Thursday, April 21

Apparently, Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna are best of friends (photos)

For all of us that thought Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna would be arch enemies, we were wrong!

They just posted a picture of the two of them together on snapchat and tagged it "when we have been best friends the whole time"

'Today the world lost a creative icon'- Obama mourns Prince

President of the United State of America Barrack Obama has joined millions of fan worldwide to mourn the death of music icon Prince

Y'all need to see how this school conduct exam

According to the Facebook user, Ugwu Emmanuel who posted the picture, This is his Alma mata St Theresa's College Nsukka, Enugu state.

In order to reduce the level of malpractice, they write their exams in an open field spaced out.

The school has produced notable men like Governor of Enugu State, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, Chris Ngige and others

See how trailer jammed this guy on Reno Omokiri's twitter page

Lool! Reno Omokiri has time for those that come for him with wrong English.

Lool! How girls think makeup works

But honestly, with the type of makeup these days, this is how it really works

Exclusive: Check out Ooni of Ife's wife's birthday cake + pics from her party

Ooni of Ife's wife, Olori Adeyeye Wuraola Ogunwusi celebrated her birthday yesterday April 20th at her husband's palace in Enuwa Ile-Ife. Check out exclusive pictures of her birthday cake and more pics from her party.

Wishing her long life and prosperity! More pics after the cut.

Sandra Okagbue draped in Louis Vuitton stuns in new pics

 Pretty woman! See a second photo after the cut.

Tunde Ednut exposes girl who called him out as a fake

After a lady exposed accused Tunde of insulting her for refusing him sex,

Tunde has exposed the as fake and that she preys on people. According to him, the lady has also accused another guy falsely before. He said the lady was the one actually looking for something from him.

Read the rest below

Insane photo of the night!

Loved up husband and wife take a pic at their wedding...

Man asks internet to photoshop his picture next to leaning tower of Pisa; the results are hilarious

This man asked the internet to photoshop his botched tourist picture to look like he went to the leaning toer of Pisa and got more that he bargained for. The internet phtot-shopped the picture but definitly not the way he expected

Check out more hilarious pictures

Meet the guy who predicted Prince's death on Twitter

Prince, one of the most prolific, daring and successful musical artists of all time, died today aged 57. Meet the guy who predicted his death on Twitter.

The Purple Rain singer, real name Prince Rogers Nelson, died at his Paisley Park studio in Minnesota, the state where he was born and raised. Just last week, the singer was briefly hospitalized in Illinois for a flu emergency and cancelled two shows in Atlanta because of the illness.

The young man who predicted Prince's death is now being hailed as someone that can tell the future and bombarded with questions like when will Trump die.. see the crazy questions below.

Touching post of the night

I agree...

Don't waste your prayers on me yet" Iconic musician, Prince last words before he died

Iconic musician, Prince has died aged 57 at his estate in Minnesota, just days after he was rushed to hospital from his private plane with severe flu.

Paramedics were called out to the music icon's Paisley Park estate at 9.43am and Carver County Sheriff's Department confirmed that there had been a fatality.

This so true! How people in movies eat

Why do they always do that? 

Mum born with two vaginas gives birth to 'miracle' babies conceived in separate wombs

A mum born with two sets of reproductive organs has spoken about her "miracle" babies that were conceived in separate wombs.

Faye Wilkins, 31, was warned by doctors that she may never fall pregnant after she was born with uterus didelphys - a rare condition that causes her to have two vaginas, two cervixes and two wombs.

But miraculously, after six miscarriages, she has gone on to have two children - one in each womb.

Heart transplant patient dies in ambulance crash hours after life-saving operation (photos)

A heart and kidney transplant patient has been killed in an ambulance horror crash - just hours after undergoing the life-saving operation.

James Larson, 36, was being transported to a rehabilitation facility yesterday after awaking from the long-awaited surgery at a nearby hospital .

Meet Tracy Jamilatu Iddrisu, fashion stylist extraordinaire (photos)

Ms. Tracy Jamilatu Iddrisu is a Ghanaian stylist,Personal shopper and Blogger who is taking the fashion scene in Ghana by storm. The beautiful damsel was born in Tamale,Ghana and is well renowned in fashion circles.

She is celebrated for her styling prowess both locally and internationally. Jamila (as she is affectionately called) has styled and shopped for a spectrum of clients including songstress Efya, Becca, Film Director/Producer Shirley Frimpong-Manso, Roshi Motman CEO of Millicom Telecommunications (Tigo)  and a number of top class women in corporate Ghana.

She started her basic in Tamale and later proceeded to the Central Region Of Ghana for her secondary education. Very determined and focused Jamila pushed hard through school and then gained admission to Ghana Institute Of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) in Ghana to pursue a four year degree course in BSc. Operations and Project Management and graduated with flying colors.

As stylist and a fashion enthusiast herself, she advocates for the love of self and body especially with her clients. She is a fan of feminine silhouettes that compliment her curves, as a talented creative, she has a keen eye for patterns,motifs and designs that become trends after she's been seen in them.

She is also a beauty and hair blogger, as her various hair and beauty looks over the 3 years of styling has proved. Tracy is a very strong  woman and her positive attitude towards her work is amazing.

Take a look at her lovely style posts on her social media pages which is garnering a religious following across the world:

Girl accuses Tunde Ednut of abusing hell out of her after she allegedly refused him sex

The lady says musician Tunde Ednut asked her for sex, but when she politely refused, Tunde went ballistic, cussing her out for refusing his 'sexy' offer.

See the messages below where he is cussing her out after she refused his request for sex.

"Help, corrupt DPR officials are aiding greedy filling stations!!"

Hello Laila, I am not a frequent commenter but i am an avid follower of your blog. Please, I want to report the activities of DPR (Directorate of Petroleum Resources) on this blog and pray that the appropriate authorities will take note.

We as Nigerians say we want change but we on our own part are not ready to change from our evil and corrupt ways. For weeks now we have been suffering from the effects of fuel scarcity, and now that fuel is gradually coming back, especially Lagos, our fellow Nigerians, in collusion with the DPR are determined to sabotage the government's efforts.

I stay around the Egbeda axis of Lagos, Shasha area to be specific, and the fuel stations here boldly sell fuel at 150/L and show no signs of reducing it. In my presence, on two different occasions DPR officials came to one of these stations, Easy Life filling station, made noise for about 30 minutes, collected bribe and vamoosed. The first time it happened I was shocked to my bone marrows.

Meet Victoria, The New Hottest TILB Reader

My name is Chinazom Victoria..Am a young vibrant and confident lady of 24. I am a professional finance administrator. A proud Igbo from Anambra state in Nigeria. a believer in the supreme GOD. humanitarian to the core. I am in a relationship. 

Gorgeous! See how military women in Eritrea look like

So Jim Iyke shared this photo of stunning female Eritrean soldiers. He said he will keep all his inappropriate thoughts to himself. Lol

But feel free not to keep yours...

Are You Still Single? Get in Here Now And Meet Le-Boo

  • My Name is Tommy and I stay at Abuja. I am Igbo. Tall and masculine. I need a woman who is ready to settle down with a beginner as I am not already made. She must be a graduate. Reach me on 08037322424

Have you seen this Nigerian man with world's longest wrapper? (photos)

Adjarho David Obaro is the man with the record of world’s longest wrapper, but says he has been denied by the Guinness World Records for the reasons unknown to him.

With his 38-yard-wrapper, Mr Obaro, who hails from Delta state, told NAIJ that he was out to break former Nigerian finance minister, late Chief Festus Okotie-Eboh’s record of the longest wrapper in the world (20 yards) and began his journey in 2003.

Bruce Jenner's son, Brody, rejects the Kardashians, says they're not his "f**king family"

Did I title it Bruce?? Bruce, Caitlyn, whatever.

It's no secret that Bruce Jenner (Caitlyn Jenner's) son Brody Jenner, hates the Kardashians. His animosity towards them has always been laid bare for the world to see.

Brody has been open on his feelings about Kris Jenner in the past - he never got along with her when she married his dad and when they got divorced two years ago, he was very happy!

Post of the day!!!

Seriously...common entrance???

Help! He tried to abuse her when she was a kid, now parents are forcing her to marry him

stock image
I will be 21 years old by July and I have a guy 13 years older than me that wants to marry me. I have known him since childhood as a womaniser and he tried to abuse me on many occasions. He added me on Facebook and we chat once in a while until February when he declared his feelings.

The thing is I don't love him and I can't even pretend in as much as he calls begging me to forgive him his past and accept him. The only problem I have is my parents. We are four girls and only one is married but is having issues with her husband.

Bizarre End-Time Rant: (Reader Discretion is highly Advised)

This post is purely the unedited opinion of the writer (blog reader Ayo) and does not in any way reflect the conviction of Religious folks intolerant of contrary opinions need not go beyond this point.

Hello lailans,
Today, I want to make common sense by asking questions we all want to ask but lack the balls to do so because of the fears instilled in us all from birth. According to Christians, god "intelligently" designed this earth.
Anyway, 7.8 magnitude earthquake has hit Ecuador on Monday, killing 300 and injuring 3000 people.
Just hours after the Ecuador disaster, another 6.1 magnitude earthquake occurred in Japan killing 50 people and injuring 300 others.

Caroline Danjuma says this enigmatic post is NOT about her marital challenges

Caroline Danjuma shared this rather thought provoking post about broken homes and how it affects children.

Rather cryptic, hey? It is very tempting to attribute her recent marital challenges as the inspiration behind the picture which she shared, but she has already put a blogger on the blast for 'twisting' the meaning behind the post.

She wrote

Abomination: 81-year-old grandma raped and robbed by 3 men in Ghana (photos)

An 81-year old woman known as Madam Martha, was reportedly robbed and raped after 3 men broke into her single room apartment in New Akrofuom an Ashanti Region in Ghana. The old woman experienced excruciating pain and bled profusely after the disgraceful assault.

Narrating the incident to people who gathered around to sympathize with her, including the area’s Unit Committee Secretary, Jackson Joe Nimako, said

Just see how 'evil' Nigerians captioned this photo of Amaechi and Kemi Adeosun

This picture was taken yesterday at the FEC meeting and whoever captioned it needs to channel his energy into the comedy industry. Lol

See the caption below

Ladies, here are reasons why sleeping with a bra is NOT bad for your health

Consider this scenario: After work, you hit up happy hour with your friends, and you end up getting home way later than you planned. Like,way later. You’re so damn tired that you skip brushing your teeth (oops),taking off your makeup (noooo!), and even removing your bra, before passing out in bed. Hey, it happens. But could the decision to forego freeing your boobs be harmful to your health?

Checkout What Owerri Residents Woke up to This Morning (Photo)

Hello Laila,

I finished my exams last week and just decided to hand around to see if they will paste any exam result. Due to boredom, I decided to take a walk around town and this was what I saw near my lodge immediately I stepped out. The truth isl that my girl friend who works at FMC authoritatively told me that over 20,000 students are secretly HIV positive and come for anti-retrieval drugs once a month. Guys, if you are in owerri and want to do. please use a condom. and if she insists on skin to skin, run for your life. the same applies to guys.

From Chisom Blessing

Company invents end time sex toy, Dildo Drone for hands-free masturbation (pics+vid)

There is nothing we will not see in this world when it comes to matters of sex. The whiteman invented hands-free for phones, now there's hands-free for sex toys.

Read below

Have you ever wanted to just lay down and have an orgasm without moving your hands or do any work at all?

The company that is behind that dildo selfie stick that made its debut in the media last year, have introduced their latest invention for all your dildo-ing needs - the dildo drone!

Yup. It’s a remote-controlled dildo that can fly around the room and then directly inside your vagina.

Must see video of how a reckless man risks life with hoover board on a skycraper

Oh my gosh... what kind of daredevil nonsense is this?? I couldn't even finish watching it because it is so frightening.

The guy was doing some very risky things with a hoover, on a SKYSCRAPER and every moment I expected him fall over the side. Some people just don't value life. Gosh.

Watch the shocking video below

Photo: See what a dad did to 17 year old boy who raped his 7 month old daughter

A father in India has chopped off the hands of a man who was accused of raping his seven-month-old daughter.

25-year-old Parminder Singh is said to have beaten the 17-year old man, tied him to a tree, and hacked off both his hands, before leaving him abandoned next to a canal.

London gets first nude restaurant, waiting list already at 5,000


I don’t know about you, but if there’s one thing that’s always bugged me about eating in restaurants it's having to wear clothes. Why stain them, when you can imbibe as the Romans might, naked, with sauce and wine spilling all down your body?

This is presumably the gap in the market The Bunyadi is hoping to fill, a new pop-up restaurant coming to London this summer for three months.

The restaurant will give diners the option to eat in the nude.The spot will “take diners to a beginning where everything was fresh, free and unadulterated from the trappings of modern life,”

Updated: UNIZIK final year student suicidal after HOD Physics dept allegedly hinders his graduation

Yesterday we published the post below, and the sender has added the guy's number since some folks requested for his personal contact details which has been added to the post.

My story is long but please you need to hear it because someone's life is on the line.

This is the ordeal a close friend of mine is passing through right now and i thought it wise to share with you so maybe you can help him ask the HOD of his department what she really wants from him through your blog.

It all started when Austin Mapka (real name) with the reg number 2009244618 in Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka transferred from an engineering department into the Department of physics and Industrial physics due to poor run of results, which is completely legal by the school rules and regulations. His phone numbers are 0806 356 5775, 09034902020.

In his final year he was elected the president of his department, at this point his problem with the HOD started. She tormented him day and night threatening to make him spend extra years every time he questions her actions concerning the students of the department.

Angie Nwandu of The Shaderoom gets hammered as Facebook pulls down page for alleged copyright violations

Popular Instagram blog The Shaderoom lost its 4 million Facebook followers in one fell swoop on Monday.

Facebook pulled down the influential social media gossip blog for “intellectual property” violations. In other words, TSR was banned for publishing copyrighted paparazzi photos.

The Shade Room’s 25-year-old founder, Nigerian Angie Nwandu — who made Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in Media list this year — told a journalist on Monday that she doesn’t know why Facebook took the page down.

Lool! See how trailer jammed this twitter user that came for Reno Omokiri

By the way, the twitter user's handle is @iykehandsome

See Don Jazzy hilarious congratulatory tweet to his crush, Rihanna

Lool! no be only mosquito net endorsement

Father from hell! Man rapes his three daughters

There are somethings you see online and you wonder if there is still hope for salvation.

The Enugu State Police Command has arrested a father over alleged sexual abuse of his three daughters, ages five, seven and nine years. afer a report was brought before TAM­AR Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC), Enugu, a joint initiative of Women’s Aid Collective (WACOL) by the mother of the children.

Would you rather suck these toes or go to jail

Looking at these toes, jail is not really a bad idea o... This one will kill you after the sucking

Oh Dear! Who did this to Meek Mill?

After the announcement that a black woman slave activist, Harriet Tubman will be on the new $20 dollar bill, there have been a lot of reaction but i don't know what Meek Mill did to deserve this..lool!

So cute! John Legend shows off his daughter's face

She is so adorable!

Quote for the morning

Letter to your amazing self

Man confesses how he raped 12yr old girl and gave her N200 to keep her mouth shut

A 30-year-old man, Nurudeen Owolabi, was on Wednesday arrested by the Lagos State Police Command for allegedly raping a 12-year-old pupil, simply identified as Ngozi in the Bariga area of the state and claimed it wasn't his fault as the devil made him do it.

Owolabi who resides in the same neighbourhood with the parents of the victim was said to have tricked her into his apartment on Alhaji Yinu Street, Bariga and raped her during the weekend.

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