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Nigerian lady disappointment after she received photo of her pastor and his wife shopping in an LV shop in London

Louis Vuitton


Nigerian lady disappointment after she received photo of her pastor and his wife shopping in an LV shop in London

Controversial CoolFM OAP, Daddy Freeze shared a DM sent to him by one of his followers, of her pastor and his wife in a Louis Vuitton shop in London just after they had allegedly spent 50k$ for shopping.


According to her, her boyfriend in London sent the picture to her and she’s sad that might be their church offering they are spending.



Freeze reacting to the post wrote;


“And they say I should not talk? In a recession, how can a pastor spend 50k in the Louis Vuitton store?

I don’t joke with my tithe.. u don see where the money dey go?

No wonder they desperately want to shut me up!

Are these pastors or husphpuppies?


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27 Comments on "Nigerian lady disappointment after she received photo of her pastor and his wife shopping in an LV shop in London"

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Hahahaha I just v to laugh

Church has become a business place

Church has become a business place

Wonders shall never end.
This is how people uses their hand to bring curse upon themselves.

What’s this girl’s business, if it’s the church offering that they used to travel how did it supposed to be her headache?. The pastor is taking control of the church, you only gives 10 or 20 naira offering but you are fuming that he traveled just to get the things he needs.

I don’t wanna talk about Mr Fridge sorry Freeze because it has been his way for a long time now. Talking on where he shouldn’t and making people look as if they are stupid and wayward. God will one day punish him for all his atrocities.


Yuu are a big fool! A Bastard without brain, I guess Yuur talking from the amount yuu give for offering. Listen kid, wake up and don’t let the so called stories from the bible and lyrical quotes from pastors lead yuu into poverty. Some people give over 2million as offerings and some people pay tithes as much as 10million. While people are starving and suffering in the church yet a pastor is out shopping luxury kits for his wife. A pastor in Kenya boasted of how e got 3 private jets in 2 years and another pastor was telling his congregations to sell all they have and bring the pounds and dollars to God. People donating money for church schools and yet their kids can’t attend cause it’s a private schools for the wealthy. Wake up from mental slavery. Religion has done so many harm than good. Think about it, they say 2000 years ago, who was there? Like who wrote all that. We can’t even find out great grand parents birth papers not to talk of fiction stories. Pastors are scams.


U lie girl, u lie. People like u are do gullible.


I don’t know what gives some people,the mentality that some pastors don’t have businesses they operate.Some pastors do some jobs/business that they use in funding there lifestyle.Don’t see anything wrong in a pastor enjoying his life.I just know am paying my thithe to God nd not to any pastor.Anything the church does with it is there business.Have played my part nd surely heaven will bless me.


Plumpy freeze still get mouth to talk when he hasn’t answer to the called out against him.


Divine don’t mind him.Once he hears the word pastor he will start running his mouth.EWU

Mira Monroe

They’re definitely hushpuppies! All these pastors are celebrated bastards,petty thieves! They should keep giving the monkeys money in d name of tithes and offerings. Gullible stupid followers dat can’t afford food. Continue! No one can silence my sweet daddy freeze!

My name: Chika

‘f I sulaaaap her eh? Is she not part of the crowd that will attack me for being the fraudulent pastors troubler? If I as much as hear a whimper from her again eh?

Stupid, ignorant, religious heads. Come Sunday, she will still go back to throw her earnings to him and his wife, Mtchew!

Aunty how much u dey even gv for offering sef?

Church na business nawooo

Church money is pastors money they say but forgetting the fact that a pastors doesn’t own a church.

E no concern me


Sad over what? The pastor who is on vacation in London with his wife might be all expenses paid by the church board of trustees

Wats ur business

Some of these pastors are working class and super rich even before becoming preacher

Some people people sef

Freeze sef


Whistling past….wetin concern me?


Offering and tithes God knws who serve him right it non of anybody business to judge

How does this affect this girl now…oversabi

South Asid

Over 17million. I blame the gullible people who still follow them. Man of God my behind


I remember a story I read on us visa tread on nairaland, when a Vo refuse to grant visa to a pastor son when he told the Vo that his father who is a full time pastor is sponsoring his trip to us for vacation. The Vo refuse to give him say visa on the ground that his father want to squander the church money.


So because be he is a pastor he cannot buy what he wants?what of if the money is from his business?.and the stupid boyfriend snapping another man and his wife shopping,is he a shop attendant there?






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