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Jim Iyke Shares New Photo of his 23 year old Babymama; Showers Her with Praise

Doting dad, Jim Iyke, 39, is so proud of his Lithuanian girlfriend, Dana Kinduryte, 23. He just shared this beautiful photo of her cuddling their son, Harvis Chidubem Iyke.

Jim Iyke is currently in Miami with his son and girlfriend.

Very Ill TILB Reader Needs Your Help Now (Photos)

Hello TILB readers,
I am Mahamud Mohammed a Young  Promising Nigerian Boy Who has been battling with Sickle cell Anemia ever since I was Born , but this stage of my life has been the most challenging one for me and now I have a displaced Hip bone around the femur and requires a surgery That will cost me an estimated 800,000 Naira, Eight Hundred Thousand Naira. 
It is very sad  that my parents have been watching me all these days going through allot of Pains because they could not afford my surgery bill. as my

Ubi Franklin & Lilian Esoro's Pre-Wedding Photos

Triple MG boss Ubi Franklin and fiancee actress Lilian Esoro have released their pre-wedding photos.

The photos were shot by Prince Meyson,  makeup done by Carolina Danjuma. styled by Tayor Gabriels x Needle & stitches (Sexysteel) x Juwonlo . Iyanya, AY and Mabel Makun handled the creative direction for the shoot. Stunning photos. Continues after the cut.

Happy Birthdays to Blog Readers, Sweet Sochima,Handsome Nonny And Super Stunning Mma (Photos)

Its a triple birthday celebration guys. I must apologize for putting up this post late. Some of the mails ended up in my Spam box and i didnt get to see them on time. All the same. Three very good looking TILBers will be celebrated this night.

Happy Birthday Sochima. May your life be as sweet as you are
Happy Birthday Nonny, Greater and bigger you I pray
Happy Birthday Mma, Heavens shall be your starting point.

See Photos of the stunning celebrants after the cut:

You Won't Believe This Throwback Photo of Rapper TI's Wife

Everyone that has seen this photo after it was released has been asking what happened..

This is the BEFORE. Read more to see the AFTER.... Tiny was so pretty without the stuff she did to her face. ...she really didn't need it.

Nas Becomes First Rapper to Receive Harvard's Highest Honor - the W.E.B. Du Bois Medal

Rapper Nas is making history at Harvard.

The hip-hop icon has  become the first rapper to receive the W.E.B. Du Bois Medal, Harvard’s highest honor in the field of African and African American Studies. Looking dapper in a suit, he joined his fellow honorees including U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. at Harvard’s Sanders

Designer Toju Foyeh Celebrates Independence with Stunning Gele Photos

Nigerian designer Toju Foyeh today released a creative shoot to celebrate Nigeria’s 55th independence.

The shoot was done in collaboration with photographer Obi Somto and Makeup and Headgear Specialist, Abeke Makeovers. Very stunning pics - see them all after the cut.

Denrele Pictured in Flat Shoes & Louboutin Stilettos Right after his Epic Fall from Stage

TV personality, Denrele Edun fell off stage at a fashion event in Port Harcourt last week.

Something else we didn't know was that moments after his most-buzzed-about epic fall, Denrele had to step out in flat shoes because of the pains from his injuries. He also rocked an 8-inch-pain-staking-Louboutin-stilettos! See the pics and his captions after the cut.

Checkout El Rufai's Facebook Post That Had Everyone Talking

Governor of Kaduna state, Mallam Nasir El Rufai posted this on his facebook page and since then social media has been buzzing

First Photos of Dj Xclusive & Wife at their Traditional Wedding Today

Rotimi Alakija, better known as celebrity DJ “DJ Xclusive” is finally a married man. He today traditionally wedded his longtime girlfriend Tinuke Ogundero.

Their white wedding will hold this coming Saturday, October 3rd, 2015. Wishing them a happy married life. See more pics after the cut.

Most Beautiful Model Nigeria 2015: Queen Jennifer Obi Makes First Public Appearance

Recently the reigning Most Beautiful Model In Nigeria, Her Eminence, Q‎ueen Jennifer Obi made a rare public appearance at the CIRI Snow's event " We Can Make God Laugh"

The event which was held in Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Abuja attracted high profile personalities, artists and comedians, including veteran actress Empress Njamah. During the star-studded event, the Anambra state born model Queen who was the centre of attraction was accorded the respect to

ATTENTION!! It's ZAMUNDA Independence White Pool Party Live In ABUJA!

#OH! Yes!

It's A Special October Package!
It's A Uniq‎ue Independence Celebration!!
It's The Most Anticipated White Pool Party!!!

Where Would You Ra‎ther Be On 1st Oct?

....As We Behold:

Saudi Wife Divorces Husband because He is Too SHORT

A young Saudi bride has divorced her husband because he is too short.

Not actual couple
The woman, in her 20s, claimed that she could no longer withstand the mockery and shocked looks of her friends because he was too short for her.

In legal documents, she added that the shocking attitudes by strangers in public when they remarked

A Selection Of Beautiful Independence Day Celebration Photos

So I was surfing through the net and came across some photos which I think are impressive, and I have decided to share them with TILB readers.

See more photos after the cut

"I Am Seriously Considering Cheating On My Husband"

"So my husband cheated on me some months ago right. I realised this when i came across numerous flirtatious messages on his whatsapp.

The drama resulting from that discovery was so complicated, i don't even have the strength to go there. Anyways, my reason for this post is that I am obsessed with paying him back in his own coin. I think i'm way too hot for that insult he meted out to me like does he think because i have two kids I am like totally off the market?

Don Jazzy Shares his Independence Message for Fellow Nigerians

Don Jazzy just shared his words on Twitter..

This is one Nigerian celebrity that is loaded with so much wisdom. I can count the number of times I've listened to Don Jazzy, seen his works and I doubted if he's really just 32. He'll be 33 by November 26th this year. DJ is so matured and sweet. *winks* His tweets continue after the cut.

Graphic Photos of Baby Born with Two Noses

This innocent baby, named Baby Angelito [little angel] by his parents was born with two 'noses' thanks to an incredibly rare genetic condition.

The tot was born in Chimbote, in the western Peru. Paediatrician Jose Castillo said the strange deformity was a very rare disorder called Patau syndrome, which happens once in every 10,000 to 15,000 births.

He said that the baby is stable and keeping down the food he is being given and that his heart and

British Police Smash Car Window to Rescue 'Baby', Turns Out to be a Doll

Two British police officers performed an emergency rescue after discovering what they thought was an abandoned baby on the front seat of a parked car — but things weren't quite as they seemed.

The West Midlands police officers were called to a hospital car park on Sept. 14, where they discovered the "baby" in an otherwise empty Vauxhall Corsa. After trying and failing to locate the car's owner, they smashed a rear window to gain access to the vehicle.

It was at that point that they realised what they'd rescued was actually a doll (admittedly a doll of the

Check Out the Difference between Foreign & Nigerian Advice

The difference is clear...

Read The Full Text of President Buhari's Independent Speech

 “ Fellow Nigerians, there has been a lot of anxiety and impatience over the apparent delay in the announcement of ministers. There is no cause to be anxious.

    Our government set out to do things methodically and properly. We received the handing over notes from the outgoing government only four days before taking over. Consequently, the Joda Transition Committee submitted its report on the reorganization of federal government structure after studying the handover notes.

    It would have been haphazard to announce ministers when the government had not finalized the number of ministries to optimally carry the burden of governance.

    Anyway, the wait is over. The first set of names for ministerial nominees for confirmation has been sent to the Senate. Subsequent lists will be forwarded in due course. Impatience is not a virtue. Order is more vital than speed. Careful and deliberate decisions after consultations get far better results. And better results for our country is what the APC government for change is all about.

    As I said in my inaugural speech, I bear no ill will against anyone on past events. Nobody should fear anything from me. We are not after anyone. People should only fear the consequences of their actions. I hereby invite everyone, whatever his or her political view, to join me in working for the nation.

    We have seen in the last few years how huge resources were mismanaged, squandered and wasted. The new APC government is embarking on a clean up, introducing prudence and probity in public financing.  At an early stage, the federal government addressed the issue of salary arrears in many states, a situation capable of degenerating into social unrest. The APC government stepped in to provide short-term support to the owing states and enabled them to pay off the backlog and restore the livelihood of millions of Nigerians”. Buhari, however, reassured Nigerians of his administration’s resolve to execute projects that would impact positively on their lives. He urged Nigerians to be patient and join the government to deliver on the dividend of democracy to the citizens, irrespective of their political affiliation. “I would like to end my address this morning on our agenda for Change. Change does not just happen. You and I and all of us must appreciate that we all have our part to play if we want to bring change about.

    We must change our lawless habits, our attitude to public office and public trust.

    We must change our unruly behaviour in schools, hospitals, market places, motor parks, on the roads, in homes and offices. To bring about change, we must change ourselves by being law-abiding citizens,” he said.

Buhari further noted that October 1 is a day for joy and celebrations for Nigerians

    “It is the day, 55 years ago, we liberated ourselves from the shackles of colonialism and began our long march to nationhood and to greatness. No temporary problems or passing challenges should stop us from honoring this day. Let us remind ourselves of the gifts God has given us.

    Our Creator has bequeathed to us numbers – Nigeria is the ninth most populated country on the planet,” he said. The president, however, observed that in spite of all the attributes of a great nation, Nigeria is not there yet because of the one commodity it had been unable to exploit to the fullest – unity of purpose.

    This would have enabled us to achieve not only more orderly political evolution and integration but also continuity and economic progress. Countries far less endowed have made greater economic progress by greater coherence and unity of purpose.

    Nonetheless, that we have remained together is an achievement we should all appreciate and try to consolidate. We have witnessed this year a change in our democratic development.

    The fact that an opposition party replaced an entrenched government in a free and fair election is indicative of the deeper roots of our democratic system. Whatever one’s views are, Nigerians must thank former President Jonathan for not digging-in in the face of defeat and thereby saving the country untold consequences,” he said.

Hilarious Photos of OAU Students Match for Nigeria at 55

lmao at these pics that were sent in by TILB reader Lukmon Fasasi. Ojuju Calabar full there.

His mail reads:
 Hello Laila, 
In their usual style Awolowo hall residents also known as 'Awo Boys' of the Obafemi Awolowo University celebrated the Nigerian Independence at 55. It was a scene to behold as Awo hall guys were seen on a combination of Green white and Green, they sang in their top voices and celebrated a unique  country in a unique way.
See more photos below:

Beautiful Blog Reader Vivienne Adaeze is a Year Older (Photos)

Our own sweetest is a year older today.

Happy Birthday Baby Gurl

More of Vivienne after the cut:

Awww, Annie Idibia Sends This Sweet Birthday Message To Her Mum

Today is Mama Annie's birthday and her daughter took to Instagram to send this really sweet birthday message.

The Best Part of Smoking Weed (Hilarious)

Saw this funny story on twitter

please read.

Jealous Gay Lovers Engage In Bloody Fight During Gay Party in Benin

A party organized by gay lovers turned violent in Benin City last Tuesday as one of the organizers caught his man with another of their friends in uncommon mood.

The party in Benin was organized in a hotel located around Oben, off Sapele Road and the gay lovers were said to have deceived residents of the area by dressing like women in order not to attract their attention.

Doctors Discover Months Old Used Condom Inside Sick Female Blog Reader's Vagina

Hello aunty laila, i read ur blog and i am a student of Tamale university Ghana, Something terrible happened yesterday and i dont know how it happened.. I dont know what to do and thats why i am writing you this morning. For the past few months, I have been having inconsistent menstrual flows and serious stomache ache. I went for test in 2 different hospitals for ulcer test and hepatitis but they all came back negative. to make matters worse, a greenish slightly smelly discharge keep coming out of my private part.

Lady Whose Husband Can't Sleep Unless He Sucks Pvssy Urgently Needs Your Advice

Story as shared by an Anonymous lady whose hubby has a strong addiction to ladies' privates on Facebook yesterday...

It reads:
 "Something has been weighing heavily on my mind and I don't know how to send it in. My husband can not sleep if he doesn't suck pussy. It's a serious habit and I have learnt to live with it. .
We have been married for 2years now. If he travels, I go with him just cos of this. We don't have kids yet. When I'm on my period we make arrangement for a girl he can suck before he can sleep. The girl comes to the room, get on the bed and after sucking her and

Five Serious Questions Every Unmarried Nigerian Lady Must Ask Herself

"Its really amazing how ladies fear the possibility of remaining unmarried for a long time, stretching into their late twenties and thirties.

I have seen countless number of Nigerian spinsters visit many prayer houses to seek spiritual guide and advice just to be a Mrs, and while so many will quickly come out to say they are unperturbed, the truth is that deep inside of them they hope that they just find the "right man" fast enough and start raising a family before reaching their age of menopause.

Bish Stole My Look: Blac Chyna VS Kylie Jenner

Like how did these two end up wearing the same outfit again as if having the same taste in men (Tyga) wasn't good enough? lol.

Who would you say wore this outfit better between former friends turned cat and dog Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner?

Do You Agree With Peter Okoye? Read His Instagram Post

And yet another celebrity bares his mind on the topic of wealth flaunting on the social media.

Peter 'Psquare' Okoye made this Instagram post yesterday

Photos: Nigerian Gay Activists Protest, Ask Buhari to Repeal Nigeria's Antigay Law

This happened in London yesterday. Scores of Nigerian gay activists living in London stormed the Nigerian High Commission to pass on to President Buhari and government the over 65,000 signatures they were able to gather demanding that Nigeria repeals its 'archaic' anti-gay law.

According to them, Nigeria has one of the harshest anti-gay laws out of the 76 countries that currently criminalise LGBTI people. The Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Bill punishes same-sex “amorous relationships” with 10 years in prison. It also prohibits same-sex marriage with up to 14 years and jails members of LGBTI equality or advocacy groups for 10 years.

The author of the Care2 Petition, Aderonke Apata, said: 

Whose Boo is This, Please?

Bonita, someborry mentioned your name o.


'King of Money': Kcee Flaunts His Bag of Dollars In New Photo

Is this safe?

Kcee has shared a photo of him carrying an unzipped bag filled with stacks of foreign currency on Instagram.

New Adorable Photos of Dr Sid Chilling & Bonding with his Daughter

Simi Esiri says this is what happens when your husband tries to take over and do your job better than you.

So cute!

So Here's How Our First TILB Sponsored Blind Date with a Fellow Reader is Going to Happen

I thank you dearies for the wonderful conversation we had yesterday. Here's what I got from your feedback.

Everybody thinks it's a great idea and that we can do it. This is perfect.
Initially, what I had in mind was a male TILB reader with a female TILB reader, obviously they need to be single so that we don't put anybody's marriage at risk *winks*. But after reading your comments, here are the modifications:

14-year-old Girl Rescued from 40 year old Lover in Lagos Flees Home Again (Photo)

Two weeks after a 14-year-old girl, identified only as Rosemary, was rescued from the apartment of her alleged lover, 40-year-old Chukwu Nkenna, the teenager has gone missing again in the Agege area of Lagos.

Rosemary | credits: Family
PUNCH Metro learnt that Rosemary, who hails from Jos, Plateau State, had been taken away from Nkenna’s apartment at Obelle Junction, Surulere, on Monday, September 8, by officials of the Lagos State Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation.

Rosemary, who reportedly came to Lagos State in January 2014, had been in the care of a non-governmental organisation interested in girl education, before she left in December 2014, due to

"A Spirit Told Me To Murder My Dad For Always Scolding Me"- 35 Year Old Son

Thirty-five-year-old Nelson, who stabbed his father, Sunday Oamen, to death, in Abesan Estate, in the Ipaja area of Lagos State, has said he did it because his father always scolded him.

Oamen, who is currently being detained at the State Department of Criminal Investigation, Yaba, told PUNCH Metro on Wednesday that he had smoked four wraps of Indian hemp before committing the crime.

Who Wants to Go on a TILB Sponsored Blind Date with a Fellow Reader?

Here's my idea for this, guys:

We've all known one another on the World Wide Web/ for like how many years now. How about we arrange for readers to now meet each other face to face, go out on a date and make them live-tweet their impressions of each other?

I'm still working on it though. I'm willing to throw in some money for the movie, food the TILB couple will enjoy on their date, and so much more. Just thought to share what's been going on on me mind. What do you think about that, guys? Is this something we can do?

Let me read your suggestions.

Baileys & BellaNaija Weddings present WONDERLAND: Enter to Win Bridal Makeup by Banke Meshida-Lawal, a Dream Honeymoon & More!

In anticipation of the 10th Anniversary of in 2016, this October, Baileys & BellaNaija Weddings will treat 30 lucky brides-to-be to WONDERLAND – an exclusive experience for brides on the path to forever.

Inspired by your love stories and the rich luxurious taste of Baileys, WONDERLAND will be an extraordinary event!

Brides who win an invitation to WONDERLAND will receive a deluxe gift box packed with must-have bridal delights and also get the chance to win:

  • a Deluxe Baileys Bar to enjoy at your Bridal Event
  • Bridal Makeup by maestro Banke Meshida-Lawal
  • a Honeymoon to an Exotic Location
  • a breathtaking Wedding Dress
  • a Wedding Band Set worth 1 Million Naira
  • a meeting with Leading Wedding Vendors
  • a thrilling encounter with Celebrity Guests & Many More Special Surprises

Whether you are a December bride or in the early prep stages of your 2016 wedding, you really need to be at WONDERLAND.

To win an Invitation to WONDERLAND, send your love story in not more than 300 words in

Buhari's Ministerial List: Fashola, Ameachi, Fayemi, Ngige Make The List

Former Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi and his counterpart in Lagos, Babatunde Fashola were among the names in the much anticipated ministerial list forwarded to the senate, Vanguard reports.

Photo credits: Vanguard
 Others in the list are former governors, Anambra, Chris Ngige; Abia State, Ogbonaya Onu, Ekiti, Kayode Fayemi; a one time APC governorship flag bearer in Taraba, Aisha Alhassan,

Mountain of Fire Pastor Batters Wife of 17 Years for Opting Out of Marriage (Photos)

This MFM Pastor Tunde Tolulope Ajayi and his embattled wife Yemisi Abiose Ajayi have been locked in a battle of wits and punches and she says he beat her to a pulp today at Casso area of Alagbado.

Photos of the battered lady and husband was shared on Facebook by Violence against Women activist Ify Onyegbule, adding that she just got off the phone with Yemisi who said to me that she had taken in all the maltreatment for 17 years they had been married but couldn't take it anymore when one of her 3 children died and the man won't give her peace.

What will drive a man to this extent? As we speak, Yemisi has moved out of her matrimonial home...and is at a loss of what her next line of action should be because according to her "he won't rest but will continue to make trouble with me"

Pornstar Afrocandy Rocks Green Hair to Celebrate Nigeria's Independence (Phoos)

How good does she look in it?

Afrocandy said she got her hair done green since Monday for the Nigerian Independence Day Celebration & she's so ready to rumble. See more pics after the cut.

Happy 55th Independence Day Nigeria and Happy New Month!!

Feel the pride of being part of  our country's celebration today. 
One nation bound in freedom, peace and unity.

Happy 55th Independence Day Nigeria and Happy New month to you and your loved ones, sweethearts! 
The future is brighter than we Imagine. 

Thousands laid down their lives so that our country can celebrate this day.
Never forget their sacrifices..

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