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Female Blog Reader Forced to Spend The Night at a Motor Park (Photos)

ABC transport company frustrated my life . . To the extent we slept inside the bus in Benin. . They knew their coach was faulty.. they ordered the driver to embark on this journey.. enugu, onitsha, owerri, abia, and ph passengers, all in one coach.. when the vehicle broke down at ijebu ode... do u know we called this so called ABC head office and these people assured us that they are sending another bus to us since we are close to lag. .. we waited for 4 no avail... we called and called and called they stopped picking our calls.. the driver and the coach attendance had to find a possible means for us to manage the coach to get to Benin so they could get a mechanic to fix it... 8.12pm we reached Benin they started working on it until it's 10pm. .. we spent the night there with no security or shelter...

Half Naked Man Spotted Smoking Weed And Posing With a Policeman (Photo)

Only in Nigeria.

Continue to see more photos:

Kemi Olunloyo's father denies denouncing daughter, says it is handiwork of impostors

Earlier today Premium Times reported that former governor of Oyo state Victor Omololu-Olunloyo had denounced his daughter Kemi Olunloyo for her erratic behaviour, stating that she had a history of mental illness and she was a constant source of embarrassment to the family. If you missed it, click here

Mr Victor has come out to deny ever making available any statement to Premium Times denouncing his beloved daughter. He released the statement via his Facebook page.

Read below
I have NOT released any statement of any kind about my daughter Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo denouncing her social media posts. There is a fake statement floating around websites which I learned about. I did not release any statement to Premium Times.

Armed robber who tried to steal 400k beaten to a bloody mess in Niger state (graphic)

According to online reports, jungle justice was meted out on an armed robber who trailed his victim from a bank in Kpakukun, Minna, Niger state Capital earlier today.

The alleged thief robbed the man who was said to be with about N400,000 -at gunpoint.

He however got unlucky when a group of youths blocked his escape and descended on him. They beat him to a very bloody and grisly mess, before the arrival of police who took him away.

See graphic photos below.  Crime does not pay.

Yucky or Yummy? Some creepy insects some Nigerians consider delicacies

There are certain 'delicacies' that I will never be caught dead eating, and the ones you're about seeing are some of them. I mean, really!! The irony is that some of them are considered delicacies in Nigeria.

Which have you eaten, and which ones will dare attempt to eat? Go on the journey with  me as we explore five of the creepiest insects Nigerians snack on


I recall during my service year, the villagers in my PPA were mad about locusts. Catch 'em, salt, 'em, fry 'em and eat with garri Ijebu. *puke*

Happy belated birthday to beautiful blog reader Chiwendu Juliet!

Let us join our darling Lailan in celebrating her kid sister who added a year yesterday, July 7

Please I want the house to join in celebrating my kid sis who is also a great being God blessed my family with.

Miss Chinwendu Juliet: she was the first person I called Sister in the entire world and it's been great seeing her grow into the lovely and God fearing lady she has become.

Kemi Olunloyo's father denounces her for 'erratic behaviour', says she has history of mental illness

 So this is the reason why she quit 'journalism'??

The Second Republic governor of old Oyo State, Omololu Olunloyo, has denounced his daughter, controversial social media personality Kemi Omololu Olunloyo, for directing verbal attacks at him and other notable individuals.

The former leader also revealed in a heart-breaking statement on Thursday that Kemi, 52, had a history of mental illness and several efforts by the family and other well-wishers to moderate her erratic behaviour have been fruitless.

Heartmelting photo of OJB's son first son carrying his father's coffin on his back

Late music producer, singer and songwriter, OJB Jezreel who died on Tuesday, June 14, 2016, following complications from his kidney ailment was on Friday taken to church for funeral service at The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Grace Chapel #129, Ogunlana drive, Surulere, Lagos.

After the service, the late producer's first son, who is not among the pall bearers was pictured carrying his father’s coffin on his back as they marched out of the church premises to the Ikoyi cemetery, Ikoyi, Lagos.

Woman causes commotion on the streets with her 'daring' outfit

A woman was recently sighted flaunting her bodacious body. She did not care that her body doesn't conform to society's standard of what beauty should look like but simply let it all hang out.

See the daring pictures after the cut

Ex-US Congressman Joe Walsh declares 'war' on Obama and his 'black thugs', John Legend calls for his arrest

In a now deleted twitter post, a former US Congressman, Rep Joe Walsh, seemingly declared war on the Barack Obama, President of the United States and the activist group Black Lives Matter.

Tensions in the country are running high after the shootings of two black men during the week by police officers sparked protests. During the protests in Dallas, snipers opened fire into the crowd, one of which targeted some police officers, killing five and injuring five more.

See photos from OJB’s final burial

The remains of late singer cum music producer OJB Jezreel was on Friday taken to church for funeral service at The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Grace Chapel #129, Ogunlana Drive Surulere, Lagos.

See more photos…

Unbelievable...See woman with the biggest pussy! (photo)

I can't just believe what I am seeing. How can a pussy be so big??

Jeez. See after the cut

Photos: Fayose jumps okada for a ride to the state Govt house

Ekiti state Governor Ayodele Fayose yesterday had a walk round streets of Ado Ekiti. After his walk, the state governor hopped on a motorcycle for a ride to the government house.

Pictures continue below.

Can you eat this creepy customized cake?

Cake was spotted at a baby shower. Can you?

See first picture of cop shot dead in Dallas protest

One of the police officers killed during a protest against the shootings of two black men has been pictured for the first time.

DART officer Brent Thompson, 43, was one of 11 from Dallas Police force shot down by four snipers at the Texas rally. He is the first officer to be killed in the line of duty since DART formed a police department in 1989.

Five US police officers were confirmed dead and seven injured after shooters opened fire at the

Heavily pregnant BBA star Zainab Sheriff poses nude (photos)

What Hollywood can do....

Former Big Brother Africa housemate Zainab Sheriff has released photos of her pregnant self to celebrate her pregnancy and new body. According to her:
When pregnancy gives you curves, Flaunt em. A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create nurture and transform. BODY OF ART
See the photos below.

Guys, how did you find out your girlfriend was cheating on you?

Guys, how did you find out your special one was cheating on you? This guy shared his story anonymously:

My now ex-girlfriend got a job in another state and moved there. After moving, she sent me a couple of emails with pictures of her new apartment and workplace. Then the frequency and quality of our phone conversations dropped. 
She said that she needed this time off to focus on her new life and de-stress. (We were having issues about if and when we were both going to get married soon). 
A month later, on her birthday, I sent her flowers and chocolates and tried to call her but it went to voicemail every time. After a few days, she sent me a thank you note and told

lmaoo.. What manner of striking resemblance is this?

These two people are in no way related but their striking resemblance is undeniable! 

See closeup photos below.

Lady accuses Nigerian police of slapping her bum

This very interesting conversation on the conduct of Nigeria police happened on Twitter yesterday.

Continues after the cut.

Photos: Husband beats wife up live on reality TV show in Serbia

The  moment a reality TV contestant grabbed his wife by the throat and banged her head against a door twice live on TV has shocked viewers in Serbia.

The violence emerged during the prime time show 'Couples' which is filmed in a luxury villa in Belgrade. Complete strangers are made to go through wedding ceremonies to see how long the relationship can survive the pressure on the show.

31 year old Nenad Marinkovic-Gastoz had exploded with fury because his wife Zorica Dukic, 24, tried to intervene when he was having a row with another contestant.

Six-year-old kills housemaid in Abia

A six-year-old boy has erroneously killed a housemaid with the his father's gun in Aba, Abia State.

Police detectives from the Ogbor Hill Police Division, Aba, have commenced investigations into the killing.

It was gathered that the underage child reportedly picked the father’s gun from his bedroom, thinking that it was a toy gun and not knowing that it was loaded.

A source, who spoke on condition of  anonymity, said,
“The child pointed the gun at the maid and playfully said, ‘I will kill you,’ and upon

Lailans, Get In Here... Quickly

How was your night, dear? 

I want you to read this & never forget it for the rest of today.

Just look at the wickedness this woman meted out on her husband...

Please read:

Dallas cops shot; Armed person of interest identified (photo)

Dallas police have released this image of a man armed with an assault rifle walking through a group of protesters and they say he is a person of interest in the fatal shooting of at least 4 officers at the Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas, Texas, on Thursday.

The man was dressed in a camouflage shirt and black shorts, and shockingly walked openly with his weapon without anyone pointing out the rifle to police officers.

One witness told CNN he was from out of state, and thought that was just common in Texas.

Two snipers are believed to have targeted the Dallas cops shot to death from an 'elevated position' in the middle of a protest against the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. A manhunt is now

Kylie Jenner just captioned this pic of her and Tyga with *Mr & Mrs*

Kylie just shared this on IG.

Kylie Jenner's brother Rob Kardashian is getting married to Tyga's ex-fiancee/babymama Blac Chyna. Looks like these two want to to make theirs happen too.

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