Tormented She & her Siblings And Later Disowned Them

 Hi family, I just want to pour out my heart on the challenges I and my siblings are going through. It is quite long because it has been on since we were kids so I would write them in bits. 
I am in my late 20's and the first child and grew up an unhappy child, as young as 9-10 years old my mother maltreated me severely (and yes she is my real mom) she is very malicious that she kept malice with me in the same house for 3 years without saying a word to me, I was in JSS1 then and it never stopped. 
When I talk to friends and family they would say the parent is always right, go and beg your mom, and then my mom would be laying curses on me, "you would suffer you ugly girl" and so on and so forth. I would be reading in fear because she cursed me. I won't

I will Deny My Husband Sex until He Pays his Debt — Wife

A 39-year-old trader, Mrs Modinat Idowu, told an Igando Customary Court in Lagos state on Thursday that she would continue to deny her husband, one Akeem Idowu, sex until he has paid the debt he is owing her.

Idowu said this while responding to a suit filed by her 45-year-old husband whom he had been married to for 12 years.
“I have been denying my husband sex because he borrowed N690,000 from me and has refused to pay, I will continue to starve him of sex until he pays the money,’’ the mother of two said. 
“Akeem is in the habit of swearing and cursing me with a charm called `Ishan egungun’: a specially prepared masquerade’s rod and this is affecting my life.’’
She, however, urged the court not to grant her husband’s wish for the dissolution of their marriage,

Ben Affleck has Put his Wedding Ring BACK ON (Photos)

42-year-old Ben Affleck initially removed his wedding band after he and wife Jennifer Garner announced their split, but it was seen on his left hand on Thursday while the star was spending some alone time in Atlanta.

The actor, who has been hit by cheating claims this week, continues to be near ex Jennifer Garner and

Nigerian Taxi Driver Suspended for Insulting Gay Passengers Kissing in His Cab

A Nigerian man living in Calgary as a taxi driver has had his licence suspended for one month after a gay man complained the cabbie called him “disgusting” for kissing another man.

According to Nolan Hill, he and his friend were at Nashville North, and left Stampede grounds around 11 p.m. to head to the city’s northwest in a Calgary United Cab. He said they mostly talked throughout the ride, but after he kissed his friend in what he called a “very simple peck on the mouth,” the cab driver, Stephen Eze became upset.
“The cab driver said, ‘No, you can’t do that in my cab.’ And my friend said, ‘Excuse me?’
“He said, ‘No two men cannot be kissing in my cab. It’s disgusting.’ He said if we did it

Kylie Jenner Bares Cleavage, Rocks Blue Hair to her Bellami Hair Event

Kylie Jenner's rumoured boyfriend Tyga may have 'cheated' on her with a transgender but that's not stopping her shine. The young lady showed off her curves and cleavage plus a brand new hair color while attending the Bellami Beauty Bar event on Thursday night (July 9) in West Hollywood, Calif.
The 17-year-old reality star as she always does, turned heads with her look. You like?

This Lady Fell to her Death after Fiance Cancelled their Wedding (Photos)

A world championship dancer plunged to her death from the balcony of a luxury Caribbean hotel after her fiance told her he wanted to call off their wedding plans, an inquest has heard.

Shakara Taylor, 31, was 'distraught' after David Ravenscroft, her partner of nearly four years, called off their planned nuptials, saying he wanted to 'wait and see where we are in six months time.'

Despite the set-back, according to DailyMail, the couple remained living together in Georgetown on the Cayman Islands, and after dropping him off at a spa, Miss Taylor took a lift to the seventh floor of the Caribbean Club hotel.

Just minutes later, she was found sprawled across the courtyard outside the hotel's main reception,

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