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Caught in the act! Man rubbing his penis on lady’s backside in public (Photos/Video)

An apparently sex-starved man was seen rubbing his manhood on a lady’s backside in public!

In a video that is currently making rounds online, the man was seen stylishly making sure a part of his manhood was touching the innocent woman, who was watching a football match..seems she was feeling uncomfortable, she shifted away from him and just like a remote controlled being, he still followed suit, Photos and a video below;


Video below;

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24 Comments on "Caught in the act! Man rubbing his penis on lady’s backside in public (Photos/Video)"

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Chai wahala dey

Don’t call this sex-starved. This self-possession (I don’t want to blame the devil. Obviously, he’s the devil).

she 4land d idiot hot slap….im sex starved nature go quench

That idiot needs a very good slap that will help in resetting his brain

Stupid things will not stop happening in this country.

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Nawao conji hold you you no go find wife?

Congi licious

hmmmmmmmm, i do see something like this in a bus always, i sees one recently, thats how thosd guys are busy disturbing a lady,but she stylishly shift,front,hmmmmmmmm if they meet a very hot girl,she sound one of them and the whole thing will come down,thats the tension in their body

The lady was enjoying it lolz

Haha! What an embarrassment! The woman is supposed to give him a very hot slap and call people to beat him up

This is wht we called imagination in process

Da nigga is long lost

Some men , I no fit xplain

Better slap, at the back of his head.


Some men are dogs in human form

Conji is a bastard, it’s not even a lady but a woman.

That was how one guy was carrying his own like police Barton one day and the woman nearly killed him.

He’s mad

dah’s seduction na…

Stupid idiot

I still don’t believe sexual urge would make a man to publicly rub the bulge of his penis against the back of a woman in broad daylight. She isn’t dressed seductively in any way, so we can’t she seduced or aroused him sexually. Maybe we should just consider other possibilities… What if it’s a bet? Or an assignment of some sort…a ritual that has be done that way. I don’t know… but crazy things just happen these days.

This is not sex starvation but intentional attitude which he deserve thorough beating

I think is a mad man






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