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Emotional video of Nigerian man pleading for his life after his leg was crushed by car in Asia

‘Tell them to take me to hospital, My leg has been damaged’ – A Nigerian man pleading for his life after being involved in an accident, while passersby just discussed and allegedly did NOTHING!

A Nigerian man who was involved in an accident that got his legs crushed reportedly in one of the Asian countries, had to resort to Facebook live video to plead for his life after passersby were simply discussing in their language, feeling reluctant instead of rushing a dying man to the hospital.

According to online reports, the man who doubles as a musician was begging to be taken to the hospital as passersby  gathered around, and as seen in the video were doing NOTHING! Racism or what?

In the viral video that has sparked outrage online, the man who was left by the roadside with his Injury, was heard saying ‘They’ve scattered my leg, tell them to take me to hospital’ – GRAPHIC Photos and a video are below.

Watch Video below:

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25 Comments on "Emotional video of Nigerian man pleading for his life after his leg was crushed by car in Asia"

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Mira Monroe

This is so sad! No help! He called out jesus. If only jesus could actually whisk him away and heal him.


This is devastating, the leg is so broken,I hope he was helped and catered for.this craze of recording accident and ignoring accident victims is really annoying and bad

Oyibo no get single sense, sorry bro

Oga sorry o…. God will heal you

Humans have lost their emotions no Pity for humanity anymore I pray help finds him on time before the leg is dislocated

Racists nth else, racism

God help him

Sorry brother, God will help you

Eyaa sorry oo

Lord have mercy!

Those creatures have greater love for animals more than human beings. If this happened to be a dog, they would have sued both the driver and passengers to court.

May God send help to this guy wherever he is, Amen.

In the word of no mercy

It’s not there fault because human race have lost emotions. Oju aanu tifo tika loku

God pls sir help him

God will heal you

That’s how the Asians behave oo… God pls may his helper locate him.


God please send a helper to him

Hmmmm and they think dey go make heaven baa

But here in Nigeria Chinese men dey fight citizens and nothing will happen.

we pray for him

The Lord is your healer

Wat rubbish, dey wer just feeding der eyes

This guyzz aree bad ooo






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