Friday, February 17

Nigerian doctor commits suicide by setting himself and an Abuja hotel on fire

A hotel in Nyanya area of Abuja, was razed down by fire after a man who checked into the hotel reportedly committed suicide in his room, by setting himself ablaze.

The deceased, Dr. Isaac Ojukwu, said to be in his early 60s, committed
the said act in the early hours of Thursday.

Dailypost reports that Dr. Isaac, from Ohuhu in Umuahia area of Abia State,who is married to a German woman with kids, had been staying in the apartment, Boundary Plaza Hotel, Nyanya, for the past 5 years.

Throughout his stay in the hotel, nobody paid him a visit, including his wife and children.

Addressing newsmen who gathered at the burnt hotel, the owner of the hotel, an Associate Professor at the Nasarawa State University, Keffi, Sylvanus M. Itodo (MON), expressed how shocked he was over the incident.

“We were all sitting together that fateful night (Wednesday night) before he left to watch football match and I also left the hotel premises by 11pm, to go and sleep.

“It was around 12am that I recieved a phone call from one of the boys in the hotel, crying, that my hotel was on fire. Before I could get down here, the flame was everywhere; and it took the efforts of the Federal Fire Service to prevent the inferno from escalating to the surrounding houses” he said.

The deceased's neighbour at the hotel, Ohize Yakubu, who has been living in the hotel apartment since his wedding in 2013; alleged that they tried pulling Dr. Isaac out of the building, but he ran back to his burning room.

“We went to watch Arsenal and Bayern match that night, I came back to the hotel and Dr. Isaac came in 5 minutes later. After some minutes, I started hearing strange sound from his room, which is directly opposite my room. He was not shouting loud enough, all I could hear was ‘yeh’, ‘yeh’.

“At first, I was scared to open the door, because I didn’t know if it was a robbery attack, until I heard and recognised the voice of one of our neighbours, beckoning on Dr. Isaac to open the door and come out, shouting fire, fire.

“Then I asked my wife to take my son and rush out of the building while I joined other neighbours and we forced his door open, we met him standing in the sitting room while fire was burning in the bedroom. He was unhurt, we then held his hands and asked him to follow us. All of a sudden, he struggled his way from our hands and ran into the burning room.

“At this point, everyone ran back as the inferno had started escalating and all my belongings got burnt. My wife only escaped with my son. I was engaged in the process of rescuing Dr. Isaac, and lost all my belongings in the process” Yakubu lamented

Mr. Promise Nkwachukwu Okem, who just arrived Nigeria from Ghana, disclosed that he was able to pick few stuffs from his room before the fire got to his own side.

However, he revealed that two ladies who just finished serving the NYSC and searching for jobs, were not that lucky, as they could not pick anything from their rooms, save for their night gowns. “They could not pick anything from their rooms”, Okem said.

Family members are yet to show up to claim Dr. Ojukwu's body which has been deposited at the Asokoro General Hospital by the Police.


  1. Hmmmm....people living in a hotel over 5yrs. Whatever was the reason of Dr. Isaac taken.his life could have been avoided if only he had shared with someone what he was going through. Alot of people go through difficulties and challenges in life, i always adviced people never get into situation in life where u get into desperation for anything for when not met can lead to frustration which eventually manipulate you into suicidal thought. In all there is not justification in taken the very existence God place in you, it is a crime and sin to God for life itself is sacred.

  2. Which problem or condition could have pushed him to commit suicide? I wish he knew dat life has no return match! Where theres a will, theres always a way! Quite sad.

  3. This life wey dey sweet like sugar....

  4. Loneliness causes you to be frustrated, leading to oppression & depression, and depression if not controlled will definitely cause you to have suicidal thoughts and eventually take your own life.
    I agree with you Divine, no matter what you are going through in life open up to someone.
    When you go through challenges on your own, you will be overwhelmed by all sort of negative thoughts. Nobody is an Island.

    1. And when you open up to someone, that same person will broadcast your issues to the world, or even use it against you. True friendship is invaluable, but true friends are scarce nowadays. I have been fighting my own demon too for the past 6 months. Sometimes I get to the point where I will want to commit suicide, but I have held on not for fear, but for my kids. Depression is real and o cant even tell anyone. Life is so unfair at times.

      Clearly its not economic crises that made him take his own life sha, but why kill yourselves in a fire and affect others when you could easily slit your wrist and calmly float away into life beyond? Death by fire can't be easy at all.

    2. Our society doesn't recognize the word "depression"........only when it has to do with suicide everybody starts screaming depression

  5. Why not go and jump into a river and leave a suicide note behind? Must u destroy the hotel not minding killing other lodgers? Well its all about speculations now. Explain to ur creator what went wrong with u.

  6. Nawa oooo, don't understand this kind of suicide o, why burn down someone's hotel in the process, anyway RIP


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