Tuesday, October 27

Blog Visitor Whose Fiance Just Broke Up With Her Needs Your Comfort And Advice

Good day Aunty Laila, hope this mail meet you well.

I am a regular blog visitor and I want you to help me post this for other blog visitors to help me out on it. I will like to remain anonymous.

My fiance just broke up with me without any reason. I have not been my self since then, I can't eat, I
can't do anything and I have been crying since it happened, which is already affecting me.

Pioneer Nollywood Movie, 'Living In Bondage' To Be Remade By Ramsey Nouah, Charles Opaleke

Remember this classic 20th century blockbuster? The movie is going to be remade with 21st century technology for our viewing pleasure! Living In Bondage was produced in Igbo language and released 1992 by Nollywood practitioner Kenneth Nnegbue, and it starred actors like Kenneth Okonkwo (Andy), Kanayo O Kanayo, Bob Manuel-Udokwu, Ngozi Nwosu, Rita Nzelu, Francis Duru etc

"My Girlfriend Is Wrecking Me"

I met Precious (not real name) and we started dating around early April 2015, which was a semester ago in my school. We are both from average backgrounds. All through out the previous semester, she was always at my rented apartment off campus (like couples life ) although she has her own apartment which she shares with her sister. We do everything together; walking to school, eating. playing, enjoying etc.

As the guy, i was catering for both of us from my allowances and money i earn from jobs i do for my clients online so i was rarely broke. We didn't have much, but we had enough. Throughout a whole semester, i never could prove that my girlfriend had a bank account, she never talked about visiting the bank or atm, neither did i ever see any bank sms of any sort on her phone (I just got to observe, i wasn't checking her phone due to suspicion).

Hilarious Pictures Of Dog Photobombing His Owner's Pre-Wedding Photos

Photos of this naughty dog photobombing the pre-wedding photos of his owner have gone viral on the internet. He seems to be jealous of his owner's fiance so tried to 'ruin' as much of the photos as he could. Lol

Isn't this so cute? See more funny pictures after the cut

WTF?! Woman Who Uses Menstrual Blood To Cook For Her Husband Says She Has No Regrets

Someone retweeted this and I almost puked

Ladies and Gents, Do You Agree With This Woman?

I was going through some of  my old saved tweets when i came across the one below. I've been meaning o bring it the house for discussion, but it has always escaped my mind but today I have finally decided to post it.

Do you agree with this user, in relation to love and romance? Does love not transcendent social class?

Checkout These 'Delicacies': Which Would You Eat For N50,000?

We live in a world of varying tastes, and one man's delicacy is another man's horrible poison.

So, which of these 'exotic' meats can you eat if you were given 50K?

Roasted rat

Twitter User Narrates Traffic Robbery Experience On Twitter

When in slow moving traffic, it is important that we always remind ourselves to be vigilant.

This twitter user gave his eye witness account of a robbery that happened today along Alaka, Lagos.

Just In: Wike Loses Appeal At The Supreme Court

The sacked Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, has lost his bid to nullify the sitting of the Rivers State Governorship Election Petitions Tribunal in Abuja.

 The Supreme Court on Tuesday morning (today) threw out the bid by Wike to declare the sitting of the Tribunal in Abuja as being against the law.

Young Guy Narrates His First Time Experience With A Prostitute Whose Pu**y Was Like A 'Well'

So someone retweeted this guy's tweet and when I went to investigate, I almost cracked my ribs. His twitter handle is broom_stick, and when he was confronted with 'something' far 'bigger' than him, he realised the aptness of the name in relation to his 'manliness'.

See hilarious tweets below

EJ Johnson And Society's Glorification of Perversion

Halloween isn’t until this weekend, but that didn’t stop men’s magazine MAXIM from hosting its Halloween Party in Beverly Hills last weekend. Many well known faces stepped out for the event, and among them was the son of ex-baskeball star Magic Johnson.

That's right. The image your'e looking at now is that of a MAN.

Tears Flow As Transgender Woman Is Sent To An All-Men's Prison

A transgender woman and a makeup artist, Tara Hudson, 26, has been sent to a men’s prison in a move her mother says will endanger and humiliate her.

Tara has lived as a woman all her adult life and has gone through six years of gender reconstruction surgery.

Nigerians React To Donald Trump's 'Lazy Fools' Statement About Africans

Yesterday we posted a statement credited to Donald Trump where he describes Africans as 'lazy fools, only good at lovemaking and stealing'.

Some Nigerians have taken to social media to express their feelings about this provocative statement.

See tweets below;

OMG, Checkout Out This Fabulous 'Duplex' In Benue State

Checkout this fabulous duplex which was spotted in a community. I was told it is in Benue state, though I cannot confirm it as of now.


We urban city dwellers couldn't be prouder of our dwellings than these joyous folks who felt very happy posing in front of their 'mansion'.

Tweet of the Morning!

This left me in stitches.. W

''Recently Found Out My Husband of 7 Years, Has Heen Having Affairs Since Our Honeymoon''

My husband told me two nights ago, that he wanted a divorce out of the blues.

I asked him what he was talking about, and he said that he only wanted to get married so that he could experience the rush of having affairs. He said that by the end of our honeymoon which lasted 5 days, he had already had an affair. 
He said now that he is older, the rush has worn off, and that he is ready to move on and find a real relationship. I nearly finted during this conversation. He said he is sorry that I am taking it so hard, and they I shouldn't stress it because as he put it, I am still young enough to find another man. 
I feel like i'm in a dream, and this is a nightmare. I have no idea what is real or who to trust. I have isolated myself from everyone.
I am lost..
 - Anonymous 

Wow! Gala Seller Robs Lady in Lagos at Gunpoint

December is fast approaching and the streets of Lagos are getting highly unsafe! Olufunke shared this horrible story on Twitter..

Lesbianism Scandal Rocks Kogi State University

Kogi State University is in the news for unpleasant reasons as lesbian sex videos involving students of the university recently emerged on the campus.

Some of the students involved are those of Economics and English Education departments.

The two students in one of the videos monitored by Vanguard, revealed how deep the culture of lesbianism had infiltrated the female hostels in the school.

One of the students is considering leaving the school to avoid possible stigmatization as the videos

Rob Kardashian Offers Ailing Lamar Odom his Kidney

Rob Kardashian has offered his kidney to brother-in-law and close friend Lamar Odom should the seriously ill former NBA star need a transplant.

Khloe Kardashian's brother stepped up with the generous offer after it emerged Odom may need a new kidney as his medical treatment continues in Los Angeles. It's unclear whether Odom and Rob are a compatible match for a kidney transplant, but Rob is willing to undergo medical tests to find out, sources reveal.

One source told Daily Mail Online:
 'Rob is willing to do whatever it takes to help Lamar recover. If that means donating a kidney then so be it, Rob has a big heart and he's willing to step up to help his friend''

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