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See photo of man who impregnated primary school pupil, insisting she’s his lover


See photo of man who impregnated primary school pupil, insisting she’s his lover

A 45-year-old man, Victor Emmanuel, who has been arrested by officers of the Lagos State Police Command for allegedly impregnating a 13-year-old girl, has asserted that he sees nothing wrong with that.

According to Victor who is a tailor, the little girl he got pregnant is his girlfriend.  Victor also alleged, he’s already making plans to marry her. He further disclosed that he has already given her parents N20,000, and some drinks as part of introduction and marriage rites.

News Telegraph reported that Victor who is from Imo State, was arrested by
detectives attached to the Ajangbadi Police Station,, after the victim’s school alerted them. The police said that the suspect raped the girl and described her as a minor.

Confessing to committing the said crime, Victor said;

“I didn’t rape her! We are in a relationship. We’re even planning to get married. We have been dating for 8 months

now. The girl’s parents know me. Yes, I know she’s pregnant for me.
I have accepted the pregnancy and I’m already taking care of her. I have started the marriage rites. In fact, the girl’s parents had been collecting money from me. I have paid N20,000 to them for introduction and to buy drinks. 

They have also asked me to bring N100,000, out of which I have paid N64,000. The school authority said she was too young. The school authority insisted that I should come to the school. When I got to the school, I was arrested.” 

However, the Investigating Police Officer (IPO), Sergeant Mary Ikumo, said that the victim’s parents claimed not to know or had ever set eyes on Emmanuel, alleging that their daughter, who is just in primary six, was raped by Emmanuel.

“The mother of the victim said she didn’t know the suspect from Adam. The mother said that the girl used to hawk plantain and the suspect was one of her customers. He used to tip the girl N500 every time he buys plantain from her. One day, he pulled her into his shop and raped her” he said.

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Chris Bankz

so which one we go believe? the teacher or the girl mother? either way the girl is not up to 18yrs and as such it is constitutionally wrong.


The man is stupid to have said such words. If she was 18yrs of age it would have been considerable but come to think of it that a girl at such age & in a primary level of education u have been having sex with her i think that is insanity as it peaks. This is a shame to him. The family as well may have received money from him as claimed by him for the mother to admit that he usually gave her 500 after buying market from her yet she didn't see the hand writing both the parents should be interrogated for aiding the act.


Statutory rape is sexual activity in which the girl is below the age required by law to give consent which is 18 years in most jurisdictions including Nigeria.

This man's act is then a rape of a child corruption of a minor child sexual abuse molestation and sexual battery.

In this act force or threat is not present and not necessary as the child is without capacity to consent and or to withstand the adult influence. The Nigerian Statutory rape laws presume force and threats because a minor or mentally handicapped adult is legally incapable of giving consent to the act.

My name: Chika


Yoruba man again.lolz

Odunayo Salami

…..based on logistics….na wa o

Michael Chima Ekenyerengozi
Michael Chima Ekenyerengozi

This is just one of few reported cases.
Why is a 13 year old girl used for child labour which is a crime in Nigeria. Many of these underage girls hawking on streets of Nigeria are raped every day. The irresponsible and intellectually retarded parents and guardians are exposing these girls to kidnappers rapists and ritual killers. I have seen underage girls hawking food and drinks as late as 9pm on the street in Lagos. The police should arrest the parents and guardians of these poor underprivileged children. But the state governments do nothing because many of the government officials use many of these underprivileged girls as housemaids instead of sending them to school.

Abby Oba

It's like u can't read! Victor Emmanuel from Imo state is a Yoruba man! Something must be wrong with your sense of reasoning.


stupid man… how can u love dat kinda small gurl

based on ebodee….


shameless idiot


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