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PHOTOS: Ex-militants block entrance to Akwa Ibom Govt House

Ex-Niger Delta militants, who were granted amnesty since 2012, on Tuesday blocked entrance to Akwa Ibom State Government House for more than four hours.

The militants, numbering over 200, according to Punch, arrived Willington Bassey Road, the road that leads to Government House in six Toyota Hiace buses, chanting songs and carrying placards with different inscriptions.

Below are pictures of the Ex-militants during the protest.

Nigerian professor breaks 187-year record at London university (photo)

A Nigerian academic, Prof. Abiodun Alao will tomorrow deliver a professorial inaugural lecture at King’s College, University of London, making him first black African scholar to deliver such lecture since the school was established in 1829.

Alao is a professor of African Studies and was conferred with professorial title about two years ago alongside a Nigerian counterpart in the institution’s African Leadership Centre, Prof. Funmi Olonisakin, making them the first black Africans to attain professorial cadre at the institution since its establishment.

The appointments have been confirmed in a letter by the institution’s President and Principal, Prof. Edward Byrne AC, which justified their elevations at the instance of their contributions to African peace and security.

This picture is freaking Nigerians out! Can you tell what it really is?

It took Valentine 16 hours to figure out what is in this image. Look closely, guys. How many seconds/minutes/hours is it taking you to understand this image?

What do you see?

Cat mum killed in car accident miraculously delivers six kittens (photos)

A pregnant cat was killed after it got slammed by a car while crossing a road in southwestern ‪China‬’s ‪‎Chongqing‬ on April 23rd.

According to People's China Daily, the cat’s body lay lifeless on the road. Its bulging belly drew the attention of passersby, whom immediately realized that the cat must be pregnant.

Luckily, a veterinary surgeon was among the passersby. The vet quickly sent the cat to a nearby animal hospital, where the cat mom was to have a caesarean section.

Six healthy kittens were then born.

Is this statement really true???

This is 2016. Ladies, do you agree with Lola's tweet? 

A lot of us have, at one point or the other in our lives, loved a man we wished we could call ours who on the other hand, didn't want that. Even if it didn't happen to you, you must know someone it has happened to. 

Do you really believe if a guy doesn't want to wife a lady, there's nothing she can do to make him change his mind?

Lola's tweets continue after the cut though.

Mercy Johnson swims with her husband & kids (photos)

Beloved Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson just shared new photos of her family enjoying a swim. Her caption for one of the pics read:
''Awesome God, we're not perfect but we are happy. Any reason why he looks at me and I get shy? Hmmmm love is wantintin''

The adorable pics Mercy shared continue below.

Angry Nigerian babe shares photo of girlfriend's swollen clit after boyfriend chewed on it

Story and graphic picture as shared on Twitter.

VIEWER'S DISCRETION IS ADVISED O. PLEASE. cos you are about to see a lady's really private part.

Lailans, do y'all know the answer to this question? 99% of you will fail it sha...


OAP Freeze says Nigerians should stop blaming Buhari for the herdsmen killings

OAP Freeze has said Nigerians should stop blaming Buhari for the herdsmen killings. According to Freeze, under the clueless former President Jonathan's regime, more people were killed.

Who agrees with him? Freeze's explanation continues after the cut.

Toyin Aimakhu's fans roast her for looking suicidal in a 'waist strainer' (Photos)

Nollywood actress Toyin Aimakhu is currently in Rhode Island for an event. Look at the hilarious mess that happened on her IG page after she shared new pictures of herself and her sexy coke figure.

An unbothered Toyin shared more pics though and fans dropped more comments. See them all after the cut.

Charly Boy shows off his family in new photos

Charly Boy who usually post pictures with hus virgins decided to showoff his family.

He posted the pictures and captioned it "Daddy's girls" "like father like daughter"

Another photo after the cut

Babe shows off money she made after sleeping with 3 men in one hour

Can you imagine!!

"Come on! it's 2016, no more Iyanya question" Freda Francis replies fan

Iyanya's ex gf, Freda Francis is tired of people asking her about her relationship with Iyanya.

When a fan asked if she was done with Iyanya she replied "helooo it's 2016 no more questions" and went ahead to invite him to book a session at her spa.

The guy then replied saying he asked because he wants to take over

See the convo below

Adorable photos of Mercy Johnson and her family having a good time at the pool

The beautiful actress shared the picture on her instagram page and tagged it "Awesome God, we are not perfect but we are happy"

More photos after the cut

Governor of Enugu State in tears as he visits the site of the herdsmen attack.

Tears flowed Tuesday morning as Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State visited Ukpabi, Nimbo, in Uzo-Uwani local government area of the state.

The community came under attack Monday morning, leading to the reported death of 21 persons.

Hypestation Nigeria presents 2016 ten outstanding & aspiring young women in Uyo (photos)

At Hypestation Nigeria, we are poised to support entrepreneurs and successful people who impact their communities in various ways. The women are not left out in this as they are key players we selected our 10 outstanding and aspiring young women in South-south Nigeria’s fastest emerging big city, Uyo.

The compiled list is in two categories, the Outstanding and the Aspiring. Outstanding features women who have weathered the storm and carved a niche in their various fields of endeavor and remain focused to emerge society icons that other younger ones aspire to be like.   

For the Aspiring group, the list is made of though younger women that have small businesses, pursuing other career paths and are exceptional in their work, even at budding level and also have created considerable impact, even amongst their peers.


Mmanti Umoh

Lolo 1 Of Wazobia FM celebrates birthday with new photos

Multi award-winning radio and TV host, comedienne and actress, Omotunde Lolo 1 in anticipation of her birthday which is tomorrow, has released these new photos where she played around with different types of headgear.

It's been an eventful year for Nigeria's queen of Indigenous radio. Definitely full of it's high points and low points but OMOTUNDE LOLO as she is fondly called by her fans is not giving up. Not by a long shot!

As she clocks 37 tomorrow 27th April, She celebrates God's amazing grace over her life and connects with her joyful and playful persona in these new photos.

There's a lot to look forward to from LOLO in the coming months. Her ongoing work with FUNKE AKINDELE  on Jennifer's Diary, A brand new TV show about to launch, her annual comedy event; Oga Madam Live On Stage, and many more.

It's going to be a great year yet. and LOLO is definitely looking forward to sharing it all with you.

See her gorgeous pre-birthday photos below

Where is Father Mbaka And His Voice of Change?

The first time i heard about Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka was through my mother. My mother was the head of the CWO in our archdiocese when we were younger. She headed the women group for 14 years (not very sure but it was quite long).
She was also a church dancer, since i come from an area where women are valued due to the fact that they can dance. Dancing could be a reason a man would marry you in my village. Not because you will make money for him while dancing but just so he can point at you from the crowd of dancers and say, "that is my wife over there". Weird but true.

Disgusting maid caught pouring urine into boss’s drink in shocking video (pics+vid)

Pictured above is the pretty disgusting moment a maid was caught pouring urine into her boss’s drink.

According to local reports, the family had become suspicious of the maid for undisclosed reasons, and decided to install a secret camera in the kitchen.

Checkout This Endtime Female Marketer From Airtel (Photo)

This airtel marketing staff was spotted recently and it appears that she had a totally different end time marketing strategy.

See the photo after the cut:

Lailans, how many of you are guilty of this?

File Photo

Hi Aunty Laila,

Its me again. Okay today my pastor said something and i have been thinking about it.

He said one has the tendency to always take care of his sister's kids than his brothers kids. I didn't have to think because i found myself guilty. Now lets see what Lailan bvs think about it.

Twizzy Pee

Olamide and Lil Kesh confirm Lil Kesh is leaving YBNL

Back in 2015, Olamide shared a series of tweets stating that after each of his YBNL signees are done with their 2 year contract he’d be happy for them to start up their own label because his prayer for them is “not to be slaves or dependent”.

Over the weekend word began circulating that Lil Kesh will be leaving the record label to start up his own this year.

Now, there is official confirmation as both Lil Kesh and Olamide have come out to confirm that truly, the Efejoku crooner is leaving YBNL for his own label, YAGI, and they added that despite this, the collaboration between both labels continues.

See their statements below

Beyonce channels Osun, Yoruba marine goddess of love and fertility in 'Lemonade'

Beyonce's much anticipated album, Lemonade is much more than what a lot of people expected

While the album is dominating conversations on media and still on every entertainment headline, African religious traditionalists have been quick to notice that Beyoncé channelled Osun, the marine Yoruba goddess of water, fertility, love and sensuality.

Ex-MBGN Isabella Ayuk graduates from Winners Chapel bible school (photos)

MGBN 2012 Isabella Ayuk is definitely taking the things of God seriously

She was among the graduants from Winners Chapel's Word of Faith Bible Institute whose graduation ceremony took place this past Sunday, April 24 at Winner's Life Camp branch, Abuja.

Isabella was seen in high spirits as this marks a milestone in her life.

See more photos after the cut

He is Demanding For a Blood Covenant Against Cheating Before He Can Marry Me

Hello Laila,
I need help. I have been dating this guy for about 2 years now and he dosnt like it when i ask where the relationship is heading. So something in me told me that he will not marry me so I had to start another relationship with a guy from my town last christmas even though I didnt break up with him because i really love him.

The Hottest TILB Reader Victoria Shows Off What She Wore to The Office Today (Photos)

Hello Lailans,
As the reigning hottest TILB reader, I want to show off my office look today so that haters can go and jump into the lagoon. For those of you that showed me love, May good things never depart from your house hold. Even you willy, I am surprised you didn't attack me sha.. All those anonymouses, May you remain anonymous forever.

Thank you

Another photo after the cut:

Buhari's Silence And The Heavily Armed Jihadist Herdsmen on The Southern Part of Nigeria

How is it that Fulani terrorists can move from state to state armed and with their cows and no police or army knows about their arms or who gives it to them and why has nobody made any attempt to disarm them?. From the south west to the south east down to the south south. They kidnapped Pa Falae in the west and has wrecked havoc in Delta state and from there to Agatu in the middle belt in Benue and from there to Enugu state. Buhari is not even a year old in power and this is happening. This is a jihadist movement disguised as herdsmen to Islamize Nigeria and unleash terror. Uthman Dan fodio mandated them to do this. For the first time in my life, I regret voting for Buhari. I have now seen what the Biafran agitators saw a long time ago and I regret not joining them. Nigeria can never be one when people like Buhari remain in power. I used to have respect for the man until now. Now ask your selves these salient questions
  • Why has the Fulani herdsmen suddenly become a formidable force since Buhari came to power? 
  • Why has their weapons changed from Dane-guns, machetes and cutlasses to automatic AK47's and rocket propelled grenade launchers.
  • Why did the army arrest 72 youths from the attacked community who had earlier armed themselves to defend their lands and dump them into detention before this attack?
  • Why is the federal Government quick to subdue IPOB and detain its leader against court orders yet remain silent while the herdsmen run rampage on other peoples ancestral homes.
  • Why has the DSS not arrested even a single Fulani herdsman? 
  • Who exactly is arming these Fulani nomads with sophisticated weapons and for what reasons? 
  • Why is their suddenly a grazing bill seeking to be made law while other more critical needs abound in the nation?

Tweet of the day


Photos: Mad woman shocks residents as she gives birth a second time

A mentally unstable woman has given birth to a bouncing baby girl to the shock of residents at Effiakuma in the Sekondi /Takoradi Metropolis in Ghana.

According to reports from residents, this is not the first time the mad woman has given birth in the area.... anytime she puts to bed, some neighours suspected to be her relatives reportedly come for the baby.

Sad photos from the scene of GLO XFactor DNA twins abduction

Gunmen ambushed and attacked the "EKENSON transport" bus of the Glo X-factor DNA Twins this last Sunday, on their way to Lagos. shot the driver, robbed the whole bus and took away the twins away.

The kidnappers who contacted their family for a ransom of 6Million and demanded it's paid before 25th of April, which was yesterday, has increased the Ransom from 6million to 10Million Naira Today while speaking to their mom because they didn't meet up their earlier bargain. The boys are still alive as at this morning because they were allowed to speak with their mom for confirmation. According to their mom, they were crying profusely and begging for help.  They are presently being held in Kogi state.

The case has been reported to the Nigerian police. But we can't just fold our arms and do nothing. Please if you have any vital information that can lead to finding their whereabouts, kindly visit the nearest police station to give this information. Because the family don't have 10million to pay as ransom. They've not even raise 1M right now. Your information can help save their lives. As they are still doing all they can to try and raise this enormous ransom.

Please do help in every way you can to get the twins safe back to their family.

Below are pictures from the scene of the hijack. The Shot Driver, The Bus and every other.

Crazed Beyonce fans force Rachel Roy into hiding, terrorise her teen daughter

Rachel Roy has reportedly gone into hiding after receiving death threats from crazed Beyonce fans on social media.

Blac Chyna shows off her sexy bod as she cruise around in her new Lamborghini

Blac Chyna who got the purple Lamborghini from her fiance Rob Kardashian showed off her sexy body she stepped out in Los Angeles.

She was also spotted pairing her sexy outfit with Yezzy boots

More pictures after the cut

Hilarious photo of the day

When there is only one jeep at the event and y'all have to borrow-pose

Do you agree with her? It's not right to blame the side chic- Emma Nyra

DO you agree with her opinion on cheating and the blame game? She however thinks its different when it is one's husband

Beyonce's fan accuses RIta Ora of being 'Becky with the good hair' after she posed in a lemon bra

Seems like the Beyhive are looking whomever they can accuse of being Becky with the good hair', a lyric from the Beyonce's latest album.

They have also accused Rita Ora of being the latest ‘Becky with the good hair'.

The Beyhive was buzzing after Beyonce dropped her new record, Lemonade, and quickly went after fashion designer Rachel Roy - but now their fury has turned elsewhere.

Half siblings reveals they are in an incestuous relationship; parents delighted

A half brother and sister who appeared on a makeover show on Spanish TV, not only revealed a new image during the show but also a huge secret.

Ana, 27, and Dani, 23, used their appearance on Cámbiame - which means Change Me - to confess that as well as being siblings they are also a couple.

Two Keke Napep thieves burnt to death in Delta State (Graphic Photos)

It was a scary sight on Monday morning in Okumagba Avenue, Warri, Delta state after an irate mob set fire on suspected armed robbers.

DAILY POST reports that the robbers, numbering up to seven, had snatched five tricycles (Keke Napep) from the owners around Emebiren street in the area.

The irate mob however caught two of them and set them ablaze.

Nigerian ladies who had sex with 2 different men in 24 hours share their stories

This happened on Twitter while y'all were sleeping last night. lmaoo

Photos: Quality and Affordable Clothing for Nigerian Men & Women from N5000

87Origins (www.87origins.com) is an online fashion & lifestyle brand. Born in 2016, based in Lagos Nigeria, our aim is very simple: We want make modern & sophisticated garments accessible to everyone who enjoys wearing stunning clothes as much as we love creating them.

We want to put the excitement back into your wardrobe, we care about what we do, but always strive

Cute Nigerian couple who met on Twitter are getting married (photos)

Gbemi and Tobi met on Twitter 2011, kicked off a relationship and come May 14th, 2016 they will be getting married. Here are their pre-wedding photos.

More after the cut.

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