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Alleged text messages OAP Freeze sent his fiancee in 2013 while he was still married



Alleged text messages OAP Freeze sent his fiancee in 2013 while he was still married

The anonymous Twitter and Instagram user, Andela Smith who called out and accused CoolFM OAP, Freeze in April this year, of impregnating his current fiancee, Benedicta Elechi who is allegedly a married woman, is still on his case.

The anonymous person has now released text messages claiming they were sent by Freeze to Benedicta in 2013 when they were both still married. He/she also claims the OAP didn’t meet his fiancee 4 months after his marriage ended as he said. See the posts below….



You see, the problem with people who lie a lot is that, they live in denial and believe that they can’t be caught. I promised to release hard evidences about @daddyfreeze but I was laughed at and rebuked by people who thought I was witch-hunting him. Look, if you know a little of what Freeze has done in the past few years, you will feel nothing but anger. My anger isn’t even coming from his atrocities. My anger stems from the fact that he begins to elevate himself as one ‘savior’, misleading gullible people and insulting men of God.
@daddyfreeze’s wife left him in 2014. These are text messages between him and his shameless ‘bae’, Benedicta in 2013 (take note of the date) while they were both legally married to their various spouses. A legally married woman with 4 kids.
Freeze came online to LIE about meeting Benedicta 4 months after his ex-wife left him. Are we fools? This should tell you all that @daddyfreeze was sleeping with Benedicta in her husband’s house in PH, impregnated her right on her matrimonial bed and plotted to scatter their marriages to be together.



“This is a text message from bae’s friend asking her if she has spoken to @daddyfreeze. Take note of the date. Can you see the extent of unapologetic adultery going on here? Her friends were also in on it. Maybe they advised her to go ahead. More reasons why you should watch the kind of friends you keep. #RevealTruth”



“Interestingly, House on the rock cathedral Lekki was one of the venue for their ungodly and mischievous acts. A broadcast message from House On The Rock Lekki to Church members including @daddyfreeze to attend house on the rock thanksgiving dinner for Nollywood. Guess who he forwarded it to? Yep! His bae, while his wife was at home. Someone who preaches vehemently against the churches was using the church as a meeting point for his adulterous activities. What a bloody shame!
This is just the beginning of many more evidences that I will let out about Mr. #FreetheSheeple if he does not change his ways and stop insulting Men of God. Please I dare you or your ‘sweetheart’ Benedicta to deny them and I’ll unleash many more shocking details about both of you.”



“Just in case you all are in doubt over the credibility of the message, these pictures show the two different sender numbers (Zain Ifemi and MTN Ifemi) on truecaller. The two phone numbers clearly belong to @daddyfreeze. If you don’t believe me, do a truecaller search and see for yourselves.
Watchout! A new generation of people are arising. People who ask the REAL QUESTIONS. People who see beyond the charade of glitz and glamour and demand accountability. Freeze has made it his ambition to talk ill of people and also insult Pastors who did him no harm and touch people’s lives in so many ways. Well, remove the log of wood from your eyes before you remove the spec from another man’s eye. I’ll make a scapegoat out of @daddyfreeze.
The platform which has given him the voice to talk crazy things about people will also be used against him. #RevealTruth”






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32 Comments on "Alleged text messages OAP Freeze sent his fiancee in 2013 while he was still married"

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Sir Noble

Tor, waiting for Freeze to reply.

He isn’t married now, y bring it up. It’s in d past.

Married then aunty Laila

Na food she use steal daddy freeze



the food sweet sha and e dey pepper Opeyemi.


Allegations upon allegations.The content, time nd date might be doctored though.Oga freeze come nd explain.Cos if it’s a pastor that is been called out ,You will carry it on top your head like someone hawking gala in traffic.


you’re the only person to be logical, i can change the date on my phone to 1994 if i like,save the number with whichever name i choose, send a text and say it was from whoever.


no mind the goats


Grabbing popcorn….am waiting for daddy freeze robust reply.

All is well

Na dem sabi

I like this one, OAP Fridge sorry Freeze needs some hot things, he too dey talk.

Ayam liking this drama

U mean 4 years back?
That’s even Buhari became the president!
Nna Freeze, dey cool ur tin dey go.


Ghen ghen oya freeze come and defend urself

Mira Monroe

In the end,you are the one that would be made a scapegoat and u still look like the fool dat u are! This will never stop daddy freeze from speaking against the atrocities of these stupid pastors so whatever is paining you,hope it kills you. We are all in a new age where u can fix computer generated messages just like scammers do to make you think you have received a credited alert from a bank and who doesn’t have famous people’s numbers or who can’t manipulate informations on true caller.its soooooo fucking easy! why do people also have odd informations on Truecaller,it’s not as reliable as your myopic cuntish brain thinks it is,mtchewwwww take several seats! Daddy freeze is just like you and i. He’s NOT accountable to any rat! If you are so good with your lies,goan probe your morons called famous pastors and expose their evils. I can’t even call dem dogs because dogs are good and loyal except pitbulls…. faceless dimwit! Spits****


Mira are u trying to justify that Freeze isn’t capable of doing such? Yes I know information can be manipulated but it doesn’t stop the fact or change it that the woman currently in freeze custody is another man’s wife, cos legally the court hasn’t terminated the marriage via divorce as its still pending on ruling. Freeze acted wrongly & deserve some castigation same way he has been doing to others. This goes to show that no one is perfect in this life. Then on the person doing the expository, I actually don’t understand the rational or motives behind the act, were u paid by the pastors u are trying to defend? Or are u one of them?. I am just tire with the way things are really going on in this country, no sincerity anymore. Where do we go from here?

Their business

Aunty Laila this is not my problem

DAT is deir business not my

Wetin concern me here now, na there life ooo


Celebrities with problem everywhere anywhere
Leave us jaw

Good for him Mr righteous always picking other people now u see yourself


…cheap blackmailer, next time pay attention to the details…did pastors adefarasin spell their name ‘adefarsin’ wrongly too?


I know Freeze will respond soon. So his allegedly wife was once married with four kids? Issorite


It could be that Freeze made a mistake in the past which everyone does in one way or the other, he repented and started a movement


The question remains, did he feel remorse for his deed? Yes people often made mistakes but is good to feel remorse & admit u were wrong then move on.


cant this bitter ex wife of Freeze move on already??? Ope was sleeping around throughout their marriage and we all know her dirt. so why she so bitter??

Good for him. I thought you’re talkative? talk don come. me I don even verify the 2 noba self.


how is this dumb shit evidence? that embattled homosexual Paul Odekina of Total must be behind this


this is a joke right? makes absolutely no sense and looks like a poor example of photoshop






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