Friday, June 24

11 Nigerians deported from Spain

file photo

The Spanish Government on Friday deported 11 Nigerians alleged to have committed various offences in that country.

Their deportation is coming less than 48 hours after 41 Nigerians were deported from the United States of America for similar reasons.

The deportees, comprising of 10 males and one female, arrived at the Hajj Camp area of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos at 7.10 p.m.

Hilarious photo of the night


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12 Mouth Watering Photos That Shows That Packaging is Every Thing

 Akara and Bread

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Checkout The Bizarre Type of Designer Clothes Sold in This Endtime Boutique (Photos)

This definitely has something to do with Kanye West
I wonder what the next generation would look like
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Lady Sets The Internet Ablaze By Posting After Sex Photo With Naked Man (NSFW)

According to multiple sources. This lady who is alleged to be a runs girl usually takes photos like this in situations where she gave her services just in-case the client refuses to pay up.

This particular photo ended up on the internet because the naked man on the bed allegedly tried to play hanky-pansy without knowing that he was papped

The lady is threatening to upload more photos of the man with his face showing

See the very graphic photo after the cut:

According to Nigerians, this is Zenith Bank's new corporate logo

Lmao! This 'kneeling and begging' saga will remain in the annals of infamy for a very long time.

Nigerians woke up to see the image of a Zenith bank official kneeling and begging Governor Fayose over the involvement of the bank in the funding of the June 21, 2014 governorship election of the governor.

Zenith bank officials yesterday visited Fayose following a reported denial by the bank that it was not part of the funding of the election. They reportedly went to beg him 'not to take the matter further'.

If you missed it, click here for pictures and video.

Update on Ronke Shonde's Murder Case

Months after the death of Mrs Ronke Shonde, The principal suspect in her death, her husbandMr, Lekan Shonde, today appeared before an Ebute Meta Chief Magistrates’ Court in lagos state. Lekan who was arraigned on a one-count charge of murder had appeared before the court on May 20 and was remanded in prison custody after the case was adjourned to June 24 (today) for further hearing.

Its Friday and yes, Anything Goes!!!!

 Hello folks!!! Its Friday and you know what that means....

I had a splendid week and we are all itching to know how yours went.

You know how we do it. What post caught your eye? What gist happened around you? What blew your mind and what pissed you off?

I can't wait. Spill the beans 'cos its Friday evening and Anything Goes!!!!

What's happening?!? Handsome guy on IG says he's in love with & dating married actress Angela Okorie

The young, handsome dude you see up there has for weeks being posting love smitten messages on his Instagram page featuring married Nollywood actress Angela Okorie.

In one of the posts, the fellow named Thurston Scott, declared that falling in love with Angela was one of the best things to have happened to him, while in another one, he categorically states that their alleged relationship was about the love and pleasure they could give each other.

Well, what can we say? Last time we checked Angela is married with a son so we are not sure exactly what is going on here. Abi has there been a change in her marital status?

Any way see photos of them together and the romantic love posts after the cut.

Yipee !!! Lovely Blog Reader Mimi Love is a Year Older (Photos)

Elizabeth Mimi Love is celebrating her birthday today

May this day bring you happiness, peace, joy in sound body and mind
Happy birthday

See another photo of Mimi after the cut:

Checkout The Strange Spectacle A Guy Saw at a Police Station (Photo)

I can see some dosbin on the ground
Can you see it?

'The game has changed…' by Reuben Abati

“My brother, I think all the people saying they have not seen any change should by now be convinced that truly, truly, the game has changed.”

“Football? Euro 2016? Brexit?”

“What is wrong with you?”

“Or may be you are talking about the death of Stephen Keshi and Shuaibu Amodu and the fact that Nigeria’s House of Football needs to be re-organized”

“I really don’t know what the matter is with you today. I always try to engage you in a conversation because I consider you smart, but your responses don’t make sense to me.”

Smokin hot Aproko Gist (Vol 14) don land, with our very own Inspector Nifermi!!

Aproko gist volume (14) don land as usual. ....
Na aproko gist we call am ooo..If dem enter you,you  come dey vex...then you are on a long thing.....No time for dulling  jawe...Let the smiling begins.

Chai,who no get swagg,no get swagg be dat ooo....while you dey look me like that? Abi na lie I talk? Okay,you self check am out...

Who suit don help?
Who sweetie abi sweetheart don epp?

"She was never pregnant"-Burna Boy taunts bloggers, says Uju Stella was never pregnant

Earlier today, Burna Boy's alleged babymama Uju Stella sparked abortion rumours after she posted the above picture where she shows off a flat tummy. She also went ahead to delete all her Instagram rants and pregnancy photos, further fueling the rumours.

Her alleged baby papa Burna Boy is now coming out to declare that Uju was never pregnant.

In a series of tweets taunting bloggers, he insists Uju was never pregnant to begin with , adding he has being vindicated. Recall that Uju had alleged that Burnaboy raped a woman in the UK years ago and fled the country, that's he was banned from the re-entering the country.

The gloating singer used the opportunity to announce that contrary to Uju's allegations, his ban has being lifted and he would traveling soon to London to promote his upcoming October 1st concert.

 See the tweets below

Read this hilarious conversation between a mallam and a Christian

The mallam sends messages bugging the Christian, but the Christian is his match.

See the rest of the hilarious conversation below

Middle aged wife says cheating on her hubby with other men makes her a better mum! (photos)

A Pilates teacher named Gracie who has an open marriage claims having sex with strangers makes her a better mother - and that she wouldn't give it up even if her children asked.

Gracie and her husband Oz are part of an 'ethical non-monogamy' community where members openly have extramarital sex with their partner's knowledge.

Gracie was interviewed recently with Barcroft media and discussed her non-traditional lifestyle. She told them, “Having sex outside my marriage makes me a fabulous mother. Anything that keeps me happy and gives me energy makes me a better mother.”

Lol...Adoring fans shower praises on Stephanie Coker's nipples

Reporter and TV personality posted this picture on her IG page and her adoring fans instantly showered praises...on her nipples...

Very few people actually noticed there's a bird cage with two parrots beside her because something else transfixed them. Lol

See their hilarious comments below

Drama as Musa Danjuma's alleged mistress slams Caroline, calls her a gold-digging babymama

Caroline Danjuma is currently at the receiving end of the ire of her husband's alleged mistress, a Jamaican-American lady named Antoinette Audream as she is accusing Carolyna Danjuma of opening a fake IG page to troll her.

It all began when an Instagram user with the handle @WhatzHot called Caroline to check out a newly opened page where they were exposing Musa Danjuma’s alleged mistress, Antoinette,  but Caroline responded that Antoinette could “have all of him with a bag of chips on the side”.

Antoinette Audream since then has been clapping back, ripping Caroline apart. She said Caroline was the one behind the fake page, Caroline was never legally married to Musa and she is a glorified baby mama.

So much drama! See the posts below

Exclusive pictures: India Arie arrives Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos

RnB/Soul Queen, India Arie has landed in Lagos, Nigeria ahead of her performance at Sax Appeal 5 on Sunday the 26th of June.

The four time Grammy Award and two times BET Award winning singer arrived at the Murtala Muhammed international Airport in Lagos early this Friday morning at about 4am Nigerian time.

According to an insider, Its India’s first time in West Africa and she’s so so excited and couldn’t just wait to thrill Nigerians come Sunday.

The I'm Not my Hair crooner, India will be headlining the 5th edition of the prestigious Jazz concert, Sax Appeal 5 on Sunday at the Eko Hotel convention centre, Lagos. Also performing will be the pioneer of Sax Appeal, Mike Aremu, Timi Dakolo aka the Voice and Praiz.

The event will be hosted by King of Comedy, AliBaba.

Go get your tickets...

See photos of Arie in Lagos below…

New militant group threatens to blow up 3rd Mainland bridge in Lagos

A new militant group, ‘Asawana Deadly Force of Niger Delta’ (ADFND) which emerged yesterday, in the region is threatening to blow up 3rd Mainland bridge in Lagos, as well as cripple the oil industry across the nine Niger Delta states unless the Federal Government grants them, “Niger Delta Republic in the next couple of days.”

 The group in a statement by its leader, Commander Olomubini Kakarakokoro, a.k.a No Mercy, said that,

Young guy marries 4 pretty women at once after his ex dared him to find 1 woman (pic)

According to a social media user who shared the story, a 28 year old Kuwait guy married four beautiful women at once in a modest ceremony after his ex girlfriend dared him.

His action was spurred when his ex had taunted him that he wouldn't find even one woman to marry him.

See below the viral tweet that has given many spurned men hope. Lol

Freeze threatens to sell his shares and stop banking with Zenith over viral 'begging' photos

Cool FM's famously caustic tongued OAP and social media commentator Freeze has vowed to sell all his Zenith bank shares if they don't explain to him the rationale behind embarrassing act of kneeling and begging Governor Fayose.

 Freeze wrote:

If these are really Zenith bank workers I am utterly disappointed! What rubbish!? Either side of the argument all I see are unethical banking practices. Being accused of giving financial backing to a candidate in an election is bad enough, then men with the alleged bank's ID kneeling before a governor??

Rescued Chibok girl, Amina Ali Nkeki allegedly ‘disappears’

The family members of rescued Chibok girl Amina Ali Nkeki who was abducted by Boko Haram and then was rescued, are demanding information from the country’s government over her whereabouts according to a report by The Guardian, UK. Her family says they don't know her whereabouts.

Spot the difference

Lol. Well, as they say, you create your own unique style in order to stand out...

Burna Boy's alleged baby mama sparks abortion rumours after she posted a pic with flat tummy

Uju Stella made headlines after she called out Burna Boy saying he got her pregnant and doesn't want to take responsibility.

Well, she posted  the picture above  on instagram yesterday with her tummy visibly flat and it got tongues wagging with a lot claiming that she has done abortion and others claim she was never pregnant. Only a few think that it may be a throw back picture

See the comments below

Lagos State seals 53 churches, mosques and hotels, over noise pollution

The Lagos State government, yesterday, sealed 53 churches, mosques and hotels across the metropolis over noise pollution and other environmental nuisances.

General Manager of Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency, LASEPA, Engr. Adebola Shabi in an interview after sealing the religious houses and the hotels, said that the premises were shut following complaints from the residents.

David Cameron steps down as prime minister after UK votes to leave European Union

David Cameron has announced he is quitting as Prime Minister after Britain voted to leave the European Union after a nearly half a century.

In a statement outside Downing Street, and with his wife by his side, Mr Cameron said that it was “not right” for him to be “the captain that “steers the country” in a new direction.

Ladies, what will you do if you found out your boo played you like this?

...This is lying in a whole new level!!...What will be your reaction?

OMG!! Another step mother cuts off 3 months old boy's penis in Minna (Very Graphic pics)

What sort of wickedness has taken over mankind?

Barely few weeks after a step mother castrated a 2 year old boy another, has cut off the penis of a little 3 months old boy

According to an Hausa news portal, Zuma news, the incident happened in Minna, Niger State, when the boy's mother's rival sneaked into the room he was sleeping and used a sharp dagger to cut off his manhood.

According to the report, the poor boy was rushed to a specialist hospital where doctors were battling to see if they can piece the little manhood together while the woman has been arrested by the police.d boy.

See VERY graphic photos below....Do not go further if you are faint-hearted

The most wanted armed robber in Aba, Onye Army killed during a police shoot out

Police in Aba, Abia State, have shot dead a robbery and kidnapping kingpin, who had been terrorising the city.
The robber, popularly called Onye Army, was shot dead near the Good Morning Market area after his gang had robbed a victim of N3.5 million, which he withdrew from one of the new generation banks along Azikiwe Road. 

Uzo Aduba speaks Igbo on Stephen Colbert show while promoting OITNB (video)

Award winning Nierian-British actress, Uzo Aduba just proved once again that she is proud of her roots as an Igbo lady

The 35-year-old actress was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert yesterday night to talk about the new season of her series, Orange is the New Black where she plays the character ‘Crazy Eyes.’

Towards the end of the interview, Colbert asked Uzo to promote the new season of the series in Igbo and she did a good job.

This  has made Nigerians proud of her 

Se the video and comments below

Robbers kill bank customer as they disappear with his money

file photo
A four-man robbery gang, yesterday, shot dead a 26 years old bank customer in the Apapa area of Lagos and escape with his money. 

The deceased, Kingsley Chukwu, who was a private guard attached to a residential apartment at Creek Road, was reportedly on his way to deposit an unspecified amount in one of the new generation banks on Commercial Road when he was attacked.

 Apparently trailed by the gunmen, who rode on two motorbikes, Chukwu, as gathered, was shot at close range by one of them, while another forcefully collected the bag containing the money from him. Thereafter, the robbers fired sporadically into the air as they zoomed off. 

An eyewitness, who identified himself as Kareem Maju, said Chukwu was rushed to a private hospital in the area, but was rejected on the grounds that a police report was required before he can be treated. 

He said: “Kingsley Chukwu worked with a woman at Creek Road. He was sent by his madam to deposit some money. 

He kept it in a bag and boarded a motorcycle to Commercial Road. “On reaching the bank, he alighted, paid the motorcyclist. 

Then all of a sudden, two motorbikes appeared from nowhere with two persons on each. One of them ordered him to bring the bag and without giving him any opportunity to refuse or comply, another fired a bullet which hit him in the hand. 

“He tried to run into a building, only to be shot in the back and the bullet came out front through his stomach. The man that fired the first shot walked up to him and took the bag containing money. 

The operation was so fast, it was over even before policemen from some of the banks arrived the scene.”

Confirming the incident, spokesperson for the Lagos State Police Command, Dolapo Badmus, said: “I confirmed a case of attempted robbery on a bank customer in one of the banks in Apapa. 

“But as policemen posted to the bank were closing in on the fleeing robbers, in their bid to escape, they (robbers) shot a customer whom they presumed was delaying their movement. “The command is on the trail of these fleeing robbers. 

It will not give up in ensuring that it gets them off the road,” and appealed to members of the public to avail the command with information that could lead to their arrest.
Culled from Vanguard

Meet the real life incredible hulk whose physical sizes is scary

This is Sajad Gharibi, 24 who is from Iran and a professional weight lifter. He has been dubbed the real life hulk as the social media is astonished with physical size.

Sajad who has over 59,000 instagram followers weighs almost 24 and a half stone and almost all of it is muscle.

His instagram page are most posts of him doing his weight lifting

Continue to see more photos

Checkout this adorable picture of Saint West

His mom, Kim Kadasrshian shared the picture. The lil one looks so much like Kanye

Man kills his wife and then jumps to his death

A jealous husband has killed his wife before jumping to his death in a murder-suicide. The man identified as Reuben Mnisi allegedly killed his wife, Puleng Mnisi during an argument.

According to Daily Sun, the man later threw himself off a crane and plunged 40 metres to his death.

Narrating the incident, Puleng’s mother, Susan Mahlatse 60, from Sebokeng in the Vaal, said Reuben 42, and Puleng 35, lived in the same kasi and both worked at a mine.

Susan said on Friday Puleng arrived at work for the night shift and Reuben was about to go home. He asked to speak to her, and when they were alone in the office an argument broke out. Reuben allegedly stood over her and shot her twice in the head.

When cops arrived, he ran towards a crane. He climbed to the top and jumped, falling to his death. Susan said the couple was in the process of filing for divorce. She claimed Reuben was jealous of his wife.

“She was very independent and had even bought an expensive car. “But Reuben would tell people that Puleng’s salary was peanuts compared to what he was being paid. “He would open the fridge and throw all the food Puleng bought on the floor, even though Puleng always made sure the fridge was full,” claimed Susan.

She said Puleng’s two-year-old daughter keeps saying she is waiting for her mother. “I lie and tell her Puleng isn’t home yet,” Susan said.

Puleng’s aunt, Catherine Mofokeng, said Puleng was supportive of her family.

“She was a great provider.”, she said

Officials of Zenith Bank kneel down to 'beg' Fayose (pics+video)

Executive Director of Zenith Bank, Sola Oladipo led management team of the bank to beg Ekiti state Governor Fayose yesterday over his frozen accounts.

Statement released by Fayose's Special Assistant, Lere Olayinka reads:

Top management team of Zenith Bank Plc on Thursday evening came to beg the Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose, over the involvement of the bank in the funding of the June 21, 2014 governorship election of the governor.
Their visit to the governor followed a reported denial by the bank that it was not part of the funding of the election.The team was led by an Executive Director identified as

Nigerian guy cries out after girlfriend demands 50cl of his sperm to cure her pimple

Wahala dey!! Please read this guys. This is happening after I asked you guys here if sperm really cures acne oo.

Footballer Ugochi Desire Oparanozie shows off her swag in new photos

Super Falcons star Desire Oparanozie shared these new pics and said:
You have this one life; how do you wanna spend it? Apologising? Regretting? Questioning? Wondering? Hating yourself? Dieting? Running after people who don't see you?

Be brave, believe in yourself, do what feels good, take risks. You have this one life, live it, love it, and make yourself proud. #TGIF #FullPicFromYesterday
Last photo below is Desire all ready for church.

Caption this photo of actress Anita Joseph eating kpomo

Actress Anita Joseph is pictured on the set of a new movie 'Women Hustlers' where she plays the role of a market woman in Ogbogonogo market . 

The hot figure on Anita tho! See another pic after the cut.

Check out the daring skirt Serena Williams wore to pre-Wimbledon party (photos)

Check out the major flesh  the world's No. 1 tennis player, Serena Williams showed off at the pre-Wimbledon party which held last night at Kensington Roof Gardens in London.

34 year old Serena's famous legs were on full display in a white skirt that featured a revealing thigh-split. She wore the daring skirt with a sheer black blouse and black heels.

The star was all smiles as she posed for pictures. See more pics below.

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