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Guys, Would You Date A Lady Who…..


Guys, Would You Date A Lady Who…..

Guys, would you date a lady who ever mentions to your hearing that she wishes whenever she’s goin’ to get married, that her husband’s parents were deceased?

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20 Comments on "Guys, Would You Date A Lady Who….."

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Chinedu Mgbemena

Na witch o… Never

Austin Uche

Hell No !!!!!!!
Witch in High places.

john jonny

lol…funny…she nor want any disturb 4 her marriage..

john jonny

lol…funny…she nor want any disturb 4 her marriage..

adeniyi opemipo

never ko jor
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It is a bad thing to say but the girls experience in life would have made her say so. People I have been married for ten years and I can tell you guys for free that my in-laws are a night mere. Sincerely sometimes I wish in my heart they are just not there. My father in-law is highly educated but takes instructions from his wife who has destroyed the home of all her daughters because of their attitude. Their interference is affecting our lives I tell you. They have never even called just to find out how we are they only reach us when there is a need for money. It is so disheartening that parents behave so badly. My mother in-law has invented so many lies about our marriage and the saddest part is that she has her entire family of illiterates made of her sisters who swing into action to castigate me and her son anytime she comes up with something. Marriage is luck o and there are some good parents in-law out there.


Not at all she is not worthy to be a wife. But one thing that is certain is for her to understand dat what so ever she attribute to someone must bounce back on her on her day.

Mz Obanla

Its really wrong 2 pray 4 such!!!Just pray 4 d ones dat wld love u like their children or even more!That's ma own prayer…


Anon 10:51 my dear it is well with u o. N 4 dos of u sayin d girl is a witch n all dat yeah I get wat she's sayin is wrong but do u knw y most girls wish dia parent in law were dead (esp mother in law)? Cos in most cases dey r WICKED.

gloria sharon



If she looks like tiwa n has a body like toolz I'd still considr dating her but I aint wifing her make she no put dat 1 4prayer point – fineboy1pimple 2a6f2335


Buh why? Ofcus she has a problem…. A Spiritual one!


God forbid bad tin


Yes ooo..especially the mother..




my dear we re of d same i live here in germany but all my childrens´child support go down to my inlaws. he doesn´t even allow me to save any money even my monthly up keep fr govt. now i wish him death so dat me and my children can enjoy our money without anybody taking it away fr us.


@damilola Ɣ☺U̶̲̥̅̊R son's wife will wish †ђξ same to γφυ….oponu aye…


ᶥᵗˢ well with γφυ both…..i pray that when i get married ♍Ɣ mother won't be α disturbance…


†ђξ day she'll say such i̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ †ђξ day i'll learn how to empty bullets into ppl's heads….although some mother-inlaws can be frustrating it still doesn't ᶜᵃˡˡ for such….

Adekunle Kazeem

Is not easy she doesn't want challenges from in-laws. Besides no woman can say that to her boo. She can only have that as thought which I devise means or like to know and talk things to her senses or we better discuss it. Woo
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