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Do You Want to Feature on Lailasblog Battle of Wits?

Hello guys, Lailasblog battle of wits is a platform for the exchange of conflicting opinions that bother on social realities. It avails blog readers the opportunity to become mini celebs while airing their opinions on contentious issues that require deliberations. The two most impressive opinions will be published  on the next battle of wits coming up tomorrow.

The topic that will be deliberated tommorow is the issue of abstainance before marriage. This is a topic that has never ceased to generate controversy. Majority are of the belief that marrying someone without accessing and confirming the nature of their sexuality is a risk not worth taking because of stories that touch we hear everyday of people who use such pretext to hide underlying sexual disorders. these category believe that since marriage is for ever, one must make sure of issues of sexual compactibility before taking the plunge

Another school believe that marriage is more honourable if the bed is undefiled according to the bible.

Dear TILBers, whats your take on this? Please send a short essay (your personal opinion) on this topic and your photo to with the subject "battle of Wits" to stand a chance to be featured on the publication.

Good night guys,

Was She Murdered? Heartbroken Mum Talks About How Her Girl Died in India (Photos)

The prayer of every mother is to train her child and in turn the child trains her when she's old. That was not to be my case as I watched my little Chineye who had just graduated a month ago dies in my arms owing to the negligence and wickedness of the Indian doctors of Fortis Hospital, New Delhi, India.

Chineye had just graduated from University of Abuja and was preparing for her NYSC but the family had decided that rather than just sit at home before her NYSC call-up, its best she corrects her right limb which was severely shortened after a fall in 2001. Following the fall in which she broke her femur (thigh bone) she had a surgery which involved the insertation of k-nail (iron) to support the bone. The iron eventually broke into two and a surgery was necessitated to remove the 2 piece of broken iron and correct the short limb that was causing her a lot of pains. . Little did I know that the Indian doctors had planned to kill my dear Chineye or how else should I put it?

Blog Reader Chudy Visits The Tomb of Jesus in Jerusalem (Photos)

Hello Blog readers, I am in Jerusalem and wish to share my experience. I visited the site of the feeding of the multitude and then the tomb of Jesus Christ.

This Picture Of Governor Fayose Cutting Fish Have Got People Talking

The Ekiti state governor Ayo Fayose was at a local market recently, and he mingled freely with the market women and was pictured cutting fish.

Do you agree with the twitter user?

Blog Reader Sola Wants Wives To Give "Otapiapia" to Their Cheating Husbands

Dear TILB Women,
You have no business with your husbands girlfriend, mistress or anything she stands for. A very very very hard fact for us to deal with, but, deal with it we must. Swallow it, and use your choice drink to push it down, for it is the truth.
I've been that stupid before too, so don't think only you had been or is being so stupid.
Ladies pause, and THINK, "...if your husband stops seeing her, she won't be with him." Simple as ABC...

Fanatical Parents Jailed For Life After Murdering Daughter For Having Sex (Photos)

A Muslim mother and father who murdered their own daughter for bringing 'shame' on the family because she had sex with a man they did not approve of have been caged for life in Germany.

The so-called 'honour killing' of Lareeb Khan, 19, was carried out by her father Azadullah, 52, who crept into her bedroom at night and strangled her while her mother Shazia, 42, looked on.

The killing was triggered because they learned she had tried to steal condoms for her illicit sex sessions with her lover.Both then disposed of the body of the 'bright and talented' youngster whose only crime was to fall in love with a 23-year-old man called Raheel they disapproved of.

The Situation at Onitsha Getting Out of Control (Graphic Photos)

Unconfirmed reports from Onitsha alleges that there was some form of fatal confrontations between IPOB member and law enforcement agents in several parts of the city.

The Biafran agitators had earlier today blocked off all entrances to the metropolitan commercial city in protest for the continued detention of pro biafran activist Nnamdi Kanu.

Graphic photos after the cut

Girl With Full Lips Causes Major Distraction On Falzthebadguy's Instagram Page

Earlier today, rapper, entertainer and lawyer, Falzthebadguy sent a birthday message to this pretty young lady via his IG page,

But instead of his followers to felicitate with the girl, they made rather hilarious albeit cruel jabs at the girl's lips

 See more hilarious comments after the cut

Two Important Management Lessons I Learnt From A 500 Naira Note By Ezeigwe Ifeoma

I got this really inspiring words from Facebook and thought to bless us with it..... It's a good read

1. It happened some time ago. I was in an audience listening to a motivational speaker. The speaker got out his wallet & pulled out a 500 Naira note. Holding it up, he asked, "Who wants this 500 naira note?"
Lots of hands went up. Including mine. A slow chorus began to build as people began to shout "Me!" "Me!"

More after the cut....

Lmao! How Many Of You Have Experienced This? (Photo)

This is the story of my life. Lol

MI Abaga Shades Vic O in '10 Reasons Why Vic O Is The Greatest' Tweets

Don Jazzy came out a few days back to defend Vic O after the 'best rapper in Nigeria' dropped his cover of Adele's 'Hello', and now ace Nigerian rapper MI Abaga, has also come forward to say that Vic O is the best thing to have happened to the rap industry, and even gives reasons why he thinks Vic O is the 'greatest.'

In a series of tweets titled 10 Reasons Why Vic O Is The Greatest, MI gives reasons why Vic O is the best rapper alive. 

We think the rapper is being sarcastic but he denies it. Lmao!

Read the hilarious tweets after the cut

Is This Fashion or Madness?

I dont know if its the product or the packaging
I dont know so I ask
Is this fashion or madness?

Laila's Cupid: Are You Single? Mr Duziem And Ms Uju Need TILB Spouses

Good morning Mrs Laila.  Happy new month nd merry Xmas in advance to you and your family and to all the TILB readers. we shall all celebrate this season without worries. Amen!
  • My name is Duziem. I'm from Anambra state but work and base in awka. I am 30years old and a lecturer. Am tall and chubby, chocolate in complexion. I have a quest and hope to accomplish it soon . So I decided to use your platform to try my luck.  Am in search for a soulmate, a friend and a homely girl for a serious relationship that will lead to marriage.

Look At The Face Of A Would-be Rapist Whose Victim Fought Back

This would-be sex attacker got more than he bargained for when his victim fought back.

Johnathon Holmes, 35, dragged a 21-year-old woman into some bushes in Sheffield, but ended up getting a taste of justice.

She bit his tongue, hit him in the face and punched him in the stomach during the terrifying ordeal.

Read This Hilarious Conversation Between A Female Corp Member And Her Boss's Suspicious Wife

So someone shared the link to this conversation with me and i had myself quite a good laugh.

The lady sent a message to her boss very late in the evening, and by the following day, all hell was let loose as the Madam at the Top, Oga's wife came out with guns blazing.

Read the amusing conversation below

Blog Reader Jude Narrates His Ugly Experience inside a Commercial Bus

Hello Laila,

Something ugly but usual happened to me yesterday and I want to share with fellow BV's. I boarded a commercial luxury bus and before we could set off, a  man whom i thought was a pastor got up and started casting out demons.

Blog Reader Lydia Wants Y'all to Stop Using Photos of Jesus as DP

Beautiful but controversial blog reader Lydia is at it again. This time the witty beau wants y'all to quit using images of Jesus Christ as DP, wall paper, atler memorabilia etc.

See her opinion after the cut

24 Year Old Man Dies In Hotel After Spending Night With Girlfriend

How is it possible for a 24 year o;d man to die of heart attack and hypertension???

There has been anxiety at the Jonaith Hotel and Suites in the Ajah area of Lagos State after a 24-year-old guest, identified as Michael Afeso, was found dead in his room.

PUNCH Metro learnt that the deceased’s girlfriend, who had stayed with him on Friday evening, was sighted in the early hours of Saturday.

"I Don't Do Religion...But Not Every Successful Person Has Sold Their Soul To The Devil"- Toke Makinwa

Media and fashion personality Toke Makinwa shared this post on her IG page and she has a very interesting perspective on religion and wealth acquisition. She says our God is not a poor God so we owe it to ourselves to make acquire material wealth.

Do you agree with her?

OMG...Look At What We Are Swallowing Into Our Bodies (Photo)

I'm worried too. Gosh...

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Wife Welcome Daughter To The World, To Give Away 99% of Their Shares

CEO of Facebook and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla last evening welcomed their daughter, Max to the world.

Mark announced her birth on his Facebook wall and used the opportunity to announce that they would be giving out 99% of their facebook shares, which is worth about $30 billion.

A hearty congrats to the Zuckerbergs!!!

One Last Chance To Become A St-Rémy Millionaire! Take A Picture With Your Friends And Win 1million Naira

It's the last month of the year and your still have a chance to win One Million Naira.

Winners have emerged every month since the beginning of the year; it could be your turn this time!! ST-RÉMY, the world’s No.1 authentic French brandy is giving consumers the chance to become millionaires this month by way of its OGA (Original, Genuine and Authentic) campaign.

You and your friends can become ST-RÉMY Millionaires. Follow these 3 steps for a chance to win N1 Million Naira:

1. Take a photo of you and your friends enjoying a bottle of ST-REMY authentic brandy
2. Upload the photo to;
3. Follow ST-REMY on social media;




4 Get your friends to vote for you as many times as possible by liking the photo on Facebook

Applicants must be over the age of 18. Deadline for entries is Tuesday 15th December 2015. 

18+ Drink Responsibly.

This is What Happens When You Keep Calling Your Man Baby..


What Are Your thoughts on This Woman's Post?

Do you think the wife is wrong for giving him an ultimatum? Do you think the husband was right in his decision to file for divorce?

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