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Dabota Lawson Shades Stella Dimoko-Korkus For Saying She Bleached Her Skin

Seeing Dabota Lawson's recent photos makes it hard to believe she was once dark skinned

SDK published a throwback photo of Dabota Lawson, alluding that the former beauty queen bleached her skin.

Moments after the post surfaced on social media, Dabota (who has her own line of skin lightening products), sounding not too pleased, posted this on her Instagram page

Checkout the old photos of Dabota, versus the recent ones

Nigeria Police Force Spends N600 Million On Procurement Of Dogs

Police dogs??? Issorai!

The Inspector-General of Police (IG), Mr Solomon Arase, has said that the Nigeria Police Force had spent over N600 million on the procurement and maintenance of foreign dogs in the last few years.

“This is certainly not sustainable in the face of the current dwindling resources,”he said.

The IG said that so much money was being spent on the importation of dogs from foreign countries that rarely adapted to the country’s policing objective.

You Won't Believe This Incredibly Handsome Male Model Used To Be A Woman (Photos)

Ladies, if this guy wooed you, would you even begin to imagine he was once a woman?

Hunky transgender model Laith Ashley, has racked up tens of thousands of Instagram followers thanks to his piercing eyes, broad shoulders, and sexy six-pack. What makes his popularity more exciting is the fact that he used to be a woman

Laith, 26, has been finding success in the modeling world since he started transitioning two years ago, walking in shows for Adrian Alicea and Gypsy Sport during New York Fashion Week this February and even posing for a Barney's New York campaign with legendary fashion photographer Bruce Weber.

Fun Photos From Lilian Esoro's Star Studded Birthday Bash

Ubi Franklin organized a birthday party for the love of his life Lilian Esoro-Franklin and it was simply funfilled.

Lilian showed off her blossoming baby bump in a beautiful one piece gown at the party which was well attended by several celebs.

See all the photos below

Tweet Of The Day

 This is insane! Lol

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9 Reasons Buhari’s Body Language Has Gone Foul

No doubt, there is growing discontent in the country presently, what with the non-availability of fuel, and electricity, plus the economy taking a dive owing to the fall in value of the naira........Read More

How Many Numbers Do You See?

Eye test

How good is your eyesight? Write out the numbers you see

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Beef Squashed! P'Square And SoundCity Finally Reconcile (Photos)

In September 2015, Psquare and Soundcity TV were involved in a bitter twitter war

Soundcity, had stopped airing videos by Nigeria’s pop twins, P-Square, since January of that year. They had invited the singing duo to an event but they insisted Sound City pay a certain amount of money. While trying to negotiate, Jude Okoye, their the manager had pointed out ‘What has Soundcity ever done for P-Square? Tell me one thing Soundcity has ever done for PSquare’

For that reason Sound City stopped airing Psquare's music videos.

All these was revealed during the twitter war between Sound City and Psquare last year, but the good news today is both parties have agreed for peace to reign.

While Peter Okoye is somewhere out there having good thoughts about his new single “Look into My Eyes”, the other half of Psquare, Paul Okoye was seen on Instagram with a top management staff of Soundcity TV.

I wonder why the twins have been doing things solo...

Anyway, Paul Okoye posted these photos below and the caption let us know that the beef has finally been squashed (without Peter)

Thief Stripped Naked And Paraded With His Loot In Benue State (Photo)

This definitely brings back childhood memories. When a thief is caught and stripped naked, the items stolen are hung on his/her neck and they are paraded naked on the streets on, like this dude below.

According to reports, this fellow was caught stealing chickens by Kwande vigilante group in Benue State. They meted out their own form of justice: stripping him naked, hanging his loot on his neck and paradung him before the disdainful eyes of the world..

Once a thief is caught and stripped like this, they usually have to change base because the disgrace is just too much. Hopefully this has taught the young man that crime does not pay.

See full censored photo after the cut

Classy or Trashy?

Is this fashionable or just trash?

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YIPEE !!! Laila Gifts TILB Staff New Range Rover SUV Worth N32M (Hilarious Photos)

At last guys, God has done it. So my new machine from Laila just arrived this morning.
I decided to take the ride to the car wash for the first time.

More photos of the machine after the cut:

This is The Major Reason Why You Must Respect Your Woman (Hilarious Photos)

If roles were reversed,
Most men will drop dead.

Ladies, Huddah Monroe Shares Tips On How To Give The Perfect 'Doggy Style' (Photo)

Ex BBA contestant and Kenyan celeb personality, Huddah Monroe, posted the picture below of herself, and proceeded to give a brief lecture of how ladies can give the perfect 'doggy style'.

Read below and see photo. 18+

Woman Shares How Potential Date With Doctor Turned To A Nightmare in 2.5 Hours

I don't know if you have experienced such, but if you have you should be able to identify with this woman' experience. Some people are NAGS!

A woman who was hoping to meet the man of her dreams had her expectations dashed after matching with a man on Tinder (matchmaking site) turned to a nightmare.

The woman shared the conversation between the pair after she claims he went crazy after they shared a telephone conversation after matching up on the dating app.

While she initially was charmed by the man - his attractiveness soon turned to impatience which then turned to criticism and then turned to begging all in the space of two and a half hours.

They agreed to meet on a Wednesday, but after a few calls, things went south.

Read the insane exchange below

See This Bizzarre Looking Chicken Someone Cooked (Photo)

I can't seem to wrap my mind around it

 More after the cut

My Mother in Law is Driving me Crazy

My husband and I got married 2 years ago. We had accommodation problems shortly after, so, we moved to my parents-in-law’s apartment and have been staying there for over a year now.

I have good rapport with my Mother in Law to the extent that outsiders think I am her daughter. However, there’s one thing my Mother in Law does that I don’t like – she still practises the old culture of using a wife as a slave in the family. Though my husband doesn’t attend extended family function, my Mother in Law will summon me to follow her because my husband is her only son and that makes me the only wife.

Anytime we go to family gatherings, even though there’s a caterer to cook and wash plates, she’ll order me to do the washing and partake in the cooking while other ‘senior’ wives gist and watch TV.

Lailans Lady G, Barong Nku, Olaitan, Rachel, Victor & Joy Share their Throwback Pictures

Check out our fab readers throwing back at us their memories.

Pretty Lady G is up first:

Hi Laila,

My name is Gabrielle Anaduaka, I comment as Lady G. (hi Lailans!) I have a bachelor's degree in psychology and now I'm studying to go to pharmacy school. I also have a blog This is a photo of little lady G when she was about 1 year old, and this is Lady G now, grown up and in her 20s!
 Greater heights and more blessings are yet to come for me! 
Divalicious Barong Nku:

Video: Rochas Okorocha interrupted by a Biafran in London

Governor of Imo state Rochas Okorocha was interrupted during a speech in London by a man who said his family members had been killed and that he was a Biafran, while holding the flag.

He spoke in Igbo but was later removed from the event. Press play to watch.

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See photos of Pearl Chuks' boyfriend Abiola that stole Dencia's N40million

Abiola is the man in the Pearl Chuks' vs Dencia's N40million story. Read that HERE and HERE.

Pearl and Abiola are pictured below wearing Celine sunglasses allegedly stolen from Dencia's house in 2015.

Kim Kardashian shows off her post baby curves in skintight bodysuit

Kim has been at the center of controversy since her nude selfie on Monday.

She again showed off her famous curves in a skintight bodysuit as she joined sister Kourtney Kardashian for lunch on Wednesday. Kim wore a black, knee-length bodysuit under a short black fur coat. See more photos after the cut.

Sharon Osbourne recreates Kim Kardashian's fully naked bathroom selfie (photo)

Sharon Osbourne has taken a leaf out of Kim Kardashian's book and posed for her own naked bathroom selfie.

The 63-year-old wife of Ozzy recreated Kim's now-iconic pose - complete with black lines to cover her naughty bits - and shared the pic on her social media pages. According to her, Kim Kardashian inspired her ad she feels so liberated.

See the photo HERE.

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