Monday, February 15

OMG !!! You Wont Believe Where Hot Blog Reader Chinyere Spent Her Val (Hilarious Photo)

Hot blog reader Chinenye is full of surprises and y'all wont believe what she was up to on Val


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  1. Farmer! Yes the country is hungry already

  2. Is it the same person? It's looks as if it's two different people to me. Anyways, that's d power of make up. It's nice to know she's a farmer. Very soon, everybody will be a farmer in this country

  3. Wow! She s pretty! Amin d 1st pic.... D farmer side of her na apology.

  4. wife material in the making... #Successful

  5. Nice one. Farming also on my mind.

  6. And some men won't appreciate d second pix o!... bloody hypocrites!...and if she too dress na runs gal!!!even we babes nor dey try#smh!...thumbs up Chinyere darling but u get power o!#as for me I nor fit o#d last time I did I knw d end result#HORRIBLE!

  7. Na you do val pass jare...lmao!
    #The Beadologist#

  8. So why the OMG??? And the headline ?

  9. Laila staff you just removed the other picture? OK, Why not post one or
    two more stories before retiring to bed?

  10. LOL...

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  12. lol...Download Kanye West featuring Kirk Franklin here

  13. Na she be val , in fact na u do val pass

  14. Hey NO one is UGLY pls,alot of people are just pretending as if all is well. una go, Nice one bae...



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