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Alleged side chick Rosaline Meurer stuns in revealing top

Rosaline Meurer


Alleged side chick Rosaline Meurer stuns in revealing top

Actress Rosaline Meurer, Churchill’s rumoured side chick, stepped out few days ago in this revealing top.


Is that her boobs I am seeing?

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25 Comments on "Alleged side chick Rosaline Meurer stuns in revealing top"

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Jesus!!! I can’t believe this!!
Not again Nollywood!! Why?
R. I. P The Nigerian number one movie actor Nkem Owo (A.k.a Osufia or Ukwa) died this morning. He passed away @ the early hours of today after being shot by armed robbers in his house. The police are seriously investigating the matter. This is happening in a movie am watching now… Thanks for your patience and time in reading this.. If you vex come beat me for ma house, I dey kitchen dey make Eba and Egusi soup with no meat!! The person who sent it to me am still on my way to his house to finish his crazy head off, we can meet there.

Lisa Peters

Not funny abeg


So disgusting!


Hi Steven, I think this an extremely a flat joke, you need to recant it, would you? Right now ok?

It is almost wishing a living person death by means of innuendo, although almost doesn’t count..

My name: chika


Lol Chika, he’s “Steven Binko”, I’m “Steven”


So sorry, now I learn there 2 Steven’s on here, distinguishable with “Binko” lol.

The rejoinder was for Steven Binko

My name: Chika


Uvthink u re still a baby.continue!

Frequency Unlimited

Very trashy

Mira Monroe

No it’s not her boobs! The top gives an illusion of a bare skin,it’s not nude,it only looks nude and absolutely not trashy!

Lisa Peters



Emmm, Laila, bear with me for a sec, I have an opinion on this, Since you have been writing “alleged” side chick Rosaline Meurer for months and the Meurer (suspect) has has not refuted or denied that she is as written, they say: silence is consent, you might as well designated or address her properly as follows: “confirmed” side chick Rosaline Meurer stuns in revealing top.

How about that Laila? Ok bye.

My name: Chika


Oga or Madam Chika, welcome back


Thank you Steve, its Madam, thanks, ‘ppreciate. I do comment once in some blue moons, thanks for looking out.

My name: Chika


You’re welcome Madam

Husband snatcher

Is anyone on that photo… Lol

Stunner of life


If she like she should naked,I really don’t care.


If na another person una go write fashion or madness whats stunning in this madness

I don’t see anything nice in dis outfit abeg

Home breaker

Absolute madness no shame at all

it seems churchil has a thing for girls with tatoo





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