Friday, February 5

Ben Murray-Bruce Serves Epic Clap Back to Guy who Tried to Disrespect Him

Common sense Senator, Ben Murray-Bruce was on Twitter three hours ago preaching common sense as usual when this Twitter user felt he could talk anyhow.

Mr. Ben shut him down real quick

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  1. I love our common sense senator joor!

    1. And I love you so much.

  2. Lol,this man has too much time on his hands

  3. This guy has successful businesses running in Nigeria employing thousands of Nigerians. He has enough bragging rights to talk.

    His utterances just expose the fact that most of our leaders lack critical thinking in their decision making. We need more smart guys with a proven track record in governance.

  4. That was so on point... That guy has no reason not to have sense in his present or next life time.

  5. The guy must have received sense with this.

  6. Eyahhhh.. to bad For

  7. Ben go and make laws that will affect the common man.Till I see you and your colleagues pass a single law that affect common people, I will not be part of this your common sense revolution. Has your common sense changed the price of rice,yam,garri,egusi,palm oil, transport fare, salary increase for workers,employment,repair of bad roads, fall in price of dollars and improved agriculture. Many students abroad have not been paid their scholarship allowances and are busy begging money and friending female folks of those countries even though some are married but just to survive! some are pushed to drugs, duping and evil pervasions. Yet nothing has been done by the senates for those students allowances to be paid.

  8. I see Ben bruce becoming president of this country some day


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