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#BBNaija: Avoiding disqualification? ThintallTony shifts Bisola from his side while sleeping (Video)

Guess Kemen’s disqualification is making Thin Tall Tony think twice before doing anything intimate in the house with Bisola.

Watch video of him shifting her from his side last night after the cut….

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9 Comments on "#BBNaija: Avoiding disqualification? ThintallTony shifts Bisola from his side while sleeping (Video)"

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The topic is misleading. I just dislike the operator of this blog.

I'm sure it's not Laila. She's too busy with better things and has but a child in charge. A child with a poor use of English.

Obviously from the video it was Bisola that made the groping. In other words TTT helped her avoid being disqualified.

But you dumb ass prefers to be demeaning towards the male in a case where it is clearly the female that needs to be demeaned.

You are an idiot!


Are you okay? Who annoyed you this morning? why insult someone like that? watch the video again and u'd understand..


Anon 725.

Are you okay?

This post irritated me this morning.

I have watched the video but yo haven't. Probably saving ur 10mb.

This is what transpired in the video;
* TTT was asleep.
* He felt Bisola hand on his genitals.
* He pulls her hand out (watch this part carefully you'll see where her hand was facing).
* She turned over out of shame.
* He positioned her hand in a proper way and gives her a pat on the arm like "bitch focus. I don't want your shenanigans tonight"

If TTT wanted to disqualify her he would have acted like he was asleep and allowed her grope his genitals. By tomorrow evening Bisola will be disqualified. Too bad you don't have enough common sense to see this.

Have u ever wondered how DebyRise felt when she say the Kemen vid? She was probably scared shit cus she knows what she did to Bassey.
When she gets out of the house she'll notice that video is everywhere. Maybe Bassey is yet to report is cus he wasn't conscious at the time so he has no memory.

DebyRise is just as guilty and Kemen. It will affect her career when she gets out!

No fuck off and go be a nuisance to someone else.


Anonymous 7:21 you are correct. It was Bisola that groped Tony. This poster should be sacked. He doesn't know his work and he is against men.


Easy now dude.. God woke u up this Am amongst the living in good health why pay God back with insulting his wonderful creations? Haba don't leave the house with this kind of anger o. Have a good morning

Emmanuel Arthur

Anonymous 7:21 i hail you're very correct

Derrick Chidumebi

Yesterday was really bad o! As in the consent is sex abi consent is sexy worked wonders o… Abeg you people should not blame that anonymous dude above. He is one of those people that does not have enough money for DSTV subscription so they watch BBN on lailasblog and come out to comment nonsense. What did the poster say that is different from what you are saying? TTT moved her because he did not want sex and Kemen's disqualification plays a lot of role in it. That is the long and short of what you two are saying… If you watched yesterday's show you will see Bisola was clearly drunk and she and Jarvis didn't even hide that she was horny. TTT had avoided her a couple of time prior to this…

adanna francis

i was expecting to hear plenty news about last night this morning because of Bisola tipsy state but am disappointed that nothing happend lol.

nwakaego uchechi



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