Monday, November 21

Breaking: Buhari to run for second term in 2019, Presidency confirms

With just one year and seven months into the four years term of the administration of President Muhammdu Buhari which will terminate in 2019, the Presidency has given sure indication that the President would seek a second term in office.

It also vehemently dismissed comments that it would be a lonely walk for the President, a development expected to serve as a punishment for perceived bad governance.

Vanguard reports that the refutation was a sharp reply to a statement credited a former member of the

WINNING WAYS SERIES #8 - The chains that bind and hinder us sometimes are more mental than physical

"We have toiled all night but caught nothing but NEVERTHELESS at thy WORD i will lay down my net. Luke 5:5".

Beloved wonderful friends, it gladdens my heart each time i write to you, i feel so happy and joyful knowing you feel blessed each time you read and also motivated. 
Today i want to share with you an important word most ministers won't like to tell you as not to offend you or loose a member. 
 Have you toiled all weeks, month and years and got nothing just like Peter? Are you at the verge of giving up life because you feel its too late for any miracle to happen. 
Do you sit down in gnashing of teeth and regret of things you ought to have done or things you didn't do, do you apportion blame to people on how your life has become? 
I have a word for you this moment, it doesn't matter how bad and devastated your life

Lailans, who has a 'Guess what happened to me today' story to share with us?

Mondays can be crazy, dramatic, catastrophic, hectic, lots of impossible deadlines, impatient customers to deal with at the office. Colleagues and bosses can even be the witches haunting & tormenting us.

You now hit the road to move from here to here, Road transport workers and passengers will bring their wahala. You enter market to buy one or two things, market people too go join, even with their customers. Life as a job seeker yet again on a new Monday morning, not a fairy tale story to tell sometimes.

But this is life and we have to deal with it!

How did your Monday go, dearies? Who has a story of what happened to him/her today that he/she wants to share/rant about?

Do that in the comments below. I'm itching to read your stories, guys. Get your complaints off your chest and get a real good night's sleep tonight.

I would want us to do this with COMPLETE ANONYMITY. Because you never can tell who is reading. So, just for tonight, guys, when dropping your story, please DON'T use your name or
nickname.  Pick Anonymous when you are about to submit your comment just like this:

See attached photos below for steps to do it:

Death calls seven members of a South African family at once (photo)

Six members of a South African family tragically lost their lives at the same time in a taxi when it crashed into the back of a truck last Saturday.

THE MASS FUNERAL: Hundreds of mourners attended the funeral in Jakkalsdans, North West. Photos by Samson Ratswana  ~
Only one passenger, according to South African Daily Sun, survived the taxi crash. He is currently at the Jubilee Hospital in Hammanskraal, Tshwane, recovering from his injuries.

But that was not the end of the family's tragedy. Izinyoka cables also took the life of their 10- year old relative.

On Wednesday, Jimmy Tshabalala (10) touched an electricity cable at his home in Damonsville,

University of Benin staff allegedly defiles 3 year old girl, family stages protest (photo)

Parents of a three-year-old girl, Valerie Oruade, who was allegedly defiled by a University of Benin consultancy Nursery and Primary School staff, on Monday staged a protest in the company of some sympathisers.

According to ChannelsTV, the protest was carried out at the gates of the school's Ekenwan campus in Benin City, the capital of Edo State.

The aggrieved family members called on the management to produce the staff who allegedly defiled their daughter in school on November 8.

Expressing her grievance, the mother said:
“My child could not talk because she was so tensed”.
She explained that after telling the school authorities, rather than taking immediate action,

Nedu Wazobia insults Bobrisky in Igbo, Hausa languages (video)

Bobrisky doesn't understand Igbo or Hausa language. Just look at how Nedu Wazobia aka Sister Nkechi finished the poor guy by mocking him using the languages, called him useless and still lied to Bobrisky that he was praising his flawless skin. Very hilarious video.

Press play to watch the video after the cut.

Photos: Prostitute stabs man who offered to pay for sex with boiled egg

A prostitute in Zimbabwe beat and stabbed her customer around the head with a beer bottle after he offered to pay for sex with a boiled egg.

According to Dailymail, Moses Mushonga, 28, had walked up to the young lady of the night in the town of Mvurwi in Mashonaland province. Firstly he manhandled her, leaning into her bra and touching her breast.

This did not endear him to the 23-year-old, called Chipo, but to add insult to injury he then tried to

What are you currently saving up money for?

Lailans, what are you currently saving your money up for? Let's have a great discussion, guys.

Hundreds of protesters strip semi-naked to demonstrate in front of Trump Tower (pics)

The anti-Trump sentiments show no sign of abating, Today, approximately 100 people stripped semi-naked and marched from Union Square in Manhattan to demonstrate in front of Trump Tower.

The demonstration began at Union Square and made it's way north in protest of Trump's proposed policies. Before the march began, a makeup artist painted blood and fake wounds on the bodies of the protesters.

Let's play this quick fun game, guys... Last men standing win 5k

Our game is called ''Last Man Standing''. Ok?

It's quite simple. Every Lailan is expected to make a complete sentence without using the following words:
 IS, THE, OF, AND, IN, AN and A
You got that, right?

Example: "There will be no food for you today!"; lol. Another one is ''Unto you, O Lord, do I lift up my soul''. And so on..

Our winners today will be the last 5 readers who make correct sentences without our words above, the Last Men Standing.. He/she gets free airtime to be sent to him/her tomorrow. Money is coming out from TL's birthday giveaway!


I'll start our game by dropping this -
''Two things are involved when true love hits you!''
Who's next? Leggo!

Are you brave enough to eat this really bizzare cake?

This cake featured in a lady's babyshower. Can you take a bite out of it?

Sick, or sickly creative?

US based Nigerian lady makes special appeal to all the witches and wizards in Nigeria

An American based Nigerian lady has sent out a special appeal to the witches and wizards in Nigeria to leave her family alone. This is what she shared on her Facebook

You need to see Basketmouth's wife Elsie Okpocha's endless bottles of perfumes

Elsie Okpocha, comedian Basketmouth's wife and mother of two showed off her trim body on her social media page, but it wasn't just her body she showed off. Her endless bottles of perfumes caught many people's attention.

She is obviously a perfume connoisseur because I can spot no less than five designer perfumes...Lovely

Ice Prince's girlfriend Maima Nkewa flaunts hot bikini body

Ice Prince Zamani and his girlfriend Maima Nkewa stormed the beach and showed off her really toned bod.

Maima's itty bitty black bikini left little to the imagination. See more photos after the cut.

18 year old girl cries out - Boyfriend is pressurizing her to give him anal sex

Kindly read and offer your best advice:

File photo
My boyfriend of 5 months and I have a great relationship and a very open minded sex life. If one of us wants to try anything at all, we clearly communicate it, try it, and then reflect on whether we liked it or not. He was really curious about anal and I was 80% sure I wouldn't like it but I tried anyway because you never know until you try. 
I was right in the assumption of me not liking it. Afterward I said I didn't like it and he said that was okay and we didn't have to do it again.
We didn't do it again for about a week when he kept asking questions like "what if we just go slower? Can we do it again with more lube? Can we please do anal again we

Hot Seat Monday is here! Meet Lailan Moyo aka Team Laila

Hello guys, hope you all had a lovely weekend?

Today on the Hot seat is Moyo, a beautiful mother of three adorable girls, whose birthday is today. On the interview, she talked about her family, career, and the blog. Sit tight and enjoy.

See photos of daredevil Enugu boys climbing poles to avoid N200 gate fee at Phyno's concert

Music concert Phynofest 2016, headlined by rapper Phyno held over the weekend in Enugu. The gate fee was just N200, but despite the very meagre amount, some guys who did not want to pay tried to gate crash the venue. Entry was very strict because of the massive crowd, so the 'hustling' boys decided to find other means.

They climbed very dangerous poles just to gain entrance. See more photos of these daredevil Enugu 'spidermen' after the cut.

Olu Jacobs, Joke Silva, Ufuoma & More As “Heartbeat - The Musical” Hosts A Night Of Dignitaries

Heartbeat The Musical has been nothing short of spectacular with amazing dance performances and original music. On Thursday the 17th of November, the show hosted an exquisite Night of Dignitaries and was well attended by dignitaries in Nigeria.

Directed by Najite Dede and written by Tosin Otudeko and Debo Olutuminu, Heartbeat tells a story of struggle and hope. The musical which began on the 10th of November is produced by veteran actors Joke Silva and Olu Jacobs and is showing at the Muson Center Onikan, Agip Hall at 7pm on Thursdays and Fridays and at 3pm & 7pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Check out pictures from Thursday’s show tagged “Night of Dignitaries” below:

"They're Yahoo boys!"-Freeze reacts to viral photos of SA prophet spraying insecticids on worshippers

Freeze has shared his thoughts on the viral photos of a South African cleric, Lethebo Rabalago apparently using an insecticide, Doom, to heal worshipers.

Rabalago, owner of Charismatic Church from Limpopo province on Sunday during church service, called sick people to come forward. He claimed insect killer spray Doom has healing powers and had been spraying it on his congregants.

The photos have sparked diverse reactions all over social media and now Freeze is advising Christians not to attend the churches of 'these Yahoo boys'.

Freeze says:

Stop going to these Churches! These Yahoo Boys are not pastors, they are scamming you!

Have you ever been in this situation with your parents?

I have never! Have you?

Meet real-life vampire who drinks blood from her boyfriend's body & avoids sunlight

This is all shades of messed up.

Like a creature of the night – this woman developed a thirst for blood when she was 12 and has avoided sunlight for 20 years.

Dissatisfied groom commits suicide on his wedding eve in Lagos

A 28-year-old man has committed suicide in Mushin, Lagos, on the eve of his wedding. Shakiru, popularly called Jarule, was found hanging from the ceiling of his 56, Oduduwa Street, Mushin home.

Relatives told The Nation yesterday that the father of two was being expected in Osogbo, the Osun State capital, on Saturday for the event. Shakiru was said to have sent a suicide message to his sister, Mariam, which reads: “I’m sorry. Forgive me.”

D'banj's savage clap back at fan who called his song 'trash'

Dbanj just released a new single titled 'Focus', but some of his fans didn't feel the song.

One of them, a Nigerian tweeter asked the Kokomaster this...

Lol, like seriously? D'banj gave him a clap back that had every blinking. After the cut

Food for thought, guys....

A little boy went into a drug store, reached for a soda carton and pulled it over to the telephone. He climbed onto the carton so that he could reach the buttons on the phone and proceeded to punch in seven digits (phone numbers).   
The store-owner observed and listened to the conversation. 

Boy: ‘Lady, Can you give me the job of cutting your lawn?
Woman: (at the other end of the phone line): ‘I already have someone to cut my lawn.’
Boy: ‘Lady, I will cut your lawn for half the price of the person who cuts your lawn now.’
Woman: I’m very satisfied with the person who is presently cutting my lawn.
Boy: (with more perseverance) : ‘Lady, I’ll even sweep your curb and your sidewalk, so on Sunday you will have the prettiest lawn in all of Palm beach, Florida.’
Woman: No, thank you. 
With a smile on his face, the little boy replaced the receiver.  The store-owner, who was

Ladies and gents, yay or nay?

We have seen black wedding gowns (which is creepy, by the way), and now black wedding rings are making an incursion into bridal fashion.

What do you think?

Moyo aka TL aka Team Laila, you are an angel on earth! Happy birthday darling...

I hope you are smiling soooo hard right now.

The joy you bring to me, and to every Lailan that has ever met you is irreplaceable. Moyo, you are a joy to be with.

You are so kind, so thoughtful and selfless. You are so generous. Guys, Moyo gave us N30k to celebrate her birthday today in this recession. So you can imagine!

Today is your birthday darling, believe me when I say you have imparted lives, my life!

The first day I met you, in Lagos, I can't forget. Moyo took me out and spoilt me silly. She treated me to some real good drink, meal, icecream, and OCTOPUS legs. Yes, octopus legs. First time I ever ate that and I thoroughly enjoyed it. lmao.

Then we shared life stories. Moyo, you amazed me when you opened your mouth and told me how you survived a humongous ovarian cyst. How you have had 4 pregnancy experiences - 3 births of

Checkout this drawing of Geneveive Nnaji drawn by Tekno himself

Who knew Tekno was this talented? The singer shared this painting of Genevieve which he drew on his page.

Really nice!

Zahra Buhari reportedly set to wed billionaire son, Ahmed Indimi

Ahmed Indimi, son of wealthy billionaire Mohammed Indimi is reportedly set to wed the crush extraordinaire of many men, Zahra Buhari!

Randy paralysed, stay-home husband impregnates disabled girl on his street

This was shared by a Nigerian tweeter and I can only shake my head. It's an awkward position in an already complicated situation. Like seriously.

Continue the tweets after the cut

See the handsome Igbinedion brothers at their sister's wedding in Benin (pics)

The Esama of Benin Kingdom, Chief Gabriel Osawaru Igbinedion gave out his daughter's hand Ewamade Igbinedion in marriage Ondo state indigene Ganiyu Kuteyi on Saturday at his palace in Benin, the Edo state capital.

His handsome sons, the Igbenedion brothers were quite a sight to behold as they were present in their royal regalia to honour their sister on her biggest day.

See more photos after the cut.

A monkey sparks violence between rival tribes in Libyan town

At least 21 people were left dead and hundreds of others injured in four days of fighting between two rival tribes in the southern Libyan town of Sebha.

The clashes were between the Awled Suleiman tribe and the tribe of deposed leader Muammar Gaddafi, the Guedadfa tribe.

According to Libyan media and social networks, the violence was sparked after a monkey belonging to a member of one of the two tribes allegedly assaulted a schoolgirl whose family came from the rival tribe.

What would you do if you are onboard this plane?

And you can hear all the sounds from your seat?

Melania and Barron Trump won’t move to the White House immediately

President-elect Donald J. Trump’s wife, Melania, and their 10-year-old son, Barron, will not immediately move to the White House after Mr. Trump takes office in January, out of concern for uprooting Barron in the middle of the school year, transition officials said on Sunday.

Ms. Trump and Barron will remain in New York for at least another six months, the officials said. Speaking to reporters on Sunday at his golf course in Bedminster, N.J., Mr. Trump said they would join him “very soon — after he’s finished with school.”

Another bestman 'steals' the show at a wedding, proposes to girlfriend (Photos)

This is the new trend for bestmen at weddings lately.

Nigerian father pleads for help after shock from daughter's kidnap forced mother into labour (photos)

Two-year-old Khadija, pictured below, was kidnapped by an unknown woman in Kuje area of the Federal Capital Territory on Saturday. The trauma has forced her mother into premature labour.

The girl’s father, Mr. Umar Suleiman, informed Northern City News on the telephone on Sunday that the girl was kidnapped in their former neighbouhood in Kuje while he was away in Akure.

Suleiman had on Saturday announced the abduction of his daughter on his Facebook wall. Narrating what transpired on the fateful day, Suleiman said,
“Yesterday (Saturday), when I was going for a job in Ondo and took a flight to Akure, I left my wife and daughter at home.
“The mother (his wife) is pregnant and, at a point, she started feeling a discomfort. She

Chrissy Teigen suffers major wardrobe malfunction at the AMAs (Photos)

The 30-year-old model hit the 2016 American Music Awards on Sunday alongside her husband, John Legend

Her dress proved to be the major scene stealer of the evening, as she rocked a black gown with two dangerously high slits on both sides. The slits, which went all the way up to her rib cage on each side were pinned together with a safety pin on each side, but not even a tiny piece of metal could save her from a serious wardrobe malfunction. More photos after the cut...

Power supply won’t improve in next 5 years - DISCO boss tells Nigerians

The Managing Director of the Benin Electricity Distribution Company, Olufunke Osibodu, has urged Nigerians not to expect any improvement in the power sector in the next five years.

Speaking at the 11th Annual Founder’s Day event of the American University of Nigeria in Yola, Saturday, Mrs. Osibodu said at least N250 billion is required annually to fix the country’s electricity sector. Vanguard reports she said:
“And we Nigerians need to understand that we cannot do it overnight, and in addition we have to pay for it. 
We need to be ready as citizens also, to accept and live with the pain that we have to go

What's the most 'stupid' thing you did after a heartbreak?

Ever been heartbroken? What did you do that you laugh over now when you remember it?

Security man returns wallet to owner who misplaced it (Photo)

Yes, there are lots of good people in Nigeria.

The security man pictured above returned a man's wallet containing bank cards, and cash. The thankful man took to his Facebook page to celebrate the good Samaritan. He said;

This photo of Peter Okoye and Dangote got people talking

Lol...Anything wrong with his sitting position?

Daniella Okeke shows off her almost completed building (Photos)

The actress is almost completing her house, and she have showed off the work in progress.

See photos after the cut....

Sex workers now use receipts for payment? (Photo)

Hehehe...30,000 for 1hr, 60,000 for 2hrs!

Cleaner narrates how he stole N5.675 million from diamond bank

A cleaner, Peter Oko, has narrated how he stole N5.675 million from the New Nyanya branch of Diamond Bank, where he worked.

The 29 year-old stated that he took the keys to the vault, stole the money and hid it in a carton, which he took home after the close of work.

The money was however recovered by the police, which said that the suspect had been charged to court.

More photos from Stephanie Coker and Daniel Adenirokun's Introduction

The couple had their introduction yesterday and are set to wed by December.

More photos after the cut...

Nadia Buari is a year older today and is celebrating her mum

Ghanaian actress, Nadia Buari is a year older today and have written an open letter to her mum to appreciate her role in her life.

Read what she wrote after the cut....

Photos from former president Goodluck Jonathan's birthday party

Former president Jonathan turned 56 yesterday and had an in-house birthday celebration attended by Femi Fani-Kayode, Timi Dakolo, Deji Adeyanju , his daughter Ine and lots more.

Read his birthday message after the cut...

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