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Solidarity! Mrs Enyeama Writes Loving Message About Her Husband's Retirement


Promise, the wife of just retired Super Eagles super goalie, Vincent is showing her solidarity and standing by her number one man following the surprising announcement of his retirement.

Don Jazzy Shares Major Throwback Family Photo

Ace music producer and Mavin boss, Don Jazzy, shared a major throwback family portrait on his Instagram page.

It's rather confusing as to whether Don Jazzy resembles his dad or mumm and it's rather difficult to spot Don Jazzy in the portrait. They all look alike.

Can you spot Don Jazzy in the photo?

P-Square Get Brandnew 2015 G-Wagon, Range Rover From Globacom (Photos)

Nigeria's number one twins, the Psquare duo, Peter and Paul Okoye who just got back from their US tour were welcomed back this morning with car gifts from Glo Nigeria. While Peter was handed the keys of a G-Wagon, Paul received a brand new, tear rubber Range Rover. The stars have been brand ambassadors for Glo for 6-years  running.

A heartfelt congrats to them. I almost envy them. Lol.

See more photos after the cut

Fifteen Golden Rules You Need To Keep Close To Your Heart

1. Learn to mind your business: it gives you peace of mind.

2. Celebrate those who succeed where you failed: it makes you aware of your mistakes.

3. Be positive about things with taint negativity : It minimizes your failures.

How Do You Explain This?

Never knew they makeup the arms too

So how do you explain this?

Sorcery, Magic, Scam or plain fraudulence?

Laurent-Perrier Champagne Hosts Real Estate Unites’ Networking Reception (Photos)

Laurent-Perrier Champagne hosted a networking reception at the just concluded 3Invest Real Estate Unite summit held at the Eko Convention Center.

At the reception, guests enjoyed a range of Laurent-Perrier Champagne including Demi-Sec, Brut and Rose as they networked. In attendance were top CEOs and leaders in the real estate sector in Africa.

See photos from the event below.

''Oliseh, Be Careful'' by Joseph Edgar

Look I am very angry this morning.
Why should Oliseh tell my town man Vincent Eyeama to not only shut up but get security men to walk him out of the grounds. Look this is nothing but racism. Oliseh has never liked Akwa Ibom people since he lost his first girlfriend who happens to be ibibio. He has since been carrying this chip on his shoulder and could not control himself when he saw my brother Vincent do so well in his career.

Ladies, Your Makeup Bag May be Poisoning You! Here's How

Our dressing tables often overflow with lotions and potions which we believe will help us look our best. But when we moisturise, wash and exfoliate, we're using products whose contents are mostly a mystery to us - and now scientists warn some of them could harm us.

Here, Tanith Carey looks at every day make-up that could ruin your health...


Despite our eyes being sensitive, we bombard them with eyeliners for that 'smokey' look. But using pencils on the inner rims can damage sight, as they contain oils, silicones, gums and waxes that can build up, causing redness, bacterial infections and blurred vision.

Women, Why Waste Your Time? You DON'T Need a Boyfriend

Every relationship has its aim, goals and aspirations, but most people despite the fact that they know what they want from the onset keep falling into the danger of heartbreak and rejection thereby destroying their future and wasting time with someone they know won't ordinarily fulfill those dreams.

We go into relationships with the hope of getting married to that person we claim to love but in the long run we choose to waste our time even when we know that those dreams won't be fulfilled. 
A woman in her twenties is ripe for marriage from all indications,but it never cease to

Guys, Can You Rock This Hair Do?

When your barber has PhD in barbing. Lol

Awww, Vincent Enyeama Unceremoniously Quits The Super Eagles

It seems the issues he had with Sunday Oliseh were a lot deeper than we imagined. Vincent Enyeama  has unceremoniously quit the Super Eagles National team. He posted his departure on his Instagram page.

Aspiring Models Forced to Walk The Runway Without Underwear (Graphic Photo)

As reported by, a Zimbabwe based online platform, organized a ridiculous beauty pageant at a Harare university where they mandated that aspiring contestants and models must catwalk without panties or be disqualified. Students will always be student and since they aspire to be the next Naomi Campbell,

They agreed and engaged exposing their private parts in the process.

Bride Shows up Naked For Her Traditional Marriage (Graphic Photo)

Found this on twitter;

The story alleges that the bride who is the daughter of a local chief chose to bare here breasts on her traditional wedding in consonance with the age long moribund culture of her people. the shocking event took place in an unidentified part of South Eastern Nigeria

She Doesn't Get Wet Enough During Sex - Is It Normal?

Hello TILB readers,

Please l need your help!! l don't get wet during sex. Does it mean I'm sick or I have an infection? My hubby keeps complaining how dry my vagina is. It's not even as if I don't get horny or get turned on. Is there any drug or medication l need to take?

Waiting for your reply. Thanks & God bless.

Court Bars Deziani From Leaving The UK Until April 2016

Nowhere to run...

Former Minister of Petroleum Resources Mrs Diezani Alison-Madueke will not be able to leave the United Kingdom (UK) until April, next year, The Nation learnt yesterday.

That is when the investigations into allegations against her are expected to have been concluded, Judiciary sources said.

Horror: This Man Killed His Mother, Cut Her Heart Out, Then Maturbated To Relieve Himself'

What is this world turning into?

A man has admitted to murdering his mum before slicing open her chest and removing her heart with his bare hands.

Omar Pettigen reportedly told police he then masturbated as a "release" after mutilating the body of his mother Nailah Pettigen.

SHOCKER !!! Blog Reader Impregnates Wife's Younger SIster.

Hello Laila Ijeoma,

I will go straight to the point. My wife's younger sister is blackmailing me. I am paying her almost 50k every month already yet she wants more. She practically seduced me and i made the mistake of sleeping with her sometime ago. My wife usually takes the kids on school run and then head to her office from there and that morning period is always when she ups her antics. Truth is that She seduced me.. I liked her no doubt but i wouldnt have approached her if she didnt show some willingness.

'I love you Jim, please forgive me'- Suicide Note of Jim Carrey's Ex-Girlfriend Revealed

Funny man Jim Carey is definitely not laughing these days. It has been revealed that his recently deceased girlfriend Cathriona White begged him to “forgive” her in a suicide note.

In the heartbreaking message to Carrey, the 30-year-old is said to have written: “Jim, I love you. Please forgive me.”

Dearies, We Don't Have Photos for Saturday's Finest Faceoff

It's been a long while since we had a good Faceoff show.

Our last winner
Next tomorrow is Saturday, can we have a new show, guys? I have run out of readers' photos... again. And you all know how this works - if we don't have pics, our Finest Faceoffs can't hold.

So pleaseeeeee, that your fine brother, choir member, neighbour, that your uncle's son's wife's sister's younger brother you said you will talk to later to send in his photos, forget procrastination, guys, now is the time. Don't postpone talking to them again.

It's time to get our very fine, fashionable sisters and brothers, family members, loved ones, haters alike to send in their photos. There are still cool prizes to be won.

My email address still is Let's do this, dearies! I'm waiting for your photos. Send them in now, ok?

Abuja bomb blast: ‘How my wife sacrificed her life for our daughter’ - Survivor

Samuel Abolarin
Samuel Abolarin, who lost his wife and other family members in the blast, has opened up to PUNCH newspaper
Unknown to many, the deceased mother of one-month-old baby, who survived the bomb blast in the Kuje area of the Federal Capital Territory, Ifeoluwa, had insisted that her baby must wear pink clothes on her birthday scheduled for October 22.

Her Kwara State-born father, Samuel Abolarin, stated this during an interview with our correspondent on Monday, at the trauma centre of the National Hospital, Abuja.
“I lost my wife. I lost my mother-in-law and I lost my brother-in-law. My sister-in-law is at the Emergency Unit of this trauma centre”, he stated.

Please Learn From My Experience: I Found Out My Husband was Having an Affair when I Found Her Ring Under My Bed

Who knew that deciding to clean under the bed would change my life?

I should have known something was up. My husband of 16 years was working very long hours, looked and acted stressed out all the time, had lost a lot of weight, and seemed secretive with his cell phone.
But he had always been a stressed-out workaholic, and I knew he hated his current boss and felt micro-managed at work. And he had always been completely trustworthy. 
He worked in the civil service and had a very black-and-white view of right and wrong, which was one of the things that had attracted me to him in the first place. He wouldn’t

Sonia Morales-Ogbonna and Uru Eke Stun In Bibyonce Bridal Photoshoot

Mrs IK  Ogbonna and Nollywood actress Uru Eke look absolutely glamorous in this bridal shoot shot by Abusalami Photograpy for Bibiyonce Makeup Studio

Make up was by Bibyonce and styling was done by Elegant by Tiannah Styling.

See more photos after the cut.

How Kim Kardashian Lost Her Virginity At 14 To Michael Jackson's Cousin, TJ

Reality star tv Kim Kardashian-West has always been open about her youthful sexual experiences.

Having taken her mother Kris Jenner's advice to go on the pill, Kim Kardashian admits to losing her virginity at 14.

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