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Monalisa Chinda & husband in Greece for their white wedding (Photos)

Beautiful actress and mother of one Monalisa Chinda, and her husband Victor Coker are in Greece for their white wedding ceremony which comes up on 1st of September

The couple got married few months ago traditionally in Port Harcourt. More photos after the cut....

Lol...Nigerians come for CNN for not adding 'Nigeria' to their Mark Zuckerberg's visit post

CNN Africa made the tweet below, but didn't specify the Sub-Saharan country Mark Zuckerberg is visiting. Nigerians on Twitter didn't find it funny.

You don't joke with Nigerians and get away just like that! See reactions below...

Woman bites off friend’s eyelid after refusing to pay her debt

A 24-year-old woman, Angela Job, who allegedly bit off her friend’s eyelid during a fight, has appeared before a Tinubu Magistrates’ Court in Lagos.

Standing trial on assault occasioning grievous harm charge, the accused entered a `not guilty’ plea.

See hilarious response Linda Ikeji got after she tweeted on Mark's Zuckerberg's visit

Linda Ikeji like everyone else was surprised on the way Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg entered Nigeria and tweeted about it, but a follower wasn't having it.

See below...

She said yes! Stephanie Coker gets engaged (Photos)

Beauty Therapist and Vlogger Lola,  just posted this photo and a video showing Media personality and former MTV base presenter, Stephanie Coker has been engaged.

Read what she wrote below....

Kim Jong-un executes officials for dozing off in a meeting

According to a new report out Tuesday, Kim Jong-un had two North Korean officials publicly executed earlier this month.

And one of the men was simply accused of falling asleep during a meeting.

Earn Upto 80% UNICAF Scholarship for a UNICAF University Degree

UNICAF University is proud to announce the opening of the Malawi UNICAF University campus! You can now study various degree programmes (Bachelor Degrees, Master Degrees, and Doctorate Degrees) online and on campus.

UNICAF University is a unique and exciting new development that promises to provide greater higher education opportunities and a brighter prospect to aspiring students, both locally and from the surrounding regions. This is a dynamic and forward thinking, agile institution which promises to open up learning to all those who have the ability and ambition to study. You can apply HERE

UNICAF University has developed from a family of higher education institutions which draw on a rich heritage of academic traditions and represents an academic community of scholars, researchers and administrators with an unparalleled accumulated experience of curriculum, partnership development and long experience of delivery of transnational education. This heritage opens up

Nigerian-American artist, Jidenna arrives Nigeria - see first photos

Nigerian-American artist Jidenna Theodore Mobisson, known professionally as Jidenna, is currently in Nigeria.

The ‘Classic Man’ crooner, is in Nigeria to advance his anticipated introduction collection, ‘Long Live The Chief.’ His visit will incorporate a restrictive collection dispatch occasion which will occur at Hard Rock Cafe in Lagos.

Witch allegedly turns to an Owl at Enugu crusade (photo)

According to eye witness, an owl alleged to be a witch fell on the altar and died instantly during a prayer session.

The Owl believed to be a witch allegedly came to attack the Reverend Father pictured above at a vigil crusade which held at Nkwo Umuiyida Enugu-Ezike in Igbo-Eze LGA Enugu state.

There are many Mark Zuckerberg's in Nigeria - Ben Bruce tweets

As the senator tweeted.

See photo of Mark Zuckerberg trekking on the streets of Yaba + hilarious twitter comments

His simplicity is amazing.

Spot him by the white car? See hilarious comments from Nigerians about his visit....

Read official statement on why Funke Akindele and JJC's wedding was made private

Star actress, Funke Akindele walked down the aisle on Tuesday, 23, August, with her beau, Abdulrasheed Bello in London, UK at a quiet wedding witnessed by immediate family members, the best man, maid of honour, and friends with strong ties.

The groom, Abdulrasheed, aka Skillz is a multi-talented musician, music producer and a leading member of the JJC and 419 Squad based in London.

Mark Zuckerberg makes a post about his visit to Nigeria

The Facebook founder arrived Nigeria this afternoon unannounced and his first stop was at Co-creation Hub in Yaba.

If you were to meet him one on one, what will you tell him or like him to improve, remove or add on Facebook?

Corporate begger? Elderly woman begs Ali Baba for money before trying to receive a call

The veteran actor shared this photo of a woman who was begging him for money before her phone rang.

I think she might just be stranded and needed help, she looks too good to be a begger. Read what he wrote below....

Lailans, it's time for our "Chat & Connect" party

Last week we kick started a new and exciting segment, "Chat and Connect". The idea behind this is to have fun, bring people of all backgrounds together to mingle, strengthen and help our bond and likeness grow stronger, put smiles on each others faces without even meeting in person.

So ladies and gents, how has it been so far? Did you connect with anybody? Someone sent me a message gisting me about how it went down with his connection. He said it was all fun for him until they shared photos...and since then it has been...*cough cough* Hot!! Lol

Is that how it has been for you? Did you connect with anyone exciting?  Have fun? Do you have testimonies to share? Come on guys, lets do this!

In case you're lost, let me me walk you through how to play:

Drop your email address if you are available and looking forward to meeting someone on the internet. You can go Anonymous while sharing your email if you don't want to use your popular username;
After doing that, go through the comments and see who has a personality you will want to connect with and contact that person.

1. The idea behind this is to have FUN!! Also note that Laila's blog 'Chat & Connect' is very different from 'Laila's Cupid' which comes up every Thursday.

2. Note also that 'Chat & Connect' can take place between male & female Lailans, between female Lailans and between male Lailans.

3. Laila's blog 'Chat & Connect' is aimed at bringing people of all backgrounds together to mingle, help our likeness for each other grow stronger, put smiles on each other's face even without meeting in person.

4. HOWEVER, if you end up becoming best friends with whoever you meet on Laila's blog ''Chat & Connect'' or both of you end up becoming church members or knacking each other..lol.. you know what I mean, right? If that one happens, na una sabi. JUST HAVE FUN!

5. This post will always come up every Tuesday.

6. Once the post is published, you are to go under the comment section and drop the following info about yourself:
  • Your Email address or BBM pin. PLEASE NO PHONE NUMBERS
  • Your Gender
  • Your COUNTRY of location  
  • A short intro about who you are, your personality, then the kind of person you'll love to meet       
  • For example, this is a mail from one of us:       
    Hello Laila,
I need both male and female friends who reside in Onitsha. I joined my husband here after our wedding last year and honestly, It hasn't been easy. The town is boring the living day light out of me 

Although i enjoy the serenity sometimes but being someone who grew up in Lagos, adapting to life here has been difficult. My hubby is trying his best but he is not always around please I want friends who are blog readers who stay in Onitsha and would want to hook up to please reach me. 
My hobbies include swimming, playing video games, watching movies, Baking cakes etc. I want friends here. I also need someone who can help brush my baking skill especially in making fondant icing. I want to also learn other learnables, Please Onitsha BV's should reach me at Amakajennifer610@gmail.com
7.  Some of you may have particular Lailans you want to chat with. If that is your case:
Once the post is published, go under the comment section and mention the name of the Lailan you want to connect and chat with along with your intro and email address.

If he/she agrees, he/she will contact you through your email address.

Laila's Blog has no business with that neither will we be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any issues of any kind.

9.  There will be a post on Friday asking you all how your chats with readers you contacted went.

Readers can compose an email of the summary of their "Chat & Connect" moment together and forward it to Lailasblog@gmail.com

All mails would be published alongside our Anything Goes post so that all Lailans all over the world can read, comment and have fun.

Laila's blog Chat & Connect is open to EVERYONE, whether you are a regular blog visitor or today is your first day here. Just make sure you have fun.

Let's do this!!

"Guys who slut-shame ladies they've had sex with are incredibly stupid"

A social media user shared a very interesting perspective on the issue of "kiss and tell". In our society when a guy sleeps with a girl and broadcasts it, the guy is a real 'gee' while the lady is slut-shamed.

However, the user,Vivian Adaze is challenging that mindset. She says any guy who sleeps with a woman and tells every willing ear listening about his sexual encounter is "incredibly stupid" and shameless.

Read below. Definitely worth the read...
Walking on the street that leads to my workshop, I stopped by my 'customers' shop to exchange pleasantries.

We were still talking when a lady that sells 'okpa' came around to collect her money from those who bought but didn't pay immediately. A particular guy started teasing her with subtle threats not to pay her.

The drama became irritating and I asked my customer why he couldn't just hand over the money to her so she could continue with her daily hussle. He smiled and said 'he had slept with her'

Billionaire wife Dabota Lawson uses Bible references to give haters the middle finger

Last week, ex-billionaire wife Dabota Lawson debunked reports of stealing and copyright infringement. Reports that her cosmetics company ‘Dabota Cosmetics‘ under Billionaire Wife Ltd, was being sued for copyright infringement by Natural Dermis Skin Care had taken the internet by storm. Click here and here for a recap.

She has now shaken off the dust of the scandal, and using scriptural references, gave unnamed 'haters' the middle finger.

Read below

This afternoon, Mark Zuckerberg sneaked into Lagos unnannounced (photos)

It has been confirmed that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is at the CoCreation Hub, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria at this very moment.

Apparently, he arrived this afternoon and is meeting with a few key players in the Nigerian tech world to discuss how Facebook can be improved in Nigeria, and how it can support tech development in Africa.

So, it seems there is a Justin Bieber sex tape that has now leaked online (pics)

Justin Bieber is now allegedly the subject of a leaked sex tape circulating online.

The 22-year-old singer’s fans have gone into meltdown after the Twitter hashtag #justinssextapeleakedparty began trending some days back, inspired by new photos of the star on holiday.

Pictures of Justin and girlfriend Sofia Richie getting really raunchy in Mexico – that show Justin with his bum exposed – were re-posted in relation to the claims.

Lmao! Preacher beaten black and blue for taking gospel to the gym

This story cracked me up.

A Kenyan preacher may have to be more careful in future when choosing where to spread the gospel after getting a beating in a gym where he had taken the word of God.

Like any day in his diary, Pastor Levi, a freelance preacher visited a Kakamega fitness gym early morning as he usually does in the county market, CBD, private homes and businesses.

His message was clear: gym goers are lazy gluttons who don’t read the word.

Photos: Footballer sacked by Egyptian club after testing HIV positive


Cameroon international Samuel Nlend has been sacked by Egyptian Premier League club, Al Ittihad after testing positive for AIDS. The 21-year-old was fired just four days after signing a three year contract.

Fans slay Toyin Aimakhu for flaunting "saggy boobs" in glammed up photo

Toyin Aimakhu's Instagram page is currently a war zone after she posted the photo below

The actress was being glammed up for an event and captioned the photo:
#Getting glammed
But her fans were not interested in the glammed up Toyin, but her boobs which showed through the bathrobe she wore. Their observation is her tittties are not firm, so she ought not to expose them.

Eeesh. Nigerians and their bad mouth. Read some of the comments below

Photos of elderly couple who still match outfits after 52 years of marriage trends

Serious marriage goals!

How many marriages last up to 52 weeks these days, not to mention 52 years, and not only that, they still act like young lovers...

See closer photos of these love struck elderly couple below. The photos have gone viral!

Shocking video of bottled water being produced unhygienically in Nigeria surfaces (pics + vid)

I just wish the name of the company had been shown.

This video of a bottled water factory worker named Charity has surfaced online.

In the clip we see Charity producing water in a very unhygienic manner (she fetched the water straight from the tap and did not sterilise the bottle) and without any sanitary gear.

See face of young girl gruesomely murdered by her boyfriend for diabolic reasons

Pictured above is the Nifemi Adeyeye, a young student of Rufus Polytechnic, Ondo state, who was earlier this month murdered by her 22 year old boyfriend Chukwudi Oweniwe, also a Rufus Giwa poly student.

Oweniwe's excuse for murdering her was "I did not know what spirit came over me".

If you missed it, click here

the murderous lover boy, Chukwudi Oweniwe
Although in his confession he claimed he did not kill her for ritual purposes, her friend Rosemary Adeyeye who shared the photos, alleges that the murdered girl's eyes were plucked and her breasts cut off.

This is how Rosemary narrated the gruesome murder.
Please here is another lesson for we Ladies

"Let your children taste alcohol", Catholic priest advises parents

A Ugandan Catholic priest has urged parents to allow their children to taste a little alcohol in order to learn self-control.

RE-IPOB names new leader; name Soyinka, Azikiwe for negotioations with FG

After sacking the imprisoned Nnamdi Kanu, the leadership of the breakway  pro-Biafra group, the Reformed Indigenous People of Biafra, RE-IPOB, has named Jonathan Kurubo as the new leader for the organization.

We've seen desperate people before, but this...

What do you think? You can try this at Ikoyi, Banana Island and Aso Rock. Good idea, shey? Lol

Frustrated man jumps into the river after mentioning Buhari's name several times

A major tragedy was averted yesterday in Lagos, when a man jumped into the river on the Mile Two Bridge in Amuwo Odofin Local Government Area.

The unidentified man, according to eyewitnesses, stood on the bridge for some minutes, loudly expressed bitterness over his sufferings and how things had gone bad for him and his helplessness.

Hot Seat Monday!

Hello beautiful Lailans. Yes, I know what you must be thinking. Today isn't Monday...

We weren't able to bring you Hot Seat Monday yesterday because of circumstances beyond our control, but thankfully it is alright now, so we will be introducing one of our ardent readers, Mr Uche Godson Onyekuru. Join us as we meet and explore the world of this vibrant Lailan.


Photos: Tears flow as Stella Oduah's family and friends hold requiem Mass for late son

Image result for burial of stella oduah's son

The Oduah family on Monday held a requiem mass for Chinedu Maxwell Etoromi , the late son of Stella Ada Oduah who died at the age of 28 on Friday in Abuja.

There was heavy vehicular and human movement when sympathisers, friends and dignitaries from across Anambra state rallied for vigil mass which was presided by the Archbishop of Onitsha and Metropolitan of Onitsha Ecclesiastical Province, Most Rev Valerian Okeke

Teen arrested for being a fake doctor re-arrested again -- for being a fake doctor again.

A teenager who was arrested for posing as a doctor has been rearrested...for posing as a doctor and stealing...

Malachi Love-Robinson was first accused of pretending to be a doctor in January 2015. Then 17, he pretended to be a consultant in at least one gynecological examination at St. Mary's Medical Center, according to a West Palm Beach police report.

Diddy shares lovely photo of his beautiful daughters

American hip hop star, producer and entrepreneur Diddy took to Instagram to share a cute photo of his twin daughters D’Lila Star and Jessie James with Kim Porter, and Chance (centre) with Sarah Chapman.

He captioned the photo:

Notorious ex-hacker explains how criminals can steal your details when you connect to public Wi-Fi

In a worrying demonstration that is sure to frighten frequent Wi-Fi users,  a former infamous hacker Kevin Mitnick has shown how easy it is to steal your details in a public area, when you log into a public Wi-Fi.

Mitnick was arrested in the US in 1995 for hacking into 40 major companies, including IBM, Nokia and Motorola, but is now working as a leading security consultant for some of the largest companies in the world.

Lol...Check out this hilarious tweet!

Guys, is she so beautiful to beg her when she cheats on you?

Wow! Ever seen a wedding with 26 bridesmaids? (Photo)

Designer, Kunbi Oyelesi of April by Kunbi got married over the weekend and had 26 of her friends on her train, including Toke Makinwa and Gbemi and 5 flower girls.

This is such a massive one and I like the colour combo.

Don't judge a situation you've never been in - Funke Akindele's advice

The talented actress just shared this lovely advice on her Instagram page.

Patience Ozokwor welcomed by Ghanaian dancers as she arrives for evangelical works (Photos)

Veteran Nollywood actress turned evangelist, Patience Ozokwor aka Mama G is currently in Kumasi, Ghana to win souls for Christ.

She said she's really happy God called her to do what she is doing, and that she even looks more beautiful without makeup. Watch the video after the cut.

Rihanna flaunts hot legs on date night with Drake after he declares his love at MTV VMAs

Rihanna showed off her toned figure in a white mini dress and statement brown belt, adding elegant strappy heels to the ensemble on a date night with Drake.

Recall that the rapper presented Rihanna with the prestigious Vanguard prize, and in a sweet moment on stage, professed his love to her in front of the crowd.

OMG! 17 Year-old boy stabs sugar mummy and hangs himself after she cheated on him

A young lad has reportedly killed himself  after finding out that his 30-year-old sugar mama was cheating on him.

According to H-metro, the 17-year-old teenager from Landa’s business centre in Chihota of Zimbabwe reportedly stabbed his cougar several times before committing suicide in police cells.

Alicia Keys and husband respond to people who slammed her no-makeup look to the VMAs

Alicia Keys stepped out to the 2016 MTV VMAs on Sunday with a make-up-free face and kept people talking.

Well, she has a word for those who didn't like it. Plus see a video of her husband Swizz Beatz defending her below.

Check out what Drake tweeted about Nicki Minaj in 2010

Well, life is always like this sometimes.

Lol... Was this bride forced to get married? (Photos)

The look on her face says a lot, or did someone piss her off that day?

Who knows the bride, please explain why she is vexing!

Beautiful photos of Dr Sid and his family

Singer Dr Sid, wife and their beautiful daughter stepped out for a wedding over the weekend.

The daughter is such a beautiful kid. See more after the cut...

Suspected kidnapper who disguised as mad woman caught in Osun (Photos)

Barely 2 weeks after an alleged female ‘touch and follow’ kidnapper was nabbed and paraded naked in Osun State, another female kidnapper who disguised as a mad woman has been apprehended.

The suspect was nabbed by a bus passenger on Monday at about 7:30am at the Oriolori area of Ikire.

Lol... Piers Morgan shades Kim Kardashian with Alicia Keys' no-makeup photo

When it comes to shade, Piers Morgan has a PhD on that, he always comes for Kim and John Legends wife Chrissy at any given chance. See the latest on Kim.


Kim, Kanye and their kids step out in style (Photos)

The power couple were spotted with their kids North and Saint as they had a lunch together in New York City.

See more lovely photos after the cut...

Awww...Yvonne Jegede's fiance can't wait to flaunt her to the world! Gushes about her

When a man is in love.

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