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What husband? Tonto Dikeh dresses like a man for son’s Father’s Day celebration at school (Photos)

Tonto Dikeh


What husband? Tonto Dikeh dresses like a man for son’s Father’s Day celebration at school (Photos)

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh surely doesn’t want her son, King Andre to feel the absence of his dad! She showed up at his school dressed up as a man for father’s day celebration.


She shared a video of pictures from the event and wrote;


Her estranged husband, Churchill have not had access to their son since she left him. More photos below…

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214 Comments on "What husband? Tonto Dikeh dresses like a man for son’s Father’s Day celebration at school (Photos)"

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Frequency Unlimited

This is so funny, happy father’s day to her son.


This chick is going through a lot big pain.. She’s going to break down spooon




Ogechi juliet

This woman too like drama. Drama Queen. Make she dey in d news. Abegi make she go yash down.

Ambless macualay

Abeg stop being rude she is a woman like u what she needs is encouragement not down cast,atimes people behaves like a beast with no heart


Encouragement kwa? This is the height of stupidity and sheer wickedness, so u are separated from your husband , did he tell u he didnt want his child? If u ask him to come to school for this purpose, wont he come? Even american women that are crazy and bitter still applies sense, why dress up for show and tell? Cos that’s the only reason why i think you should dress like this? Gender equality abi? Kontinue, just so u know, u cant be a man even if u try. This is a retarded move..trying to make urself seen, making sure ppl see u are doing much as a parent, well news flash you cant do it alone, you didnt even make the baby alone stop being a silly goose and borrow sense then apply the borrowed sense…radarada osi…very childish somebody, how old are u again tonto? U cant be more that 23, if u are more than that, then act ur age…

Those here to take selfie gather up



Oh…, so touching….

What is touching here… Is a deliberate act.. If she wants her sons dad to be their.. He will

Without she asking …Him to come ..,him no hear say him son dey celebrate fathers day for school ..,Do you think is easy to Carey the load of a father and mother in your child’s life.. You need to do some rethink for the your reply

Soso I agree with you

Lolz funnymy friend

She do surgery for her breast? Cause wat am seeing here is a man with flat chest.

She press am dwn, na packaging

If this kind packaging dey…..
E go good o.



No bra worn

Now I know the usefulness of bra….so all these ones am seeing on the street na bra help their ministry! Isorite, kontiniu.

even if they r divorced she shudnt deny her son d luv of a father. its totally wrong

What if the dad couldn’t make it and she didn’t want her son to feel left out when other kids had their dad around..

but thats not d case of tonto.

Dm her on Instagram

harriet Martinéz When e reach ur turn do as u like. funny


Wow!dis is rily touching

What is touching here… Is a deliberate act.. If she wants her sons dad to be their.. He will

It’s touching because she just showed her child that even though she’s only a woman that doesn’t mean she can’t be everything else to him

Soso I agree with you

I love what she did

wow nice

She is an actress i’m not surprise at all .. nice movie tho

You are correct

Thank u can I friend u now i’m correct?

Khalifa Noel Perfectiøn Gh


Wao dt nice hehehe


I love dat.

Very wrong. D guy is alive

OMG !!!


Lol…….. Well he looks horrible…

Nice one

Geez… She looks funny and good though

She is loosing it small small


Lol….ehya…she aw she look handsome.


Why do husbands in Africa die most times before wives? A husband in Africa in most cases is under intense tension because he is responsible for:

Children school fees
House rents
Electricity bills
Medical bills
Generator fuel & repairs
Car fuel and repairs
Feeding of family
Clothes for children
Xmas and New year bills
Furniture &House maint
In-laws wahala/demand
His own aged parents
His siblings most times
His wife’s demands
Vigilante bills
Erecting Building
Religious demands
Family social bills
Electronics bills
Recharge cards
Extended family bills
Community demands

On top of the above, he also faces:

Wife stress/insults
Boss stress at work
Police stress on the way
Area boys stress
Kidnappers fear
Friends stress
Economy stress
Fear of job loss
Unemployment pains
Armed Robbery stress
Children misbehaviour
Neighbours stress
Bank loan paymnt stress
Witchcraft stress
Demonic attack stress
Sex stress
….and so on! OMG!!

Are these reasons not enough for all African Wives to understand and give their husbands peace at home?

Are men not trying? How can an African man with this kind of load be romantic like an American man?

Women, please give your husband peace at home. Encourage your husband. Stop being sarcastic to him. Except if you like to join the widows club early!

Note: That club is not funny. Ask members. Help your husband. Contribute to the family. Be a helper. Be submissive. Stop nagging. Build your home and marriage. It is not greener outside there. Don’t be deceived!!

Let our men and husbands live long like you. Men dey beg una



Lisa Peters

God Bless all d mothers
They just want to fill all void spaces in their kids lives

This lady will not kill me

She be really actress

Lovely keep it up.

Lovely u said?

Tonto u fail for dis one o, dis boy is not fatherless na, evn if u guys are having issues allow dis boy enjoy his father and allow Churchill play his role. I no support dis one at all.

Trying too hard tho. Also give an occasion to shower praise on ur self. give access to ur hubby at least to his son. A child doesnt belong to just one parent. It’s for the child’s good. Bless you. She does look like her ex hubby tho

God bless you dear u are a wise woman

Thank you

This is sad lol wtf was she thinking

She/he is still cute but funny tho….

Petty AF!!!

Nice one dear… Nothing do u….

This is not the right move. You can’t deny your son the love of his father, he’s surely going to ask you one day no matter how you try to keep them apart.

What if the father is not showing up won’t she make her son happy?

If d man was DAT responsible as u think, he would HV still showed up in d school…. Abeg leave matter

Yea being there for your son always….keep it up dear

Kai. I pity the future of a bisexual baby. Ladies, reciv sense o. End time women

Actresses with der marriage wahala


Trying too hard tho. Also give an occasion to shower praise on ur self. give access to ur hubby at least to his son. A child doesnt belong to just one parent. It’s for the child’s good. Bless you. She does look like her ex hubby

Still you can’t play the role of a dad no matter how hard you try especially to a male child..

Lola tell her

Tontoo wouldn’t kill me


Hahaaaaaaaa.This is so funny.

What a wawu!

Nice one super woman


hahahahaa..chai this is TOTAL SHADE ON THE FATHER…But tonto you need to calm down this is absolutely will the other men there feel

We all blaming her how about if d so called father is not willing to show d poor boy fatherly love?is she going to force that too?pls lets just forget this she is doing what she knows best

Ify leave dem jare… Make dem dey here dey type trash…. Women r their own worst enemies

U said it all

Weldone my T,,,if he had wanted to see his son he would have been at least to the school gate,and we will be having a different news headline. Thanks for making your son not to feel left out when other people’s father was there!!

Yes ohhh nor mind them, freedom of writing so any body can type trash

She is keeping the boy away from his father.

U don’t need to comment on my write up.i got my opinion okay

Y r u all talking like this? If u all have been following her story, then u would have read where they wrote ‘She has denied Churchill all access to their son’. Tonto is just playing the pity party game here. If he didn’t care about them, then y did he send a message to her on her birthday saying ‘Happy Birthday To The Mother Of My Son’. Whenever we want to condemn people, try following up on their stories in order not to get it twisted. Do u know if she had given standing orders that no soul should be allowed to the school to pick or see her son, even the Father? Let’s comment like sensitive women



Lol…..funny lady

Rubbish Tonto wakeup u can’t never played the role of a father no matter how hard u tried..

My sis, I disagree with u. I am a living testimony. My mum played d role of my father till date

If I may ask,, Ur father case and that of Tonto husband are they the same??

Dm her directly

That is too hash and learn how to respect others people [email protected] loveth

Grace is only a question ooo

Beside what feeling are you talking about??

It’s uncalled for Abeg. She didn’t bore dis child out of wedlock so she shud knw d man has right over his son

U guys are saying dz ND dat, did u ask if d man asked after his son before she did dz

But nah so tonto lean rich???
Dis person nvr luks like her

Until u re in her shoes… I arrest my case

Do you think it’s movie. You better use your brain. Foolish woman

So so touching


Give his dad a chance to be a father to his son pls.not just right oops.

Drama lols

Hmmmmm how old is he again? Tontolet i hail ohh


This is what is called madness aka Ara

Yeah [actress] That’s what’s up…. Churchill die well….
If u don’t like it that’s ur headache… Dm her directly… Your opinion doesn’t count… [Women r their own worst enemies]

Don’t mind talk if em fit wear her shoes

Don’t mind them as if they can endure it

Aswear….very stupid women who think shaming their fellow women is the only way to gather appreciation from men. men that will quickly shame them o any minute they stops fanning their ego
Zombie women
Shameless things

The day your boy will chase you With cutlass will bring an end to this your Nigeria film titled “Suffering in vain”

You must be an igbo man.
Now here is good news. Yoruba men respect their mothers. He will never talk back at his mother like you people. Thank God


So cool

I am not in her shoes…. so I don’t have an idea.

This just another nollywood display titled “Tonto the man”… Watch out for part 2 soon

She really looked like an Hausa



Mad girl#oya ala!!!


This lady is going through a lot..U are a strong woman.May God see u through. Ull meet a man that will tolerate both your bad and good character cos no one is perfect.much love

My hand no dey for dis one ooooooooo haba

No matter what she can’t be a father.

Tonto is doing what she knows how to do best…ACTING

This babe nor send the pikin papa at all, pls my love you don’t have to go this far I beg.


Nice one tonto ,you are going through a lot ,you are really a strong woman

This woman.

This is ah big lie oo

Don’t mind them @ Ifunaya Enujeko

Some of u Nigerian,s are so Stupid . U cant appreciate ur fellow woman. Do u think it’s easy to play a Mother nd a Father role?Can u go this mills for ur child like this? She did it. Broke boundaries ,s Becos of de love she has for her son. DO UR OWN MAKE WE SEE. Which Family wey problem no dey. IS UR HOME PERFECT?. Won’t u remove ur eyes Frm people,s private issues nd mind ur business. Un invited tombo flies. May God help u people.

All what you are saying will not help the issue let Tonto go back to her husband that all,,, am not always happy when I see couples having issues in their marriage so give her a good advice,,,no matter how hard she try she can never play the roles of a father when the man is still alive.

@Favour Loveth, are u seriously ok
You must have been raised in an abusive home where your father continually beat up ur mother and she stayed.
I forbid it for Tonto
You, go back to a man that beats you up and i will personally buy ur casket as my support
What rubbish
Who raises girls with this kind of mentality for Christs sake!

@Ade batram u can say what you like is not my business.

wt ar u saying Loveth? u ar a woman lyk Tonto i hope u knw dat, so dnt b so quick 2 judge bcoz u dnt knw wt she has been passing 2ru in d hands of dat man, pls lets b sensitive in our comments nd watch out tins we say 2 each oda.

She doesn’t nid all these na ,abi is she d 1st? Make she just blank na and carry on ohh after all the guy married her legally .make she go see those wen dem deny their own pikin immediately belle enter

Hahahaha…. God, tonto no go kill me

She used to be a slay queen and no how no how, the slayer DNA is still in her blood.

I would have applauded this but I wouldn’t because the little’s boy father is still very much alive and would have shown up for the event if he was informed.
Unless he asked Tonto to represent him.

That been said, Tonto shaa pulled a good act with that dressing… hahaha

Dis lady sef. .d boy popsy dey naa

U are good mother. God bless u

Is well nne

Hahaha she look like an hausa man

If its true she is a disgrace because the father is alive. They should not use their marital mistake to affect the poor boy.

She’s indeed a strong woman.






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