Monday, May 16

Wow! Amazing pictures of Van Damme's daughter who is also a fitness enthusiast

This is Bianca, the beautiful daughter of martial artist and movie star Jean Claude Van Damme. Bianca Bree Van Damme is just as fit and super flexible as her famous father. Her mom, Gladys Portuguese was also a bodybuilder and fitness competitor

More photos after the cut

She Wants to Pin Another Man's Pregnancy on Me

Hello Laila, A lady got pregnant somwher nd shes tryin to pin it on me,i tried to get away but she wuldnt let me go,she hounds me evrywher i go, nd i knw crystally clear dat i aint responsible for her pregnancy,pls how can i get away from a responsibility that is aint mine,y'all shuld hlp me beat this predicament pls. This babe has slept with about 4 of my guys and she thinks i dont know.

Fans call BankyW's new Yeezy boots fake

So Banky W showed of the new Yeezy boot his younger brother gave him as gifts and called it the most comfortable shoes he has ever worn.

Some fans, however decided the boots were fake and even gave reasons why.

See the comments below

Checkout these adorable new photos of Ushbebe and his family

Aww So Adorable

More photos after the cut

Burna Boy makes a new video mocking Uju Stella, said he fucked her once and she is claiming pregnant

Burna Boy who is being accused by one Uju Stella of impregnating her just took a new turn. He just posted a video where he might be admitting he slept with Uju Stella but just once.

Earlier today on instagram, Uju Stella alleged that Burna Boy resorted to violence to make her sut her mouth and even shared a picture of her door he allegedly broke and said she was going to the police station to place a complaint.

Anna Banner slays in wedding gown as she covers BM PRO's May issue

Anna Banner in wedding gown

Former beauty queen and celebrity baby mama Anna Banner has given us a glimpse of what she will look like on her wedding day as she slayed in a wedding gown for the latest edition of BM/PRO cover.

She looks absolutely beautiful.
See closer stunning photos below:

While beating wife, man accidentally punches, kills his 3 month old baby (photos)

The man sitting beside wife with dead baby

A barber simply known as Chinedu, has accidentally killed his baby during a fight with his wife on Thursday morning, at Umuchima, Owerri, Imo State.

That fateful morning, there was a minor issue, which escalated to the man beating his wife. In an attempt to stop him from battering her, the wife carried their three month old baby, thinking that the sight of the child will subdue her husband’s anger.

Photos: Dramatic moment Nigerian socialite. Adenike Kikelomo Ajoke fainted at her surprise birthday party

Adenike Kikelomo Ajoke on the floor

A Nigerian socialite, Adenike Kikelomo Ajoke, caused a stir at her party on Saturday when she fell to the ground and reportedly fainted moments after walking into her surprise 50th birthday party in London.

Ouch!!! Horrific moment man breaks penis in half during 'vigorous' sex (very graphic photo)

This will make your eyes water. My goodness!

A 32-year-old man from India has described how he heard a ‘snapping sound’ when his penis broke in half during sex. He said he was having ‘vigorous’ sex when he heard the noise and felt severe pain at the same time. By the time he arrived at the hospital in New Delhi for tests, his penis had turned completely black due to excessive blood flow.

Seun Egbegbe reconciles with Toyin Aimakhu as he publicly apologises to her

Toyin Aimakhu's ex-lover Seun Egbegbe has finally mended fences with his ex after a very public and bitter breakup.

The CEO of Ebony Films had stirred up a media frenzy when he granted a series of interviews shortly after his break up where he lamented Toyin's alleged betrayal, making threats and declaring that her career was finished because he had warned movie producers never to have any dealings with the actress.

However, it is now water under the bridge as he has come out to apologise to his ex and wish her well.

He wrote

Apparently, once upon a time young girls once danced half naked in Nnewi, Anambra state (photo)

Pictured are young girls dancing naked back in the days in Nnewi area of Anambra state (Old Enugu). Those were the days when they could do this without parents having to worry about pedophiles and pervs. Unlike now. How things have changed so much

See below

In US, man has first successful penis transplant

A 64-year-old man became the first in the United States to undergo a successful penis transplant in a procedure at Massachusetts General Hospital earlier this month, his doctors said on Monday.

Thomas Manning of Halifax, Massachusetts, had his penis amputated in 2012 when he was diagnosed with penile cancer.

He recently underwent a 15-hour surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston during which a penis provided by a donor was attached.

Awww, female corper shares the love with two male corp members

Some will say it is part of serving the nation. Lol.

Bizzare: Another 'wizard' arrested and disgraced while flying over Calabar highway (pics+vid)

Are we having an upsurge in witchcraft operations, or an upsurge in mental cases? Read and decide for yourself.
wizard lying on the highway

Earlier we brought you a story about someone who allegedly transformed from a 'witch bird' to a woman in Lagos. Now, another one is reported to have happened in Calabar last week Thursday. This time it is a 'wizard'.

According to a report by Calabar Reporters, the so-called wizard was spotted on the morning of May 12, flying through Calabar Highways. The alleged wizard was spotted at about 7:50am around the popular Culvert bus stop adjacent to Ikot Ansa bus stop, Murtala Mohammed Highway, Calabar, with a  crowd around him. The man, who is between 40-60 years old was lying naked by the roadside. He was muttering incoherently with blood spots on his face and lips.

Tragic photos from burial of Cameroon player Patrick Ekeng who collapsed & died on the pitch

patrick ekeng's casket

Cameroon international football player, Patrick Ekeng, was buried in his hometwon in Yaounde, Cameroon on May 14 - two weeks after he collapsed on the pitch during a league match in Romania on May 6 and died of suspected heart attack. He was aged 26.

Cameroon players past and present attended the service, and gave support to Ekeng's wife and family. The country's sports minister Bidoung Kpwatt also attended, representing Cameroon's president Paul Biya, as the player was laid to rest.

See more photos from the sombre event below

Members chant "All we are saying, save Nigeria!" as commotion breaks out in House of Reps over N145/L fuel hike

Nigerian House of reps arguing

Commotion broke out at the house of representatives on Monday over a motion to admit Ibe Kachikwu, minister of state for petroleum, into the green chamber.

Kachikwu was expected to explain the reason for the hike in the price of petrol from N86.5 to N145.

Sexy or trashy? Ghanaian star Miz Gold steps out in 'hot pants' at Kiss Daniel's album launch (pics)

Miz Gold and her hot pants

Miz Gold is a Ghanaian musician/Presenter and TV host, but her talents is not what kept eyes glued on her on the red carpet at  Kiss Daniel's Debut Album 'New Era' Concert on Sunday.

It was her outfit, a blouse and barely there bum shorts which gave people eye popping views of her 'endowments'. It practically stole the show.

See below.

Sophie Momodu reportedly 'bounced' from Imade's birthday bash at Davido's house

On Saturday May 14, 2016, Davido’s first child, Imade Adeleke celebrated her first birthday and a star-studded gig was thrown for her the following day, Sunday May 15, 2016.

While, the party was held at her grandfather’s residence at Esther Adeleke Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, it is being reported that Sophie Momodu, Imade's mother and Davido's babymama was 'bounced' from the Sunday soirée that had celebrities like Tiwa Savage, 2face Idibia, P-Square and others in attendance.

Can Someone Please Explain What is Going on Here? (Photo)

SMH !!!

Wife calls hubby's ex to warn her to stay away, but what hubby does is mind boggling

Marriage is not a bed of roses, but there are times when you get faced with certain scenarios that completely beat the imagination.

Like this woman for instance, who was faced with a very difficult choice in order to save her marriage. The choice she eventually settled for left everyone who heard the story outraged and baffled.

What kind of humiliation are you willing to endure in order to save your marriage? Read below, from the very bottom to top

So, a 'witch bird' allegedly transforms into young woman in Lagos (photos)

Over the years these incidents keep propping up. While some say the so called 'transformers' are just mentally disturbed people, others insist that these set of people are truly witches whose cups are full.

A young woman in Ojokoro, Ijaiye, at the outskirts of Lagos is said to have been on her way back from her 'witch' meeting when she was struck by a 'powerful' force. When she landed on the ground in her witch bird form, the combined impact of hitting the ground and daylight caused her to transform into a human being.

According to Moji Delano, the incident which was witnessed by one of its readers happened around 5:30-6am yesterday morning.

The source narrated what he saw;  “I was driving home this morning along Agbado-Ijaiye road when I suddenly heard people screaming in Yoruba ” the bird has turned into a woman, the bird has transformed into a human being.” I parked some meters away and walk towards the scene-a gutter opposite LADO filling station-where an angry crowd was slowing gathering.

Miracle: Would you believe a mother and daughter walked out of this wreckage alive? (photos)

It is hard to imagine that anybody walked out of this mangled mass of twisted and crushed iron, and survived, not to mention without any bodily injury. Miracles do happen and God is very real

See closer photos from the accident scene

Lmao! This is what will happen if Optimus Prime comes to Nigeria

Nigerians play way too much...


TILB: Uncle Lets meet you
UNCLE BABS: my name is Chinedu Akanegbu. I am from Anambra State. I am from a family of 7. I am a geologist but I work in an oil and gas firm in Port Harcourt. I am a very simple person

TILB: What informed the name uncle babs
Uncle BABS: it’s actually a merited nickname cos I have over 16 nieces of nephews so it’s always raining uncles everywhere AROUND ME

Omg...see the disgusting toilets in a very popular stadium in Benue state (photos)

A disgusted football fan posted these pictures of the 'restrooms' of the popular Aper Aku stadium in Benue state, and oh my gosh, I am not even sure rats can live there. It is horrible! Revolting!!!

See below

"At age 61, I can't marry a poor man"- Ex top Nigerian model speaks

Yemi Fawaz and her big natural hair

YEMI FAWAZ? Remember her? She is an icon of modeling in Nigeria and West Africa. She pioneered professional mod­eling in Nigeria and took the job to the next level before she packed her bag and baggage and left for the United States with her 11 year old daughter.

Back after nineteen years to give back to society, the ever beautiful Fawaz told Sunday Sun about her new goals, why she left the country, life in the US, her ordination as deaconess and lots more. She also shed light on the kind of man she wants and insists that she cannot marry a poor man or one who is she richer than.

Read below

A Man Who Cannot Satisfy His Wife In Bed Has Lost His Right To Headship

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Dear Friend,

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My name is Fredrick Babatunde and I want to share my s personal story with you on how Small Penis

Floyd Mayweather cuts his hair 2/3 times weekly and it cost $1,000 each time

According to TMZ the wrestling champion Floyd Mayweather spends $1,000 to cut his hair and this happens 2-3 times weekly.

Nollywood actress, Mercy Macjoe comes under fire for making someone tie her shoes

The actress posted a video of her dancing with a friend while a guy tied her shoe lace and her followers didn't find it funny.

See the video and comments below

Lool! Gala is the only thing that hasn't failed Nigeria

This is the truth though! lool!

Woman following GPS direction drives into a freezing lake

A 23-year-old drove 100 feet into a freezing Ontario lake Thursday night after sticking too closely to her car's GPS directions.

The unnamed woman was driving in low visibility fog through an unfamiliar part of Tobermory when she made the made the unfortunate right turn down the boat launch leading into the vast Georgian Bay.

Aww! This lil girl has a broken bone everywhere but still this happy

This is the motivation you need to smile today no matter the situation.

This little wounded Syrian girl has a broken arms, broken legs, broken skull and yet has the most radiant smile.

Taraji P. Henson talks about loving Wizkid and Fela's music

The empire star Taraji P. Hension (Cookie Lyon) posted these on instagram.

See what she said about Fela after the cut

I may never forgive my father for abandoning me- Yvonne Nelson

Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson say she is not sure if she can ever forgivie her father for abandoning her.

The actress who had always said her father was never there for her and her mom raised her alone, added that talking to her dad was like talking to a stranger on the street.

Speaking with the Punch, the model and film producer said, “My mother raised me single-handedly and she means the world to me. I am the last child and I have three siblings. She saw me through school and till date, she calls and checks up on me on a regular basis because she is concerned about my welfare. She is like my friend and I even call her Charlie,” she added.

I spend my money on prostitutes - arrested pickpocket confesses

One of the two suspected pickpockets arrested by operatives of the Rapid Response Squad, RRS, of the Lagos State Police Command, weekend, in Maryland and Mile 12 areas Lagos, said he spends his proceeds on prostitutes.
The suspects, Taoreed Ashimiyu, 24, and Kayode Jolaade, 34, were caught in the act by policemen after they had successfully removed three phones from commuters in different BRT buses.

Confessing to the crime, the duo said they are experts in robbing commuters in Mile 12 and Maryland axes.

''My life is at risk'' - Blog reader cries out

I received this email that left me very confused from a female blog reader  at about 10pm last night. She says she needs our advice as her life depends on it.

According to her, her boyfriend died the day he met her. And now he wants her body to avenge his killers. She wants to know if she should agree or not. Inshort, just read the mail first. You may understand it better.
I appreciate the good work you are doing. This blog and family you have created and the chance to share our  experience. Please post this urgently because my life depends on it...... 
I am a 400level student of Unical, in dire need of useful advice. Seven months ago, on a rainy evening, after a late lecture, rushing home, I met my ideal man. I couldn't find a cab and was getting wet when this sleek car pulled up beside me. After small forming, I

Tiwa Savage stuns in new photos

Tiwa is back and so strong.

See second pic after the cut.

US based Ghanaian pastor ties baby on his back as he performs miracle in church (photos)

Pastor Addison Adamu is the Founder and Lead Pastor at Freedom House Church International, Atlanta, Georgia. He used to be a Muslim before he got converted to Christianity at the age of 16.

Here are photos of him with a young girl tied on his back while he preached and performed miracles during a conference this May at his church.  

The pastor shared the photos on his Facebook page and captioned it;
 Having awesome time during Ephphatha conference:
babysitting, preaching and healing the sick at the same time. what an awesome time to love on little kids Jesus so love dearly.
See more pics below:

Adams Oshiomhole and wife Lara mark 1st wedding Anniversary

Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole and his Cape Verdean model wife, Iara Fortes yesterday marked their first wedding anniversary.

The couple tied the knot on May 15 2015 following the death of Adams' first wife, Clara on December 8, 2010. The governor took to his Facebook  page to wish his wife a happy wedding anniversary. He wrote; ‘Happy 1st Marriage Anniversary.”

The governor and his bride had taken their marriage vows at a private marriage registry attended by family and a few friends on May 15, 2015, after which a reception, attended by guests, including President Muhammadu Buhari was held.

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