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#BBNaija: Bisola’s husband never showed up on their wedding day? (Read heartbreaking story)

An Instagram user, @Mzcapitaldiva, has revealed something we all don’t know about Bisola, who is one of the Big Brother Naija top 5 housemates. Mzcapitaldiva who went to a market in Lagos to buy bedsheets, took to Instagram to reveal what a market woman told her about Bisola. 

According to her, Bisola’s husband never showed up on her wedding day, and the strong woman we all are seeing in the Big Brother Naija house, has really moved on from all that.

Here’s what she wrote;

“So today I went to the market to buy some bedsheets and I heard the woman selling the bedsheets talking about usual,me being the listener that I am.. I choose to listen to her… then I heard her talking about @iambisola out of curiosity I asked .Mummy this one that you are rooting for bisola like this.. 

Ahan you must b a fan o..and she said bisola isn’t just someone she knows randomly in fact, she’s has known them for years(Bisiola,her younger sister,her Mum and her brother) even before her daughter(Leila) came into the picture.Uhmmm…trust me,in my head I just knew this will b very interesting…so I asked again..

Madam that lady is very Strong o..and she said Yes..she’s very strong,For a girl that her husband didn’t show up on her wedding day!Yes!she’s very strong…and I was totally in shock..and asked again the husband didn’t show up.. for what reason?..and she said only God knows why!!!

The whole Saint LEO’s Catholic Church in ikeja was something else that day and she was pregnant then o,that Girl is indeed a very strong girl…immediately I felt very touched and I started thinking..lost in my own thoughts..tried putting myself or my loved one in her shoes and I know most of us will say GodForbid..

And I wonder how she came out strong…and the woman said again you know believe me say I sabi her abi?? wait make I call her mama…and she did..after exchanging pleasantries..(the phone was on speaker)and I heard mama saying’hope say una they vote o,my daughter must win o’Right there I believed the woman has a cordial relationship with the family…and she responded ,I they root for bisola for my shop and she ask me to say something… immediately I just Screamed #TeamBisola

#NaTheWorkWeyWeDeyDo..I’m not a #BBNfan .. but today after hearing a little bit of bisola’s story..I will vote.. even if it’s just one vote.. I will vote…}#DontjudgeHer #lethewitoutsincastthefirstone #SheDeservesToWin #thatGirlEyeDonSee…#weneedstrongpeoplewhodontputothersdown #AttackMeBcsOfMyWriteUpAndiWillEatYouRaw!”

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22 Comments on "#BBNaija: Bisola’s husband never showed up on their wedding day? (Read heartbreaking story)"

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Everybody has a story. What defines a person is what he is today. Bisola is truly a story woman.

plumpy j

Nd that itibolibo was making mockery of her because she is a single mother.Bisola has gotten the publicity to make a path for herself.Thumbs up Bisola.

Rotten Tomatoes

St.leo's Catholic Church…….. I miss my childhood church

Tina Andersson

When I watched the video where she spoke to Efe when he (Efe) broke down I saw that strong woman who has been through the thicks and thins of life. She stole my hearth on that video.

Isah Adamu baush

Thanks for this post many will found it here helpful.
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ifeanyi obiagwu

It's very convenient that all the remaining house mates now has a story in this last week. Abeg make this show end make person hear word

nwakaego uchechi

Bisola is a strong woman


Mmmmm it is well


She should avoid any form of scandal hence forth so that people will not use it against her.especially when it comes to relationship. Goodluck to her


Na her bad character Nie make de man nor show up

Rotten Tomatoes

Smh……..who d man epp just look at the fat obese man sef ThankGod he left her…….obesity and looks very dirty…….she would have been married to full blown disease all d rest of her life…….she dodged a serious bullet. He is still single u and ur good character can have him ?


dt amebo woman did she have to say that. probably bisola has moved past that n was feeling self-pity n it wasn't in d news then she has to tell a total stranger dt she doesn't even know abt someone personal affairs. even called her mum sef. pple shld learn how to mind their business. sometimes you might think you r helping someone but you r actually harming them.


I've never watched BBN so it's impossible for me to be biased but all I see here is gossip on a whole new level.

odoemenam chinenye anabbel
odoemenam chinenye anabbel

No be small gossip oh. they all have story 2 tell. Oya oh let d person wey im own tori swt pass WIN am oh. let d best MAN win!

lisa peters

She's a strong woman indeed


Heeya. Im glad she didnt let that hold her back. She is the most talented in the House

Chris Bankz

She is a strong woman. True! Buh based on d game at hand i have a contestant that i would love to give my vote. This is for the purpose of the game. #TeamEfe….


And u decide to post on a Sunday after voting has closed…Long Hiss


And u decide to post on a Sunday after voting has closed…Long Hiss

Pauline Ife

I can't agree less. Though I voted Efe but honestly she's my 2nd best in the BBNAIJA show. God has wiped her tears.

Pauline Ife

Hahahaha…and I read someone's post here lol

Pauline Ife

Your response to that anony is bae


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