Tuesday, January 10

Bobrisky gushes about his mystery bae as he shares stunning photos

This 'bae' must be invincible! More photos below....


  1. bae is probably yaraba god of fame oracle..

  2. Laila will answer me before i can comment on dis guy....Laila oya answer me biko..

  3. Ako iba ni eleyi o! ����

  4. His stupid bae will soon put him on a leash. Idiot homo.

  5. From lookin' like dat Yoruba actress dats bleachin' to lookin' like MJ? I don't blame some folks dat still think MJ's still alive...

  6. you fooling yourself, she sorry he doesnt have any bae. why haven't you give a clue about your bae?? wasted pikin


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