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We Are Always Looking For New Writers at Laila'

There are always moments or dramatic events in our lives that are so incredible one could think "this should be a movie!".

Has this moment ever happened to you? Do you have a fascinating story you believe can change the world? Then you are exactly the writer we are looking for. 

At Laila', we are especially interested in true life personal stories told from a raw, honest perspective. Categories under which your story could fall into are, but not limited to:

  • Learn from my Experience - These are first person stories about something unusual, interesting or downright amazing that has happened in your life, that you believe Nigerians could all learn from. 
  • Unpopular Opinion - Something that clearly conveys your stance on a particularly controversial/dicey topic. For example, you don't believe sex should wait till after marriage?  Send your points in and we will publish it for you. Remember, you have to raise a very intelligent argument. Let us challenge the norm.
  • Issues - Do you have a pressing problem and in dire need of urgent advice? Please send us your story now.

Laila's Blog is not snarky, but inclusive and uplifting, while remaining nothing but honest at all times.

  • How To Send in Your Story
Please send your story, including with a clear, informative headline to

A Few More Tips

- Write like you talk! No forming for example: Don’t say “tangled tresses” if what you really mean is “dirty hair.”

- Be authentic and honest. It helps to always be brutally honest and radically transparent. Don’t fake anything.

- Don’t tear down celebrities, or anyone else for that matter.

- If you would like to send real photographs with your stories, please do. They can only help! We prefer not to use stock photography, headshots, or anything that looks photoshopped or fake. We are looking for clear, colorful photos with your beautiful, unique faces in them!

We can't wait to hear from you, so please send your ideas to us now! -

Check Out Ruggedman's Hilarious New Month Message To His Fans (Photo)

It's a new month, and as usual everybody is sending out "Happy New Month" messages and blessings.

Ruggedman decided to send out his own "Happy New Month" Message, and what he captions this picture above is nothing short of funny.

See Ruggedman's caption above:

Don't Laugh Alone: Check Out This Hilarious 'Drake VS Meek Mill' Nollywood Poster (PHOTO)

Nigerians will not kill me! See the casting sef. Abeg, who is responsible for this? Lol. 

Bobbi Kristina’s Casket Arrives in Church for Funeral Service (Photos)

Bobbi Kristina’s casket has arrived at St. James Methodist Church in Alpharetta, Georgia., just a few hours before her funeral today . Her loved ones are gathering to pay their respects to the girl who lost her life at just 22 years old.

The coffin was lifted by four men dressed in black suits for the funeral service which is believed to have a 'Sweet 16' theme on the insistence of Bobbi's aunt, Pat Houston. The hearse was also escorted by two policemen on motorcycles into the parking lot of St. James United Methodist Church.

Reports say security is tight with check points manned by family personnel and Georgia State Troopers in anticipation of VIP guests from the Houston and Brown families, including Bobbi's father, Bobby Brown and her mother's cousin, Dionne Warwick.

All guests have been advised to arrive 'as early as possible' and bring a 'government-issued photo ID'. Guests were also asked not to bring their phones inside the church.

Dolapo Oni & Fiance Stun in New Photo; their Wedding Holds Tomorrow

TV personality Dolapo Oni and fiance, Prince Adegbite Sijuwade, the Ooni of Ife's son are set for their traditional wedding which will hold tomorrow, Sunday August, 2, 2015.

Earlier on during the week, news went viral that Adegbite had lost his dad, the Ooni of Ife, Oba Sijuwade in the UK. Thankfully, the palace was quick to debunk the rumours. Adegbite posted this new photo of himself and his wife to be some hours ago on his IG page.

If Nigerian Celebs were Champagne, Which of These Would You Drink?

I'll be so drowning myself in Don Perginon. lol. What about you?

Photos: Mike Ezuruonye Turns Primary School Boy in New Nollywood Movie

Nollywood actor Mike Ezuruonye is a father of one. Yet he was turned into a pupil, not even a secondary school student in a new Nollywood movie. See more photos after the cut.

TILB Reader's Husband Doesn't Like Brushing his Teeth

Laila, Good morning. I am one of your ardent readers but I hardly comment. Please something keeps bothering me. I have been married for four years now, my husband does a lot of stupid things that I can just ignore or adapt with. But Laila, this terrible one that always makes me sad is that, My husband doesn't like brushing his mouth. Unheard off right? But that's the truth.
Yes we dated but its church relationship whereby you are not allow to visit each other like that. When I discovered after marriage, I reported the case to my pastor, pastor said I am his wife not his mother so I should play my wifey role. Though his mouth doesn't smell but I can't imagine my mouth in his mouth. I've not kissed in the last 3 years, and its really killing my love for him,. I love kissing but Laila, it has become a nightmare for me. Funny enough he is the one who buys toothpaste. You can post this, I don't mind.

Heartbreaking Photos: Husband, Wife & Son who Died in Awka Trailer Accident Buried

Pictured above is the Governor of Anambra state, Gov Willie Obiano at the funeral mass of the father, mother and son that died in a ghastly motor accident in Awka on the 12th of July.  Mr. Okechukwu Odinigwe, his wife and eldest son died when a trailer rammed into their car at Esther Obiakor Junction, Agu, Awka. They were buried yesterday and the mass held at St Antony's Catholic Church in Enugwu Ukwu.

May the souls of Okey Obidigwe, Uche Obidigwe and Richard Obidigwe rest in peace Amen! After the cut are pics of their surviving kids at the church.

Bovi Shades the Heck Out of Gov Rochas Okorocha

lmao. Bovi wants to erect a billboard of this photo of him laughing heartily with the Chairman of Heirs Holdings/Founder, the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program, Mr Tony Elumelu. Mr Tony had met president Obama in Kenya last week. 

Meanwhile, this also happened on Bovi's page:

Photos: 48 year old Man Rapes 8 year-old Girl, Offers her Parents N25000

An eight-year-old girl has narrated how she was allegedly raped by their 48-year-old neighbour, Mr. Peter Christopher, one afternoon in the building her family shared with another tenant.

The girl, Blessing (not real name), explained to Saturday PUNCH that on Thursday, June 18, 2015, she was about to enter her parent’s apartment when, Christopher, a carpenter, whose lives just two doors away from their apartment, dragged her into his room, locked the door and defiled her.

Saturday PUNCH had been informed about the girl’s case by a human rights activist, who felt concerned about the pressure being put on the her family to drop the case. But when their

OMG! See the Huge Beast that Was Killed at Actress Daniella Okeke's House Yesterday

Nollywood actress Daniella Okeke just shared this on her IG page:
Am still in shock..but I ve to share dis wit u guys. So dis beast was kill yesterday in my backyard. My house girl saw it resting on my fence after swallowing a big rat and it couldn't move, so she freaked out and called my gateman who kill it. Dis is the biggest

Lisa Peters! Gurl, Come Pick Your N5k Free Money Gift from a Male Reader

Hello Laila, please call out Lisa Peters for me this Friday. I'm sending her money for the weekend to you now. Hope you are doing good? I love that lady. Best regards.
 Lisa, you know how we do it - I'm waiting for your bank details now love so I can credit you immediately. Waitinggg..

Who's The Prettiest? Meet The Queen of Aso Nigeria 2015 Contestants

Guys, behold the Queen of Aso Nigeria beauty pageant's 2015 contestants. Come Sunday 13th September 2015 at the Prestigious Sheraton Hotel and Towers Abuja by 4pm, just one of them will be smiling home with the big crown.

The 27 ladies represent various ethnic groups in Nigeria, winner will represent Nigeria at Miss Tourism Universe and Miss Africa Naiades 2015.    

But here's our thing - take a good look at the photos. Who do you think is the prettiest? More photos after the cut.

lmaoo.. You Won't Also Believe this Conversation between a TILB Reader & Friend

I laughed so hard reading this that my kids kept asking, Mummy, what is it? Please read with me mbok. Story was sent in by TILB reader Paschal MacDon...
Hello Laila, here's my encounter with a classmate!!! 
Oma: Bia Paschal, why are you holding an umbrella? 
Ifeanyi: See wahala ooo. Can't u see it's raining? 
OMA: And so? 
Ifeanyi: Which one is and so? I don't understand 
OMA: I thought guys don't carry umbrellas around 
Ifeanyi: Inukwa! There is nothing I won't see in this school. So what am I supposed to do

Amazing New Photos of Albinos Transformed by Nigerian Makeup Artistes

Never underestimate the power of makeup. I wasn't given the name of the makeup artiste responsible for this transformation. But after the cut is another amazing photo by PA based makeup artiste Lola. Her client had the transformation for her birthday parry.

You Won't Believe the Rubbish Statement this TILB Reader's Boyfriend Made Over Sex

Hello Laila. Please dear, I would want you to post this for me..First of all, I want to really appreciate your works. You are hitting it. 
My name is Mimi as my friends call an undergraduate..I have a boyfriend and we have dated for 7months now. Since we started dating, this guy has not done anything for me. I understand perfectly well that he is serving so I don't disturb him about money.. 
But last night we had problem. The problem is he said the next time we see that we will have sex for a very long time unlike before. I then asked him that, after all these sex that we are having, that what will he leave for my husband if eventually we don't marry. Only

Nollywood Actress Gloria Young Causes Scene at Bank over N20,000

Popular actress, Gloria Young, recently caused commotion at a bank after it failed to refund her N20,000 which was debited since December.

When Saturday Beats reached out to the actress via the telephone, she explained why she blew a fuse in the banking hall.
“I went to use an ATM at Ejigbo, close to NNPC bus-stop in Lagos in December. I wanted to withdraw N20,000 but the machine did not dispense the money after debiting my account. I went to the second machine and it paid me. After six days without hearing a word from the bank, I went to complain. I also went to my bank to report the situation.

Photos from Bobbi Kristina's Wake Keeping as Relatives War over her $20million Inheritance

Bobbi Kristina will be buried today by 11am in an invite-only funeral that will take place at St James United Methodist Church in Alpharetta. Yesterday, her wake keeping held at the Murray Brothers Funeral Home and her family members came in their droves to to pay  their last respects.

Her father Bobby Brown was spotted looking so tense and emotional as he walked slowly out of the funeral home on Friday. So also was her grandmother Cissy Houston. Bobbi's aunt Pat Houston has allegedly planned a 'sweet sixteen' theme for the funeral.

Also at the wake, soon after the Houstons left the funeral home, the Brown family arrived to view Bobbi's body, causing speculation that the families had planned to avoid each other.

Power Bank Sets Owner on Fire (Photos)

See what I just found on Facebook, guys. South African Neo Rantele Kuaho was literally set on fire by his own power bank. Please be very careful when you leave your powerbank in your pocket. Beware. More pics after the cut.

We Live Like Rats, yet Nigerians Want Us to be their Friends – Policemen

One of the buildings in Ojuelegba barracks, Lagos (photos: Tunde Ajaja)
He was drenched with sweat by the time he wriggled himself through the narrow entrance of his room into the passageway. Looking very depressed and drowsy that Thursday afternoon, he dragged himself along the hole-ridden passage and collapsed into the rickety sofa beside the staircase that leads to the upper floors in one of the buildings in the barracks.

With frustration written all over his face, Emma Uden (not real names), a sergeant in the police, kept muttering to himself, but dosed off few minutes later. Apparently disturbed by the music blaring in his neighbourhood, Uden could not but open his eyes feebly and intermittently.

His pain was obvious to anyone who came across him, but the reason for his frustration was largely

Dear Biafrans - Etcetera Writes

 I have been receiving a lot of mails and phone calls in recent weeks requesting that I lend my voice in support of the ongoing campaign for the sovereign state of Biafra and to also speak up against the recent shut down of Radio Biafra by National Broadcasting Commission. I have decided to make my opinion known to those who have been bombarding me with requests to support the Biafran movement. 
Yes, I believe that the Igbo have been marginalised in Nigeria right from 1970 till date. I

Happy New Month TILB Readers... August 2015, My Birth Month is Here!

Can we hear the Leos in the house give a big ROARRRR! Our month is here, my birthday August 12, are you going to stay quiet? (in madam P's voice).

Forget about the ups and downs, good and bad of the previous month. It's time to go on and hope for the best.
A new month comes with new challenges, new hopes, new goals…We will beat every challenge and achieve our goals this month.
This month August will be awesome for us all, Our month of praise and miracles.
It’s a start, so get ready with the full energy for something adventurous and thrilling.
God will bless us abundantly, protect us greatly and always be with us.

Cheers to a new month, guys. It's another chance for us to get it right!

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