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He kidnapped and sold a kid for 30k? – Child kidnapper beaten to pulp, nearly burnt in Lagos (Photos)

A suspected child kidnapper was caught at Cele, Agbado Ijaye the bus stop after Kola AIT road!

While he was being interrogated by the irate mob, he said he sold a kidnapped kid for thirty thousand naira.

At this moment, the now visibly angry crowd pounced on him and brutalized him, still unknown whether he was later burnt as the mob had their lynching materials ready.

See photos below and watch the video below

Watch Video below;

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32 Comments on "He kidnapped and sold a kid for 30k? – Child kidnapper beaten to pulp, nearly burnt in Lagos (Photos)"

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The love for quick money,the root of all evil.

God have mercy

Thank God he was caught

Kill him abeg

Hahahaha upon all the blood he is still posing for pictures in different styles.

‘Suspected ” … I reserve my comment. Stop jungle justice

But he just confesses the amount he used in selling kids

A journalist cannot write on d media tagging a person murderer but uses d word alleged, acclaimed or suspected. It doesn’t mean d person didn’t commit d crime as u can read from d post d guy is because d court of law haven’t proved d person guilty dat is y those terms are used

Sell person pickin for 30k,dem for dash u wen dem born u

I don’t support jungle justice but wicked people like this shd be sentenced to death by hanging

The buyers should b arrested. That’s d only solution to curb all this crime

The buyer and the seller should be jaied

Now is Yoruba + baddo+ritual+ kidnapper= ??

Stupid government; innocent people are being victimized daily especially the vulnerable ones .

He needs to be interrogated more to know his buyers and they should be arrested then killed them all

Fish brain

30k abi? 30 multiply by 300= ? i don rise


Why them no burn am?


You are very sick. ONYE oshi

Are this real humans?cos I don’t really know where this world is going to gonna day we use to fear dead bodies as a child but nowaday things is different people killing fellow humans for rituals come to think of it how people people really done this and we know that is as rich as Dangote and others this ignorate pls stop killing innocent people

What is 30k

How come he is posing for pictures?? Just asking sha

At d end of everything d police will release him after collection of bribe is only God that can help us in dis country

Can you imagine, what if they had sold him when he was younger??

Guy god go punish u oooo

Naija nawao. Is no longer Arm robber dey burn this days but kidnappers and ritualist. When are we going to start burning politicians that have been stealing our money? How I wish we could have one mind and come out En mass like this and attack our currupt politicians, Nigeria will be a better place.

U talk sence

dae really dealt wit him oo..nxt tym he wunt think of sumtin like dat

Oga u get heart ooo to sell someones child at 30k, if na ur child dy sell 30k hw u go fell.

May God continue to expose them. Wicked souls

Hmmmm…not even up to my school fees,nawao….people re hertless


you sold a child (I weep ) for 30,000, and you think you deserve mercy??????? No way






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