Monday, November 7

Lailans, who has a 'Guess what happened to me today' story to share with us?

Mondays can be crazy, dramatic, catastrophic, hectic, lots of impossible deadlines, impatient customers to deal with at the office. Colleagues and bosses can even be the witches haunting & tormenting us.

You now hit the road to move from here to here, Road transport workers and passengers will bring their wahala. You enter market to buy one or two things, market people too go join, even with their customers. Life as a job seeker yet again on a new Monday morning, not a fairy tale story to tell sometimes.

But this is life and we have to deal with it!

How did your Monday go, dearies? Who has a story of what happened to him/her today that he/she wants to share/rant about?

Do that in the comments below. I'm itching to read your stories, guys. Get your complaints off your chest and get a real good night's sleep tonight.

I would want us to do this with COMPLETE ANONYMITY. Because you never can tell who is reading. So, just for tonight, guys, when dropping your story, please DON'T use your name or
nickname.  Pick Anonymous when you are about to submit your comment just like this:

See attached photos below for steps to do it:

I will never date Unilag girls again, Nigerian man cries out

The message was sent to Joro Olumofin. What do you think about the girl's action guys?

Check out this 62k made-in-Nigeria top

I saw a hilarious comment on the photo online, the guy said, "Is it inclusive with the model"? lol!

Caption this photo of President Buhari and Adams Oshiomhole

President Buhari was today pictured in Edo State, with students of Samuel Ogbemudia College shortly after commissioning the school as part of his two-day visit to the state.

Let me start with the caption; Oga boss, abeg you don start to answer question 3? Lol

Adorable new photos of Chidinma Ekile

25-year-old singer, Chidinma Ekile, shared these adorable photos from her new album ' Fallen in love".

Recall that earlier today, she deleted all her Instagram photos and left just photos of her with Flavour.

Boy stabs ex-girlfriend who is the mother of his child to death

A murderer allegedly stabbed his former girlfriend to death and then told their two-year-old son 'oh I am so sorry, you can come and live with your daddy.'

David Davies, 25, from Clynnog, near Caernarfon, has admitted murdering Emma Baum, 22, but does not accept the full prosecution case.

Mold Crown Court heard Davies denied using a knife in the attack and claimed he did not take a weapon to Miss Baum's home.

Few Things to Know About the US Election​

By Kate Bolduan

  • How does the US presidential election system work?

The most notable thing about the US presidential election for most anyone not living in America is just how long the campaign runs.

We end up calling it “election season” because it goes on for so long.  The first person to announce their candidacy this cycle was Ted Cruz on March 23, 2015.

Election day is November 8, 2016. Yes, they campaign for president for long past a year before America votes.

The system is broken down into basic two parts – the Primary and the General Election. The Primary comes first and that is when each of the political parties holds contests in each of the 50 states to select the party’s nominee for president.

The final primary this cycle was held near the beginning of June. Then the General Election kicks into full swing It’s very specifically spelled out in the US Constitution that the Presidential election be held on the “Tuesday following the first Monday in November.”  The President is not elected by a simple nationwide popular vote. Of course it must be slightly more complicated; we are talking about the United States.

The president is elected by winning the “electoral college.” Essentially each of the US states is allotted a certain number of “electoral votes”.

 For a candidate to win they must win the majority of the country’s electoral votes, which happens to be 270 votes.  That’s why you will hear us constantly talking about “the road to 270.”  Confused yet?

  • Which are the swing states?

Swing states are the states that are neither reliably red (Republican) nor blue (Democrat).  The state literally “swings” between the two parties depending on the cycle.  Which states are considered “swing state,” or “battleground states” as many of us call them, changes over time as populations and voting patterns change.

An example: Barack Obama won North Carolina in 2008 but then lost the state to Mitt Romney in 2012.  That means North Carolina is a battleground because both campaigns in 2016 see a chance to win there.

 This election cycle the battleground states include: Florida, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Colorado and Nevada.

  • Why is Ohio considered the most important state in a US election?

Ohio is considered the perennial bellwether state.  The old tagline is: “As Ohio goes, so goes the Nation.”

 That is because no Republican candidate has ever won the White House without winning Ohio. For that matter, the last Democrat to win without carrying Ohio was John F. Kennedy in 1960.  All of this together has earned this hearty Midwestern state the reputation as one of the most important states to watch on Election Day.

This also means Ohio is a state where candidates spend a lot of time, energy and advertising money throughout their campaign.

  • What have been the key issues in the presidential election race?

Anyone being honest will likely tell you this has been an “issues light” election.  This race has been much more about the character and personalities of these 2 particular candidates than about where they stand on any of the major issues.  Beyond that, the big issues that do matter to voters this year are: immigration policy, filling the vacant seat currently on the Supreme Court (the highest court in the land), trade policy and foreign policy (particularly America’s role in fighting ISIS and involvement in conflicts abroad in general). Also a big point of discussion: Obamacare, the healthcare reforms passed in 2010.

  • Was there a turning point in the presidential election race?

The high-octane rhythm of this election season has simply never let up and is like nothing any of us political observers have seen in recent history. There have been so many twists and turns in this election; it’s nearly impossible to single out just one turning point.

Every debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump changed the conversation.  The scandals facing each of the candidates have changed the conversation. The near constant spats over social media between the candidates and their campaigns have changed the conversation.

  • When will we get a result?

The earliest polls close is at 7:00pm eastern on election night. That will be the earliest we’ll be able to make any definitive call on which candidate wins in those early states. The very last polls close at 1:00am on November 9th in Alaska but a winner will likely be called before that.

For a point of reference, CNN called President Obama the winner in 2012 at about 11:15pm eastern.  In 2008, CNN declared Obama the winner at 11:00pm eastern.  The biggest unknown right now – how late of a night will it be? It all comes down to how close the count is and no one can predict that right now.

  • When does the new President take up office?

This is also explicitly laid out in the US constitution. The 20th Amendment says that the term of the President and Vice President ends at noon on January 20th.  That day is called Inauguration Day -- when you’ll see the president-elect place his/her hand upon the bible and take the Oath of Office.

From that point on January 20,, 2017, the government is officially in the hands of the new president. Their staffs move in and immediately their phones start ringing.

  • Are there also elections for Congress (the House of Representatives and the Senate)?

All 435 seats in the House are up for election this year (as is the case every 2 years). Republicans hold the majority and it is expected they will remain in control after November 8th.  The Senate is where the real drama is playing out. 34 of the 100 seats in that chamber are up for election this cycle.

Republicans currently hold the majority. Democrats need to win 4 or 5 seats (depending on which party wins the White House) to take control of the Senate.  This is possible but just like the presidency, no one will know for sure until all the votes are counted on November 8th.

  •  Why is this important?

The next President won’t get much done without the support of Congress. That’s why you’ve been seeing Hillary Clinton campaigning in states with close Senate races—if she wins, she needs Democrats to win 4 more seats to gain control of the Senate. And she’ll still be dealing with a Republican-controlled House, since the majority there is much larger.

But Tuesday night isn’t just about the Presidency and Congress. It’s also about the Supreme Court. Not only is there a vacant seat, but there is a possibility that there could be two more seats to fill during the next President’s term. And—you guessed it—anyone the President nominates must also be confirmed by the Senate.

  • At what point in proceedings do we get an indication who is likely to have won?

On the big day, polling stations will begin to open on the U.S. East Coast as early as 11a GBT.  Opinion polls are conducted throughout the day from voters across the country, and these “exit polls” are used by CNN to project the winner in each state.

If the exit polls are too close to call or somehow inconclusive, news agencies will wait for the actual results to be released. Polls close in the evening, and since the 50 states stretch across six time zones, be prepared for a late night!

That, of course, assumes we have a clear winner by the end of the night. In 2000, the tight vote in Florida triggered an automatic recount and legal showdown. It was 36 days before George W. Bush was certified as the winner.

  • How many people in the US are likely to cast a vote?

In the 2012 presidential election, 129.1 million Americans voted. That’s 53.6% of the estimated voting-age population of just under 241 million people. In 2008, when Barack Obama was first elected, just over 131 million Americans voted, the most ever in a Presidential election. It’s anyone’s guess if this unconventional campaign will inspire another record-breaking turnout.

Since the polls right now show there are very few undecided voters left out there, both Trump and Clinton are doing everything they can in these final days to get their supporters inspired, energized and ready to head to the ballot box.

  • What is the demographic split between black/white/Hispanic or young/old etc?

Research shows that the 2016 U.S. electorate could be the most racially and ethnically diverse ever.  According to Pew, over 30% of voters on Election Day will be African-American, Hispanic, Asian or another racial or ethnic minority.

Also a big first: there are as many Millennials eligible to vote as baby boomers. The big question—will they actually show up to vote?

  • Where is the result announced?

On CNN of course!

  • When does the Obama family have to move out of the White House?

It all happens on Inauguration Day. Usually, the sitting president and their spouse host the incoming-First Couple for tea , and when they depart for the ceremony, the White House staff leaps into action. The former First Family’s belongings are moved out and the incoming First Family’s things are moved in. The entire operation takes about six hours and a whole lot of moving trucks.

  • If Hillary wins, does this mean Bill Clinton moves back into his old bedroom?

Although each First Family brings their own preferences to the style and décor of the White House residence, the floor plan has remained the same for decades. So, if Hillary Clinton is elected, she and the former President will be moving back into the rooms they lived in during their first stay in the 1990’s.

​Credit: Kate Bolduan presents State of the Race, weeknights at 7:30pm GMT on CNN International.  Follow CNN’s live coverage of U.S. Election Night from 8pm GMT on 8 November.

Oh no! Indian boy born with head upside-down dies 8 months after life-changing surgery

The 13-year-old boy in India whose head was hanging at a 180-degree angle has died just eight months after life-changing surgery to fix it. Read here if you missed.

Mahendra Ahirwar, who suffered from a rare condition called congenital myopathy which made the muscles in his neck so weak his head would hang, had been absolutely fine in the morning.
His mother Sumitra, 36, said he had his lunch on Saturday, lay down to watch TV and at around 3pm passed away.


Afrobeat legend, and four time Grammy Award nominee, Femi Kuti brings the recently ended Felabration vibe to Abuja this November.

The event which is being put together by Chocolate City Group, with support from Etisalat Nigeria, is targeted at consumers with a fine taste for live music experiences.

Femi who has toured extensively throughout Europe, America and Africa, together with his Positive Force band, has performed in major cities of the world including Lagos, London, Paris, New York, Glasgow and Glastonbury. He has also collaborated with majorinternational acts such as Common,

Soldier beaten to pulp for allegedly stealing an iPhone (Photos)

An unidentified soldier was on Monday beaten to pulp for ‎allegedly stealing an iPhone belonging to a young lady on gun point, yesterday.

According to Daily Post, the lady raised alarm at the popular Robson G. Shopping plaza, along Okumagba Avenue in Warri after recognizing the soldier.

Sensing danger, the soldier, who was putting on military camourflage tried to escape from the scene with a knife in his hand.

Rihanna shares nude bathroom photo with niece

Rihanna took to her Instagram page to share this adorable photo with her niece, Majesty kissing in the bathroom.

She shared the full photo after it went viral yesterday. She captioned it "Unconditional". See another lovely photo of them stepping out after the cut...

Solange Knowles' 'Dream Catcher' hairstyle for her first televised show took 40 hours to make!!

It's hard enough for me sitting still for ordinary Ghana weaving that takes roughly four hours because of the thickness of my hair, but 40 hours is just unimaginable...

On Saturday night, Solange Knowles, Queen Bey's little sister gave her first televised performance of music from her latest studio album 'A Seat at the Table'. Appearing on Saturday Night Live, she made quite an impression on social media for the look she chose.

Actress Omoni Oboli's hubby orders her home after he saw this naughty pic...

Actress, producer Omoni Oboli's husband, Nnamdi Oboli has ordered her to leave set and to return home, after he got the photo below, where his wife put her very eye catching butt on display in a photo.

"Hillary Clinton is the next US president," another prophet prophesies

Just like Nigeria's Senior Prophet TB Joshua who yesterday prophesied that Democratic candidate Hillary will emerge victorious in the US elections, another Prophet, a Zambian this time has also prophesied that Mrs Clinton will win.

Prophet Isaac Amata made this claim via his Facebook page.

He wrote

Kanye West 'spent nearly all his money on expensive furniture', only to throw them out

The paranoid 39 year old rapper has thrown out all the expensive furniture handpicked for his new home with Kim Kardashian. According to reports, he 'spent nearly all of his money' on the expensive home furnishing project, and rejected it practically on arrival.

Photos: Someone says Bobrisky's face has been burnt by bleaching cream

According to a London based Facebook user who shared the photos:
Bleaching expert and Nigeria's male barbie Bobrisky was spotted two weeks ago at a conference in Abuja.. And believe me, his face was nothing to write home about!... Pimples and dark patches have ruined his face to the extent that the heavy foundation he applied could NOT hide the disaster!..

See more photos below

Man who was blocked by Buhari on Twitter laments

Lmao! Nigerians are something else

Hot Seat Monday! Meet Lailan Chy Faithy

Happy new week guys. Welcome to another episode of Hot Seat Mondays!!!

Today we have with us a beautiful Lailan who loves swimming but didn't send us a pix of her swimming with bikini (Lol), a physiotherapist and a lady who believes in our dear country Nigeria.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's my pleasure to welcome Lailan Chy Faithy on our hot seat!

Sit back and enjoy her very interesting interview below.

Word for the day!

Couldn't have said it better

Embattled Chidinma Okeke now immortalised on Wikipedia

Someone has decided to immortalise embattled ex-Miss Anambra, Chidinma Okeke. They have now gone ahead to create a Wikipedia page for her, with links that connect to pages where the lesbian sex scandal is extensively discussed.

Recall that some time back, the sex scandal and the video dominated google search, ranking number 3 in the most searched topics on google.

See after the cut

Recession? Enugu Catholic church organises free weddings for Nigerians

According to this twitter user, St Mary's Catholic church in Enugu is organising free weddings for those who can't afford one.

Continue after the cut

End time trumpet allegedly sounds in the sky in Israel (video)

I don't know if this is another gag by comedic Nigerian actor John 'Mr Ibu' Okafor, but according to him, on Saturday, God showed a serious end time signal in Israel. Like magic, a circular object formed in the sky and there were heavy sounds of trumpets in the heavens.

The wonders that happened yesterday in d morning in Israel. God showed his signal with trumpet sound in a circle object formed by cloud in d sky every body stood still till it disappeared . pls have ur life cleaned up and be ready in think the D day is close by
Watch the video below

"I never knew sex is so sweet," raves pastor who married as a virgin

A Ghanain pastor who vowed to marry as a virgin finally got married last week and as you can guess, can't stop raving about it. He says sex is the 'sweetest thing on earth'.

The spokesperson of a group calling itself the Association of Virgin Pastors, Job Antwi say he regrets breaking his virginity very late.

419ers arrested with live snake after duping victim of N5m

The Zone 2 Police Command has arrested two suspected fraudsters in the Ijebu Igbo area of Ogun State for allegedly using a live snake and other fetish items to defraud a man of N5m.

Check out these photos of Lailan Eddy Wiz! It's his birthday today!!

I know this is going to come as a surprise to you, Ed! Legends are born in November, you know you are one in the making, right?

Today is your birthday and here's my wish for you as you celebrate - I wish you a very happy, very long and fulfilling life ahead, filled with enough money to make your dreams come true. You will walk and not grow weary, Ed. Just like all God's beloved children, you will soar high on wings like eagles., you will walk and not faint.

Make merry and rejoice, young man. Happy, happy birthday to you.

Please join me guys and make Ed's day! Big smiles.

Check out the insane items on Reggie Bush's alleged babymama's baby registry

Reggie Bush's alleged babymama is due to have his baby in February next year. You won't believe the very expensive items she has listed out in baby gift registry.

TMZ reports that first of all, the list is longer than a football field and contains more than 140 pricey items.

You recall that Reggie Bush paid $3 Million to his alleged married babymama Monique Exposito, a waitress who works at Miami nightclub Mokai this year for her silence and to have an abortion after he got her pregnant and his wife told him to fix the issue or risk a divorce.

Babymama Monique took the money, didn't go through with the abortion and instead told her story. She is now six months along  and will celebrate her new arrival with a baby shower in Miami next month.
TMZ reports about her baby wish list below:
 Reggie Bush's alleged baby mama's saying it loud and clear ... her kid's gonna need a

Man rapes helpless goat to death in Ondo

A man identified as Afolabi Bamidele was caught allegedly having sex with a goat in Irun Akoko, Akoko North-West Local Government Area of Ondo State.

It was gathered that the unfortunate goat died during the sex romp with Afolabi .

Gay penguin couple celebrates 10th year anniversary (photos)

Two penguins are celebrating their 10th year of partnership, as a gay couple.

Dotty and Zee are two Humboldt penguins that reside at Bremerhaven Zoo in Germany. They have been together for over a decade now and are completely inseparable.

At first, the couple were left to their own devices as the zoo did not yet realise both Dotty and Zee were male penguins.

However, after a few years of dedicated partnership the pair had a DNA test. In 2005 the test revealed

Angelina Jolie - '' Brad Pitt is dreaming, he's not getting joint custody''

Till tomorrow, it baffles me how passionate love can suddenly turn to so much hate and vile. The line between the two is soooooo thin!

Angelina Jolie who used to be this so in love with husband Brad is ready and willing to fight him in court over the custody of their children. According to TMZ,  sources connected to Angelina told them Jolie said "until he gets his s**t together" she only wants him to have monitored visitation.
TMZ broke the story, Brad filed legal docs Friday, asking for joint custody of the couple's six children. Angelina has drawn a line in the sand, asking for primary physical

New York politician arrested for beating her 12 year old son with a broom

A state assemblywoman Diana Richardson, from Brooklyn has been arrested after her injured 12-year-old son accused her of hitting him with a broomstick, ­police sources said.

Richardson faces charges of assault, endangering the welfare of a child, criminal possession of a weapon and menacing after she admitted beating her son sources said.

Saint Teresa College (STC) CLASS OF '96: We have a great bond - Toke Faniyi

Omotoke Faniyi is the President of ’96 set of St Teresa’s alumuni , a graduate of accounting from Obafemi Awolowo Univeristy, Ile Ife.

She is a successful business woman who is happily married with children. She spoke to us about on how relentless’96 set have been, their giving back to the school , her lowest point in life and many more.

  • Tell us a bit about your Alma Mater? 

St Teresa’s college (STC) was founded in Lagos, in 1933, as a branch of St Mary’s Convent school which had been founded in 1873.

The college was named after St Teresa of Lisieux, one of the founders of the Carmelites Teaching

How NSCDC rescued 3 kids from ritualists in Abia state

The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), Abia State command, has rescued three children (two female and one male of ages between 10 and 11 years), from the hands of kidnappers and ritualist in the state.

According to the command, it followed a tip-off and rescued the victims around Aba and Obingwa axis of the state, pointing out that the criminal elements came into the state through neighbouring states of Rivers, Akwa-Ibom and Cross River with their collaborators in Abia State, disguising as scavengers.

Bisi Alimi & husband thank everyone who wished him well; replies haters

Bisi Alimi wedded his husband Anthony two days ago in London. He has taken to his social media pages to thank well wishers for their support and to tell haters/homophobes that change is inevitable!

Bisi added:
Because when you live your authentic self and stay true to who you are, you will not

My daughter was drugged and she is not missing – Chidinma Okeke's father

Chidinma Okeke's father has said reports that his daughter had been declared missing by the family, are “very far from the truth”.

Jerry Okeke, who spoke to Premium Times by phone Saturday evening, said his daughter was fine.

Guys, check out what my stunning readers wore to church yesterday (photos)

Hello Laila, my name is Joy Ijeoma, the name of my church is Lively Stone Ministry.
 The name of my pastor is Dr Sam Emeh and yesterday's sermon was about our body being the temple of God. These are pictures of the outfit I rocked to church.
More beautiful photos below:

Post your free advert here now

If you are reading this, so are your potential customers.

If you've got something to sell, go ahead and advertise it here now for FREE. Ads will be enabled on this post alone. Good luck! 

Celebrity stylist Swankyjerry spends N112,500 on pedicure (photos)

Multiple award winning stylist and fashion influencer Jeremiah Ogbodo, CEO Swanky's Signatures Styling shared this receipt on Snapchat. Clearly shows he spent 250usd - N112,500 on pedicure & manicure in the United States.

Jeremiah is currently in New York City. See the manicured nails below.

Watch Toyin Aimakhu talk about how she survived the #SaveMayowa PR Fiasco

Nollywood actress Toyin Aimakhu landed in one of the biggest scandals of the year after she raised N85million & over $100,000 for the #SaveMayowa campaign and later claimed it was a scam.

She later on apologized, released statements. With time, the dust settled, sadly Mayowa passed on.

On the latest Channels Television’s “Seriously Speaking” show, Toyin sat with the show's host, Adesuwa Onyenokwe and talked about what really happened and how it became a PR fiasco for her.

Press play to watch the video below:

Chidinma Ekile deletes all Instagram photos except the ones she took with Flavour

Singer Chidinma Ekile has deleted all her Instagram photos except the 21 photos and videos she took with Flavour.

Is she trying to pass a message? See another after the cut...

This girl really posted this on Facebook?

Really? She has since deleted the photo and said the guy is just her brother and there's no hard feelings.

Guys, Peculiar hospital situated in Coker-Aguda, Surulere, Lagos is recruiting!

This is a mail I received from one of us last night:
Good evening Laila, please help post this message on your blog. 
Peculiar hospital situated in Coker-Aguda,Surulere,Lagos State, is currently seeking to employ suitably qualified candidates to fill the following vacant positions: 
  • A.  Staff Nurse /Staff Midwife II‎ 
QUALIFICATION:- Auxiliary /Registered Nurse/Registered Midwife 
1. The candidates for this position must have either a BSc in Nursing or qualification from a recognised Nursing School and must be a registered member of Nursing and

Something Really Urgent to Ponder On....

Kenya is 2 hours ahead of Nigeria, but it does not mean that Nigeria is slow, or that Kenya is fast. Both countries are working based on their own "Time Zone."

Some one is still single. Someone got married and 'waited' 10 yrs before having a child, there is another who had a baby within a year of marriage.
Someone graduated at the age of 22, yet waited 5 years before securing a good job; and there is another who graduated at 27 and secured employment immediately ! 
Someone became CEO at 25 and died at 50 while another became a CEO at 50 and lived

Beauty Queens Nneze Richards & Allison-Doherty Sekegha Inducted As Certified Chartered Accountants (Photos)

‎It usually said, whoever the gods has blessed no one can curse. This is the case of one of Nigeria's very powerful and influencial beauty queens, Nneze Richards who added another feather to her already feathered cap few days ago. Nneze received her certificate at the National College of Accountancy for a professional programme.

The Enugu state born beauty who started off her modelling passion from her formative days was inducted over the weekend as Certified Chartered  Accountant. While reigning as a beauty queen, Nneze Richards was on a two year course at College at Accountancy in Jos so as to boast her career

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