Friday, May 6

Wow! Checkout this beautiful illustration of Jay Z, Beyonce and Blue Ivy

Ghanaian Artist, Dennis Owusu has done another illustration of the Cater family

Tee Billz allegedly borrowed the N45m from IBB's niece

In Tiwa Savage's tell-all interview, she revealed that her husband, Tee Billz borrowed N45m from someone. The Capital has revealed that the person is Gen Ibrahim Babangida's niece.

See what they wrote below

Halima Babangida
TheCapital investigations revealed that Tunji actually collected the money from the last daughter of General Ibrahim Babangida, Halima Babangida’s cousin, Hajara Mustapha,
According to an insider, the poor girl who was apparently ignorant of his penchant for mischief, gave N45 million to him on behalf of Etisalat for a show. Immediately he collected the money, he had a rapid dialogue with his legs. He absconded. 
We gathered that Halima informed her cousin, Halima and they are threatening fire and brimstone, even as you read, to get the money from Tunji. They have informed EFCC to go after him. Now, he has been running from pillar to post, burrowing like heat-maddened rabbit, from one hutch to the other, in search of a miraculous lifeline and refuge from the reach of the EFCC.‎
Source The Capital 

This magnetic Indian man can make Spoons and nails stick to his chest

An Indian man who claims to be magnetic has demonstrated his bizarre talent - by placing household cutlery all over his body.

Arun Raikwar, from Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh in India, discovered the unusual skill only a few months ago when a nail stuck to his body while he was doing some household work.

Pictures show the 37-year-old photographer placing metal objects, including spoons and nails, on his upper body and then proving that they do not fall off.

Reno Omokri jams another twitter user + reacts to buhari signing the budget

Reno Omokiri is now popular for his funny replies to twitter users who shade him with wrong English.

See his reaction to Buhari signing the budget after the cut

Rob Kardashian confirms that Blac Chyna is pregnant; Tyga congratulates her

The Kardashian clan is about to expand as rob Kardashian has confirmed that Blac Chyna is really pregnant by posting a pregnant emoji Chyna.

Also Tyga left a comment on Blac Chyna's page saying 'congratulation'

Waje cries out at the high cost of things in the market

Waje posted this on her instagram page

This guy said the finest girl just moved out and her bathroom is this dirty

Truly, not all that glitters is gold 

Man breaks up with girlfriend by telling her, he was dead via a text

A solicitor tried to break up with his girlfriend by pretending he had died via a text message only to be reported to police by her furious mother, it has been claimed.

The woman was reportedly dating the Coventry-based lawyer in 2013 when she received a text from his mobile phone revealing he had died.

South Sudan Minister sent out of cabinet meeting for wearing a bow tie

Is something actually wrong with his dressing?

Question for the ladies!! What will you do in this situation?

What will you do?

It's Friday! That means it's time for ANYTHING GOES

Lailans, it's that time again! Thank God it's Friday indeed.

Well, you know the normal thing we do here every Friday, it's time for Anything Goes where we share how this week has been for us.

Did anything crazy happen to you? Did you see any incredible movie? Did you find love this past week? Did you get a new job? This past Monday was May Day. How did yours go far, and how do you plan to spend the weekend?

We want to know everything about your week so start spilling because it's Friday and ANYTHING GOES!
Lailans, it's that time again! Thank God it's Friday indeed. 

Well, you know the normal thing we do here every Friday, it's time for Anything Goes where we share how this week has been for us. Did anything crazy happen to you? Did you see any incredible movie? Did you find love this past week? Did you get a new job? Today is Good Friday. How has yours gone so far, and how do you intend to spend the Easter hols?

We want to know everything about your week so start spilling because it's Good Friday and ANYTHING GOES! - See more at:

Is Janet Jackson carrying another woman's baby?

Janet Jackson shocked her fans last month when she announced she was suspending her UNBREAKABLE Tour to start a family at age 49.

On May 4, Entertainment Tonight broke the news that Jackson was pregnant with her first child.

Due to her advanced age, many assumed that the singer followed in the footsteps of other middle aged celebrities who conceived their babies through In vitro fertilization.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is an expensive process by which a woman’s eggs are harvested from her ovaries and fertilized in a lab before being implanted in her uterus. But in some cases, a woman’s eggs aren’t viable because they are either too old or chromosomally defective.

According to the Daily Beast, at age 49, Jackson’s eggs were not viable for IVF. So a donor egg from a younger woman was fertilized by sperm from her billionaire husband, Wissam Al Mana, and implanted in her womb.

Read via Daily Beast

Touching photos of pregnant 13-yr-old girl rescued in Uyo after she was raped, impregnated and abandoned

Ekemini is a pregnant 13-year-old girl who was rescued in Uyo on Thursday May 5. According to DINNødhjælp/ACAEDF Childrens home, a non-profit foundation who shared the story, the man who abused, impregnated and abandoned the teenager has been arrested and dragged to court.

DINNødhjælp/ACAEDF Childrens Home is owned Anja Ringgren Loven, the Danish woman who made global headlines after she rescued a little boy abandoned to die over accusations of witchcraft in Akwa Ibom. She has now adopted the boy after nursing him back to health.

Read what they posted below:

Ayo Oritsejafor, others to mentor Teebillz as he goes on journey to recovery (photos)

On the 28th of April 2016, Teebillz and Tiwa Savage went from the celebrity couple everybody admired to the most controversial celebrity home in the entertainment industry. Following his now infamous meltdown on social media which led to him allegedly wanting to take his life, Teebillz has begun seeking help as he looks to pick himself up from his setbacks in the past week.

In the late hours of yesterday, reported they had found evidence which clears Teebillz of any form of drug abuse. This puts a dent in the story Tiwa Savage gave in her 45 minute load off which has now been streamed over a million times already on YouTube.

Looking forward Teebillz has decided to clean up his act for good. also reported that Teebillz was seeking counsel and help from well meaning spiritual leaders and life coaches.

Below we look at the people tasked with the process of making Teebillz a better man.

Akinwale Arobieke, obsessed with touching men's biceps has 10-year UK ban lifted after promising to change

A Nigerian muscle obsessed bodybuilder has vowed to 'reinvent himself' after having a decade long ban on feeling men's biceps removed.

Akinwale Arobieke, known locally as Purple Aki, first hit the headlines in the 1980s for his notorious interest in the pumped up physiques of other males.

For decades now he has fallen foul of the law for a string of offences, most concerning the harassment of younger men well endowed with bulging muscles.

Stephanie Akpapuna makes history as 3rd sister named valedictorian at Dillard University (photo)

A Nigerian woman is following her two older sisters as valedictorian at Dillard University in New Orleans. Stephanie Akpapuna, a Theatre Arts major from Lagos, Nigeria, has been named valedictorian of the Dillard University Class of 2016. Akpapuna will deliver the valedictory address at Dillard’s Commencement exercise on Saturday, May 7. Dillard is the famous, private, historically black liberal arts university in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Akpapuna is part of a very unique family tradition at Dillard University. Both of her older sisters, Jennifer, was valedictorian in 2004, and their sister, Merrilyn, was valedictorian in 2014.

Transgender teen gives birth to baby girl after starting male hormone therapy to become a man

A transsexual teen who started undergoing male hormone treatment discovered two months into the process that he was pregnant. Henry Steinn, 19, had already started living as a man when he found out he was carrying his boyfriend Thorir Leo Petursson's child .

Question of the day

See Teebillz's pathology (drug test) report from Clina Lancet Laboratories (photo)

After Tiwa Savage's shocking claim that estranged husband Tunji 'TeeBillz' Balogun is a cocaine addict, Freeze announced some days back that Mr Billz tested negative to any form of hard drugs after he went for a drug test.

Now, the result as been released for public viewing.

Below is the result from Clina Lancet laboratories where the test was done. Teebillz tested negative for the use of Cocaine, Cannabis, Ecstasy, Oxycodone & every other form of hard drug.

Breaking: President Buhari finally signs 2016 budget into law

President Muhammadu Buhari has signed the 2016 budget into law.

Blog Reader Ogo And His Wife Renew Vows After 15 Years (Photos)

After 15 years of marriage, after 3 handsome boys...we renewed our love for each other. To God be the glory

More photos when you continue:

Disturbing video: Young boy barks like a dog after being bitten, despite taking anti-rabies injection

I watched in once, and then i stopped halfway when i was watching it a second time.

This disturbing video is, as described by the doctor in the clip, 'rabies as you have never seen it'

The young boy had been bitten by the a dog two weeks prior to his admission in the hospital, and he was supposedly given all the necessary anti-rabies shots. However, he began to bark like a dog shortly after.

The video which was shot and released with the permission of the father has gone viral, amassing close to 30,000 views. We don't know if the boy survived the ordeal because even the doctor seems worried.

Watch it below. Very disturbing

My Shocking Experience at a Bank ATM (Hilarious)

I want to share my funny experience at the bank
This bank pasted a note that the ATM machine can dispense only #500 note.
This woman has occupied the machine for over 30 minutes withdrawing 500 per transaction.
Having lost patient of waiting, I appealed to the woman to either withdraw 10000 once or 5000 rather than 500 each.
She proudly told me that I'm ignorant of banking. That any attempt to withdraw more than 500 will lead to seizure of her card and non of us can stampede her to go against banking regulation.
She even bragged that she is one of the first Nigerians that started using ATM before I was born.

This photo of a bike man has gone viral, and here's why

This is not the man you think you know. Lol

The Foolishness And Selfishness of Nigerian Leaders

Many events has shown that most of Nigeria leaders are ignorant and self centred. Kano state government sent nine of their best brains to Lagos for a competition through land transportation. Unfortunately, they had an accident and all of them died. Kano state government hurriedly flew their corpses to Kano state and gave them a state burial.
Sending those innocent souls to Lagos by land and bringing back their corpses to Kano state by air, shows lack of commitment to education by Kano state government.

I Walked Away From My Marriage And I Have no Regrets: Must Read

Hello Laila,

I read you blog always but not a commenter ... Wish to share my story, is a sad one I pray young girls will walk with caution after reading my story... 

I got married Nov 2013 to a man I met down North while in school, we dated for 6 months. When I got into the marriage I found out that all he said he ever own are not existing. Like he claimed he owns a fuel station but his doesn't own a block, just the house we lived in is his.. I wasn't desperate to get married just that I love be married, I love family and home so when I found out all he says about having those investment are lies I still remain and I assured him I will stand by him till his dreams actualizes.. 

I also found out he own his business partner 20 million and that debt have be existing before we married I never knew, our wedding was immersely supported by my parent , I took in after some months, my MIL was loving and caring, she wants to know every thing about the development of my child while in womb through out my pregnancy.. We were hustling couple, because I found out I have alot to things to keep in place like his business wasn't really accounted for and been married to a debtor I deprived myself alot to make sure the debt was paid, did I mention he owes the bank too?? The bank was there too with their pressure, I have to combine my pregnancy and school and manage his head office so we can met up with the debts.. 

“Nigerian men call you a dead engine once you turn 35”, Monalisa Chinda tells Genevieve

Newly married Monalisa Chinda, in an interview in the May edition of Genevieve Magazine shared her emotional journey to finding love again with childhood sweetheart – Victor Tonye Cole.

Ladies, here’s why you should never chase a guy

He generally doesn’t want to be caught

 Look, if you have to chase down a man, it usually means that he’s got commitment issues and doesn’t actually want to be caught. Sure, he might be absolutely gorgeous, and he might even have a wining personality, but you’re chasing him for a reason.

Any man who actually wants to be with you won’t need to be hunted down. Instead, they’ll come running towards you with open arms! And if you think you can change a committment-phobe into a man who is ready to settle down, you really should think again.

My Wife is Spending Her Entire Salary on Her Own Familly Neglecting Our Own

Plz house help me analyze this........
My wife was made branch manager last year and her salary was increased by 25% but my major challenge is that she put her extended family ahead of her own family/marriage...

She dosnt save, she just does good Samaritan with her entire salary and then comes back to me empty handed.
She hardly support me in some family expenditure but she ll empty her account for her own extended family...

Old school vs the new school

'Ladyboy's' penis amputated after years of taping the organ down causes cancer (photos)

A Thai ladyboy who became an internet sensation for his online postings has had his manhood cut off after a cancer was apparently caused by years of taping the organ down.

23-year-old cultist arrested for dropping human head on the road

The police in Lagos State have arrested a 23-year-old suspected cultist, Idris Adebayo, who confessed to have dropped the head of a rival cult member on the Old Apapa Road, in the Oyingbo area of the state.

Nigerian girl murdered after being lured with N250k modeling deal by stranger

Below is a tragic story shared by Jennifer Oyatabu about her friend who was found half naked and dead on a roadside in Enugu after going to meet a stranger she met on the road. She had been missing for almost two days before her corpse was discovered. Quite a terrible story.

After the cut

Suicidal man who climbed electric pole is allegedly a thief

The Cameroonian man who climbed an electric pole an refused to come down until he was given N5m naria is allegedly a thief and was trying to rob a mall and climbed to pol to aviod being lynched after he was caught

According to The Nation, a witness said the Cameroonian said he did not know how he got to Nigeria.

He claimed that the victim climbed the pole after he was caught attempting to burgle a nearby mall.

Hilarious tweet of the morning

Who even comes up with all these replies? lool!

Photo of the day!

End-time restroom..lool!

Shocker! Prophet buries cow head, tortoise in church (photo)

The Prophet of an old generation church, Christ Apostolic Churuch (CAC) Dangudoro, Ondo State, Moses Abiodun has been arrested for being fetish and collecting money from church members under false pretense.

His unholy activities were exposed by his neighbors and a former ally who he had a fallout because of money the church was making.

According to Vanguard, the suspects’ confidant, who knew about the activities of the prophet was sidelined and all his efforts to convince the prophet to allow him partake in the booty were rebuffed. Vanguard was informed that the prophet called the bluff of the confidant when he threatened to expose him to the church members and security operatives.

Okon Lagos appointed as special adviser to Akwa Ibom state governor

He confirmed the appointment on his instagram page.. Congrats to him

Beautiful new photos of these 5 daughters of 5 generation

The pictures of the women went viral earlier this year when Demsy Gtu shared the pictures of her great grand mother, grand mother, mother, herself and her daughter.

Now she has shared new photos and they are beautiful

See more after the cut has rebranded to

This is to inform the general public that has rebranded to in order to serve you better.

So will now be redirecting all its users to from now on.

All stakers (old or new) can either visit  or in order to place your bets.

Betbaze Limited (owner of Betbaze sportsbook ) is part of Intelidge Integrated Concepts Ltd and is proudly Nigeria.

Betbaze – place your bets.

Adorable picture of Chris Brown and his Daughter +checkout his new hairstyle

His daughter is so cute... but that hairstyle though

Video: Psquare Peter Okoye vows to say nothing about Tiwa Savage/Tee Billz marriage crisis

Psquare Peter Okoye was one of the people who stopped Tiwa Savage' estranged husband, Teebillz from committing suicide when he attempted jumping from the Lekki toll bridge.

HipTV tried to get the singer to share his thoughts about the marriage crash in Peter's first video interview since the drama happened only to hit a wall. Press play after the cut to see Peter say he'll never make a comment about the incident because the issue should not be taken lightly as it involved life and death.

Peter also added his thoughts on how marriages should be and what can make them last longer.

Graphic photos emerge from the clash between Hausa and Igbo traders in Aba

Graphic photos has emerged from the clash between the Hausa and Igbo traders of Ariaria market in Aba which led to the death of three persons and more injured.

According to reports. the clash began after an Hausa trader stabbed and killed an Igbo trader for reprimanding him after he urinated infront of his shop.

They angered the Igbo youth and caused them to kill and burn the Hausa trader causing the clash to escalate.

Billionaire Ayiri Emami washes hands off Majek Fashek - ''Majek no longer under my care''

Warri-based billionaire and socialite, Chief Ayiri Emami, has washed his hands off the affairs of popular reggae musician, Majek Fashek, about seven months after the latter emerged from a rehabilitation centre in Abuja.

The businessman, who took responsibility for the payment of the musician’s bills at the rehab home, said in a telephone interview with Punch that Majek ceased to be under his care since the day the (musician) returned to Lagos against his wish.

Explaining the circumstances in which Majek left, Emami said:

Bida poly suspends lecturer caught raping student

A lecturer in the Department of Public Administration has been suspended by the Federal Polytechnic, Bida, for allegedly raping an ND1 student in the department.

Punch reports that the lecturer was caught in the act.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Niger State Police Command, Bala Elkana, confirmed the incident, adding that the culprit would remain in police custody pending the completion of investigation.

Elkana said the victim had been receiving treatment at the school medical centre.

The official involved was a senior employee of the institution and he had been suspended pending the

Housewife, boyfriend to die by hanging for killing husband in Ebonyi state

A housewife, Mrs. Josephine Onwuzuruike, and her boyfriend, Ekene Onyeka, were yesterday sentenced to death by hanging by Justice Benson Ogbuh of an Ebonyi State High Court.

Josephine and Onyeka had in 2008, at Azuiyiokwu in Abakaliki, the state capital butchered her husband and kept his parts inside a cupboard.

Josephine had accused her husband of attempting to marry another wife by building a separate house other than the one they were living. She, therefore, contacted Onyeka who joined her in killing the

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