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Actress Ashionye Raccah shares sweet photos of her daughter as she turns six months old

Actress Ashionye Raccah shared this adorable photo of her daughter, Ochade Marguerite Victoria on Instagram today as she turns six months. Below is the photo she shared:

Read what she wrote below:
"Happy #6Months to my Little Princess, #OchadeMargueriteVictoriaRaccah #LilMissOch you have brought so much sunshine & love into our lives. Your beautiful smile melts hearts. Even as a baby, you have the warmest personality of anyone I have ever met. I thank GOD for you #MyAngel and I will forever thank him for blessing me with you & your brother #Bam. Thanks for making my job as a mum very easy #MummyLovesYou #BamLove".

":How I Lost My Virginity On Val's Day"- Blog Reader's Painful Experience

This reader has quite a nasty experience to share folks. Please read and share your thoughts.

Be nice, guys. Post only constructive and helpful comments

I have always thought val is overhyped, Laila. May be it is because deep down in my heart love has failed me. Love has disappointed me. All my life the guys I like never like me back. And also, maybe it is because I lost my virginity on val’s day.

All my life, guys have never really liked me. Or should I say the guys I like don’t like me back while those I don’t care about are the ones who pay me attention. Last year, I met a man I had been with chatting with on facebook. He is married, but because I write poetry, he became one of my ardent fans. He sent me a friend request and I accepted, and from there we began chatting.

Zee Angel: You've Got a Special Valentine Message from a Reader

Dear Laila, please help me wish this beautiful jewel a happy Valentine day. 
I wonder why she doesn't comment anymore. Anyway happy Vals day 'Zee Angel' and incase you read this, please get my email address from Laila. Take care.
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New Photos: Ini Edo & her Luxury Shoe Closet

Ini Edo was recently appointed the Special Assistant on Tourism to Akwa Ibom state Governor.

She, her bags and Shoes are dazzling.

Jennifer Aniston: Good Genes or Good Docs?

Aging is definitely a friend of actress Jennifer Aniston.

On the left is a 23-year-old version of the "Friends" actress at a party back in 1992. 24 years later, Jenni -- who celebrated her 47th birthday earlier this week – is pictured on the right, on the red carpet in Los Angeles. We gotta ask: Good Genes or Good Docs?! What do you think?

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See What Guy Says He Found Inside Canned Drink He Took Today

Pics continue below.

What’s The Worst/Best Valentine’s Day You’ve Ever Had? Tell Us & Win Cash Right Now!

Hey, guys! All Valentine’s Days are perfect, romantic, and just full of warm fuzzies, right?

Davido Celebrates Val with Hot New Photo

He captioned it:

With you it's different.... ️ HAPPY VALENTINES DAY

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Who has the Boldness to Say AMEN to this Valentine Prayer?


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OloriSuperGal @ 6 (Photos)

It is indeed a good year for as she marked her 6 years anniversary in Lagos on the 12th of February, 2016 at BHM Lounge, Ikeja, Lagos.  Having friends and colleagues around to celebrate, Tosin Ajibade, founder of felt most excited.

The get together party was attended by a host of stars and media personalities like Gbenga Adeyinka, Tee A, Ayeni Adekunle, Tosyn Bucknor, Sisi Yemmie, Bunmi Odunowo and many others.

Olorisupergal treated her guests with a lot to eat and drink. It was fun all the way as she talked about her journey in the past six years and the birth of Travel Africa Story.
“I started blogging having little or no knowledge about it but today I can proudly say I

Question of the Day... Asked by OAP Gbemi O

Iceprince & Girlfriend Maima Share New Loved Up Photos for Val

Iceprince and Maima's love waxed stronger after her alleged cheating scandal. And they want y'all to see it and know it.

 Pics continue below.

200 Level LASU Female Student Dies after Vomitting Blood at Send-forth Party

Tragedy struck the Lagos State University (LASU) on Friday as a 200 level female student from the Department of History and International Relations died after attending a send forth party.

A second male student is said to be on danger list at Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH). Both he and the late female student were vomiting blood.

Senior management staff of LASU told SunNews that the female student started foaming in the mouth and was rushed to a hospital where she later died.

It was also gathered that after her death blood gushed out front her mouth and nose thus fueling the

VP's Wife, Dolapo Osinbajo Celebrates Val with Lovely Photo

The way our Vice President and his lovely wife love each other is so admirable. She just shared this pic of herself and hubby enjoying the beauty of the Miracle Garden in Dubai.

Someone said they are our very own Michelle and Barack Obama.

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Sad Story of 22 year old Graduate Butchered to Death by Fiance (Photos)

The gruesome murder of 22-year-old Precious Naza Onyenanu, who graduated last year from Imo State University with a degree in Edu­cation (Economics), has given her traumatized father, Mr. Innocent Eze Onyenanu and other relations the greatest shock of their lives.

He still shudders every time the thought flashes in his mind and his tears have also not ceased to flow.

Precious, a native of Isu, in Isu Local Government Area of Imo State was allegedly butchered by Ephraim Isom, 27, a graduate of Rivers State University of Science and Technology (RUST), who hails from Andoni Lo­cal Government Area in Rivers State. The heinous murder took place in a hotel

Don't Make Babies Except You are Married Today'' - J Martins

Singer J Martins took to his IG page some hours ago to warn every single man/woman, boy or girl hoping to get laid today to make sure they don't make babies, except they are married.

Press play to watch the very interesting video below.

I, Paul Itomo Will Always Love You, Edith (Photos)

Hi Laila, I wanna wish my girlfriend/Val happy val's day.
She means alot to me. Her name is Edith buh i call her miss Jupita. My name is Paul.
See Edith's second pic after the jump.

See How Blog Reader Julie is Celebrating Her Val (Photos)

“Love is the beauty of the soul.....It has the hands to help others. It has the feet to hasten to the poor and needy. It has eyes to see misery and want. It has the ears to hear the sighs and sorrows of men. That is what love looks like“

See Julie celebrating in style after the cut:

Mary Nwanze: Martha, your Younger Sister, Wants You to Know You are a Blessing!

Goodmorning aunty Laila! Happy Val's day to you! *kisses*.... Please,  I really wanna let my elder sister Mary Nwanze know how much I love her and how much she means to me..
 She is a graduate of Mathematics, Delta State University. She is our first child and a blessing to my family! She actually introduced me to this blog buh hardly comments, she is such a cute fellow, so quiet and ever ready to please the world! 
If I am asked to chose a sister, it'd be you, Mary! May the joy of this season radiate all and about you and may the blessing you are unto others be given back to you. Amen! I love you my elder twinny..
 - Martha Nwanze (Ada Laila) 

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Battle of Wits: Is Valentine Day Even Worth Celebrating?

What The Hell is Valentine Anyway?
  • Lovers Day 
  • A Day For Insecure Lovers to Delude Themselves?
  • Or a day of discrimination against single booless people

Iyke said:
Love isn't something that is based on time. You can always show or never show love. It should not be based on a day where people are asked to buy things and do things to "prove their love". Just because a man does not buy his wife flowers on February 14th, does not mean that this woman whom he has been married to for forty years, he suddenly does not love.

Swanky Photos of Mr Nigeria Emmanuel Ikubese for Valentine

Mr Nigeria Emmanuel Ikubese released these new pictures to celebrate Valentine.

Guy Narrates How He Made Calabar Babe almost Purge to Death over Fake Pregnancy

This story is insane!

Nollywood Actress Bites Off Actress Princess Chineke's Thigh in Hotel (Graphic Photo)

Nollywood actress Princess Chineke has released a graphic image of a bite she claims another actress on set inflicted on her while on a movie set. The bite tore off the the skin on Princess' thighs and reportedly happened during an argument.

Princess Chineke

Princess' attacker and the bite
According to Princess, this was what happened:

Genevieve Nnaji Shares Makeup Free Photo to Celebrate Val

She's an angel!

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Woman who Donated Life Savings to Buhari’s Campaign is Dead, President Mourns

Hajiya Fati Koko, popularly called Maitalla Tara, who gave virtually her life’s savings to President Buhari during his campaign has passed away at age 95.

And President Buhari is currently mourning her.

Hajiya Koko waited nine hours in Kebbi early last year to donate the sum of N1 million (One million Naira) to him as the then presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, saying she admired his honesty, discipline, and stand for truth.

Receiving the news of her passage, President Buhari commended Hayiya Koko’s conviction and

Who Wants to Send a Shout Out to La Boo/Has a Love Story to Share? Get in Here!!

Today is Valentine's Day!

Do you love your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/kids/siblings/parents/bestie/neighbor/pastor so much that you want to show them off to the world and let them know how glad and proud you are that you have them in your life?

If you said yes, darling, we've got space for you!

Should a Married Woman Accept Range Rover Gift from Ex-boyfriend on Val's Day?

What do you think?

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Flavour's Female Fans Cry, Faint while Watching Him Perform in Ivory Coast (Photos)

Highlife King Flavour is fast becoming one of Africa’s iconic modern day live entertainers.

Check out the drama his female fans displayed when the musician gave a stellar performance at his headline show in Abidjan’s renowned performance venue, Palais de la Culture.

No stranger to love shown from female fans, Flavour set pulses racing when he performed his past and current hit singles. Many fans were in tears, whilst another fainted with excitement on stage, after dancing with the star to his smash hit single, ‘Nwa Baby.’ Pics continue below.

Just Look at What This Lady Did to her Poor Man

Has this ever happened to you, dear Nigerian men?

 lol. Ladies, you too. Have you ever done this to any man's pic with you? #BeThouSincere o.

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Razed Valentine! Fuel Tanker Explodes in Ibadan (Photos)

I just received this sad email from a Lailan that witnessed the inferno.
Hi Laila,
Around 1am this morning, voices of people in Boluwaji area of Ibadan filled the air chanting "e ja de oo" (come out o), "e ma sun wora o"(don't sleep too deep o) because of a devil of a fire that was razing properties the area.‎

The source was a fuel tanker that fell few metres away from Adeojo central mosque and due to the topology of the area, the fuel flowed to few meters down the slope and the fire that flowed with it divulged the properties in its path.  
Not sure if any life was lost to it but the amount of properties lost is saddening.

See Teenage Boy whose Arm was Ripped Off while Trying to Steal $190 Air Jordan Trainers

This is the teenage thief who had part of his right arm ripped off in Brooklyn yesterday after attempting to steal a pair of $190 Air Jordan 8 sneakers at gunpoint from a man who then ran him over.

Zachary Sam, 17, is still in hospital today after losing his right arm below the elbow. Meanwhile, the man he was trying to rob, father-of-three Philippe Pierre, 39, appeared in court today charged with attempted murder where his lawyer argued that Sam 'got what he deserved' during the bungled theft.

According to the New York Daily News, attorney James P. Harding said:
 'I don’t mean to be harsh, but I think Mr. Sam in a sense was getting what he deserved.
'My client is an absolute victim in this case. I’m astonished (Pierre) has been charged ... He was trying to make an honest dollar for his family.'
Harding also attempted to paint the incident as a tragic accident, saying Pierre was attempting to turn his car around, call the police and avoid getting shot when the vehicle lurched forward.

CCTV of the incident shows Sam walking up to Pierre's car and getting into the passenger seat, at which point police say he pulled out a revolver and took the shoes from Pierre.

Speaking in court today, Harding said that Sam held the weapon to Pierre's head, telling him:
'Make a move and I’ll kill you. You’ll do exactly what I say.' 
Footage of the incident then shows Pierre making a U-turn and driving headlong at Sam, pulling him under the wheels and slamming him into a metal fence, tearing part of his right arm off.

Despite his severe injuries, Sam can be seen squirming out from under the car and struggling with Pierre and several bystanders before fleeing up the street.
According to ABC Sam left his arm behind at the scene, along with the gun, and footage shows his sleeve flapping loosely in the wind as he runs.

According to reports, the boy managed to climb on to a bus further down the street, stunning passengers with his heavily bleeding arm.

The driver is reported to have stopped the bus, allowing Pierre to catch up who then held Sam until the police and ambulance arrived.

The bus Sam ran into and Pierre's crashed car are pictured below. Sam was taken to hospital in critical condition and is now reported to be serious but stable. Doctors had attempted to reattach his hand, but it is unclear if they were successful, Dailymail reports.

Police say that when he is well enough he will be taken to jail and charged over the armed theft.
Meanwhile Pierre has also been taken to jail and charged with attempted murder.

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