Monday, April 17

Read the shocking revelations an anonymous Twitter user made about OAP Freeze

An anonymous Twitter user, @andelasmith has called out and accused CoolFM OAP, Freeze of impregnating his current fiancee who is allegedly a married woman in her matrimonial home. 

The user threatened to make more shocking revelations about him if he continues to 'slander' pastors online.

Read the tweets below...
"Just ask God for forgiveness bro @Freeze_Coolfm. We are in the season of forgiveness. You just may be shown mercy. 
Dear bloggers @instablog9ja @femifactor @lindaikeji @SDimokoKORKUS @penzaarville @LailasBlog I have information about @daddyfreeze to share. 
#FreeTheSheeple community, this account will release verifiable details of your leader Freeze and how he has committed serious atrocities. 
I also challenge you Freeze to deny these facts, as you’ll make my day as I have a lot in my arsenal to reveal to your ‘fans’.#RevealTruth 
Freeze, please explain to the public how you impregnated your new ‘bae’ in her matrimonial home in Port Harcourt. #RevealTruth 
Freeze, Your ‘bae’ gave birth to your youngest son, Jason in 2015. You flaunt him on Social Media now that he’s a little grown. #RevealTruth 
Freeze, explain why didn’t you flaunt Jason immediately he was born? Could it be because you were ashamed of what you did? #RevealTruth 
Freeze destroyed his own home with useless excuses like ‘my wife beats me’ just to have his 'bae' to himself because she was well-to-do. 
Dear #FreeTheSheeple community, Freeze and his ‘bae’ are facing multiple cases in court both in Lagos and Port Harcourt #RevealTruth 
Your ‘bae’ (still legally married) currently lives with you in 1004 and you dare preach to your listeners on Sunday? #RevealTruth 
I’ll share the details of your next court sittings with your esteemed #FreeTheSheeple community and the general public #RevealTruth 
All Freeze's supporters can go listen to the shocking details of his next court hearings and give him moral support! #RevealTruth 
I'm using a fake handle because I'd rather stay unknown, but @daddyfreeze knows all of this and can't deny them. #RevealTruth 
You live in a glass house yet you throw stones at people! Shame unto you Freeze! #RevealTruth 
I invite you to go do your findings and verify these claims @instablog9ja @femifactor @lindaikeji @SDimokoKORKUS @penzaarville @LailasBlog 
I have watched for a long time, how images of people have been slandered by so-called ‘public figures’ and ‘role models’ #RevealTruth 
I was there when it started from mere subtle ‘shading’ to full-blown call out of people’s names and outright insults. #RevealTruth 
But Freeze, who claims to be a shepherd, goes around taking other people's wives! Perhaps to lead them in the right path #RevealTruth 
Pastors are being insulted at will by this man Freeze and stayed calm. I've decide to make him my case. I'm yet to reveal all. #RevealTruth 
When you try to insult pastors and celebrate their downfall, be sure not to have done anything wrong #RevealTruth 
If you live in a glass house, don't throw stones! #RevealTruth 
Matt7:5,You hypocrite! First remove the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother's eye 
Freeze, if you don't thread with caution, I'll be forced to reveal further details about you. I've been doing some research #RevealTruth 
I have no issue with your religion bias and beliefs, but making it seem like it’s okay to slander people’s image up and down is unacceptable

One pastor says you have 52 demons. I think he means 52 different groups of demons! Ask for forgiveness #RevealTruth 
You claim that your wife engages in domestic violence when you were busy coveting other people’s wives. Hmmm! #RevealTruth 
Or explain how easy it was for you to almost immediately after leaving your wife, start posting pictures of an engagement ring to the public 
The knowledgeable will ask questions. You can’t fool everyone. Yet, you criticize pastors to the moon and back. How convenient! #RevealTruth 
Well except it is okay to take someone's wife while you are still married, #FreeTheSheeple community, here's your leader Freeze #RevealTruth 
#FreeTheSheeple gradually turning to sheep themselves. Don't be scammed. Your leader is a fraud! #RevealTruth

Mothers! Teach your sons to be men worthy of emulation, not a two-faced, self-righteous person #RevealTruth
I'm not close to being done! Freeze! Thread with caution. #RevealTruth."


  1. Do you know that every action has a consequence? If you scatter thorns don't go barefoot..

  2. He who seek equity like i have always said must come with a clean hand. Freeze often times maybe right in what he says but i condemned outrightly the manner in which he said them. Yes u must criticize but do them constructively not with the intention to bring people down when u yourself isn't better of than them. U don't correct people with words of slander or hate, i sometimes see reasons with him most times when he talked about the flamboyant nature of ministers but in doing that he often go wrong with his approach. "He who has no sin should cast the first stone" and they all left her with Jesus, treat others how u would want them to treat u---the golden rule.

    1. U have done worse shit! Put your dick back in your mouth

  3. Na wa. Well,I don't like Freeze. I think he is a very confused Shepherd leading even more confused sheep with his twisted understanding of the Bible and what Christianity is.

    But I also believe everyone deserves to be given benefit of the doubt. Just the same way I don't believe Cossy and her sister, Stephanie about Apostle Suleiman, without substantial proof, we shouldn't crucify Freeze.

  4. So u want to expose and u come out as anonymous and expect people to take u seriously! Bitch u are a coward! Freeze never hides, u do because u are scared people wd dig some dirt on u and act like u av never actually slandered people but u get all pinchy pinchy touchy about subjects on your animalistic, idiotic, thieving,fake ,fraudulent ,asylum bound pastors! Take several seats u pussy! Your words are indeed worthless! Mtchewwwww! I have recorded shows to watch jooor!

  5. though i don't like freeze but he doesn't claim to be a shepherd or pastor abi?? i sometimes agree with some of what he says that being said ....i know a bit about his relationship with his fiance ..she is actually separated from her husband....freeze was not the reason for the breakup ..putting up a small boys pic is not nice nah..leave him out of this

    1. Accepted, Putting the boy pix is wrong but that doesn't make this grave allegations wrong, we are not saints either but Daddy Freeze should either confirm or deny this greveious allegations leveled against him.

    2. Doesn't he/she understand what is being said? His so-called fiancee got pregnant in her husband's house. 

      If they were separated, would she be in her husband's house?

      2ndly, did she not know Freeze was married? And is in fact still legally married to someone else?

  6. @anonymous 17:53 are u back from holiday? Welcome oh. People like u are the reasons for my prayers every night for God to bring u back from damnation.

  7. No day goes by without the mention of the most controversial Freeze. Time will tell, truth will be revealed

  8. Uncle freeze the judge nd jury also has his own matter.

  9. Until den..,crossing. Legs n sitting tight.,we must get 2 d root of all dis.,hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  10. Freeze is more Godly than any of these African so-called Men of God. People should try and be bringing out the sense from his comments. Take his message and throw him away since you hate him.

  11. I have a hunch, a fair idea who this anon knuckle-head is, its that one shirt per year guy hiding as anon, an incurably stupid fool perpetrating and trying to perpetuate this crap to irk Freeze.

    He is that hungry looking anus hole, clod, dolt, nitwit, halfwit, airhead, dumb skull, goober, coot, goon, dumbo, dummy, dumdum, fathead, butt-head, numbskull, numb-nuts, dunderhead, thick-head, airhead, flake, lamebrain, mouth-breather, zombie, nerd, birdbrain, jughead, jerk, donkey, twit, goat, dork, twerp, lamer, bozo, boob, turkey, chowderhead, dumbhead, goofball, goofus, doofus, hoser, galoot, knuckle-dragger, pussy, that is always trying to claime a spot as a Nollywood actor, he is the the one.

    Freeze bro, ignore his ass okay?

    My name: Chika

  12. This is quite serious. Be not the first to cast a stone...FRZ should come clear the air 'cos these allegations aren't cheap


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