Sunday, March 27

And It's Time to Reach Out and Bless a Fellow Reader

Time to REACH OUT and bless a fellow reader, Time to be our brother's keeper... Time to bless the new week of that reader of your choice.

Prayer is the key, it is what bring us closest to God. If you love someone, the best thing you can do for them is to always pray for them

In the spirit of Christ's resurrection, I am reaching out to all Lailans, As Christ rose from the dead so also our happiness, long life good health, prosperity, success and God's abundant blessings

Stunning Lailans Show Off What They Wore To Church

Guys check out what our stunning Lailans wore to church today

First his Danny, Hello Laila, my name is danny fisiye and I attend salvation ministries iwofe satellite that's all

Second is Culture 

Don't Forget to Send in What You Wore to Church for Easter Today

I want to show you off to the world!

Remember to take photos before leaving for church, while at church and after church service. If possible, get your family and church members in the pictures too. When you are done, send all the photos to along with:

  •  the name of your church and location
  • what your Pastor/Reverend Father preached today 
  • and what you love about your church. 

I am waiting to publish your photos! Meanwhile, I'm spending my day with my family. Lots of relations to visit with hubby and the kids. May you day today be wonderful, guys!

Happy Easter, Dearies! 4 Lailans to Win N20,000 Now

Happy Easter to you my dearest Lailan and your family as we celebrate our Father’s greatest sacrifice through his Son, Jesus Christ.

 Your girl is leaving for church right about now.  But then, 4 Lailans will be winning N20,000 today. The money is already here with me so I'm just waiting for you to win, you send me your account number and I credit you immediately. All you have to do to be among our TODAY'S lucky winners is:

Gov. El-Rufai Spotted Showing Off His Humility by Chewing Sugarcane (Hilarious Photo)

This is a very humble governor. Imagine a sitting governor having to chew his own sugarcane when he can hire a senior special assistant on sugarcane matters.

Do You Agree With This? (Photo)

Do You agree?

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