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How Christopher & Wendy Idowu are making it a hard world for Tboss to live in


How Christopher & Wendy Idowu are making it a hard world for Tboss to live in

Back at the house, series of events unfolded, some negatively graced the Internet, the media went into a frenzy, actions were misinterpreted whenever the 2nd runner up of the Big Brother Naija 2017, Tboss Idowu comes up in the news.

Actions were blamed on her, she was accused of witchcraft, BBN rigging intent, contempt was on her. It can be recalled that she rarely graced the Internet for the right reasons, if not that she failed to recite the National anthem then it could be because evictions were blamed on her. 

What message am I trying to convey, the HATE on her was/is much.

A lot of people refused to campaign for her, not because she wasn’t worth their campaign but just because she wasn’t on their liking radar. This apparently saw to it that the ‘boss lady’ never smelt the trophy nor 1st runner place, a popular celebrity said she was hated because of her skin colour. 

One of the reasons Tboss did not clinch the trophy I think is the fact that those who campaigned for her were a bit rude, silly in some aspect, her sister Wendy being an example. 

Recall that Nigerians dragged her for saying they(Idowus) suffered racism while growing up both in Nigeria and Romania. According to her, they suffered acceptance in Nigeria because of their skin color and mixed nationality, Finally ended by saying Tboss is being hated by Nigerians because she’s light-skinned. 

While all this was going on, I kept contemplating that the Boss Lady will try to win back the love of the nation on her because I believe that once Nigerians have swept you under their feet, written down your name in the black book of their heart, then your way forward is only a miracle.

Tboss is trying her best to win the love of Nigerians over her again, she reportedly forgave Kemen whose saga contributed to somewhat hate on her forgiving him was a step forward, and then she went on live video to talk about ‘The groping saga’ where apparently it all started, insinuating a way forward is a better option, secondly she is not in a fight with anyone as at the time of publishing this post even when clearly she isn’t on the offending side, Helen Paul and AY as examples. 

I know all these and more she has in mind should get people back to her, but then comes Christopher and Wendy Idowu whose actions might keep that plan of hers chained, just when she thought all the hate Nigerians had for her will die with the show, her siblings are trying to make it a tough choice for her.

Few days after she came back from South Africa, her brother, Christopher Idowu outed Kogi state born act, Tunde Ednut, insinuating he was using his sister’ name to kick-start his career, shading the heck outa the ‘jingle bell’ crooner and the fight is yet to end.

As if it was not enough, his sister Wendy Unfollowed Ace comedian, AY, with the reason that he did not campaign for her sister, and then she outed ‘Kemen’ again, saying he should be isolated from events and photos that involve other ex-housemates after she has accused the TV show organizers of celebrating him.

Are the housemates complaining?. The victim involved in the ‘Groping saga’ forgave him and decided to put the past behind her, but her siblings have refused to do the same.

Nigerians have condemned this saying the issue should be left to rest, but just like a water being poured on a stone, the Idowus continue their outing and social media ranting, and the hate from Nigerians only boil down to one person, Tboss.

You know that awkward moment someone pours fuel on an already quenching fire, Tboss is trying to win back Nigerians but Wendy & Christopher have the fuel, all they do is to pour and pour and pour.

Are they the only siblings of an ex-housemate? I learnt Kemen has siblings, Marvis has alot, Bisola too and other housemates are not exempted. Have you seen any of them coming online to rant?

You think they don’t have issues bothering them over the just concluded controversial show. I am not saying you shouldn’t defend your sister or try to debunk rumours about her. All I am trying to say is help and make her world a safe place for her to stay.

Have you ever lost the love of Nigerians then clearly you don’t know how she feels.  Did it not dawn on you guys on what might have made her go on media to tell Nigerians ‘Please Love me again’. The hate is much.

Big Brother Naija has come and gone, yes Tboss made it to the Top 3, she is still a celebrated housemate and a celebrity outside the house. The last time I checked she isn’t deaf nor dumb, she can speak for herself, when she need you guys I know you will be there for her, apparently you are already, creating more issues and picking on Nigerians only increases the hate on her, making people have a bad image of the Idowus.

 Recently, Christopher was in the news not him outing someone but him being outed for the case of an alleged woman brutality and abortion intent, something that would have been avoided if he had shut his mouth to some certain things, and I trust Nigerians they will keep on digging and digging and digging until they come up with something.

You guys have a job of getting the love of  Nigerians to hover again over your Sister, and not making it a hard world, an abhorred society for her to stay and leave in.

The Hate on her should stop!! The show is over!

Article exclusively written for by Onyejeme Chimere.

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Chris Bankz

wendy and chris have the fuel right? let them keep pouring and dragging Tboss to controversies. me I don't even tire for everything.

pls… next!


They are fame hungry and don't particularly care about their sister's image. At this point they'd do anything to stay in the public eye.


Wait! It's not only Chris and Wendy O' they should of added the irate BossNation herready to fight fans. They've even started to call themselves 'Bosshives' trying to photocopy Beyhives (Beyonse) haha!

I was a Tboss fan (even air-coditioner) before I 'realized tins' and headed south. Nobody hates Tboss and I mean…nobody. It's rather her words her attitude her superiority complex her claiming what is not true and what is not her station in life her contradictions the way and manner she carried on in the house that gave rise to some fans jumping ship to other housemates including my humble self. Some of these fans 'transferred' to Bisola some to Efe and others.

She was projected to winning before her mouthy feisty fighty quarrelsome superiority complex and blame game got people pissed. And she didn't back down she kept the pissing on the more the piss the more the fans switched and I do not blame people for switching their loyalties.

The whole of Nigeria cannot be wrong to choose Efe over her and if it had failed on Efe Bisola was next.

Again this is just my opinion my fair comment that I have a right to air. I have not cursed Tboss have not maligned her. Her activities in the house are on youtube forever to see. Anybody who 'creeps' in on me because of this I swear that I wont be the prey I will be the predator.

My name: Chika


That thing written up there looks like is written by chika chika dont u get tired of talkin about tboss

lisa peters

I swear I actually tot it was Chika that wrote it too

Derrick Chidumebi

This matter has ended nah… Who is this emere?


Nowadays I do not reply questions from Anon I need your name and Facebook name to determine if I should spit in regret of even bating an eye or to respond.

Knowledgeable people read through for substance in an article whilst some wont and only rant curses I wonder why.

My name: Chika

lisa peters

Abeg no vex na only Tboss go BBN?why is BBN centered around TBOSS alone? Maybe u should tell us why Debbie Bisola and Marvis didn't win too would really love to know Marvis great rapper she dances well too but she had just 1% oh what about Debbie the beautiful singer she can dance and sing very well too why didn't Debbie win na What about Madam talented Bisola she was a great actress before the entered BBN she's got a lot of celebrities as colleagues why she no win? I really need to know biko

Chioma Ogechukwu

Anakoharia world people so they shouldn't defend their sister again? Ndi uchu.


I don tire for all dis story jare… non of my business….

.. based on ebodee….


Lisa it wasn't me. That's not my English and style. But let's discuss civilly don't you think what the write said is true? Don't you think Wendy and Chris as the writer claimed are stealing the spotlight from Tboss? I mean they have a small part in it but they are getting all the attention outshining and upstaging the real owner of the celebrity status and its not even for good reason.

I do not hate Tboss hate is a strong word I actually like certain aspects of her I just critique her actions in the house I am misunderstood.

My name: Chika


Lisa nice you to ask. I will answer you I like engagement rather than cursing. You see?…controversy is the issue here. Tboss was really controversial with the way she talked claimed and played it at the house. Then again her sister and brother were left right and center making controversial statements. Imagine her sister claiming that Nigerians dislike them… 'false allegation' because before that statement she had been saved from eviction thrice or something by same Nigerians.

If you did not watch it I can send to you the youtube link where Tbos was telling Efe that she didn't really need the money and that she had private Jet people hitting on her and she added " and I am here with you people". She has this "must win" attitude could it be why they named her Tboss? She never backs down even if she was at fault and the other party to the dispute apologizes she continued to insist and rant. Asides these she was a little frigid for the most part in the house until Debie virtually forced her to open up and be friendly.

When you are on live TV you watched by Tom Dick Harry Silvanus your words should be measured you should know to couch your words garnish it use words carefully because that was a competition and people easily cant misunderstand and misinterpret a lot. You don't say it as it pains you "not as Puna scratch you you go scratch am right?"

Those for me where the reasons I switched from Tboss to nobody in particular others may have other reasons. I have been accused of supporting Efe thats not true at all I had favorites in each of them Bisola for her talent and relating attitude Marvis for her shape dances and smartness altho sometimes I get pissed with the way she laughs like a hyena at every issue. TTT for his versatile and entertainment Bassey and Bally for their brilliance and mixing with the Joneses Tboss for her englissh proficiency etce tera.

These I feel are just some of the reasons that gave rise to fans departure from her.
I swear to you that I had no favorite and if you read my scripts you will find I favored no one in particular.

They say I write voluminous le me stop here. I do not hate Tboss every coin has 2 sides I merely point out the other side of the coin and because she is or was more controversial I am labelled.

My name: Chika


Chika it is obvious you are a very ugly girl and perhaps over bleached soul with no skin to show otherwise comment with your full facebook ID let us see your witchcraft face. I am sure your bedmate is tripping for Tboss that is why you are very bitter. Haba it is obvious you dont have a job at the United States of Abakiliki that you are or prehapsvin the refugee camp bearing a name from is very obvious you can never achieve anything in life so you are very bitter of other people's achievements.


@Chika there is something called family Tboss is the most talked about and hated there is a limit to what her siblings can take.Cut them some slack!This write up doesn't add at all doesnt make sense.How bad has bisola or the rest being talked about compared to TBoss?If na my sibling too i'll do worse!The story about the brother is fake yet we choose to be myopic in our reasoning we choose to believe whatever is selling just because it's TBoss.If the story is real the brother won't call out whoever it is that wrote that to say more. Give the family a break jor.If na your family nko?


That was a response to Lisa's questions to me please read it again. It would be nice for you to tell the Tboss siblings to 'assist' the slack cutting their frequent public spats are not helping.

Again I do not hate Tboss I am critiquing and if she says something controversial tomorrow be aware that it will be analyzed and discussed it will fall in the ambit of "fair comments" that I make without ill will spite or with the intent to harm.

My name: Chika

Ife Leke

Was the article about why she didn't win or why they are making her situation worse? I was also wondering on this it is very unwise the way they are both all up on our face. It is counterproductive. They should sit down and shut up for once. All their antics is not helping their sister.

I don't think Chika wrote it though. The person seems more sympathetic towards Tboss. Chika isn't.

tonia oserei

The idowu' shave very unforgiving spirit. It's very obvious from Tboss' attitude in d house .. When u offend her and when she offends u and u on ur own decide to go and apologize to her bcos u Choose to be the bigger person she will make u beg forever and still drag the matter until it turns into another quarrel and then another episode of begging before she will finally rest.. But she will still hold a grudge after u apologize .. That's the singilular reason why I didn't like her in d house.. I loved how she takes care of herself how she is neat and how she speaks and I began to warm up to her very much when she became free in d house and became playful a bit towards d end of the show.. I also loved her sense of style.. But her attitude towards apologies irritated me.. It takes courage to accept ur faults and apologize. So when I saw where Wendy was still dragging the matter about Kemen I just shook my head and said to myself it runs in d family.. Mind u this happened b4 AY made that joke.. As for Chris and Wendy they are just hungry for fame .. Particularly the Wendy girl.. And I said this b4 now even wen they were still in d house..


this is a very nice article. read till the end. and it clearly spoke my mind. Been wondering if it was only tboss that was in bbn. cause her family members are there disturbing social media like we pay them for it


Tonia Oserei You know what? You are awesome ok? Awesome! In a few words you just laid bare all I have been trying to explain to her fans now known as and called 'BossHives' (poor copy of Beyhives ha! I laf). I hope Tboss's irate fans don't attack you for your well worded/articulated observations.

The way you were about Tboss was exactly the way I was until her intolerant behaviors unfurled and I jumped ship.

I have with loads of words in so many ways tried to explain this but BossHives don't get it. All they do is attack and curse. I can tell you for free many of the Tboss fans are educated but they represent what is so wrong with the Nigerian education system they make it difficult not to call them educated illiterates. How do you explain situations where a set of people never read through what you write they just start to curse as if that will stop one commenting when Tboss who is controversy personified opens her mouth and off comes "shakin my head kinda stuff". What saddens is many of them write such bad spellings horrible English poorly constructed sentences lack comprehension still they come on social media to insult.

But trust a few that dared use their names and even facebook to attack me I beat them down and made them stay down such that others completely learned to go anon to attack. They are "come from behind" fighters.

Thank you my sister for this Tboss x-ray If you get cursed ignore them or try to get the name and facebook of the one and lets 'dissolve' him/her. Only an irrational person will idolize a person because she is fair skinned or half caste that's what many of them say when you ask of them Tboss's qualities

My name: Chika


Chika it is obvious you are are a less privileged a very ugly girl and perhaps over bleached soul with no skin to show otherwise comment with your full facebook ID let us see your witchcraft face. I am sure your bedmate is tripping for Tboss that is why you are very bitter. Haba it is obvious you dont have a job at the United States of Abakiliki that you are or prehapsvin the refugee camp bearing a name from is very obvious you can never achieve anything in life so you are very bitter of other people's achievements. You would have hypertension on people' matter. Go get a job so you can pay your bills. I dare you to reply me with your full profile let me blast your generation. Anu ohia. My name: Vivan.

Omon Ojugo

Hmmmm…I just dey pass

nwanze martha

First I am just wondering if it's only Tboss that has siblings… They are taking this thing too far. Secondly I think some Nigerians are taking it too far by cooking some stories they cannot back up against Chris because he refused to rest.
Thirdly everyone should rest! Bbn is over!
(Ada laila)






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