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I can't stay in same city with Marvis and I am not moved by women -Efe

Big Brother Naija Reality TV Show winner, Efe, has dropped another hint on his relationship with Marvis, the most annoying thing that happened while still in the house, and how he came about the "based on logistics' slang.

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Efe who had a chat with Saturday Beats, said:

“I only kissed Marvis because that was the only thing I wanted to do. I respect women and I cannot afford to be fooling around with them. For me, kissing
shows a little bit of emotion but if it goes beyond that, it means we are taking it to another level and that is why I did not go beyond that.

I admitted in the house that I like her but I always knew that it would only last within the house because she has a boyfriend. At first, I thought she was not serious when she said she had a boyfriend but when she said she was serious, I had to be cool.

I cannot go to Port Harcourt because that is where she is based. We all know how who her father is, so I have no intentions of going to Port Harcourt or going close to the place. I don’t have a girlfriend. My priorities are different and I am not moved by women but that does not mean I am gay. Never.”

On the most annoying thing while in the house, Efe said:

 “I was never really interested in Debbie Rise and when she came to the house, it was my duty to make her feel comfortable. In the house they told me I had to improve on my niceness because they felt I am not too nice but I tried my best.

She took the vibe on a different level so I had to let her know that it was not what she thinks. Her guitar really got on my nerves and I had broken it like 200 times in my mind. Every day I set my eyes on the guitar, I broke it in my mind.”

On an online report saying his slang, ‘Based on logistics’, was popularised by an indigenous Warri rap artiste, Erigga:

 “I am sure that those who said that I did not form the slang just want me to talk. They just want to cause a controversy. A lot of things have been said online that is not true. I coined that word in 2013 when I went for ‘Just Bring it On’ reality show. I won N300,000 on the show. I coined the word because they were having a lot of logistics issues in setting us up because we stayed in the house for two weeks.

Each time the guy came to meet us, he would say they had some logistics problem so before he tried to explain to us, I would tell the housemates that the matter was based on logistics in that previous show. The show was organised by Kevin Pam, winner of Big Brother Africa 2009.”


  1. I tot as much.,this has 2 b related 2 LOGISTICS.,as a statistician.,economics.,mathematicians.,Engineers. ,n d likes! #Based on Logistics i gatz take a bow 4rm here!!!

  2. Marvis why na??? C as u miss dis 25muller richer guy 4 1 yeye boyfriend 4 kona. Wc kain boyfriend u dey talk abt??? Dat ur off n on guy??? Mtchewwwwwwwwwww.,c as u just fall my hand. Wen I bin dey. Tink say una go take am 2 next level! U dis girl eeeeeh.

  3. I feel like crying right now,.. why Efe go and meet her talk to her. tell her to start all over ...???

  4. Make una start all over again . you are in the real world

  5. Efe sounds too cocky! Erigga has been saying based on logistics long before efe. Efe na fake warri guy cos if he is a proper warri person, he must know Erigga, he's one of the most popular rappers within warri.
    Plus that thing he said about Debbies guitar; it's not her fault she's talented in singing with musical instruments and you're not.
    Enough with efe news jare, im tired of his trifling behind.

    1. Jealousy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. No be small jealousy.,ha ha ha h aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.,try. Make ursef available 4 d tour sha oh!

  6. bros, if efe matter dey pain u, i won start #SBN# small brother ninja, u fit con try your luck.

  7. Let me say something important. Experience is not meant for just one person. Eriga had his reasons for the slang Efe had his own. They were not in the same place at the time. I can assure you someone else in this world has also used it without knowing about Efe and Eriga. The credit always goes to the one who popularized it first.

    I like this man based on logistics. Lol

  8. Nice one Efe. I know Marvis will come around, just give her time.
    Debbie's guitar also got to me; always wished I could send a msg to Biggie to take it away as it was more visible than herself.

  9. Efe! As far as i am concerned, u brought that slang to the limelight. So i am giving my credit to u. I love ur style. Marvis has someone so all u can do is to move on.


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