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MUST READ: Buhari's Hand-Written Article In Washington Post.

Take a look at the article which our President Muhammadu Buhari published titled "Nigeria Committed To Good Governance And Fighting Terror" after the jump:

Obama's Words To Buhari Right As They Happened. All The Action From The White House

Media preview

Femi Adesina, the special adviser of media and publicity for Buhari is keeping us up to date on everything being discussed between President Buhari and Barack Obama.

Stay with us as we keep updating the latest from the "world changing meeting" and remember to keep refreshing this page so you can get the latest as it happens.

Follow the jump for all of the scoop as it unfolds:

OMG !!! Woman's Butt Melts After Botched Butt Enlargement Procedure (Graphic Photo)

Heidi Faulkner got a gastric band after years of battling with obesity, She succeeded and lost half her body weight and finally became happy with her body but that was the beginning of the nightmare.

Her nightmare began when she noticed the extra flesh and thus getting rid of the saggy skin on her “wrinkly, old lady’s bum became priority”.

Photo: See What Obama Called Buhari During Their Meeting

According to Femi Adesina, Buhari's special adviser on media and publicity, Obama called Buhari a man of integrity.

That comment alone shows a lot of promise.

SHOCKER !!! Aborted Babies Without Names Won’t Enter Heaven, Pastor Warns (Photo)

A South African man named Alpheus, who calls himself a Rastafarian prophet, wants to share a vision given to him by the ‘Holy Spirit’.

The 50-year-old man says God told him to warn people against abortion.

He said God told him that babies without names will not enter into heaven and women who have abortions will find their babies waiting to be given names at heaven’s gate.

BREAKING: Six People Dead In Damaturu, Yobe Bomb Blast

Six people have been killed in a bomb blast as police searched vehicles at a checkpoint outside the northeast Nigerian city of Damaturu on Monday, police and a witness are now saying.

According to Yobe state police spokesman, Toyin Gbadegesin who talked to AFP: "Eight people including two bombers were killed in the explosion. Two policemen were among the victims,"

Buhari Meets President Obama at The White House (Photo)

Buhari has an uncommon aura around him and this is an essential quality for a leader to have. He had a meeting with President Obama at the White House this afternoon.

Photo credit: AFP

Checkout These Cute Photos of North West Eating Chocolates (Photos)

Every thing seem to be rosy and all fine until this happened

Sokoto Government To Make Education Compulsory And Punish Parents Who Don't Comply

Change is in the air indeed.

The Sokoto State government is now seeking to make education compulsory and punish parents who refuse to comply with the law.

The decision was made known by the state governor, Aminu Tambuwal, who has right now forwarded a bill in that regard to the Sokoto State House of Assembly.

ISIS And Boko Haram Introduce Suicide Bomber Chickens (Photo)

Islamic State in Iraq have started using chickens as mobile improvised explosive devices,

Members of the terror group operating in and around the city of Fallujah are said to be strapping explosive belts to chickens, which are then encouraged to wander into enemy camps.

Man Drinks Rat Poison After His Fiancee Dumped Him a Week to His Wedding

A 37-year-old Emeka Odigwu Economics graduate of the Delta State owned University, Abraka has attempted committing suicide over his failed relationship to his longstanding lover at the weekend. He was discovered by the police.

According to reports Emekus as he is fondly called by his friends, had the saddest story of heartbreak a week to his wedding when his fiancée rejected his love at an outing with his friends in a popular fast food in Warri metropolis.

Photo of The Day.

Thank God for civilization . This is an image from just about 60yrs ago

image credit: gidi traffic

Pastor Who Fed Church Members Snakes Sued to Court (Photo)

The case against a controversial self-proclaimed Ga-Rankuwa prophet who fed snakes to members of his congregation has been postponed as court officials try to find a suitable date for his next appearance.

Penuel Mnguni, who heads the End Times Disciples Ministries in Soshanguve, was arrested at the weekend after the SPCA laid charges against him.

Angry Man Attacks Sepp Blatter With Wads of Dollars at Press Conference (Photo)

Sepp Blatter's first official press conference since announcing he is stepping down as Fifa president was interrupted by an angry man Lee Nelson today.

WTF !!! Please, How do You Explain This Bizzare Behaviour? (Photo)

Thats a bread toaster, boots, sanitary towels etc

Please does anyone have any idea what is happening here

Blog Reader Runs Into Flavour And His Daughter At MMIA (Photos)

Hello Lady L
See who i ran into at MMIA.

Have fun

More photos after the cut:

Meet The Woman With The Tightest Vagina And Checkout Her Secrets (Photos)

Sex and relationship expert Kim Anami claims lifting items with her vagina has improved her sex life and certified her as the woman with the worlds tightest vagina. She claim that she could suction her vaginal muscles to close up that they can become air tight. Imagine what that would do to a human penis.

Meet The 10Yr Old Boy Who is an Executioner For ISIS (Photo)

A shocking video and photos of a brutal beheading carried out by a child, is being circulated by ISIS supporters on social media.

The disturbing clip shows a child no older than 10 carrying out the gruesome beheading.
Wearing camouflage and a black headdress, the boy’s face is uncovered – revealing a chilling dead-eyed stare that offers a glimpse of the evil he has witnessed carried out by ISIS’ killers.

Gay Divorce !!! Africa's First Official Gay Couple End Their Marriage

The duo that made world headlines as the first ever African gay couple to tie the knot in a traditional wedding ceremony that caused a stir in South Africa and internationally in 2013, have gone their separate ways.

Erhmm, All that love they once had for each other, has sadly, ended in a bitter divorce

ERHMMM !!!! Them Talk Say "Jidenne" is Gay received a report from a very proud and openly gay man. He claims to have had a long-term relationship with a certain “CLASSIC” rapper.

Here is what he said:

Meet the Woman With Two Wombs! She Goes into Labour Every Time She Has Her Period (Photo)

If you think you suffer from bad period pains, then spare a thought for this poor woman. She has known real pain ever since she became a woman.

Sophie Loader has a rare medical condition which means she suffers terrible labour pains every time she has her period.

Sophie was born with uterus bicornis, which means she effectively has two wombs (the womb is shaped like a horn, with two distinct cavities), but one vagina.

Woman Accidentally Delivers Her Baby Inside Pit Toilet! Baby Shockingly Survives After 6hrs

A South African woman identified as Winnie Makasani, was seven months pregnant. On that fateful day, She started having pains. little  did she know that she was about to make the news for a bizarre and horrific experience.

The 23-year-old went to relieve herself when she arrived at the local clinic but she pushed her baby out and it fell into the toilet!

Boy,18, Rapes 82-yr-old Woman For 4hrs. What he Did Next Will Shock You (Photo)

An elderly Brooklyn woman was forced by her brutal rapist to swear on a Bible that she would not call police — or else he would kill her, the victim’s family said Wednesday.

A relative of the 82-year-old woman told the NY Daily News that the victim is bruised from head to toe after surviving the 4 1/2-hour ordeal at her Brighton Beach home.

“She is not doing good,” the family member said Wednesday. “She has not slept since this happened, and is very traumatized.”

6Yr Old Boy Stabbed by Mum For Raping His Sister Tells a Shocking Story About His Mum (Graphic Photo)

Six-year-old Promise Eboye, who was stabbed multiple times by his mother for allegedly raping his sister and a neighbour’s daughter; may in fact, be innocent after all. If you missed it , Please read HERE

Promise, a bright and sharp boy lives with his mother and step-father in Kollington area of Ijaiye, Lagos, while his biological father lives in Benin, Edo State.

The Best Offer Exclusive for You

The festive season is here again, accompanied with lots of celebrations and spending, are you also investing? Even so are you investing in the right place?

As humans with needs and responsibilities one thing we all crave for is financial security. This is why we work to earn a living. However, working alone doesn’t guarantee financial security, where do you put your money?

All over the world, real estate is considered as one of the most secure form of investments. Land is

Politician Beds 15 Prostitutes • Infected His Wife With HIV • Snatches Another Man’s Wife (Photo)

A Zimbabwean mayor, Philip Mutoti, 45, is embroiled in a nasty divorce with his wife amid revelations that he was bedding at least 15 women and paying for their services.

Mutoti also made headlines for snatching a married woman last month and subsequently wrecking her matrimonial home.

Etcetera is a Clown in the Making - Joseph Edgar Repies him on Why Men Cheat

Etcetera two days ago listed the major reasons why Nigerian men cheat. Read that here. Well, Joseph Edgar, the blogger that wrote about his Majek experience that later went viral, has some words for him. Read and let's know whose side you are on.
Good morning Laila,
Thank you for all you support thus far.
I wrote an article, responding to Etcetera's nonsensical article last Saturday titled: Dear Nigerian Women.
I hope you find it good enough to use on you esteemed platform.
Thank you:
I have never read any of this person's articles because I see him as an unabashed seeker of relevance especially where his failure in his original calling is so apparent, so to keep in the public eye, he resorts to penning shallow and not carefully thought out nonsense which only tickles the fancy of the barely literate and ignorant like himself.  
However, I was asked by a friend to go through this his last article in which he chronicles his reason why men cheat. The arrogance of it all makes me feel like puking and the lack of careful understanding of the issues that lead to 'men cheating' was more than obvious in the whole waste of time he has called an article.  
This was a major rehash of beer parlor talk. I am sure in his joblessness, he has toured

2 Senior Pastors Turn Sunday Church Service Into a Free For All Fight at Enugu

It was a show of shame, yesterday, in Enugu as two pastors and their loyalists engaged themselves in fisticuffs at Mount Street Parish of Assemblies of God Church, Nigeria.

Consequently, police was compelled to lock up the church premises.

TILB Reader Toyin Lawani 'Attacked' on Instagram Calls Her & Empress Njamah Out

Hello Laila, 
If being a celebrity means I’ve to be a troll or bully and attack people to validate my status, then No thank you, I’d be content being a normal girl living a normal life. 
If being a celebrity means I’ve to seat on a throne and trample on those below me for gratification. Again, No thank you. I give it back to you.  Let me remain invincible if it won’t make me a monster. 
I’m human and I’ve feelings and one of my biggest prayers is that never should I have to attack another human like me, who also has feelings, not even at the strongest

Have You Booked a Space for this Makeup Training Happening Today? (Photos)

The two weeks intensive makeup training hot deal starts on today Monday 20th July and it's just for N10,000!

  • Eyebrow grooming and perfecting,
  • Eyeshadow techniques, 
  • Foundation routine, 
  • Highlight and contor,
  • Lippie application
  • Gele tying and lots more..... Starts on Monday 20th. 
  • Time : 11am to 2pm. 
  • Venue: Egbeda, Lagos.
Register now to reserve a space. Limited space. Bbm: pin:2AB3F4EE. Or call for reservation 08032350634.

Building your Business – Introducing The Impact Investment Program by Builders Hub

Builders Hub is embarking on a nation-wide hunt for 1000 local enterprises from 1000 underserved communities, have them empowered resourcefully and financially to trade on the Builders Hub e-commerce speciality marketplace. The only support needed from you my fellow partners is to actively participate when the Hunters visit your respective locations.

We call on all ingenious, talented and passionate wood, metal, clay or cloth craftsmen to bring forth your artistry used in the building, construction and home improvement industry. Those could be in

Have Y'all Met the Nigerian Man 'King of Satan' Married to 57 Women, Youngest is 15 years old (Photo)

Chief Simon Odo
Chief Simon Odo alias Onuwa, a herbalist, is based in Aji village, Enugu-Ezike, Igboeze North Local Government Area, Enugu State. In this exclusive interview with Daily Trust on Sunday, Onuwa, who boasts of 150 grand children, says he will not count the number of his children until he stops procreating. His youngest wife is 15 years old. Excerpts:

  • How do you describe yourself?

My name is Simon Odo alias Onuwa in Aji, Enugu-Ezike. My nickname is King of Satan. If you go to my cars, you will see the inscription: King of Satan.

  • Why do you answer King of Satan as your nickname name?

King of Satan means that I am a traditionalist. I’m not a Christian anymore. I was baptised as a Christian in 1956. And I was a mass server between 1959 and 1960 and the evil and wicked people

Actress Chioma Toplis Shows Off her Hot Bod in New Photos

UK-based Nollywood actress, Chioma Toplis is 42 years old and a married mum of three. Her sexy lingerie photos broke Nigeria internet last year. See that HERE and HERE. Chioma is back with new photos of her hot bod and she captioned them:
 I woke up like this 😎😜, Bad belle is allowed😈

Why I Don’t Drive Bullet-proof Cars – Gov Fayose

Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose, has said that he does not drive bullet-proof cars because he has no reason to be scared of his people.

In a series of tweets posted on Sunday, the governor said he relied solely on Ekiti people that he serves diligently to protect him.

Fayose, who recently survived an impeachment move, also boasted that there was no future election in Ekiti he would not have a determining influence on, even if he was no more the governor, because he had won the hearts of ordinary people. Tweets continue after the cut.

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