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Hilarious photo of the night

Lool @ carry your seriousness and go

#DaddyDuties: Adorable pictures of Peter Okoye and his children

He shared the pictures of him hanging with his kids, Cameron and Aliona after school today. He captioned one of the pictures "The reason i double my hustle" Cute kids!

More pics after the cut

Heartbraking photos and video of mass-child marriage in India

A mass child marriage ceremony in India has been captured on camera - showing young brides crying as they are forced to wed.

The heartbreaking video was taken in Chittorgarh, a city in Rajasthan, northern India, a state in the country that is prevalent for child marriages.

In one clip a young girl of around ten-years-old is desperately crying and pleading for help as her father drags her around the customary ceremony.
In another clip, a priest - conducting the Hindu ritual - is also seen scolding the children for crying.

Six marriages took place in two days around the Akshaya Tritiya, a Hindu festival believed to be auspicious for child marriages in rural India.

One of the child brides, a five-year-old, is seen dressed in a Hindu bridal dress and is forced to walk around the fire with her child groom, an 11-year-old. 

She is crying loudly but a man forces her to complete the Hindu wedding ritual, which involves walking around the fire seven times.

The identities of the others in the footage are yet to be confirmed by police, who have already registered a case against the several families that forced their children to marry but all are currently on the run and in hiding.

Source Daily Mail

That awkward moment fans took Don Jazzy's tweet literally

So Don Jazzy tweeted the above and some of his fans took the meaning literally.

Checkout the replies below

Hilarious poster found in Woolwich, London


Tiwa Savage reveals how Nigerian musicians 'pamper' OAPs, DJs to have their songs played

photo credit: NET
 At the on-going Nigerian Entertainment Conference (NECLive 4), Mavin first lady, Tiwa Savage was among a 7-member panel which deliberated on ‘Content Marketing: The Power of Music, Comedy & More’.

While speaking on difficulties many Nigerian artistes go through in order to promote their content, Savage said,

UNIZIK final year student suicidal after HOD of Physics dept allegedly hinders his graduation

Hello Aunty Laila, I'm an ardent reader of your blog and you doing a great work, more grease to your elbow. 

My story is long but please you need to hear it because someone's life is on the line. 

This is the ordeal a close friend of mine is passing through right now and i thought it wise to share with you so maybe you can help him ask the HOD of his department what she really wants from him through your blog.
It all started when Austin Mapka (real name) with the reg number 2009244618 in Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka transferred from an engineering department into the Department of physics and Industrial physics due to poor run of results, which is completely legal by the school rules and regulations. 

Girl orders dream dress online, but gets this instead (photos)

Many have reported that clothing bought online doesn't always match up to the advert - but this is really disappointing

One student purchased what she thought was a beautiful taffeta gown with lace neck and sleeve detailing - a dream dress, really.

But what she received was wildly different and - as one amused Twitter user pointed out - "looks like pieces of a Satin Halloween costume stitched to hairnets."

See below

According to Ghanaians, this is how Nigerians pronounce words

Lol. As we say here in Nigeria, they are finding our trouble o.

Read hilarious exchange between a girl and her dad after she sent him to buy sanitary pad

A daughter's hilarious text conversation with her dad as he struggled to buy her sanitary pad from the supermarket has gone viral.

Tia Savva, from Bedfordshire, shared screenshots of the amusing chat on Facebook as her father roamed the aisles of Tesco. What was supposed to be a 5-minutes dash to the store turned into a baffling excursion.

Read the funny convo below.

When a Former Stripper Gives Her Life to Christ (Hilarious Photo)

When you used to dance in bars and you forget you are now in the praise and worship team 


This video of a dog dancing the samba will blow your mind!

This video is hilarious and very sweet! I laughed throughout as the dog gave some very awesome dance moves. I can almost swear the animal can dance better than a lot of humans because i don't know who is a better dancer between the teen boy and the dog. Lol. You need to see it to believe.

Watch the amazing video below

Dabota Lawson narrates how kind stranger returned her lost phone in London (photo)

Dabota Lawson shared this inspiring story of how a complete stranger in London found her missing phone and returned it to her. In her narration, I noticed a new level of maturity, as well as subtle hints at her marriage.

Read below

"They're are still kind and genuine people out there.

On A Saturday Morning at about 12:40am I realized my phone was missing .

Prior to that myself and my "precious sisters" ( yes that's how we address each other in a deep Igbo accent ) went to the Cinema to see a movie ( that I didn't even want to go and see) Anyway we left for a 20mins journey and watched the movie that I didn't really like ( no one forced me , but I didn't want to stay alone on a Friday night at home ) .

Anyway moving forward we got back , I put my bag down , had a shower, plastered all my beauty treatment ready to sleep.

Please Dont Try This at Home

One evening last week, my wife and I were getting into bed. Well, the passion starts to heat up, and she eventually says, "I don't feel like it, I just want you to hold me."
I said, "WHAT?!! What was that?!"
So she says the words that every husband on the planet dreads to hear...

She dared her boyfriend, he beat her, and now she is confused....

Please I need help.

I’ve been dating a guy for 4 years now and I know he loves me nuts. He has always tolerated my excesses and never hit me.

But just recently, he hit me with his belt once and I cried seriously. (I had always vowed that the day a guy lays a finger on me, it’s goodbye because I know whatever a person does before marriage, they would do after)

I’ve told him I want out but I’m confused because I caused it.

See What This Shameless White Man Was Spotted Doing in a Busy Warri Junction (Photos)

This allegedly happened this morning along Sapele road, Warri
The Oyibo man parked his white prado jeep, jumped out and did this

Can a black man try this in a white mans country?

See another photo after the cut:

Pastor prays for childless couple in bedroom as they kiss and romance (photos+vid)

You remember Pastor Paseka Mboro, who recently made global headlines for selling pictures of himself in "heaven" after claiming he went to heaven during Easter and saw God face-to-face? The pictures turned out to be computer filtered photos but that didn't stop his loyal faithfuls from believing.

Mboro has done another one. In yet another interesting adventure from him, he was recently seen praying for a married couple inside their bedroom in a video broadcast on TV. According to him, the couple are childless so he decided to pray for them to get them in a special way.

He told the couple to cuddle each other and begin kissing. He then laid his hands on them to pray while they kissed. He also ordered the husband to grab onto the wife's breasts and hold it while he prays for them. This connection would kill the woman's spirit husband

Ladies, Ebube Nwagbo has an urgent word for you

She shared this on her IG page. You agree with her?

My Breasts Are Killing Me, They Wont Stop Growing.

Hello Laila,

Please i need help. this is not funny any more. My breast is beginning to frighten me. I am 14 weeks pregnant (my first pregnancy) and my breast has grown past size 44 and with a very strong texture . Even though I am fair, my aureola is expanding at an alarming rate and has turned pure black and my nipple are erect and hard and painful non stop I am naturally busty and normally i wear size 34 cup. i have never seen any thing like this my entire life.

Lol...see why man stopped watching porn, and the epic reply


Good question. Lol

World's oldest dog dies at an unbelievable age

Maggie the Kelpie, believed to be the world's oldest dog, died while sleeping in her basket on Sunday night.

Maggie's owner was an Australian dairy farmer, Brian McLaren. Maggie was 30 years old at the time of her death which is approximately 200 years old in human years.

Gorgeous new photos of Nollywood actress Dolly Unachukwu

You remember Dolly Unachuwku who was a leading Nollywood actress in the 90s? She is one of the pioneers of Nollywood, starring in such blockbusters as the very controversial Glamour Girls 2 where she played the role of a very mean pimp, Love Without Language, the unforgettable Deadly Affair and so many more.

I first saw her in Glamour Girls 2 and mehn was she big! I mean, really big in size.

The 47 year old actress who has been married three times has over the years shared these photos of her transformation. She is now unrecognisable from the plus sized woman of years back.

See the photos below

What The Hell is Going On Here (Hilarious Photo)

Can any body explain what happened here?

Who rocked it better? Kemi vs Uti

Who rocked it better, Kemi Adetiba or Uti Nwachukwu?

Tontoh Dike is dangerously in love as she pens emotional romantic message for hubby

Mrs Tontoh Churchill is crazy in love and against many people's expectations, she has settled down in marriage and is almost unrecognisable from the wild, crazy Tonto Dike of yesteryears

University students strip totally naked to protest school policy (photos)

A group of eight university students have taken critical step to take their grievances home after they stripped totally naked to protest.

Checkout This Endtime Clock (Graphic Photo)


I just love the whole day but 03:30 make sense die

What's your favorite time(s) of the day??

Crazy much? Mother wants daughter's fiance for herself for this insane reason

This is a true story and I am left utterly speechless...

 Continue below

Lionel Messi's 'jealous' girlfriend blocks Miss BumBum Brazil on player's IG for bombarding him with sexy photos (pics)

After seeing the photos, I can confidently conclude that e reach to block. Lmao! Read on

Messi and girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo
Suzy Cortez is 2015 Miss BumBum Brazil, winner of a beauty pageant that pits ladies against each other based on the fleshiness of their bums- so one can understand how she can make any girlfriend wary.

Cortez claims Argentine soccer star Lionel Messi’s girlfriend, Antonella Roccuzzo, has blocked her from the player’s Instagram account for sharing sexy photos typically targeted at Messi.

Man accuses Orezi of sleeping with his wife almost beat him up (Video)

Popular musician, Orezi has been accused by a man of sleeping with his wife and almost beat him up.

The scene played out after his show Surulere on Sunday. Just after the performance a guy who has reportedly been tracking him caused a huge scene.

Breasts of steel: Lady balances crates of beer on her bosoms (photo)


They say it's a man's world, but this young lady begs to differ.

If a man can carry a bag of cement with his teeth, a woman can carry three crates of drinks with her own mouth, balancing them on her breasts. 

Man uses 'Aboniki' balm, dusting powder as lubricant during sex, fed up wife files for divorce

One Solomon Acchoyame has been dragged before an Igando Customary Court in Lagos State, by his wife, Omolara Acchoyame, who is alleging that he tortures her by applying hot ointments on his manhood while having sex with her.

The 43-year-old housewife on Tuesday sought for the dissolution of her marriage, alleging that her husband exhibited strange behaviours while making love to her.

American buisenessman dupes Nigerian men of $2.3m

An American businessman, Marco Antonio Ramirez, alongside his companies, Eagle Ford Instalodge Group LP and USA NOW LLC, was on Monday arraigned by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, for alleged fraud.

Patience Jonathan allegedly threw Bianca Ojukwu out Aso Rock for flirting with former President

This is according to controversial media voltron  and daughter of former OYO State governor, Kemi Olunloyo.

The war between Bianca Ojukwu and Kemi are far from over as Kemi has made fresh accusations against her.

Few weeks ago Kemi Olunloyo accused Bianca of commiting abortion for Femi Fani-Kayode which Bianca through her media aide denied and accused Kemi of having a mental problem.

Nollywood makeup artist steals actor's car on set

Stephen Onaji
Nollywood actor Stephen Onaji has accused a makeup artist, Cosmos Chidubem in the movie he featured in of stealing his car.

He revealed the car was stolen on Saturday while they were working on a movie 'The Storm'

He posted pictures of Cosmos on his instagram page and captioned it;

Makeup artiste Hakeem transforms lady into Wole Soyinka (photos)

Guys, Onilogbo Hakeem aka Hakeemeffect, the special effects Make-up Artist changing the face of Nollywood, african movies is at work again. See how he transformed actress Eki Osagie into Wole Soyinka!

See more pics below.

See the amount of bum Vera Sidika showed off in one picture!

Kenyan socialite, Vera Sidika says her bum is her greatest asset. That she works it out for two hours every morning, does sit ups to keep it round and good.

She showed it off alongside her recently acquired 2 storey house and cars in a pic she shared last night on her IG.

''Be ready to jail 5,000 pastors'' PFN tells el-Rufai

Kaduna State Chapter of the Pentecostal  Fellowship of Nigeria, on Tuesday, has said the over 5,000 pastors in the PFN would rather obey God than obey the proposed preaching bill currently before the state House of Assembly when passed into law.

The state PFN chairman, Prof. Femi Ehinmidu, speaking at a stakeholders’ roundtable conference in Kaduna, told the state government to be ready to jail the over 5,000 pastors in the state’s PFN if the

Check out comment obsessed Ini Edo fan dropped on her page

Nollywood actress Ini Edo shared this photo on her IG and captioned it Zanotti only for this comment to happen. 

Who understands what this guy said?

Hilarious photo of the night!

Lool! Someone said "who i love you don epp"

Chrissy Teigen share first picture of her baby girl

She captioned the picture "Hi my Lulu"

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