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Laila Needs Your Advice

Me @ 9

Hello dearies, umm, I just thought I pour my heart out to you guys tonight.
I don’t know it all, and I’m looking forward to getting some good advice from you.

I’ve been watching Mo’s new channel since I got home from work today.
I see Mo, I see myself.
Cos frankly, that’s the dream I have always had for myself.

At some point, I couldn’t watch anymore, so I move over to BET and there’s Chris Tucker hosting the BET Awards.

Then I remember my university days. I used to host shows, beauty pageants, club events, I actually was the Vice President of Rotaract Club, FUTO when I was in school, my 2nd/3rd year.
But I didn’t let that stop me from hosting shows, cos I looooved it.

Then I think to myself, I will be 29 this August, August 12, is it too late for me to retrace my steps and build the career I have always dreamt of –  being an Entertainment Entrepreneur. Take Nigerian celebrity entertainment news beyond what it is today.

At 29, 7 years in banking now,  is there still hope for me being the next Mo Abudu?
I really need your advice. please talk to me.

Then I remember how my steps got into this path and am like…. was my dad wrong when he didn’t let me submit my jamb form after I had told him I wanted to study Theater Arts?
Or was it God directing my life through my dad when he made me choose Chemical Engineering instead, cos to him me studying Theatre Arts was me going to waste the A1 I scored in Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry NECO 2000 and A1 in Maths WAEC 2000.

During this program on Mo’s channel, I heard her say she needed a cohost who was below 30. I will be 30 next year.

I’ve been thinking, I am so confused. Can I still succeed in entertainment at my age?

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Laila sweetie my motto is GO FOR IT!!! Haven't you heard of people who go to university at the age of 80 or even later? Just to fulfill a dream? You've got nothing to loose by applying for this role you never know where it will lead you! PLS apply for the co host position. Trust me you don't want to waste time wondering what could have happened because you failed to try!


Go for it Laila! There's nothing as good as enjoying what to do!

Kanyi Okeke

Yes dear you can succeed! The easiest way to start is by starting and the best place to start is from where you are….If you believe in yourself there's no limit to what you can achieve..

Sweetheart give it a try! You never know what's behind that door.

Olori Tola Shodipe

YES U can!!! If you can think it! U can achieve it. Pls follow ur dreams…… Since its ur happines $ its what u want…. U shall come top I can assure u that. The sky is d limit!


SWEETIE U CAN!!!!!!!! Pls pray abt it n ask God 2 direct u…i


Thanxxx dearies. I am sooo doubting myself right now. the Mo Abudu post is no longer available. Dolapo got it.
Am just asking in entertainment considering that I have no background in entertainment/arts. av always being a science student then engineering. I have NO formal training in the arts/entertainment business.
can I even go back to school to study arts at 29? when will I finish?


Yes laila. It is NEVER EVER LATE go after your heart desire dear. if you got it in you keep trying. You will make it. GO FOR IT. BEGIN LITTLE BY LITTLE. SELL YOURSELF TAKE THE LITTLE ENGAGEMENT AS THEY COME ALONG AND YOU WILL BLOW AND SELL YOUR MARKET OVER TIME. good luck to you dear

Oluyomi Odukoya

Dear Laila guess what? I'm closer to 40 than 30 and I've decided to go back to school cos my polytechnic degree is taking me no where. It's just a pity polytechnic degrees are not recognised in this country. It all depends on you. Are you fulfilled as a banker?? If when you wake up entertainment is what comes to your mind then girl you should be in the industry. A word of advise- don't quit banking yet cos you still need a reliable and steady source of income.


Give it a try dear….its what u love doing….it will be like a hobby me!

Oluyomi Odukoya

You can apply for a part time course in theatre arts.. Part time courses are taught at weekends.

I love laila

Laila u can achieve anything u want do not let anything hinder you. You've got all it takes to be greater than Mo'abudu herself!!!! See genevieve today she's got everything cus she continues to work hard and not give up…you are every woman its all in you!!! Love you to bitz

Anthony Dugbo

Well well well! What can I say but follow your dream! There are countless cases of those who jettisoned their profession for their passion cos therein lies their fulfillment. Its never too late! Don't forget to pray though for a divine seal on the decision u will take after now.


Nne i read philosophy and had to go back to read law cos its always been my thing..Now practicing. i have all the fulfilment i desire in life..I couldn't be happier in life..Smtms i wonder what my life would have been like if i didn't go furtherf to pursue my dream..I'm justg two yearfs old in the Bar buh i have really achieved a lot financially..Then the fulfilment that comes with it..So my dear. go for ur dreams so dt Ʊ don't wake up one morning maybe in d next ten years full of regrets..Goodluck..

Myne Whitman

Laila you can do it. Imagine what you have achieved with this blog in a year plus? Go for certificates and diplomas rather than degress and find internships they may not pay pr pay small but the experience is unqualified. All the best!


Laila my beloved my first love. Please please please follow your dreams and follow your heart. The sky is your starting point. Life is too short for shoulda woulda coulda's abeg.

I love you plenty

Bisola x


The truth is that in Nigeria people will want to scatter your marriage if you go down that route. I have so much to say but this is not the place. Be careful of what you wish for. Plus it's better you don't work with Mo. She's very pretentious and looks down on people.

ij bby

My dear its never too late to pursue ur dream I wudnt advise u go for a degree though cos der r so many certificate courses u can do thank God ure already familiar with d entertainment world (dis blog) u jst need a lil push. I finished in 2000 too but I didn't hav A's ​ℓ☺ℓ. Jst an A in agric. Ma point is u were an excellent student n trust me u'l definitely suceed in watever u set out to do even at age 40. D sky is ur starting point! Go for it ma'am. Wuld b a pleasure to see u on tv as a host or co-host of a show.


Dearie pls follow ur heart am sure u won't be disadppointed also be prayerful too. Den let ur hubby av a say too

frank Ehis.I. manchester UK.
frank Ehis.I. manchester UK.

My dear you really have a brighter future ahead. all i will advice is that a bank job only restricts your dream towards broadening your horizon. i was a banker i had to resign in other to pursue my dreams though its usually a very difficult decision but i assure you age is never a hindrance to attaining your dreams. Go for it!

Ijeoma Griffin

No time is too late…


It's never too late to be where you might have been….just follow your dreams!

Double OO


Chukwuemeka is that u?


U r so onpoint I tot I was d only one that notice her pretentious nature. That Mo's search is crap and was jst a cover to get ppl they can use and make up video feeds 4 their debut programme. Dolapo had already signed a contract wit ebony tv and ready 2 leave africa magic b4 d search started in calabar sef. Its all a show! I find dis annoying. Laila dear pls find oda ways and I hope u knw dat all d tinz showin 4 nw were recorded like 4 mnths ago.

Belema  Meshack-hart



Laila cool down with that 29 years stuffs.. I am more than 29 and I never met that TV in anybody's house but you met it when U were nine and in 2013 U are not yet 29 ..PleasE

Anwuli Oputa

Laila my sweetheart I will advice you to follow your dreams. I am certain that you will be at the top and ask God to direct you.

ij bby

*yaaaaaaay* shez back!!!#cool

warri queen

Go sit down no be that wan dem tell u make u talk for here na advice the babe need…yamayama person

warri queen

Go sit down no be that wan dem tell u make u talk for here na advice the babe need…yamayama person


Laila dear there is a sayin that d best day to plant a tree was yesterday but d second best day is today…so its nt late yet


You read chemical engineering and now u're working in a bank hmmmm 1st and foremost thats a 1st sign of misplacement of destiny. Life is not abt working 2 make money always its abt gaining satisfaction from doing what u know how 2 do best. Its better 2 retrace ur steps at 29 than regret on ur death bed some 50yrs later and even if u go back 2 d arts u love now what ever u become in life u should be able 2 take responsibility 4 ur actions by standing up tall 2 say it was my choice cos it'll be worse if the case is " this is all my Dad's fault". So Laila dear take a stand now and do whats right 4 urself. U got A in maths chemistry and physics cos u did not have the right guidance while choosing a career in high school if u had done fine arts ecnomics geography and the rest of the arts subjects u would have still made A's cos u're brilliant person who knows how 2 put in her best in2 whatever u want 2 do. So after all said its still ur decision 2 make cos the ball is solely on ur court now u're no longer 16 and under ur parents u're now a woman.


But banker blogging Laila u lost far ooo u no really well. Candid advice be sure 2 have established for urself a firm foundation in the arts u want 2 go into b4 leaving ur bank job so that u won't be stranded cash wise cos being an enterpreneur is a cash intensive business.

Tolulope Aina

see d only problem with life is having regrets about paths we did not take dont make dis one of them if u feel u can do it go b4 some other hungry person like u beats u to it!


Firstly its nice to see you can have as much faith in your readers and seek their opinions on a matter this important. I envy the courage as I don't think I see see myself doing that(lol)

For me I'd advice you take baby steps towards your dream. Age is never a problem in the entertainment industry as long as you come out with something good new or an improvement on what somebody is doing (so lets forget that you are 29)

Your apparent mentor (Mo Abudu) started by hosting a talk show and carved a niche for herself. I think you may lose your identity if you are thinking of applying to be a co host.

What I'm saying is that I'd rather if you would ever leave the Banking industry for anything it should be for your OWN thing. Hence the baby steps.

Take your time and map out a strategy a plan a blueprint of how you want to achieve whatever it is you want to. Leave Mo alone for now. At most she could just give you pointers on how she came to be where she is today but that's all it should be really.

Its like saying you want to apply to write for LindaIkeji when she just startd blogging years back (would you be Laila today?)

A "Laila's Talk Show" or "Ladies Love Laila" or however it is you want it is more like a good plan to me. Its very risky so do your homework well.

You are a banker so I need not tell you to consider the financial reality behind your plan and with God it is done.



Of course everyone will tell you to 'follow your heart' 'pray let the holyspirit direct you'.
My advise will take 4 pages but I won't do that. To sum it up very briefly only do that which you feel totally comfortable doing- Regardless of the income.
I've learnt from reading someone's diary on 'sonsurnaturel' blog. She was so miserable even when she was working in the U.K and earning so much at a point in her life she became 'popular' then miserable then she went into 'hiding' and now has found something she really loves which isn't giving her a lot of money but she is very happy and content with it. She's in her middle or late thirties I think.
So again whatever you do – you MUST be happy doing it regardless of other factors.
Also put your family into consideration whatever takes you away from your family for long will destroy it at last.
By the way M0 has a 'certain record' you obviously don't know that part. Look elsewhere though Dolapo has the job now goodluck to her.
Let your hear direct you

I'm 40. I'm self employed and veeeeery happy. I used to work with spring bank 🙂

Pooja Adebayor

My dear there is no age barrier in pursuing or achieving your dreams..And they always say with God all things are possible..I am right behind your like Obasanjo..hehehehe

Austin Uche

pray hard make sure ur decision sits well with ur hubby weigh d pros and cons.. Be super sure that dis is what u wanna do then take d risk. It might take u 5 10 or even a year for success to cum jes be very ready for whatever perks this decision is gon cum with but make sure it does not affect ur family in any way… The major league in the entertainment world is filled with so much negativity and scandals and senseless compromise to get to d top.. its like a good christian trying to become a president of Nigeria(its not impossible) but d question is always will u still be dat good christian wen u finally bcome d president? So u rilly nid to pray bout this.


Pray about it and let the Holy spirit direct you
Visit and see what your fave celebs are rocking


You've said it all…..Go for it Laila!


why don't you start from the bank where you are? host the little gigs (birthday end-of-year award night) stuff that go down there? You would probably extend from there to other banks booking you for such little events. With time i hear bankers' lives could be quite a routine and boring you could begin to organise events that would bring them together and maybe a talkshow on the long run. You have your contacts in the banking world (no matter how little) and your blog here has exposed you to certain people and the entertainment world. Pull the two together.
Certificates these days are what you can do and start.

Oluyomi Odukoya

I was also a science student and I ended up studying Business Administration.. My passion is journalism and that explains why I work in a print media outfit. The only reason I want to go back to school or NIJ is because to be an editor you must have a certificate in communication. You have only one life to live and if your job isn't your passion then how can you be fulfilled??


we are the same age and I dont think my age can or should stop me from being whatever i choose to be so i say to you Yes you can!


my dear it is not as u think Mo abudu hmmmmm pls dont go there and dont compare urself at all ist she worked in nnpc and currently she has one of the biggest outsourcing company named VLA in oko awo st vi u see she is very rich woman before she entered media{d talk show debaters inspire africa{cancer awareness}etc} shes a multi millionaire.pls build ur own dreams not bcos of mo abudu bcos shes bigger than u and she didnt start her media stuff from a poor salary as some people think and mind you everybody inspires to be one thing or d other too dont leave ur job but u can part time stuff by d side God bless u and i wish u all the best

Do it. I can't tell u how much u should go for it. I am a lawyer myself and I find myself doing media stuff now. And I enjoy it while still getting paid. So I reiterate. Do it.


ITS NEVER TOO LATE! Let the Lord direct you..You can Do it!

Ace Bentley

Follow your instinct…


As long as you have life you have what it takes to become whatever you want to be(with God on your side). I need you to use your life as an example and how far you have come. You are a banker a wife a mother and a blogger that now has thousands or even millions of fans. I'm sure sometimes when you think back to when you started blogging you can't help but thank God for the success you have attained in such a little time. What this means is that you are bound for greatness in whatever you do and believe it or not loads of people would give a bunch to get the awareness God has blessed you with. You and I are the same age and believe it or not sky is not even the limit for us. Laila you can do it! Use your blog as the platform and before you know it you will be celebrated beyond your imagination.

Kindly follow @carinomoda on twitter and LIKE our fb page

Mojisola Delano

Hi Laila
I can totally relate to your dilemma right now because I love entertainment and have bigger dreams like owning my own record label-that is outside being blogger. The only difference is unlike you I've always been close to the arts and even studied law.
The good thing is you know what you want to do. How its going to happen is perhaps what isn't certain. But trust me when the time comes God will make everything fall onto place without much ado.
I rem at some point thinking I couldn't be a successful record CEO until I got some professional certification and had in mind Berkley's sch of music. I ran the idea by an intelligent friend who made me understand that the worlds most successful entertainment CEO's had no professional knowledge in the field…so you see babe its like leadership its inborn. Don't get me wrong though educational/professional knowledge in entertainment is good but not a guarantee for success.
So despair not. Keep thinking about different things you want to do and list them out. Look at the one(s) that interests you the most and think around it. Who knows someone who has capital can surface tomorrow and buy into your idea(s) and even finance it… wasn't it when Mo interviewed Gov of cross River that the whole Studio Tinapa/Ebonylife TV Idea was born? Think about it she had also been nursing the idea for years but the right platform didn't materialise until Dec 2011.
Point of my epistle is: At 29 you have 3 kids a good husband and other things going for you… it can only get better. Never give up on your ambitions or be afraid to dream too big. All the best.


Thank you soooo much dearies for your words. I totally appreciate. Now I can make a better decision.


Awww I lovvvve u more. Thank you so much. Your name…… oh God bless you immensely! kissesss


Hello all kindly help a sister out with universities/center that run certificate courses in Lagos state. A million thanks in advance.


i have always known that that lady is not genuine unlike Funmi Iyanda. all the best laila!


You don't have to go back to school to do a 4 year course. There's Frcn training school at ikeja u can do a short course on basic presentation/journalism and continue to intermediatelevel if u wnt. We also have pan african uni they hav a couple of short courses there. Its never too late to start achieving but be careful so u don't crash what uve built over d years. Consider ur 3 kids n hubby as well as d gradual success of this blog that u can use as anavenue for the picture where u see urslf. Prayerfully ask God for visions. I wish yu the best!


Unilag pg form is out closn ds wknd I tnk apply for Pg. In masscomm or NIJ at Ogba all the best!


Pan african Uni

Oluyomi Odukoya

Thanks dearie… I appreciate

There is nothing as fulfilling as doing what you enjoy or love doing best. GO FOR IT GIRl. The sky is ur spring board and happy birthday in advance!


Many thanks Ara


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