Thursday, April 20

Alleged side chick, Rosaline Meurer's mysterious bae uncovered (Photos)

It looks like actress, Rosaline Meurer is dating Davido's cousin, singer  BRed.

The actress who was accused of sleeping with Tonto Dikeh's husband, Churchill and being one of the reasons for their breakup always got her fans guessing who the mystery bae she was always talking about it.

Well, if you are fan, fret no more, because we think we found the mystery bae and it's no other than BRed!

Singer, B Red who's presently in the US, took to Instagram to share a video of himself grilling chicken, and Rosy also shared photos of herself grilling chicken in that same location with a mystery hand picture.

Well, we put one and two together and discovered the mystery hand was BRed's.

She wrote; "I love the culture of grilling. It creates an atmosphere that is festive but casual. Grill master 🙌 #grill #BBQ #outdoor #steak #chicken #drinks #baegotme #dreads #mypersonalphotographer #everythingrosy #rosykisses💋 #luxury #attentionmagng #QueenOfAllQueens 👑"

The first photo above also shows them in the same aircraft as they flew to the US 3 days ago.


  1. Their business ooh. Thats one think that comes with been a celebrity, u don't have a life of privacy anymore.

  2. They are not dating, he is dating her sister. They have been together for a while now. Rosaline still dating churchill.

  3. Hmmmmmmmm..,dis 1 na STORY!
    She can d entire clan of celebrities if dat's wat rocks her boat.,but my own b say anoda Lady is coming 2 take ova 4rm where she stopped.,WHAT GOES ARUND COMES ARUND!

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  6. Abeg this one na cover up. Ashewo ten ten kobo

  7. Every home racker's must face extrem pains in their own home,karma is real. My advice to single ladies,stop running after ready made men,some are ready made curses/trouble packaged to distroy your glorious future...


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