Sunday, October 11

Hey Dearies, It's Reach-Out Sunday !!!!!

You know the drill guys... that one person (TILBer or not a you want to properly usher into the new week with words of kindness and prayers..... It's time guys !!!

This week, I am reaching out to the families of those who have lost their lives through the wickedness of Bokoharam. I watched a mum break down in tears at the loss of her child in the recent turkey bombings, and i couldn't help but shed tears for the extremely broken woman. It is a sad thing to have to go through, knowing that a family member was lost in the most despicable way ever. My prayer is for God to bless these families with a breath of fresh air, and I pray for the continuous strength to carry on. The love of God and His comfort shall never leave you at this time of great grief.....
Happy new and productive week ahead, dearies... Who are you reaching out to?

Important Information for Parents and Intending Parents...

This important message about sexual abuse on children was sent in by TILB reader Joy. And she's so on point.

In my house, I have this habit of regularly asking my kids 'Who touched your pee pee today'' and while they respond, I closely watch their body language.You can never be too careful when it comes to child molestation. Please read:
Sexual abuse of children is so common these days, it's like each time I open a blog or an article, someone is talking about what an uncle, aunty, help, cousin, preacher or even parent did to him/her as a child, for some, it  was done by the same sex, for others by the opposite sex and ofcourse, they were too afraid to tell anyone , and it just completely breaks my heart. 
Mothers, we cannot afford to raise our children to fear us so much that they are afraid to

TILB Reader Living with a Diabolical Neighbor Needs Your Advice Urgently..

Please every TILB reader should gather here, let's help one of our own. She's dealing with a neighbour who not only is diabolical, but also wants to seduce her husband. Your advice is urgently needed.

Had to say this for those that plan to only read and waka pass. If you don't join us now, when your turn comes, all of us will waka pass too. You can't even say you've never needed advice or will never need advice on a pressing situation. Good morning everybody. Rita's mail reads:

Hello Laila, please I need advise about a situation my husband and I are currently facing right now. We live in a compound with just two flats so there are just 2 different families living there, myself included. My co tenant is a woman living with her daughter and since we moved which is a year now, we have not seen her husband as she claims he travelled out of the country. 
Few days after we moved in, my tenant brought food for me, just 2 days after I moved in. It looked surprising to me because i don't even know her to start with for her to bring

Nuella Njubigbo Throws Hubby Tchidi Chikere a Birthday Party (Photos)

 Popular Nollywood movie director, producer and actor Tchidi Chikere was plus one yesterday 10th of October 2015.

And to celebrate him, his wife actress Nuella Njubigbo threw him a small private party that had close friends and family in attendance. Photos continue after the cut.

Flavour Shares Naughty Photo of Himself Grinding on a Fan Doggy Style while on Stage

Photo was taken at the 2015 Macufe Festival, which held in Bloemfontein South Africa this weekend. The setting was right, so Flavour and this lady decided to get freaky to thrill their audience.

See more pics from the festival after the cut.

Wife Quarrels with Husband, Dumps 6-month-old Baby on at Dump Site

An aggrieved housewife, Annabel Owhoghovo, of Owohelogbo community Isoko axis in Delta State, on Friday, allegedly dumped her six-month-old baby at a dump site after having a quarrel with her husband.

It was reliably gathered that the quarrel degenerated into physical combat, where the couple allegedly traded punches during night fall.

It was learnt that on Thursday evening, when her husband returned from work, he asked his wife to

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