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Rita Dominic literally comes for AY, Helen Paul over Kemen-Tboss joke (Photos)


Rita Dominic literally comes for AY, Helen Paul over Kemen-Tboss joke (Photos)

Alot of people have outed ace comedian AY and comedienne, Helen Paul for the sexual molestation joke they made at the ‘Warri Again’ concert organized for the ex-housemates.

Just after she reconciled TTT and Bisola, Helen Paul & comedian AY made jokes about Kemen and TBoss, insinuating that the molestation that happened between the two was simply a “small touch”. Nigerians did not take this slightly as the came for them with the latest coming from actress, Rita Dominic.

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27 Comments on "Rita Dominic literally comes for AY, Helen Paul over Kemen-Tboss joke (Photos)"

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lisa peters

15 April 2017 that was even before aylive


I love u so much Rita for this. Truth well spoken.

Chioma Ogechukwu

Lisa this very one happened at a concert #warriagain and Ay repeated it yesterday again at aylive

Chioma Ogechukwu

Lisa this very one happened at a concert #warriagain and Ay repeated it yesterday again at aylive


na wa o. people are still stressing over this issue till now. funny how they people involved are staying mute

lisa peters


Derrick Chidumebi

Good to see celebrities speak out…

plumpy j

What is wrong is wrong.But our comedians don't know where to draw the line btw jokes nd wrongdoing.

Chris Bankz

Noted! Everyone wants to have their own say. Infact! We are waiting for Mr president to come and air his own view too. Watch out!


I have nothing to say hmmmm

odoemenam chinenye anabbel
odoemenam chinenye anabbel

My dear i watched dat video n it was a SMALL TOUCH. An unnecessary wave passed across it n tuk d news 2 anoda dimension.. dos involved knew wat went down dat's why ey r not saying anything! They both know d truth. i watched d video n saw nothing of such violent act as stipulated by e town criers.!
Na the two of dem sabi sha. na dem know wetin actually happen!!!


Annabel you have mental problem may u not conceive a child in your life and if you already have a girl child may she be cursed with sexual harraments and rape and jokes and open criticism used to riddle her. You maggot brain all cos you take side with kamen talking rubbish this matter goes beyond kamen and Tboss. It's sensitive and alot of victims are cringing in fear of what maybe their fate if they ever speak up. You must be a common slot yourself get a life.

Bestina Erebulu

Helen Paul u should be a ashamed of yourself to make such joke. . All 4 d money huh?

edafe ejiro

Pls live Ay out of this they make jokes with even the President why is tboss case any different? I was thinking d tokunbo family are exposed people but now I know they are broke debtors who have been living on people its now clear they can't handle fame critics and even been a celebrity. If they feel kemen has don anything bad to their way ward daughter they shud sue kemen to court to get d financial damage they are looking for thieves


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God's favour

Why the curses [email protected] It has not gotten to that extent pls take life easy


Shutup!!!!! Who are you? Abi U be God? Didn't u watch the clip? Dat tin look like abuse? Mumu ntcheeewwww


Men i dont get u pple at all.. She made a joke out of it just to lighten up d tensed atmosphere.. Did he rape her? Too bad some of u just at want d guys image tarnished..


So what do you have to say about tboss opening her breast to the whole world? My dear u should take it easy and not curse. What so ever happened there is best known btw T nd K


Nigerians like blowing things out of proportion what a shame. A joke is joke this matter should rest pls .
Bloody hypocrites


You are not funny Sir


Annabel. Are you really a woman or a girl? Or a hiding man? Your utterances are not intelligent and getting people irritated. If you watched the whole BBN from beginning you will never like Kemen personality. Do you know while trying to befriend tboss in the house he goes behind and insult her.Come back and either finger touch or finger touch.Whichever viewers became irritated. So be quiet a bit and meditate on this because it's the truth


Helen Paul…we are expecting your apology.


Ejiro you are missing the point here. Is the President sexually assaulted? If not then your analogy is not coherent. The unfortunate silly game could have predisposed the hsm to certain questionable characters but what is wrong is wrong. It can't change by looking for faults elsewhere to justify it. Hurriedly throwing insults to Tboss family shows the Nigerian aggression identity but if you think through deeply you will realize it's absolutely unnecessary.


Is it until he rapes her? Why even leave his bed to sleep in her bed in the first place.No self control! So you want him to rape her first? Then you will say but she's not pregnant nau!!! Lol…I think we have a long way to go in this society.


You are wrong here. A joke is not just a joke. It always carries a message though in a humorous way.


Ay is just doing his job as a comedian





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