Monday, March 20

Man whose photos are being mistaken for doctor who jumped into Lagos Lagoon speaks

Photos of a nurse, Allwell Oji, has gone viral as the 35-year-old doctor, Allwell Orji who jumped into Lagos lagoon yesterday.

He took to Facebook to make a live video debunking the reports that he is the late doctor. Watch video after the cut...

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  1. Teebilz, you see yursef? You see what you started? The thing is, your own was only gra gra and shakara O'. But these people are doing it actual.

    Oya hol ya ear! Teebilz I say hol ya ear! Oya repeat after me... I Teebilz, "horseband" of Tiwa, do hereby declare as follows: that on the day I went to that Ikoyi bridge, I was not serious, it was 'mere' shakara oloje, it was all part of the drama, therefore all you people jumping into lagoons here and there, I no send una O', abeg mek'na stop, e don do

    So help me God, Amen!

    My name: Chika

    1. People have been jumping inside lagoon since the beginning of time. So stop being nonsensical

  2. Na lie you are dead, adonbiliv you, this na Nija. You must have made the video before you "jumped"

    Na joku O' hehe!

    My name: Chika

  3. Wow the coincidence is much, same field and almost same surname

  4. a.k.a EDWIN CHINEDU AZUBUKO said...
    I be like him own time don dey come o...


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