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Man Kills 9yrs old Girl After Engaging Her In A S*x Marathon In Cross River State

A 20-year-old man, Chijioke Nwakor, from Aniocha Local Government Area of Anambra State is now in police custody for allegedly raping a nine-year-old girl to death.

Vanguard reports that the  suspect who is currently detained at the  Criminal Investigation Department (CID), state Police headquarters, Diamond Hill, Calabar is alleged to have engaged Miss Alice Eneji in a marathon love making which resulted in the girl’s death.

Chijioke told the officer heading the homicide unit of the state CID, Mr. Joseph Inuyashe, that he was
born in Aniocha Local Government Area, but grew up in Onistha, Anambra until recently when he relocated to Okuku-Yala Local Government in Cross River State where he is living with his  parents.

He said since he came to Cross River State, he had abstained from women, regretting that his first attempt to make love to a girl of his desire has resulted in tragedy.

He said: “I used to see the girl everyday in Okuku-Yala, where I stay with my parents. I don’t know what pushed me  last Monday to approach her.
“As I saw her playing with the three boys at Saint Patrick’s Primary School, Okuku football field, I called her and asked what she was doing there. I told her to go home and meet her mother.”

The advice took an amorous dimension as it started drizzling and Chijioke and Alice had to take shelter under one of the school buildings.

It was then he said: “I discussed with her and she accepted so I took her to one of the abandoned buildings that has been overtaken by weeds, where I told her to remove her underwears and she complied.”

Claiming there was mutual agreement between them, the boy dismissed allegation that he raped her, saying:

“I did not slap her or do anything to her.
“I told her to bend down because the place was too dirty. The uncompleted building is now used as a toilet, because most people living around there  had no toilet.”

Chijioke said he then went for marathon love-making but Alice started crying but he thought she was pretending.

Few minutes later, Alice slumped and became unconscious and he decided to raise alarm calling for help.

Alice was rushed to hospital while Chijioke went round the community sourcing for money to foot the hospital bill.

“I was still looking for money when somebody called me that the girl was dead,” he said.

When contacted, acting Police Public Relations Officer of the Command, Mr. Hogan Bassey confirmed the incident,  saying the culprit is in custody and that they were investigating the immediate and remote cause of such a criminal act. According to him, Chijioke will be charged to Court.

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14 Comments on "Man Kills 9yrs old Girl After Engaging Her In A S*x Marathon In Cross River State"

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Oluyomi Odukoya

You discussed with a 9 year old? Good. This is wonderful news. Isn't this the reason the senate passed a bill saying girls as young as 8 can get married. So this man hasn't committed any crime set him free abeg. A bunch of sick animals.

Oluyomi Odukoya

There are lots of horny women walking on the street you couldn't call any of them abi? All the apaamu's in that state and you couldn't even find one? You deserve the hottest place in hell. Mschhewww

ExoticEyez MiMi

What's the difference between a nine year old and a ten year old gal? This is just the start of worse things to come soon young brides will be dying from marathon sex thanks to our Lawmakers legalizing child molestation.


Lol @apaamu. You are a crazy ass woman. You wicked.



As a man I knw it might be hard to control. But… Something should have told u dat she is too young for that naa… If u happen to get a second chance have d courage to "discourse" such things with a grown sexy gal… U might be lucky to get some

Anwuli Oputa

The man must surely pay for his wicked act.

ij bby

Sex with a minor is no longer a crime all thanks to our law makers!
May her soul rest in peace.

More is yet to come if noffin is done to address this issue.


What a pathetic story. I don't just know how to come in


'Discuss' ??????


Our lawmakers have seconded †ђξ idea ☀̤̣̈̇f fiddling with α minor so they should better release †ђξ young man….God will punish all ☀̤̣̈̇f them…


Very pathetic indeed what a shame.


Mtchwwwwwww since 10 yrs can marry. wat is d diff btw 9 and 10


While I pray for the soul of the girl to find "peace" with Lord It was discussed and agreed. If our lawmakers see nothing wrong in marrying minor then……….

adeniyi opemipo

Wicked man

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