Friday, May 20

Photos: Company invents 'condom bag' that collects urine so men don't have to visit the bathroom

The wearer to inserts his penis into a condom-like sheath and then he can then urinate through a small tube into the washable and tear-resistant plastic bag which can hold nearly a pint's worth of liquid. In other words, the man will not need to visit the bathroom all day.

This is such a really gross invention, in my opinion.

If you've ever been stuck in traffic and can't stop this could be the device you've waiting for. While it's far from the most glamorous of devices, the makers of this reusable urine bag claim it could end hours of misery. In fact, they claim the 'HeWee Go' condom-bag is the ideal solution for any man who needs to relieve himself without actually going to the bathroom - because it can be put on in the morning and worn all day.

Its Friday And Yes, Anything Goes!!!!

Its Friday and you know what that means..

Welcome to May's penultimate Friday. I had a splendid week and we are all itching to know how yours went.

You know how we do it. What post caught your eye? What gist happened around you? What blew your mind and what pissed you off?

I can't wait. Spill the beans 'cos its Friday evening and Anything Goes!!!!

"It is unfair to for a man to marry only one woman"-9ice speaks on marriage

9ice in a hat

Nigerian singer, 9ice, real name Abolore Akande,  has stated that marrying one woman is unfair to women in general.  He also disclosed his wish to have many children from different women.

He is reported to have said  “We have more women currently. If one man marries just one wife, other women will be useless".

Presidency denies report that Chibok girl Amina Ali was accompanied to Abuja by her abductor


The presidency has made some clarification on the controversy about the identity of the man who followed the rescued Chibok girl to the state House yesterday.

The the man who followed Amina Nkeki to the state house is her elder brother and not the Boko Haram predator who got her pregnant.

Girl whose boyfriend 'dumbed' her needs your advice

I have gone through her timeline and trust me, she isn't lying...

Chibok parents disown second 'rescued Chibok girl', says she's not on their list


The Head of the Chibok Abducted Girls Parents group, Yakubu Nkeki, on Friday, voiced his doubts over the identity of Serah Luka, the second ‘Chibok school girl’ reported to be found by the Nigerian military.

According to AFP, which spoke to Nkeki, the military had called him to verify the identity of Amina Ali, the first girl to be rescued, when she was found. However, the military had failed to contact him when the second girl was found, opting instead to go public instead.

Lekan Shonde looks dishevelled in court as police charge him for murdering wife by 'blow to the head'

Lekan Shonde the suspect in the culpable homicide trial of his wife (Ronke), following her alleged murder, appeared in Ebute Meta magistrate court this afternoon, looking unkempt.

The gentleman who was on the run for three days until he surrendered to the police on Monday, May 9, was wearing a blue ‘polo’ top and beige chinos short. He now has a beard, splashed with gray hair, showing he has not shaved for days.

Infertility & Fibroid: Causes, remedies and options…

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Let me ask you; is any of this common to you?

Businessman dies from brain tumour after spending 6 hours a day on his mobile phone

A man that spent six hours a day on his mobile phone has died of a brain tumour that he was believes was caused by radiation exposure. Ian Phillips, 44, vowed to beat the disease after he was told he had a growth the size of a lemon in his brain.

But he lost his battle with the disease after spending months campaigning about the potential dangers of mobile phones.

Why Would The Boko Haram Man Who Abducted And Raped Amina Be Treated With Respect?

Why would a comfirmed Bokoharam fighter who abducted, maimed, killed, burnt and raped Nigerian girls and women be treated with respect even to the extent of according him the right to sit next to his victim and be called her husband when we all know she was taken forcefully from her home and raped repeatedly by him?

When did he pay her bride price and to whom under who's consent?

Shouldnt this man be under severe interrogation by now?

Why is he receiving presidential handshake at Aso rock?

Kimberly shows Off Her New Hair Style (Photos)

More stunning photos when you continue:

He Was F*cking My 15 Yr Old Cousin Right Infront of My 2 Yrs Old Daughter

This is the most disgusting man ever.
I have never imagined anything like this is humanly possible

Yipee !!! Blog Reader Ada Ogbonna is Year Older

She spreads joy everywhere she goes in her own special way, I can't tell how many times I have giggled at your jokes. It won't take anyone too long before he or she realize how special you are. Being wonderful is what you do best. You are unique like rarest pearl, too valuable to evaluate. Your Birthday deserves a national holiday..
from all of us at lailasblog
Have a Delightful Birthday and 305 years to celebrate more of this day.

More of Ada

Single Guys Dating Married Women Anyhow

Single guys dating people's wives knowingly, amadioha has vowed to visit you and the woman the next time you will be doing *that thing* ...single guys pls get a will you feel if a guy like you is knacking your mother...

Let me give you the chloroquine for your malaria....when you marry, may another guy swim in your wife's ***** on a steady force...Amen

Married men satisfy your wives don't leave her all by don't have time for her but you have time for your have built a wall around you by hiding behind your job and business... Your wife is part of your job and business oo "Mr restless blocos"...

You go about satisfying your shamelessness outside but when your wife does same you send her packing.... Otolo gbagbuo gi ebe only you get blood for your veins????

Dapper screen washer, Abdulahi Olatoyan featured on CNN

It seems we may be having another grace to grass story as windscreen washer Abdulahi Olatoyan has started grabbing major media attention.

Like bread seller turned model,  Olajumoke Orisaguna who gained world recognition after she was discovered by photographer TY Bello,  Abdulahi Olatoyan is poised at the edge of international fame as he has been featured by media giant CNN.

Olatoyan was spotted in the streets of Abeokuta dressed in his sharp suit and tie as he cleans car screens that ply the road. After his story went online, style doctor Uche Nnaji who is the Creative Director and Founder of OUCH offered to train him as a stylist for free.

Read what CNN has to say about him below.

Foreshadowing? Egyptair MS804 stewardess had posted a pic of plane crashing into the sea

The air hostess

In a cruel twist of fate, it has emerged that an air hostess on EgyptAir flight MS804, 27 year old Samar Ezz Eldin had posted a picture of a plane crashing into the sea on her Facebook page.

She uploaded the image in September 2014 just four months after she started working at Egypt's national carrier. It was meant to be a joke but in the light of yesterday's tragic crash, it is nothing short of ironic.

After wedding night, groom wakes up to find his new bride has died in her sleep (photos)

A heartbroken groom woke up the morning after his wedding to find his bride had passed away beside him. Krzysztof Michalowski had married tragic Mariola Orzechowska just hours before the discovery on Saturday morning.

Iyanya serves fans eggplant realness as he models sexy underwear briefs (photo)

Iyanya is served eggplant realness last evening in a new photo posted to his Instagram page.

The 29 year old music star who was announced as a brand ambassador for Dunes Mall Abuja shows us what he’s working with “down there” as he models a pair of blue briefs from Porsche Designs.

See after the cut

China denies exporting cans of 'marinated human flesh' to Africa (photos)

In what must have been a strange day at the office, the Chinese embassy in Zambia has vehemently denied reports that China is stocking Zambian supermarkets with cans of human meat.

China has been forced to deny claims that it is marinating dead bodies, canning them and selling them as a meat product in Africa, after a bizarre Facebook hoax went viral.

Rumours of the alleged trade in human meat first began circulating on social media thanks to a series of photographs of what appeared to be skinned people in a meat factory. Zambian press was accused of encouraging the rumours, after publishing articles that quoted alleged sources from inside the Chinese meat factories.

Indian boy whose head hung upside down undergoes life changing surgery (photos)

Are you worried about pimples, a flat butt, bow legs, small boobs, short legs, thin lips or some other body feature that you think is not pleasing to society's standards? Next time you want to think in that direction, just remember that there people out there with REAL body deformities.

A 13-year-old boy who was left an outcast in his village in India because his head hung upside down has risked life changing surgery to straighten his neck.

Mahendra Ahirwar suffers from a rare condition called congenital myopathy which has made his muscles in his neck so weak his head would hang at a 180-degree angle.

His parents Mukesh Ahirwar, 41, and mother Sumitra Ahirwar, 36, spent years taking him to see doctors but no one could help.

According to Mail Online, now the teenager has undergone life-changing surgery by a former NHS surgeon after a mother-of-two from Liverpool set up a crowd-funding page raising £12,000 for treatment.

Another Chibok girl Sarah Luka, has been rescued (photo)

Sarah Luka in Hijab

A second schoolgirl from the more than 276 kidnapped in Chibok town, Borno state has been rescued, the army said.

In a statement yesterday, Army spokesman Col. Usman Sani Kukasheka said: “At about 11.00am yesterday, Thursday, 19th May 2016, troops conducted clearance operations at Shettima Aboh, Hong and Biladdili general area in Damboa LGA of Borno State.

During the operations, the troops killed 35 Boko Haram terrorists and recovered several arms and ammunitions and other items. In addition, they rescued 97 women and children held captives by the Boko Haram terrorists. We are glad to state that among those rescued is a girl believed to be one of the Chibok girls.

Lagos police charge Lekan Shonde for murder, says he has a case to answer

The Lagos State Police Command says alleged wife killer, Lekan Shonde has a case to answer, so he will be tried for murder.

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