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#BBNaija: TBoss’ family thanks Nigerians for giving their daughter massive support


#BBNaija: TBoss’ family thanks Nigerians for giving their daughter massive support

TBoss younger sister has disclosed that her sister who is among the top 5 housemates in the Big Brother Naija Reality TV Show, is being hated by Nigerians because she’s light-skinned. 

According to her, growing up was really a hard one for them, because they had a different skin color and hair texture that made them stand out. She also disclosed that growing up in Nigeria, people saw them as whites, and with that they never blended in and had to travel down to Romania to complete their studies.

Wendy also hinted that for TBoss to stay up to 11weeks in the house without
being evicted, Nigerians are beginning to see her as a real human with real emotions.

Here’s what she wrote:

“Growing up we faced a lot of challenges but the major challenge we faced was “Acceptance”. Having a different skin color and hair texture made us stand out and we never felt like we truly belonged. Apart from a few good friends we never belonged to any cliques or groups like other people.

 Growing up in Nigeria people saw us as white and we never really blended in, so we were relieved to travel to Romania for our university education, just to get there and be called blacks. In Romania we got to find out the true definition of racism. 

Some Nigerians might not flow with you cos you don’t have same skin color as them but they won’t resort to violence but in Romania a “few people” could be real extremists. So once again acceptance was a problem cos people look at your skin color and think of you differently.

 For TBoss all that has come to an end now, after 11 weeks in the #bigbrothernaija2017 house people have actually begun to see TBoss as a real human, with real feelings and emotions, she gets happy, sad, angry, depressed, heartbroken and excited like every other human being, she plays, she eats, she drinks, she sleeps and has aspirations and goals like everyone else and for the first time the world has accepted her and stood by her side and fought for her. For this we can never stop saying thank you!!!”


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19 Comments on "#BBNaija: TBoss’ family thanks Nigerians for giving their daughter massive support"

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odoemenam chinenye anabbel
odoemenam chinenye anabbel

Currently in Mars.. so what's up wit all dat gist???


I'm a mixed race nigerian woman and I totally understand what this post is all about growing up especially in my teens I actually got bullied by this group of mean girls because they thought all the boys liked me they called me ashawo amongst other names I felt so miserable because by then I never even had a boyfriend.
I moved abroad for university in France but the white people there are the most racist idiots I've ever met. Some Nigerians could be racist but white people are the worst.
I love nigeria jare and thank God we accept muted people as our own.



lisa peters

Na dem wey wear the shoe know where e dey pain them but why are Nigerians always calling Tboss white witch?


I can relate eyaaah you are neither here nor there that is why most of them have identity problem blacks wouldn't accept you neither will the whites nawoah when will the world change.

lisa peters

I tire ooo


Any way heard keep voting TBoss till saturday all hail our queen

Queen D

Nigerians and propaganda.
Light skinned people enjoy the attention and privilege in naija pass dark skinned people. I don't hate any of them but I know the truth when I see one. Those light skinned ones parade themselves like queens and kings. Had lots as friends loved them but they white blood in them still showed up. They too are racists. I don't think people anger on Tboss is based on skin color.

Queen D

Wrote in a hurry.
Grammatical errors but I know my message is well understood.

Austin Uche

Playing the 'Nigerians hate light-skinned people' card is played out already… It won't working this time around… Move on please

Richard Cross

This na mumu talk.

Richard Cross

This na mumu talk.


Yes understood they are treated special about the bullying it happen to every teenager black or white depending on your character and cliq TBOSS has been arrogant since secondary school she was dating a teacher and she doesn't flow with her mates in FGGC calabarcus d teacher was attracted to her and she feel superior Now they want pity because university of JOS is voting for Efe This people ehn they are just playing pity party game


Real mumu talk to get more attention TBOSS is a Racist imagine her making people feel others are dirty she takes things that belongs to everybody in that house and keep it to herself even on her birthday she was stingy Racist tboss go back to Romania


This is not gonna work Nigerians love white/light skin dis girl is lying


Stop it we don't discriminate


Nawa for you guys oh did she say Nigerians hate TBoss cause she's light skinned?she only gave word of encouragement on her page.How far TBoss has gone in the house.Laila or admin weldone oh.You bloggers keep putting stupid headline to attract people to comment rubbish.its not fair though.




This is not true…we don't discriminate…Infact when u are light skinned people wanna flock around u and to say u were bullied cos of ur skin colour is difficult to understand…not in nigeria


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