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#BBNaija: Step aside Efe! Tboss leads online polls (Photo)


#BBNaija: Step aside Efe! Tboss leads online polls (Photo)

After early online polls showed Efe leading other Big Brother Naija nominated Housemates, Tboss has now put Efe behind as she takes the lead.

Debbie-Rise, Tboss, Thin Tall Tony and Efe are all up for eviction this Sunday. Full photos below…

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46 Comments on "#BBNaija: Step aside Efe! Tboss leads online polls (Photo)"

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Omg who are those people voting for tboss?


TBOSS is a favoured child! All things are working together for her good.


Tboss is a good girl and we love her.


Tboss is a good girl and we love her.


Please forget the poll oh team efe n bisola are trying to make people vote less for her thinking she has fans already. Please Vote TBoss to 32052. It's not over till Sunday. Thanks

joyous babe

Am so happy for her.

Sexy O

I strongly believe big brother is responsible for this crap. I will not be surprised if Tboss wins. Looking at the comments on the official bbn page Efe has more fans. Weh done sir big brother.

pwamaddeino pwaveno

This is not fair at all. On Wednesday Efe was leading with 60% votes & now 39%! How????

Sweetest Vivienne

Taaa!!! If I hear #TeamEfe


Team efe all the way.

christie benjamin

Tboss is the only cutie amongst dem in BBH and i'm a sucka for dem cuties! #myvote #forTboss


I even prefer TTT to Efe! Efe will never win BBnaija! Instead debbierise should win!

Derrick Chidumebi

We did it finally! The support for her was massive yesterday. I don't know what happened but I was just seeing Tboss everywhere. #TeamTboss


Online polls are for your favourite housemate and leave this online poll stunt.


Team Tboss:Tboss Tboss Tboss fine lady we love you forget those haters shine shine babyyyy.

lisa peters

I'm a Tboss fan too…


I vote for Tboss!!!!


Big brother naija has resorted into rigging the poll in favour of Tboss. That's the only logical explanation for Tboss coming second talk more of first. The rigging is too obvious!
If this happens then BBNAIJA is fraud. It also means big brother is preparing the minds of Nigerians to accept Tboss as the winner of the ultimate price. It's unfortunate!


Big brother is staging a psychological warfare against the Efe fans. This is either a mere propaganda or an attempt to force Tboss on Nigerians as a potential winner of the ultimate price. This is preparation for rigging!
Let it be known to Big brother that Tboss no near she no near at all.
I'm a medical doctor yet I find time to watch and vote. My department votes Efe massively and it's like that in other departments. If doctors who hardly participate in entertainment can go all out for Efe imagine how much more others are doing for him.


Big brother if you don't stop this rigging nonsense Nigeria will pass a VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE on you. Your image and integrity is at stake. We all know that Tboss can't come second talk more of first. #STOPTHERIGGING.


White lie + black rigging = Tboss win

kech Miriam

Don't say that. That u hate her doesn't mean others should follow suit.i started liking Tboss cos of haters like you. I regret giving her only 80 votes. Would have given her my 100 votes


Pls don't doctors into this. You don't know what others are doing in their own departments and bigger world. What if I tell you that all celebrities are voting for Tboss. Pls stop assumption and hating


I and my people.haters keep hating while we vote


How can big brother rig something that the system generates automaly we were all watching the first days after nomination people who dominated were ttt and tboos then after the so called efe fans tryed to pick up when the damage was done already u relaxed then u want to play the blame game. Let's see on Sunday what will happen don't forget its not only efe that has fans many people r silent and efe fans talk a lot.

Tubotein Iboroma

Tintal or tboss will leave. This online dnt count and real fans dnt show up


Worry less. She cant!


Is she doesnt leave tomorow then i know it doesnt worth watching…and that the winner may shock the viewers whereas from the look of things one can predict the winner


Very correct. Is fans think he is less previllege so he needs it. What a naive way of thinking when they have multitalented folks in the house


Very correct. Is fans think he is less previllege so he needs it. What a naive way of thinking when they have multitalented folks in the house

Tubotein Iboroma

Tintal or tboss will leave. This online dnt count and real fans dnt show up


I don't really know what is happening. Who are those voting this tboss of a girl. People don't be surprised if Ebuka big brother himself and the likes are voting for their boring girlfriend. This is not fair. When people that are better than her have left the house. Debbie rise is better than her so where did he get all those votes. If she wins then BBN is nothing to write home about. She is the worst in that house. We are not taking about beauty here pls. As for me her beauty is useless in that house. Beauty without brain. Love Efe Busola and Marvis

Tina Adeosun

TBOSS is the lady to remain in the house no matter what anyone say



Pauline Ife

TeamEfe all the way…

Tracy Omoregie

Vote Efe for the money

xplosive ty

i knew it. if na only the way big brother take dey talk to tboss for dairy room u go know say something else dey between both of them. 4 this BBN na rubbish. thunder fire una.

xplosive ty

i knew it.if na only the way wey big brother take dey talk to tboss for inside dairy room u go know say something dey between them. 4 dis BBN na rubbish. thunder fire all the organizer

Ogechukwu Nwankwo-Macjohnson Odey
Ogechukwu Nwankwo-Macjohnson Odey

If you really believe that people did not go all out to vote T Boss and DebieRise this time then you are not watching the same BBN . No manipulation oh! If you want EFe to win Give it your all and don't get comfortable yet.


Thanks for this comment. The programme is annoying now. T boss doesn't deserve it in all ramifications. It's so obvious Tboss has big people behind the game. very annoying. Even in terms of intelligence and other things. We like to manipulate things in Nigeria because of godfatherism.

Queen Anyanwu

Looool see haters sha. Big boys nd girls dnt shout wen voting. Or hv u forgotten she has hummers nd jet voting for her in secret. So what do u expect.


Shut but up my friend. How many times have you voted? Now you think you are smart enough yo predict the voting pattern of all Nigerians abi?


Shut up my friend. Who are you to think you can predict the voting pattern of all Nigerians?


And why can't Tboss win? You all Efe should get lost with all your over confidence. Manipulative lots.. Hating on an innocent girl whose only crime is being beautiful and principled.#Tbossforthewin# watch and see.

felix uchenna

Tboss all the way. We are ur fan waiting for u to bring d 25m to Abuja as well always celebrate…God is with you cos ur heart is tender like a new born bby

felix uchenna

Queen of drama The fresh Tboss. Carry go. All d omo omo in d capital city are strongly behind you.






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