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This Nigerian guy says it's cool for men to have anal sex with each other, that it doesn't mean you gay!

According to Gershom, a man can have anal sex with his guy friend & it won't be gay as long as they say 'No homo'' after their deed is done! Please read:

Nigerian gay activist Bisi Alimi steps out in ladies' dress and afro wig (photos)

Nigerian gay activist Bisi Alimi today stepped out in a dress, afro wig and beads, complete with earrings for the official unveiling of his alter ego and she is named Ms Posh Pussy!!!

Check out his abs below.

Stylish grandpa Irvin Randle lashes out after young men start rumor that he's gay

Haters have started a rumour that stylish grandpa Irvin Randle is gay. Can you imagine?! Quickly though, Irvin took to his Facebook page to debunk the rumor.

He wrote:
When u're old and look so fine and women all over the world has crush on you, jealous young men will start spreading "the gay rumor". I have nothing against gays, how somebody chooses to live their lives is none of my business. I'm not homophobic but I'M NOT GAY. Young men instead of hating, wake up and go to the gym.
Peace out, I'm all urs ladies❤️.

What is Wrong With this Photo?

They look fly until you see what's wrong. lmaoo.

Breathtaking photos from blog reader's visit to waterfall & cave in Anambra

The amazing hidden treasures of Anambra state Nigeria!

I spent today visiting these amazing treasure troves in the eastern Nigerian state of Anambra. The Owerre-Ezukala Caves and Waterfall must have been in existence for thousands of years. 
Anambra State Governor Willie Obiano told me about it when I visited him yesterday and invited me to visit the sites before leaving the state. I took up the challenge and I was driven to the place this morning by government officials. With what I saw there,

What the hell is going on here?! (Strange Photo)


Uche Jumbo shares epic throwback with Patience Ozokwor from her 1st movie

Woow! she has really come a long way

It hurts when people see me as just a dancer- Peter Okoye

In a recent interview with Hip TV, Peter Okoye of the former Psquare has said it hurts when people refer to him as just a dancer.

He said he is a very creative person and has not faced any challenges since he went solo.

He revealed that he built Psquare's structure and that he was restricted from doing some of the things he wanted to do when they were still a group

Watch the interview below
A video posted by HipTv (@officialhiptv) on

Abia women roll on the floor as they pray to God to restore Ikpeazu as governor

 Some Abia State women were spotted rolling on the floor as they prayed for Govrnor Okezie Ikpeazu who was removed as their governor following the ruling Juatice Okon Abang of the Federal Court in Abuja.

See more photos after the cut

OMG! See how this man pretended to have no legs

This man was caught on streets of China after a passerby refused to believe that he was really handicapped.

The man had tucked his legs into the back of his boxer shorts, to give the appearance that he had no legs. He then put on a pair of trousers to cover his hidden limbs and spent the say sitting on a skateboard. Continue to see more photos.

Shocking! Tree that bears fruit in the form of a woman (photos)

The tree which is found in Thailand bears fruit in full shape of a woman. The fruit which is green colour is in the form of a woman covering her private parts.

According to Daily mail, in Buddhist mythology , a tree known as the Nariphon bears the fruit of young female creatures and is said to grow in the mythical forest called Himaphan.

The story goes that Buddhist God Indra built a home in the forest for his wife Vessantara and his two children.

Evangelist caught with N1.4bn worth of drugs in Lagos

Operatives of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has arrested a South Africa based evangelist, John Vincent Arinze who hails from Anambra State over 165kgs of narcotics drugs seized at Apapa Seaport, Lagos.

The 92kgs of methamphetamine and 73kgs of ephedrine were found inside two containers of foodstuff meant for export to South Africa.
The arrest and seizure is a product on intense undercover operation by the NDLEA. The estimated street value of the drugs is 1.4 billion naira.

Its Friday and yes, anything Goes!!!!


A fantastic new month, ladies and gents!

Hope it’s been a great week for you? Mine has been hectic! So much drama everywhere.

It's Friday and you know we want to hear it - what amazing things happened to you this week - escapades, sexcapades? Which interesting news headlines did you come across, anywhere on the internet, that so blew your mind?

What happened on the streets, in your neighbourhood that caught your attention? What have you got planned for the weekend? Anything goes!!

Mother of 3, Amara Kanu-Nwankwo serves serious body goals in lovely new photos

Serious body goals...

Amarachi, the 30 year old wife of footballer Kanu Nwankwo and mother-of-three doesn't even look like a mother of one in these really lovely and 'intimidating' photos of herself she shared on her Instagram page.

See more after the cut. Fufu and eba is so leaving my diet!! Lol

Imam gets suspended after being rushed to hospital with cucumber stuck up his anus

A Turkish Islamic leader has been suspended after ‘pieces of cucumber’ were found shoved up his bum.

The 39-year-old ‘imam’, who has not been identified was rushed to the emergency room complaining of severe abdominal pain and bleeding from his anus.

Lagos bans street trading, buyers and sellers to get 6 months jail term

This is bad news for gala and lacasera sellers and consumers... So if you are caught buying bottled water, gala, cake etc in traffic, you will get 6mths jail term. Oh no!!!! *sob*

The Lagos State Government on Friday said that from July 1, 2016, it would commence a total enforcement against street trading and street hawkers, saying that the law banning their activities across the metropolis would take its full course. He also says buyers, sellers liable to N90,000 fine, six months jail term or both.

Man returns 19million cash he found inside old wardrobe he bought (photos)

A Syrian refugee in Germany  has been hailed a "hero" in Germany after returning 50,000 euros (almost 19 million naira) and bank books he discovered hidden inside a second-hand wardrobe.Instead of keeping the money, he reported his findings to the police who are now searching for the real owner of the cash

"It's a girl!"- Chimamanda Adichie reveals she gave birth weeks ago, wanted to keep it very private

Earlier today we discovered that Dija has put to bed, and now news is just reaching us that ultra-private, ultra-talented award winning writer Chimamanda Adichie is now a mother!

The award winning kept her delivery under wraps and only just announced in an interview yesterday that she is a now a mother.

Last year her pregnancy came into public attention when she was spotted with a baby bump at an event by Farafina Trust in Lagos.

In the interview, she confirmed that she and hubby Dr. Ivara Esegee had welcomed their daughter weeks ago but decided to keep things as personal as possible.

She told Financial Times:

Actress Ivie Okujaye & hubby welcome baby girl! (photo)

Nollywood actress Ivie Okujaye and hubby's baby girl has just been born. A day before her daddy's birthday.

An excited Ivie shared the news saying:
 The feeling is even more amazing than I would have ever guessed!!! ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’‹ ๐Ÿ’. #July1stBaby #July2ndDaddy!!! #Miracles #Gratitude #Family #Love.. God's plans are always the best!!!! Thank you, Lord!!!!!!
Big congrats to the new parents. The birth of a newborn child, safe and soundly brought into the world, what a joyful moment!

Man on Facebook puts wife on the blast for not 'getting along' with his side chick

Lonnie Turner gave the word 'daring' a whole new meaning when he went on social media last month to put his legally married wife on the blast  for not 'getting along' with his concubine.

At first it seemed Lonnie was just seeking attention or playing, but as he replied comments on the post, it became clear he was dead serious.

Continue below

Lmao! See how GtBank director trailer jammed writer Elnathan John with hilarious clapback

Award winning writer and novelist Elnathan John got a clap back of life today that has left him angry and confused. Lol

So what happened? A GtBank director, Andrew Alli retired today, 1st of July and he joyfully announced this milestone on Twitter.

However, he didn't reckon that a dissatisfied customer, namely ElNathan John was lurking around the corner.

Elnathan quoted Mr Alli and gave him some candid words on what he thinks of GtBank and their services.

Hm, Mr Andrew did not like what ElNathan wrote, at all at all!!! So he replied with an epic clapback that left ElNathan John fuming and embarassed. Lmao!! See the tweet below plus what people are thinking!!

Trust me, it had me in stitches

Brain teaser! Only a genius can answer this question

This looks easy but it takes not just mental calculations but logic.

Are you a genius? Try it out and drop your comments in the comment section

"F**k all y'all"- Burna Boy wants Nigerian bloggers to stop writing anything about him

Burna Boy who is becoming more popular with his controversies than his music, is back with yet another controversial statement.

The dance-hall artiste who is currently in the UK, says he would be happy if his name stays out of the news; be it negative or positive.

While speaking on music show, Factory 78, Burna Boy addressed his recent attacks on Nigerian Bloggers.

At the beginning of the interview, he started by sending a resounding 'fuck all y'all" to Nigerian bloggers, before proceeding. Among giving bloggers the verbal middle finger, he also said, among other things

Check this very creative photo and tell us what you think!!

There is so much going on in this very creative photo...

The ambience and the children dancing....But there is something about the photo...

"BellaNaija, take my picture down!"- American lady drags BN over baby picture

Yesterday bellanaija weddings posted this very cute picture of a lady and her baby on their Instagram page.

But the user whose picture was posted, named rae_z did not find it funny. She didn't understand what the page was about so she came, guns blazing, demanding that BN put her picture down because she is not, quote 'an African' so the pictures had to be taken down.

However, trust Nigerians to take up arms to defend one of their own. They came for rae_z and made minced meat of her because they felt she was insulting Africans.

See the hot comments after the cut!!

Woman wore this dress to a wedding and got bullied by other guests for it

Liz Krueger is a nutrition and fitness coach.

Having worked hard on her body she decided to show it off in a form-fitting, strapless peach mini when she attended a friend’s big day last month. Unfortunately, not everyone was impressed. According to Liz, she got bullied for her outfit.

Writing on Instagram, Liz said:
“If only I knew that choosing this dress for a wedding on a 90 degree day meant so many women would be outrightly rude to me, and even come up behind me, slap my ass as I’m

Ladies, these 3 men asked you out on a date, who will you pick?

Let's have fun with this, ladies. 

These three men - stylish grandad gone viral Irvin Randle, our one & only Richard Mofe Damijo, the ladies man' Idris Elba asked you out on a date, who are you choosing? 

Portharcourt babe dressed in a skimpy outfit causes commotion (photos)

A lady who was dressed in a skimpy outfit attracted unnecessary attention to herself this morning at a bus-stop in Port-Harcourt, Rivers state.

Babe was spotted with a very short dress and some Nigerians couldn't resist staring and taking pics.

This is the difference between Yoruba and Igbo parties

True or False?

Police stage daring rescue of lifeless woman only to find out she's a sex doll (photo)

Police were left embarrassed after they staged a daring rescue of a "lifeless woman" - only to find out it was a sex doll.

Officers were responding to a report from neighbours who were concerned of a woman who had been standing still for a prolonged period of time.

The team, in Amsterdam, who attended the call said they witnessed a woman dressed in her underwear from outside, but when they rang the doorbell she would not answer.

When they broke down the door, they said on a Facebook post that they "indeed found a lifeless

See throwback photos of Irvin Randle, stylish grandpa who broke the internet yesterday

Houston resident Irvin Randle broke the internet yesterday after very stylish photos of him went viral and he was dubbed #MrStealYourGrandma.
Check out these throwback photos of him I just laid my hands on. Irvin is a Prairie View AM University graduate and an educator.

Friends kidnap Babcock graduate in a bid to extort her parents

A fresh graduate of Babcock University, Justina Anochie was kidnapped by her friends that wanted to make money off her parents.

According to Punch, Anochie, who completed her nursing course in May, graduated from Babcock University in June 2016 returned to her off-campus residence at Ilishan, where she was abducted on Sunday around 9pm.

The case was reported at the Ikenne Police Division and was later transferred to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad.

Tiwa Savage looks absolutely stunning in new pictures

 The Mavin queen shared the stunning pictures from her visit to Durban.

She was styled by Toyin Lawani.

Another photo after the cut

Nigerian bride who bared too much boobs in her wedding dress causes stir on Instagram

These photos of a Nigerian lady with her boobs spilling out of her wedding dress caused a stir on IG when they were shared to show off the lady's beautiful dress, skin and hair. 

Some Nigerians who just couldn't see the perfection in the pics switched to expressing their dislike at the improper dressing. 

What do you think though? Too much or sexy?

Shocking photos of 5-year-old boy dangling from a storey building

A 5-year-old kid who was home alone was on Thursday spotted dangling from a building in China after his head got stuck in between window guards at his home.

Thankfully, he was rescued by a hero neighbour who used only a bench as support.

The boy’s body was seen dangling in mid air. The neighbor immediately stood on a bench below to

See what this dad asked his daughter after he found a sex toy in her room

This chat which was shared on Facebook shows a dad sending his daughter the picture of a sex toy he found in her room and asked if she wanted to keep it.

The dad found it while helping her clear her room. The lady then posted the chat on Facebook and captioned it 'The worst chat you can ever get from your old man'

Mavin singer Di'Ja welcomes baby boy (Videos)

Big congratulations to Mavin singer Di'ja. She and hubby Rotimi have welcomed their first baby together.

Di'ja & hubby Rotimi wedding pictures
Di'ja & hubby at their wedding

Di'ja & hubby Rotimi welcome son baby boy

The Nigerian-Sierra Leonean singer  privately married her sweetheart, Rotimi, in the city of Kaduna last year and has now codedly revealed their son is here in a video she shared on her IG page.

Press place to watch the videos below.

I wept, fasted before God gave me Osinachi – Humble Smith

Ekene Ijemba, the artist popularly known as Humble Smith has revealed he wept and fasted before God gave him his hit song, Osinachi, which has become a sort of national anthem.

Humblesmith told TheSun in a new interview:
Before Osinachi, I had about four singles. I had a feeling that I was going to be a star because I have worked hard. Nothing was actually working for me after those singles. I

Excited Nigerian guy shows off his brand new Nokia 3310 phone

CEO Awon Crazy just bought a brand new Nokia 3310 phone in Dubai and couldn't contain his excitement at having the classic phone.

More photos below.

Photo: Oyibo man pounds yam for his Ghanaian wife

See love!

Pastor's love affair dramatically exposed after wife caused chaos in church (photos)

Drama erupted at a Pentecostal church, God’s Greater Favour Church, yesterday Thursday June 30, 2016 when a woman stormed the service claiming that the pastor who runs the church was her husband, and he had dumped her for another woman.

Worshippers at the Nairobi church, God’s Greater Favour Church had to scamper for safety as the furious jilted woman, identified as Jane Wambui, yelled and called out the man’s name as she pelted stones at them. The preacher in question took cover and hid from the woman.

Wambui claimed that they had been married for 14 years until their marriage hit a rocky patch earlier in the year and the pastor started cheating.

She alleged that he had abdicated his duties as a father and their child had been sent away from

Wizkid dines with Rev. Jesse Jackson (photo)

This happened in Chicago yesterday. 

According to star boy Wizkid, he had breakfast with iconic American civil rights leader, Rev. Jesse Jackson in Chicago.

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