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Nicki Minaj Bails Out her Brother Charged for Raping 12-year-old

Nicki Minaj is standing by her big brother after he has was charged with raping a 12-year-old.

Page Six reports that ​the superstar singer paid the $100,000 bond that sprang Jelani Maraj, 37, from custody in Nassau County on Friday after he was accused and charged of first-degree rape and first-degree sexual conduct against the preteen.

The bond is backed by a two homes in Baldwin that are owned by Minaj — one of which is used by her brother and the other by her mother, Carol.
“She was prepared to do anything for her brother,” a source said of Minaj.
Nicki's camp has yet to comment publicly on the matter. Back in 2012, this was what she said should be done to people who abuse children.

Photo: Mr Ibu Looking Gangster with Osita Iheme, Kcee Limpopo & Frank Odega

Thanks to Amber Rose... our Mr Ibu has stepped up his swag.

The Nollywood actor is pictured with colleagues Osita Iheme and 'Gerrarahia' Frank Odega at an event earlier on today.

Laila's Blog Finest Face Faceoff: ThankGod VS Ifeanyi VS Noble

And our fine men of the day are here, guys. Please meet fellow readers ThankGod, Ifeanyi & Noble. We are looking for who you think has the most handsome face of them all.  

Hello Laila, 
My name is Thank-God Eboh (AKA Smile Giver).  A 500 level student of University of Port Harcourt. I look,  learn and take notes. I am adaptable and I create sources of joy in cruel situations.
I want to participate in your faceoff challenge and attached to this mail are some of my photos. Stay well,

Hello Laila, my name is Ifeanyi, 100l student of Pharmacy, UNN. I hope I win.

Laila, I am Noble,  400L, Law Student of Abia State University.  I think myself a very happy person,  I love to read, interact with cool people, surf the net and play video games as leisure. Here are my photos from face off competition.
Our winner get N3000 worth of airtime, network of his choice plus a feature on our blog sidebars as our Face of the Week.. So, what do you think, guys? Who are you voting for? See more photos after the cut.

Is This the Right Thing to Say When This Question is Asked during an Interview?


Sugabelly, Rape and Audu’s Sons By Reuben Abati

Sugabelly, rape and Audu’s sons
Reuben Abati

 You probably don’t know Sugabelly. I don’t know her either. But it is the twitter handle of a Nigerian lady: @sugabelly, who in the wake of the death of former Governor Abubakar Audu of Kogi State felt the urge to go public with her story. My foregrounding her/story as opposed to his/story, is further affirmation of an earlier submission that Audu’s death is “inconclusive” (The Guardian, Nov 27). 
      As the rest of Nigeria mourned the death of Abubakar Audu and pondered the implications of an inconclusive electoral process, Sugabelly showed up on social media and started celebrating his death. Her message was that the death of the man was good riddance to bad rubbish. “I feel so amazing”, she wrote. 
“Like God actually answered my prayers… That’s usually how it is. Powerful people rarely remember the people whose lives they destroy.” She alleged that Audu’s sons once gang-raped her- seven of them, when she was an impressionable 17-year old and

See What A Lailan Said She Saw in Her Malt Drink...

Hello Laila! So I was enjoying a delicious take out I bought from Jevinik restaurant  and I decided to order a bottle of what used to be my favorite malt drink, Maltina Classic.
 I was just sipping and enjoying my meal and then just as I was about to take the last gulp from my glass, I noticed black particles swimming in my drink! What?! I couldn't believe my eyes. Before I start convulsing and foaming at my mouth, I just decided to share this. Please, let's be careful when we buy drinks like this, especially the dark colored ones. Always drink from a glass and not from the bottle. If I do survive this, i'm definitely switching to another malt drink brand. 
Eat safe!

Here are the Winners of our Last Finest Face Off Competition

Big congratulations to our latest winners, beautiful Faithful and handsome Ekene. They had the highest votes. 

Please send me your network choices so I can send your 6k recharge card wins. Send to Your pictures are on our sidebars both desktop and mobile version. Thank you so much Damilola, Margaret, Tim and Al. You all rock!!

Our show for today is coming up next, hope y'all are ready?

See How Surgeons Transform Penis into a Vagina for Transexxuals (Graphic Photos & Video)

A gruesome and compelling video has revealed the great skill and precision involved in carrying out a male to female sex change.

The animation, uploaded by the European Society of Urology , shows how a penis and testicles are used to create a vagina, complete with a clitoris capable of orgasm.

The procedure is irreversible, so as a condition - the patient must be completely certain they want to go through with it.

See the video after the cut. WARNING: Disturbing footage.

Photo: Timaya Takes a Trip to Warri by Road cos Airlines Complained of Bad Weather

Timaya shared the photo and said:
Road trip to warri cause the airlines complaining of bad weather.. super stressful thou! GOD'S protection

Etcetera Comes for Singer Asa - ''Asa, Your Collabos are Getting Dumber by the Day''

Y'all will be screaming out loud after reading this latest article by Etcetera. Dude is crazy blunt and he really came for Asa and Naeto C over their song 'Share my blessing' in it.

 According to Etcetera, the first line of the song almost pulled off his knee cap, left him almost dead and is the most fatal accident he has ever had till date. Please read and let's know if you agree with his message that Asa's collabos are getting dumber by the day.

I walked into the music preview room at the radio station and I saw one of our sound engineers previewing Naeto C’s songs before uploading it into the station’s new digital library for airplay. 
I immediately walked out of the room because I wasn’t ready to activate my anger mode by putting myself through another experience of listening to another Nigerian rap song with shallow and crappy lines of which Naeto C is the culprit-in-chief, only to walk into the transmitting room and heard the presenter on duty introducing ‘Share my Blessing’ by Naeto C and Asa, as the next song on the play list.
I have to admit that this time around, I wasn’t too eager to make a dash for the door. Maybe because I heard Asa was on the song and thought that it would have at least inspired Naeto C to use better and more inspiring rhymes. Hope is a very dangerous

Bayelsa Guber: Again, Card Reader Fails to Capture Former President Goodluck Jonathan

Just as was the case during the 2015 general election elections where former President Goodluck Jonathan and his wife, Dame Patience Jonathan were both rejected by the card reader, the election device has failed to capture the former president in the ongoing accreditation process for Bayelsa governorship election.

LeadershipNG reports Dr Jonathan has gone back inside his house at Otuoke as voters await replacement of the card reader.

Caroline Danjuma Fights Dirty with Husband’s Alleged Mistress on Instagram..

Some nasty drama went down on billionaire wife Caroline Danjuma's Instagram page two days ago, guys. Hmm!

You recall that sometime last year, Caro had taken to her IG page to warn some agents of hell in the name of mistresses that they can't break up her home. Read HERE & HERE if you missed it .As at then, there were rumours that the very popular Matharoo sisters, that one of them was dating Caroline's husband. All of this hasn't been confirmed o. I just know that there's some bitter rage between the two parties.

Well, they both washed their dirty linen in public two days ago after Caro made a post on her Instagram page and one of her amebo followers tagged Jyoti. It degenerated to a fight between the Matharoo sister and Caroline. Caro was so pained she later went on Jyoti's page to confront her and warn her to keep her ‘demonic negativity’ to herself.

Jyoti wasn't going to let Caro shine on her page either. Check out the scandalous conversations that ensued. Mind blowing! Annie Idibia, Freda Francis all jumped in to defend their girl, Caroline.

Fully Loaded Forte Oil Tanker just Fell Off Ojuelegba Bridge; Explodes (Photos)

A fully laden Forte oil tanker fell off Ojuelegba bridge this morning and has just exploded. 

 Photos were shared on Twitter by an eyewitness, @deartosin. See more after the cut.

Good Morning Lailans, Here's My Address about What Happened Yesterday

Hello Guys, A very ugly incident occurred yesterday on this blog and I have spoken to everyone that was involved and I have also read all your comments.

I hope everyone is awake now cos I purposely waited to publish this as my first post today and by this time - 6am when I know everyone should be up. This will be the last time an incident like this ever occurs here.

What happened yesterday started when some readers made a mistake thinking Dr. Chukwubuikem, a medical doctor based at Asaba who wanted a serious relationship was the same person with another medical doctor Dr. Micheal based abroad who also wanted a serious relationship. And that readers that commented with their pins were made fun of.

That's not true. The two doctors were really embarrassed.

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