Friday, April 22

Checkout this hilarious childhood photo of Khloe and Kim Kardashian

Their mom, Kris Jenner shared the picture on instagram

The mugshot of this half bearded man has gone viral

Police have release images of one of the the weirdest mugshots ever taken.

With a truly arresting fashion decision, Kevin Gibson, 58, is sporting an unkempt, bushy beard - just on the left hand side of his face.

Sarah Ofili's impersonator nabbed by police (photos and videos)

The man ho has been impersonating Sandra Ofili  has been nabbed by the police.

Sarah Ofili posted the news and videos of his confessions on her instagram page.

ATTENTION: This is 24yrs old Terry Andy Edwards, my impersonator and the brains behind those scam messages you have been receiving, claiming I am doing a modeling search in collaboration with Gold Modeling Agency, Etisalat, Modela etc.

The curves on this Beninese actress though

Ella Martins is a Beninese actress cum singer who accused of being Genevive Nnaji's alleged lesbian partner.

The curves on her though. More pics after the cut

After all the drama, Mide Martins and husband reconcile

Mide Martins and her husband seem to have reconciled following her latest instagram post.

It's Friday! That Means It's Time For ANYTHING GOES!!!



Hope you'all had a great week, guys. Its a relief because we can now let down our hair and RELAX!! Wheww.

Let us know what interesting news you came across this week. Whatever you wanna talk about, no holds barred because Anything Goes!

Orezi denies accusation of sleeping with someone's wife, denies knowing couple

Orezi's management have issued  a statement regarding the scandalous video that trended online two days ago after he was confronted by a man who accused him of sleeping with his wife.

The scene played out after his show in Surulere on Sunday. Just after the performance a guy who has reportedly been tracking him caused a huge scene.

The man is heard in the video saying "Because you be celeb, you think say you fit f**k my wife abi? Shey e good like that?" before he pounced on Orezi. If you missed it, click here

Now, the musician's management have issued a statement denying the aggrieved man's claims. They say the man is an attention seeker.

 Read below

Small car carrying big coffin draws attention in Ibadan (photo)

Small car, big coffin.

This was spotted today on Ibadan road, Oyo state... A driver who was transporting coffin -became the center of attention while trying to make a u-turn.

According to a twitter user, the driver was trying to avoid police up ahead the road and made this funny, albeit dangerous u-turn. It is not known if there was a body in it.

Brain teaser

Here's a little brain teaser for you to test your ingenuity...

Inspiring story of how man made 1st Class despite being told by pastor he was a failure

This story is so inspiring. The guy, named Obi Anyi's shared his story to let us know that we can overturn any negative prophecy over our lives and destiny. Read below

"When I was 8 years old, a Prophet came to my house and after prayers took a look at me and said I will never do well academically and when its time my parents should send me to learn trade. I wept that night because I knew the Vision I saw of myself.

This is what Dabota Lawson woke up to find

Things seem to be moving pretty well for ex-beauty queen and billionaire wife Dabota Lawson. Yesterday she shared a picture of the Hermes gift she received.

Today she woke up to NGN3,000,000.00 alert and thought to let the world know! She says "weekend don start". Lol

A snapshot of the alert after the cut

At last!! Sarah Ofili's impersonator finally caught and arrested (photo)

For years an unscrupulous person had been scamming Nigerians of their hard earned money using Sarah Ofili's name and brand. Under the guise of Sarah, he collected money from several unsuspecting people claiming to be doing a modeling search in collaboration with some top modeling agencies. 

Karma caught up with him as the police tracked him down and arrested the impersonator

A relieved Sarah wrote on her page

"ATTENTION: This is Terry Andy Edwards, my impersonator and the brain behind those scam messages you have been receiving, claiming I am doing a modeling search in collaboration with Gold Modeling Agency ( @goldmodelagency ) Etisalat, Modela ( @modelacoutureng ) etc.

What is Wrong With This Photo of Rukky Sanda

See anything strange?

Another photo after the cut:

Something urgent for you to ponder on

Continue below

Who can spot what's going on in this photos?

It look pretty normal, hey? Two guys posing with louboutins, Versace and other designer stuff... Except there is something not quite right with the whole scenario

See after the cut

To marry or not to marry? She is a public fighter

On the bright side, she will be able to fight to defend the integrity of her home. Lol

Guys, would you?

Disappointed Blog Reader Writes an Open Letter to Laila

 Hello Laila,

I have an observation to make and I suggest you publish it in the spirit of fairness because it is an open letter to you. I am the pregnant lady with breast issues who wrote you a few days back.

12 yr old Nigerian rapper challenges Olamide to a rap contest (pic+ video)

Some people discover their talents at a very unfortunate period of their lives; when they are in hardship. But the same cannot be said of Oluwatobi Akanbi, a 12-year-old rapper who boasts the courage of an adult.

Checkout These Funny People Making Common Sense On Social Media (Hilarious)

Tragic last photo of frail Prince leaving pharmacy just hours before his death

Prince was photographed for the final time outside a pharmacy - just hours before his tragic death yesterday at the age of 57.

Lol...ladies, answer this 'jamb' question


What Toke Makinwa has to say about Toyin Aimakhu/Seun Egbegbe drama

In the face of the embarrassment and scandals that have dogged Toyin Aimakhu recently, support have started coming from different quarters. The latest personality to throw her weight behind the actress is Toke Makinwa.

Toke, who is known to be very outspoken shared this on her IG page

5 Romantic Ideas That Doesnt Work With Nigerian Women

Being romantic is supposed to be universal but there are certain ‘endearing’ acts which won’t work if tried on a Nigerian lady.

They love the flowers but will rather get a gadget. And when you say date, it has to be a fancy restaurant where you’ll spend a lot of money.

Below are 5 acts which are deemed romantic abroad but makes you look stingy and foolish at the same time in Nigeria.

1. Sending Her Flowers

Lets say that some women in Nigeria love flowers but the point is that they’ll rather have something else. You can’t show up on her doorstep with a bunch of flowers on her birthday. Even though she’ll accept it, she’ll also be looking out for the real present while concluding that you are a stingy man sent by her village witches to frustrate her life. If she cheats on you at this point, Your stinginess should be blamed.

How to keep the penis clean and healthy!!!

While we tend to be very emphatic on feminine hygiene, men tend to forget that their netherparts are equally sensitive and poor hygiene will leave that place unpleasantly odorferous. It's the body part that men arguably value the most, so you owe it to your manhood to always keep it clean, healthy and fit for purpose.

Give it the care it deserves and you may not be the only one to benefit – your partner will probably be grateful too.

Gently wash the penis with warm water each day when you're having a shower or bath. If you have a foreskin, pull it back gently and wash underneath.

See what a scammer sent him, and the deadly response

I don't know why some Nigerians will not channel their creative energies to more creative ventures

Hilarious tweet of the day!!!

OMG!! I can't stop laughing..hahahaha!

Man murders girlfriend over Whatsapp text describing his small manhood

A man who allegedly stabbed his lover to death when he found her chatting on WhatsApp is under police guard in hospital after he also tried to kill himself.

It is believed the man got enraged when he checked his girlfriend’s phone and saw that she was telling her best friend about his small manhood. The message read: ‘Aww shame une pipi elincane’

Photos of inside the luxury mansion where Prince was found dead

Prince was found dead in a lift in his Paisley Park home, hours after visiting a pharmacy.Medics desperately tried CPR but were unable to revive the music icon who was pronounced dead at 10.07am.

No details surrounding the cause of his death have yet been released.

Prince's home in Minneapolis is as extravagant and outlandish as you might expect, with the floor in the entrance hall embellished with the unpronounceable sign synonymous with the music legend.

Guy Gets Epic Reply After Asking Babe to Come Cook For Him (Photo)

Epic !!!
If you want wifely benefits, you better man up. Go and meet her parents

Case closed

What Would You Do In This Ugly Situation?

You met a girl on social media and agreed to meet face to face, you decided to take her out to an eatery where you can relax and talk better.
You had N1500 on you and paid N350 for her transport so you're left with N1150.
When you got to the eatery , before you could order for a bottle of maltina for her, she ordered for 2 bottles of Andre at N 2000 per bottle, 2 plates of chicken and chips at N 1000 per plate, she said she needed to make some calls and asked you to go outside and buy her recharge card of N1500.
Now you're outside........... what do you do next..??

Please dont lie oooo. God is watching you in HD

Naked swimmer rushes out of lake after fish 'attacks' his manhood (photos)

A man caught a fish with his manhood after swimming naked in a Russian river.

A video shows the fisherman emerging from the water with a grayling attached to his penis. Moments earlier he had plunged into the water in the nude, despite being warned that it was teeming with fish. Shortly after, the agonised man jumped out of the water with fish gnawing his manhood.

See the hilarious photos below

Grieved mother cries out after baby drowned in a well day after dad forcefully took custody

Rachael Oyeniyi, 2, drowned in a well a day after her father, Gbenga, a lecturer at the Lagos State University (LASU), went to Abeokuta, Ogun State, to forcibly take her from her mother, Adenike, because she refused to move down to Lagos to stay with him.

Controversy now surrounds the case after Racheal allegedly died in a well at his home at 8, Jessa Street, Egbeda, last Tuesday. Adenike is alleging foul play.

Rapper Wale is discouraged, says "I should have gone into football" after receiving death wishes

Yesterday, after the news of singer Prince’s death surfaced on social media, many users eulogised the iconic singer. Some others used the opportunity to recklessly take shots at artists like Wale.

The Nigerian rapper had made a comment about JayZ being overrated when a rude tweeter commented that it would have been better if it had been Wale that died.

It was comments like this that prompted the rapper to take to Instagram to share some of the tweets, and said he regretted going into music. “I should have played college football and graduated college,” he wrote, adding, “than to wake up to this daily.”

See the comment below

Mom buys baby milk but what she finds inside is very disgusting

A furious mum has claimed she has she found a blood-covered plaster in her baby's milk.

Michaela Tracey Nicholls, from London, says she was getting ready to feed her baby when she made the sickening discovery.

The mum was using the brand Aptamil, a formula for children not being breast fed or on a combination of their mother's milk and formula.

Jilted lover sets ex boyfriend's shop on fire in Abuja

file photo

A lady identified as Ngozi Ugwu has been accused of of setting her ex boyfriend, Ugwuoke Nwabueze's shop ablaze after they had alteration.

Ngozi had earlier threatened to kill him and burn his shop during their disagreement. She made true her words when she allegedly went to the shop at Friendship Street, Bwari and burnt down goods worth 200,000 and even caused Nwabueze to sustain injuries.

Mallam Yankee calls out Comedian Gordons, accuses him of being a debtor and very arrogant

The Chairman of The Bank club, Abuja, Kehinde Adegbite, AKA, Mallam Yankee, has accused comedian, Gordons of being pompous and having a rude attitude despite owing him

Mallam Yankee said the rib-cracker owed 400,000 which he was yet to pay back and despite that, ‘Gordons feels no iota of remorse.’

''The AVERAGE Igbo Man is abusive, uncouth and has no respect for women'' - Guy writes

As shared on Facebook by Victor Ibeh:

Lebanese man arrested for faking Nigerian citizenship

A 42-year-old Lebanese, Rami El Masri, has been charged to court for allegedly forging a letter of Nigerian citizenship confirmation and parading himself as a Nigerian.

According to the police, Masri forged the said Nigerian citizenship confirmation letter with reference number MIA/NAT 382/1 with the intent it might be acted upon as genuine.

The foreigner was accused of falsely and fraudulently presenting himself as a Nigerian citizen by birth, an act the police said was contrary to and punishable under sections 363 (3)(4)(O), 409 of the

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